touching himself

lance is constantly touching people. leaning on hunk, ruffling pidge’s hair, bumping shoulders with allura, throwing his arm around coran. he grew up in a place where that’s just how people interact, and if he goes a while without touching someone he feels weird and uncomfortable. keith, on the other hand, is so used to being alone that he still jumps every time lance walks up behind him and puts a hand on his shoulder, but you know?? it’s… kinda nice. to be reminded that there are people around, close enough to touch

"... Thank you, Mr Spock."

Mccoy: *gives cup to the pretty woman he’s trying to woo*
Spock: *gives cup to Jim*


{ The Prince of Egypt } Aaron + favorite physical feature
          ↳ hands

“aaron’s animator noticed that jeff goldblum uses his hands a lot when he speaks, and decided to make that one of aaron’s mannerisms.” (a bonus fact, from the movie scrapbook)


oh, i want you to love me now [x]


Vernon wiggles his butt in Danny’s hands for a solid 20 seconds in the Scare to Care 2016 stream.

Harder (Smut)


A/N: This took me so long to finish. Here’s a mix between some jerking off and some passionate sex. I’d love to hear what you think. 

Word count: 3,295

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After Karen and I picked up Shawn at the airport, we went straight back to their house to spend the night. Though Shawn would have rather gone home, he’d finally given in after a couple of hours pouting childishly in the car from the airport and back to Pickering. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand he wanted to spend his first night back in his own apartment, but his cousin were graduating tomorrow and driving all the way back and forth two days in a row was just stupid when Karen and Manny had left Shawn’s old room untouched since he moved. 

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└ Arashi’s 52nd single: つなぐ aka. Jun’s groping connecting with his members.


our girl s2  → episode 3

georgie & elvis

Black Nails and Thick Thighs

Summary: When Dan grows his nails out to paint them, it sparks a chain-reaction of fantasies in Phil’s head.

Genre: Smut

Word count: 5,056

Kinks/Warnings: Feminisation, mild degradation, my weird obsession with Dan’s Tits™

Notes: Special thanks to @darlingimwhipped as most of this is recycled headcanons taken from our ridiculous antics. Based off this prompt.

The idea first comes to Phil after a lapse in his usual anti-gender-role mindset. Normally, he sees these lingering effects of years of conditioning as problematic, but in this case…well, he’s going to give this one a free pass.

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