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BTS Reaction | Sleep Over

Sleeping over for the first time 

Kim Seokjin - 

It was his first time staying at yours and he was a little shy when you both got in bed not knowing to hug you or not. Should I cuddle her? No. Yes. No. Fuck yes. After an internal debate with himself in his head he just decided to put his arms around you and pull you close to him, putting your head on his chest you both fell asleep quite quickly.

“Night Jagiya”

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Min Yoongi -

He was in his bed waiting for you to come out of the bathroom. He was slightly nervous that you were staying round but didn’t show it. When he saw you come out of the bathroom in a tank top and shorts his throat got dry and he gulped. Fuck you look good. Not saying it out loud that he thought you looked hot. He opened the covers for you to slip in next to him he pulled you into a little spoon position and put his hand on your hip.

“We’re not moving out of this position for 15 hours, just a little heads up”

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Jung Hoseok -

He was excited that you were sleeping round telling everyone MY BABY GIRL IS SLEEPING OVER ASKOFDSOAKOF. Before bed the nerves kicked in whilst looking at your sleeping body, he really wanted to cuddle you but didn’t know if you were chill with that, so he kept his distance. That was until you turned around and wrapped your arms around him, burying your head in his chest.

“Awe, my baby is so cute”

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Kim Namjoon -

He’s quite chill at first acting like it was normal, everyday thing. That was until you were both in bed together and he didn’t know how to act. Do i put my arm round her? Do i leave her? asdfijifejojfo save me.mp3. After his internal debate with himself he glanced and saw that you had fallen asleep. He came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a big deal and wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer. When he felt you adjust yourself to get comfortable in his arms he smiled down at you in victory.

“Thank god for that”

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Park Jimin - 

Flustered is a word used kindly, he was blushing so much when you got in bed with him, his mind blanked. He froze up and didn’t move for the better of 20 minutes Fuck. He looks over at you and sees your chest rising and falling at a steady pace, knowing you were asleep put him at ease. When you roll over to face him his heart started racing and he started sweating. Then you put your arm around him and put your head in the crook of his neck. He calmed down and his breathing went back to normal falling asleep in mere minutes.

“Night baby” 

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Kim Taehyung - 

Excited. Jumping around happy on the bed with you, you both have similar personalities which is why you clicked. Going to sleep was easy because he’s not one to shy away from cuddles, so when you got in bed he immediately pulled you on top of him and you both fell asleep quickly. No shyness here.

“Cuddle meeeeeee”

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Jeon Jungkook - 

Shy bunny is shy. He was so nervous not knowing what to do, when you asked if he wanted to stay round he didn’t think he was gonna freeze as soon as you got in bed with him. Knowing that you noticed him freezing up he panicked fuck she’s going to think i’m a pussy. But then he felt your arms wrap around his waist pulling him on top of you. Placing his face in your neck he inhaled deeply to calm his nerves, your light touches on his neck helped. You both fell asleep soon after.

“Night baby, thank you”

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Requests open 

anonymous asked:

i love when jimin flirts with jungkook on stage and jungkook gets flustered, he can't hide it lmao. i think 2015 was the year that jungkook had an internal crisis towards his relationship with jimin. he sometimes looked like he wanted to show affection, but couldn't. and other times he did it, but then he looked embarassed. i don't know, i think it was like 'the year that jeon jungkook FINALLY realized his feelings' lmao.

oh goodie, my trash self is awaking. I know what you are talking about. Jungkook gets flustered when Jimin gets too close to him. 

I don’t really know what happened though, but Jungkook had those moments of hesitation in 2015, for example, when he wanted to put his hand on Jimin’s shoulder, but he didn’t.

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jeonghan = chronic fiddler

i love how hannie always mindlessly/subconsciously fiddles with things in the vicinity be it someone’s neck/hair/ears/clothes, his hands have to always be kept busy especially when he’s tired or bored. it’s cute how the members become so used to him doing it. his usual targets seem to be woozi and shua~


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