Oh guys T.T you can’t imagine how happy your comments are making me
I’m still practising a lot because it’s hard for me to draw two people interacting with each other .. sometimes one of the characters head is bigger than the other
or sometimes I can’t draw hands that are touchig each other ..
But with all the love I receive from you guys I get motivated to do my best

Guess who made a new eah sona???!!!

This is Midya Goldswell, eldest daughter of King Midas, she wears gloves because direct contact with her hands turns things to gold {she keeps river water in spray bottles for when it happens so she can turn things back to normal}. She has a little sisterthat goes to Old Shrew’s shoe school that she’s destined to turn to solid gold, that doesnt stop Midya from being affectionate and touchig people/things at the worst times