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Hi, um, could I ask for hcs or imagine (either is fine) with Bokuto trying to cheer up his s/o who's had panic attacks for the first time in a while and feels guilty because they haven't gotten better like they thought they had? (If you don't want to write this it's completely fine) This happened to me today and I guess I need some comforting right now... Thank you for being an amazing writer and a great person 💕 I hope you have a great day 😄

Omg anon! Your words have touched my tiny soul, thank you! I hope you feel better soon!! Panic attacks suck, I used to hide in my schools bathroom when I thought I was going have one. Keep on trucking nonnie!

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Lately, you had been trying to keep your motions bottled up. You didn’t want to burden anyone with your problems, especially Bokuto. He was always so cheerful that you couldn’t bare to bring him down with your personal issues. However, your emotions became too much for you to handle one day and you just exploded. You were so sure that you were starting to get better about that. The panic attacks had slowly died down and your nerves hadn’t been so bad, so why now? The day your panic attack hit, you were a mess. You missed several days of school, leaving Bokuto quite worried. You didn’t contact him at all, even though you knew you should have. Guilt was the only thing you could feel besides your anxiety. You wanted to tell him what was going on, but you didn’t want to worry him about something like this. 

After about a week, you were laying in bed one morning until you heard your doorbell ring. You dreaded getting out of bed, you honestly believed that it wasn’t physically possible. Yet somehow, you managed. You trudged downstairs and placed your hand on the knob but before you could open the door, it swung right open. “What the heck!?” The person standing there, you guessed it, was Bokuto. “(Y/n), why haven’t you been responding to my texts? Did I do something to make you angry!?” You sighed, but somehow, seeing his face made you feel better. “No, I’m sorry Bo…the truth is, is that I had a few panic attacks the other day and I just haven’t been myself. I thought I was getting better but I thought wrong. I take one step forward and before I knew it, I was two steps back. I’m sorry I worried you, I just didn’t want to bother you with my problems.” 

You bowed, hoping that it could truly convey how sorry you were. When you looked up, Bokuto had a frown on his face. All of a sudden, he wrapped his arms around you. “It’s ok (Y/n)…you can tell me anything! I can’t take the pain away, but you definitely don’t have to face up to it on your own.” He pointed to himself as he said this, with a cocky grin might I add. You appreciated his kind words and with a smile you said, “Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind for next time!” Sure the pain wasn’t gone, but you felt much better knowing that you had someone to lean on. It might rain hard, but every now and then, there’s a rainbow along the way. 

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My favourite BL stories

I decided to make the list because of my own curiosity(?) and desire to share this with you :P (I made another two list with yaoi/shonen ai recommendation can check it here –> PART 1 and PART 2)

I’m in BL for about half a year and I must say that I really like the genre :) I mean I don’t like the typical yaoi with rushed story and relationships…like i don’t anything typical (shojo,kdrama,anime)
And for those I’m about to talk about you could check it out even if you are not in yaoi genre ;)

1. Doukyuusei

My number ONE story is Doukyuusei (Movie+manga sequels). It’s probably biased because its holding special meaning for me. It was my first BL story and it was actually the movie which made me also read the mangas too. I decided to watch it because i saw a lot of gifs on tumblr and i thought that Kusakabe was a girl (how silly of me). I’m glad i watched it, because it actually changed me as a person, or better my views on people with same sex orientation changed completely –> my family is Quite traditional so I was thought that same-sex relationship was wrong (not acceptable).
The story show us pure feeling about falling in love (it’s not about the gender but about the person–> you are my most important person) and here we have also portrayed realistic, healthy relationship (sweetness, misunderstandings, make ups) =D
The movie i recommend to everyone. Then you’  ll see if you want to continue with mangas.

Author: Asumiko Nakamura

2. Canis Series

This story and it’s way of showing same-sex relationship was definitly far from typical shonen ai.  This story contradicts every comment about manga or anime., especially shonen ai genre where’s lacking depth or meaning or creativeness. The story and relationship are not rushed, the most appealing was ending of first story(it’s still going on).
The art is outstanding compared to other mangas. It really fits the story.
I definitly recommend it…even to those who are not it this genre :)

Author: ZAKK, Hachie Ichie

3. Soredemo, Yasashii Koi wo Suru

Thank god Yoneda Kou made that spin off into a actual story/masterpiece. I love all Yoneda Kou’s work and i have 2 in my TOP 5 :) This story is spin off from Doushitemo Furetakunai and talks about two really good friends when one is in love with another. It can be said that the trope of “gay man and straight man” tends to be overused, but Yoneda Kou pulls it off flawlessly. I like the whole process of falling in love and acknowledging that love-confessing-confusing feeling-akward situations-decide or chose between romantic relationship or brake up the friendship. I read it so many time that I don’t count anymore…and it’s really satisfying.

