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your selfies are so beautiful you're like a ethereal art goddess

THANK U i’ve been workin on being happier with my appearance since i’ll be at more places and cons and stuff so tyvm i appreciate ur kind words ;u;

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THANK YOU! i don’t think i’ll have the heart to change it ever

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Have you heard of or watched 3 blind saints? If no i highly recommend it, mostly for Richard.

OF COURSE it has like

all of my fav rich looks



Supernatural Cast + Family Presidential Campaign Badges

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Trump not paying federal taxes is not tax evasion…

like, it’s unfortunate, but he literally just has good lawyers exploiting multiple loopholes and tax breaks for the rich are ridiculous… what he’s doing is deplorable and wrong and evil and 100% legal…

please stop calling it tax evasion…

seriously though, calling it tax evasion means we’re implying that the only way he could possibly get away with it is if he, Trump, were a criminal. But he’s not, that’s not what’s going on here. The system is broken. It’s a system created to benefit the rich, to provide the rich with every single avenue to pay as little as possible. This is capitalism at work, people! demonize the system, but know, without a doubt, that Trump being able to pay close to no taxes is a result of that very system!

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Renault Trezor Electric Gt Car - $TBA

  • Renault has debuted its latest offering at the Paris Motor Show, a stunning vehicle that features an opening top instead of doors. 
  • The innovative design isn’t only futuristic — the car is fast. It boasts a 260kw battery capable of 360 hp and 282 pound feet of torque. This power allows it to go from 0 to 62 mph in under four seconds. 
  • Measuring in at 15 feet long, six feet wide and only three feet tall, the streamlined design is not only eye-catching but technologically advanced with autonomous driving capabilities.

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