touching himself

chronicle4assassin asked:

Fort Max/Rung "it's not going to fit"

           "It’s not going to fit.“ Max said flatly as he stared down at Rung who already had his legs parted and valve out for him. Having just put on a rather lewd show for the warden, his spike was more than ready and willing. It was just that…Rungs valve looked so small. In fact Rung himself was just small, everything about the bot was small.

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-jeffery-woods- asked:

"Daddy~... Please, give me love~..." The Trancy purred softly, trailing a hand up his own thigh through his silk robe. "I want you, Daddy~..." Alois blushed as he lightly touched himself. "Please~..."

Ciel blushed darkly. Oh wow, he was not finishing his work today. He moved Alois’s hand and began to stroke him instead while moving to nip and suck his neck.