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Olicity - “Not Sure What To Do With My Hands Since I Can’t Touch You” post :)

Oh Boy, they are a bit twitchy. lol 

Nervous energy?

Look at her hands.

Look at his. 

I think they would rather be doing something else with those hands. They were so used to this while the two of them worked together in the Bunker/Lair.

It was just the natural thing to do. It must be tough to go from that to this

Oliver has got to keep those hands in my pockets while she works 

and Felicity has to keep from reaching out to him. 

Same Felicity. Same. 


Olicity holding hands while talking (requested by @felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess)


O L I C I T Y 

Natural progression * Organic *  3x16  |  4x01

If I let you touch me, I may break |  If I don’t let you touch me, I may break