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@vachir-qerel surprised me today with this picture of two of my characters; Etani’a and Mouse ( @mousexiv ) by @fayren as a late birthday gift. ❤

I might’ve cried just a little bit when I saw it, and I’m still not over it. Thank you both so much. (✿◠‿◠)


Winter Soldier set pictures sketch dump

probably max 3 minutes for each figure


“Then I stepped off the edge of the roof, right? And when he saw me hovering there, he was terrified, so I floated down until I was right in front of him and said, ‘Stranger things have happened.’” Damian paused, hand over his mouth to conceal his grin. “And then he turned himself in. Which was a little bit disappointing, to be honest, but I guess you can’t have everything.”
“That’s awesome!” Shazam exclaimed, leaning further across the table. Behind his rack of samples, Bruce was smiling too— he wasn’t spying exactly, but he would prefer not to interrupt. They were getting along, and he wanted to hear the rest of the conversation.
“One of the best parts was meeting the regulars, you know, because they would have this moment where they saw me, and you could see them wondering— Can they all do that? Have they always been able to do that?” Damian sighed. “It was great while it lasted.”
“So I guess you really miss having your powers?”
“Well…” Damian tapped his fingers thoughtfully against the table, looking out at the patch of space visible from the Watchtower window. “It was an advantage. But do I really need an advantage? Obviously not. I’m just as capable now that I’m back to normal.”
Bruce wasn’t sure that “normal” was the right word for an eleven year old assassin who had recently returned from the dead, but he wasn’t about to point that out. Those superpowers had been a problem— one more thing to worry about. He was glad they were gone.
“He’s cute,” muttered a voice from behind him. Bruce turned around to face it— Diana.
“He needs more friends,” Bruce told her, as Damian and Shazam continued to chatter away.
“Is that why you bring him up here?”
“That and I can’t actually stop him from coming.” He motioned her up to the gap in the shelf that he was using as a peephole. “He doesn’t like to be left out.”
The two of them stood side by side, focussed on the conversation in front of them.
“You have like, the coolest job in the world,” Shazam said.
“Basically. It’s fine for now.” Damian pulled a batarang out of his belt and spun it idly across the table.
“What’s cooler than being Robin?”
“Being Batman. I’ll get there eventually.”
Bruce felt Diana nudge him in the ribs. She raised an eyebrow at him and smiled.
“You really think you’re going to be Batman someday?”
“Of course. Somebody has to be in charge.” Damian bent down to examine the scratch he’d put in the table. “Nobody in their right mind would let Hood anywhere near the cowl, and have you ever met Red Robin?”
“I don’t think so?”
“Well he’s an idiot, so that wouldn’t work either. I was born to be Batman, and if my father ever dies, I will be.”
“If?” Diana whispered. Bruce shrugged, vaguely flattered.
“His grandfather’s been alive for a few centuries, and a month ago, he rose from his own grave. Mortality is a fluid concept right now.”
Diana put a hand on his shoulder. “He wants to be just like you.”
“He wants to be better than me. I think he could manage it.” Bruce smiled fondly at his son from behind his rack of samples. “I should get him home.”
He strode out into the center of the room. “Robin? Time to go.” As Damian turned towards him, Bruce grabbed one of his wrists and swung him one-handed out of his chair, catching him by surprise. Damian dangled a few inches above the floor for a couple of seconds before Bruce set him down.
“Come on,” Bruce told him. “Time for bed.”

Anon requested JLA + Damian’s “I’m going to be Batman” speech 

Sometimes I need a little sunshine
And sometimes I need you 

Sometimes I wonder how Leliana and Morrigan would react if Elissa (their missing Queen and best friend) finally turned up after, what, three or four years off the radar? and it makes me really happy… also really sad

I also love how they’ve aged since Origins, my babies are all grown up


@chongoblog return to the land of Shark Tale for the PS2 and witness the Shark Slayer himself in his natural habitat:

Dancing to Baby Got Back Can’t Touch This on live TV.

This series is unsustainable.

(thumbnail art by the wonderful @canarywitch !!!)

anonymous asked:

Hi! First of all, your art is absolutely amazing and the character s you draw are always so expressive! How did you develop your current art style and what would you recommend others do to develop their style?