Author: Yoneda Kou

4.Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

I just can’t describe with words how many emotions this manga brings out of me. It’s still ongoing so maybe that’s the cause because every new chapter is nerve wracking but satisfying at the same time. When I saw summary of the story i decided to read it because i was really interested in which way/how Will the main character recieve happiness (from summary: This is the story of a man who has never known happiness and of a man who is reborn by getting to know him.). Now that I read it till now I must say that I truly want that Yashiro find his own happiness (the prequel really touched my soul and I just pray that Yashiro would be told that he’s not alone anymore by Doumeki–> look prequel). This one is pretty great masterpiece by Yoneda Kou which i think is really good read for any yaoi fan.

Author: Yoneda Kou

5.Honto Yajuu

I think this one was my first actual yaoi(after Doukyuusei) and I wasn’t disappointed. The story is simple and the relationship is not complicated. The manga is truthfully one of the most refreshing ones. Yamamaoto Kotetsuko is known for one of the most cutest artstyle and stories. And it’s true…this manga is with one Word…CUTE :D <3

Author: Yamamoto Kotetsuko

This are my TOP 5 BL stories…yet i still have some of honorable mentions:

6. Smells like green spirit : great shonen ai…realistic

7. Hana nomi zo shiru : my favourite Rihito Takarais work.

8. Border : for those who like shonen ai and crime genre.

9. Sojou no koi wa nido haneru : one of the most realistic interpretation of gay-straight relationship.

10. Bokura no negai/Neon Sign Amber/Doushitemo Furetakunai : MUST READ ;)  

That’s all…maybe you could send your own top 10 list :D really appreciated :D

It’s unreal you’re gone. And I may shed a tear every now and again, our time together has been warped into my mind as just a memory. Anyways, I know now that you’re everywhere, your’re in the stars, moon, sun, flowers, even in my eyes. I realized you didn’t just touch my soul, you touched my reality and made it colorful beyond imagination.
—  thel0stminded 
things from the falsettos recording that touched my soul

- there’s this moment like during love is blind where marv pulls whizzer’s hair and That’s the beginning of the hair pulling kink
- the entirety of thrill of first love
- daddy’s kissing boys got the screentime it deserves
- trina has a star of david necklace and i adore it
- after trina and mendel get married she starts wearing a bracelet he wore at the beginning of the show
- after marv hits trina he says “oh no baby i wouldn’t…”
- during chess game there was this moment where marv is like isn’t this wonderful? and whiz tries to pull him closer and is like yes
- okay but jason hid behind mendel when marv hit trina
- jason’s face during the entirety of it killed me
- i cried when the lesbians came out
- cordelia did a little head bop during “and godchild of the lesbians from next door”
- after the second racquetball game charlotte muttered, “i’m gonna keep him here”

this is all i’m coherent enough to think of but feel free to add your own!!!!

South Node: Bad patterns

South Node is where we are comfortable so, sometimes we have a tendency to stay there with that traits and we don’t change.

South Node in 1st House: “I have myself, I don’t need other people, I can do everything by myself!”

South Node in 2nd House:“ I have what I need, I don’t need to share, why don’t other people share it as well or work as I did?”

South Node in 3rd House:“ I already know that, why do you think you’re smarter than me? Why should I explore when I have a great neighbourhood here?”

South Node in 4th House:“ I had a hard life already, why should I get even more tired and work harder? I don’t need to achieve anything else, I already have a foundation to fall in!”

South Node in 5th House:“ Why should I connect even more with people if I’m happy the way I am? Why can’t you let me have a little fun and enjoy life, why do I always have to care about how it will influence others lives?”

South Node in 6th House: “ Why can’t I help that person and do that job and fix that thing all at the same time? Why do I need to rest? I have energy! I’m not weak! Why do I need to get in touch with my soul if he’s not gonna help me with this?”

South Node in 7th house:“ Why do I have to focus on myself, can’t you see they need me, can’t you see that everybody needs me, I don’t have time for me! Why should I get to know me better if I’m not interacting with myself in the world?”

South Node in 8th House:“ Why should I keep something if it doesn’t have meaning? For my comfort? I don’t think so! Why do I need to stop taking things so deeply? Why do I need peace? I like living in chaos! I don’t need a quiet space and why should I appreciate things if they all end?”

South Node in 9th House:“ Why can’t I just learn about the whole world? Why do I need to focus on little things? Why do I need magazines and newspapers to know what’s happening? I can go and discover by myself! Why should I focus more on my environment? I’m a part of the whole world!”

South Node in 10th House:“ Why should I stop creating so much goals? Why should I focus on my soul too? I am fine and I need to achieve something to feel important! No, I can’t go home! I need to be important to the world!”

South Node in 11th House:“ Why do I need to focus on my life and the good things about her, when there is so much things happening in the world? No, I can’t turn the TV off, I need to know what’s happening in the world! No, I can’t go to the party because there are better things to do than enjoy that little party, the world is bigger than that!”

South Node in 12th House: Why do I need to focus more on reality when I created just the right world for me? Why do I need to serve others? They serve themselves! Do you need help? Oh, you have my soul here for you, take it, I don’t need it! Why should I work for that if nothing ever works for me?“