A bunch of doodles I made in school earlier, I finished all of my tasks and I had an hour free, I decided to fill up a piece of yellow pad to pass the time, This was supposed to be filled with cute doodles all over but it became a mix of confusion, shipping, shitposts and sin.

My friend decided to join me, so some of the doodles belong to her.

Someone stop my hand please.

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Soul touching charisk? Pwease???? *puppy face*

Is this like the ship kink now?? I’m so confused- can someone explain to me how this came about-

I’m still working on the other requests- I just got piled up with school work so have this quick doodle one I did in like 30 minutes-

anyway here’s some more trash- had to put under read more cause big pictures-

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mom walks in to me belting out Adele’s “All I Ask” there any other way to listen to her music?

idk what it is about her songs…touch my soul

“We’re all here for a very similar reason; to sing, scream, dance. Get something off our chest. Sing these next words with everything you have. Put everything into it and let everything you’ve been holding in go. Surviving is hard, but you’ve made it this far and that’s fucking beautiful”.
—  Tim Mcilrath (Rise Against concert Madison WI November 7th 2015).
a collection of songs covered by aaron tveit with him not changing the pronouns

aka a collection of Aaron singing female power ballads

  • Popular from Wicked; Aaron as Galinda— “Now that I’ve chosen to become a pal, a sister, and adviser”
  • Back to Before from Ragtime; Aaron as Mother — “I was your wife”
  • Fly Fly Away from Catch Me If You Can; Aaron as Brenda — “He was just a lonely little boy to me / with his sweet and gentle touch he sure unlocked my soul”
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together — “So anyway, like, the other day he calls me up, right? He’s like ‘I still love you’”

and some songs he’s covered that do not involve any pronouns but were originally sung by women:


I wish to wander into a hidden valley full of waterfalls where glowing orbs of light float in a mist, and whispering willow trees blow in the wind. Lay by a pond with glistening gemstones in the water and watch the stars twinkle in the night sky. To escape to a secret land and never return…


Antony and the Johnsons - Knocking on Heaven’s door

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Charisk soul touch please? You don't have to if you don't wanna

Thanks for giving me the excuse to draw charisk soul touching ahaha-

I put it under read more cause the pictures look ginormous from my iphone so I apologize for that.

Read with caution for Chara being a little poophead.

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anonymous asked:

Do u have a favorite drarry author?

One favorite! Gah! Okay, so my all time favorite is probably lettered. Their writing is pure poetry, and it touches my soul in this ineffable way.

But my other favorites are firethesoundlumosed_quill, birdsofshore, who_la_hoop, dictacontrion, Sophie French, traintrackseidheannzeitgeistic, Faith Wood, jadlauren3210, tryslora, and Femme.

They’re all so fantastically amazing, and they never fail to capture the true magic of Drarry and remind me exactly why I love these dorks :)