Hi! I’m so happy you said that for me! I couldn’t imagine that the day that you say so would come. Thank you so much!

Even if I can’t draw it well, I will continue it. And I touched a lot of wonderful art. I was very influenced by Natsume Ono’s work. Also, since I began to see photographs and movies well, I think that my art has changed a bit. The reason I started to love to draw people is because I saw the work of Man Ray. The people in his photograph are very lively inside their world. I love their appearance so much.

And since becoming able to think that it is not necessary to associate the picture that I’m admiring with my own picture, I could enjoy drawing in my own way. I saw the wonderful artists’ works on here, and I received encouraging words. Thanks to that, I was able to continue drawing in the current style.

I think that I’m not really a position to recommend anything to others, but as I have been suffering from repeatedly many setbacks and failures, if someone has the same trouble, I want you to continue drawing in the style that you feel is the most comfortable when you are drawing a picture. If you really love drawing a picture, and you keep drawing it, I think you certainly will be able to find your style. I believe that, I always draw a picture.

Sorry if my English is wrong. Thanks for taking out time for me! :)

It begins like this, Fareeha’s hand brushing her hair out of her face, Fareeha’s eyes meeting hers across the table at which they are eating.  It is four in the afternoon, and they have made taking this meal together a custom, even if the food itself is never shared.  For Angela, this is only Zvieri, not an important meal, and one which she used to eat hastily and alone while working, but this is Fareeha’s lunch hour, and her main meal at that, and Angela would not have her eat it alone, in silence.  Doing so is good for both of them, then, as it has the other benefit of forcing Angela to actually take a break from her work and get out of the lab.  Additionally, it gives the two of them time together, alone, outside of the pressures of the battlefield or the training ground, time where, unlike their evening meal, they are fully awake.  The arrangement is almost domestic, as they eat together and talk about nothing, and when, in training the day before, Lena jokingly refers to it as their “lunch date,” Angela thinks that perhaps she would not object to it being so.  If this gesture, so casual, a hand in her hair to better see her eyes, is any indication, perhaps Fareeha would not object either.  Suddenly, Angela’s stomach is full of butterflies, and she loses her appetite for Zvieri.

The excerpt I based this scene on from one of my favourite pharmercy fan fictions, Touch (I’m All Shook Up (it does get NSFW/Explicit towards the end, so proceed with caution!) by the beautiful and wonderful @agenthill…literally this is one of my favorite scenes!!! It is just so tender and Angela isn’t even sure of her longing and and and???? It’s so good and Angela is so unaware

Literally, okay, I read a plagiarized work based on this fanfic, fell in love with it, was sent to the source work and well wow so that became the start of a friendship where we discuss the Greatest Things I Never Knew I Needed in my life…including Rory. So I’ve been working on drawing one of my favorite sfw scenes from this fic bc for her…honestly…the writing is so fluid and my heart is full every time I read it…and Rory deserves top notch Praise and Art Always. So thank you again for creating this masterpiece Rory, it’s on my phone!!! Forever!!! Just like you’re in my heart!!! Forever!!!!

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Do you have any secret relationship drarry fics? I love your blog by the way <3

Hello! :D

So happy you enjoy the recs! I hope you’ve found stories to love. And so happy you asked about Secret Relationship because, why, yes, yes I do have some recs for you.

I might have gone a bit overboard. Sorry! (Not really. ^^)

Harry Potter is a Dirty Exhibitionist by @eidheann (NC-17, 13,1K)
Summary: The ten times they almost got caught and one time they did. [This includes a gorgeous NSFW art!]
Gorgeous, smutty fic, everybody should read this! Harry and Draco doing it everywhere and it only gets better. Trust me!

You First, Loser by zeitgeistic. (NC-17, 6,3K)
Summary: When Harry and Draco’s “not serious” three-year relationship results in a one-in-a-million pregnancy, they decide who will be the unlucky one to tell their families in a very mature and adult fashion that indubitably proves their inherently stellar parenting abilities: with a bet over a (probably rigged, let’s be real; Draco is playing) game of Exploding Snap.
Mpreg, as summary says. Lovely characterisations and such a fun story! This is absolutely one of my all-time faves.

