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‘’I don’t want all those girls who believed in hope to cry anymore’’

Every year or so I rework my scan of this piece. My original scan of it honestly isn’t very good quality (and, since the piece itself has been sold, I can’t re-scan it), and I’m constantly learning new techniques I can use to fix it up. This year, I apparently also felt like drawing HAIR.

Did an art trade with the amazing @stressedobsessedmess and look at this beautiful drawing she gave me to color! She sent the lineart and then I colored it.

Darling Fenris, with glasses, which I am very weak for.

Here’s the Anders she colored for me. I enjoyed this so much and I’d love to do it again!

Refreshing your wacom tablet’s pressure sensitivity without restarting your computer

I learned this tutorial from Youtube a long while back. You won’t have to restart your computer, but you need to save your drawings and restart the program you’re using.
Step 1) Go to My Computer/This PC (or any other variation) and right click

Step 2) Click on Manage

Step 3) You should get access to this menu. Double click Services and Applications

Step 4) Double clickServices

Step 5) You should get a long list of all these manageable functions. Scroll down until you find Wacom Professional Service”. Right click it

Step 6) You can either click “Restartor pressStop/Start“ manually

Now it should refresh and return things back to normal, and once you open up your program again pressure sensitivity should be back~! Hope it helped!
(Also if you are curious, I use the Intuos Pent and Touch small)


Hiya, here’s the final birthday piece for the hooker.

I don’t know how to do textures, please don’t kill me. 
(Limited palette is “Hunting 4 Happiness” by Alter_Ego)