Up in the Air by dictacontrion (PG-13, 8.5K)
Summary: When he’s out in the sun, eye to eye with the treeline, Harry can barely remember why this thing with Draco was ever a secret in the first place.
Absolutely lovely. Harry and Draco have to work on a project together, only they’re also in a secret relationship, Harry is unsure about how it’s going to going to affect their relationship.   Touching, sweet, wonderful ALL AROUND. And there’s gorgeous art by @kazuya22 that you mustn’t miss. :)

And I Know the Spark by @firethesound (NC-17, 15,6K)
Summary: All Draco cares about is keeping Potter alive, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.
Wartime!AU This story is amazing. Harry and Draco in a secret relationship (ahem), Draco being a spy, doing everything to keep him safe. God, all the feels for this fic. Gorgeous. [check for more warnings, please.]

An Act of Simple Devotion by blamebrampton (R, 13,3K)
Summary: It’s a age-old story. You fancy a boy and you think he fancies you. Sure there are problems – attacks on former Death Eaters, crazed tabloid journalists and your girlfriend – but you have a cunning plan. Now if he’d only explain the L. Ron Hubbard-like references …
Hogwarts Era 8th year. Draco is back at Hogwarts and Harry meets him in ~secret~. Lovely pace and lovely all around.

A Day in the Life of Draco Malfoy, Image Manager by songquake (R, 5,8K)
Summary: As the solicitor for the Potter family, Draco Malfoy usually doesn’t ask for Harry Potter’s permission to clean up his offspring’s messes. Usually.
Epilogue Complaint, but absolutely sexy. Those Potter children really are hard work for Draco, unlike their dad. ;)

In the toilet of the Leaky by @marguerite26 (NC-17, 3,1K)
Summary: um… filthy toilet sex?
Hot, just smoking hot, and super sweet ending.

In Hiding by @marguerite26 (NC-17, 1,7K)
Summary: Written for prompts: Draco secretly under the table and Fabric licking.
Hogwarts Era. OMG, my heart – you’ll see why. :D

Matchmaking by frostywonder (Pg-13, ~22,1K)
Summary: When Hermione rushes off to the Amazon, Ron is left to handle their brooding third wheel but he’s never been especially good with emotional problems. Somehow, he drags Malfoy into the mix and the stupid Ferret steals the show.
Awesome!Ron alert! \o/ Also very funny and super cute. This story is brilliant.

The One Where Ron and Hermione Find Out by EruditeWitch (NC-17, 12,1K)
Summary: When Harry is injured, the secret is out. Will their relationship last such a startling revelation?
Epilogue Complaint, basically what the summary says. It’s lovely. You can’t say secret relationship without linking this fic. :)

Players by ishafel (NC-17, 10K)
Summary: Seven days that changed everything.
Another Epilogue complaint story (by the way, neither of these EC fics have any infidelity!!!), and this one has beautiful characterisations, they feel so real. Touching and gorgeous story. Another all-time favourite.

You Can Have My Everything (NC-17, 8K)
Summary: Sometimes it takes a little pain to break through the apathy. General warnings: Rough sex/BDSM, Angst (and lots of it), 1st person/present tense.
Don’t let the warnings make you wary, this is a brilliant fic or what Harry is looking for that he doesn’t realise. Draco is amazing here.

All Dressed Up, Somewhere To Go by oldenuf2nb (NC-17, 7,9K)
Summary: Draco Malfoy usually loves the opportunity to ‘put on the Ritz’, but for some reason, his particular Ministry function was trying his nerves…
Just, have you not read this one? :D It’s so hot, Harry and Draco absolutely delicious. ;)

Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by! <333

Andrew Remnev

“My paintings are distinguished by attention to detail and meticulous decorating a conditional Russian style. Other works are written in a different, more symbolic way. However, they have in common with the first accented by decorative: a careful selection of details, almost laconic, bordering on cheap popular. I tried to convey a sense of wonder, the unique experience of touching the mystery … ”

zs with glasses for anon

(drop me requests here but keep in mind that this isn’t a commission.)

romanitovargas  asked:

hello there, i saw your requests thing (love it, what a great thing to do!) im biromantic asexual myself, i was wondering if you could do spamano or the bad touch trio? you're so wonderful, and i ADORE your art style :) hope you're having a lovely day!

i was feeling the spamano