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Moon/ Nature night scenery wallpaper stock images

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  • Program: Adobe Photoshop 2015
  • Layers: 10

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Credits: Celestial Boy

Just because he’s not bond paper white, and he has a breakout doesn’t mean he’s ugly. Please don’t bash one of the few fansites that actually give us unwhitewashed bangtan. He’s still beautiful like this. He’s human too. The breakout is probably from stress, sweat, and stage makeup, and he’s visited beaches as well, but regardless, he looks good, and the whitewashed, touched-up photos we see obviously aren’t true to life. There shouldn’t be a problem here. Getting photos this clear and HD should be appreciated. Why turn this into an issue and endorse such unhealthy beauty standards?

So I’ve decided to go through my old art I made a few years ago, touch up the photos and start posting them to my page here. We’ll start off with one of my favorites, and the best paintings I’ve done, “The Smell of Pitch”. It’s a triptych of the same image of one of the best characters from my favorite franchises, Joshua Graham from Fallout: New Vegas. I sorta went wild with the color scheme and kept the background solid black to make everything more vibrant, and I still love how they came out, got em’ hanging on my bedroom wall right now. Hope Fallout fans get a kick out of this, look forward to more of my archived art in the near future(spoiler alert, it starts going downhill fast).


Cameron Avery @ Baby’s All Right 3.9.17

The last time I saw the King Babe in NYC  🤤🤤🤤

The Statue Headcanon

Gabriel stood outside in the early morning hours long after the dedication ceremony and reception had ended. All the dignitaries disappeared to their beds, drunk on their sense of righteousness and more than a little alcohol.

With the cooling night air of the Switzerland spring, Gabriel felt the warmth of his drunken stupor fade. Simply staring at the larger than life figure of the First Strike Commander was enough to burn sobriety into him.

It stood tall. Solitary in the courtyard. A symbol of hope and justice. Who was he to refuse the masses their drug of choice? The perfect image of the all American hero was what the world wanted.

Spotlights illuminated the massive representation, keeping the darkness at bay. Fitting.

“Gabe?” a tired voice interrupted Gabriel’s thoughts. Jack turned a corner. His suit still pristine even this late after the events. One sign the Hero of Overwatch had not had an alcoholic drink this evening. “What are you doing out here?”

Gabriel shrugged. Where else would he be? “That has got to be the stupidest look I have ever seen on your face.”

Jack Morrison pinched the bridge of his nose. “It’s not like they asked me to pose for the damn thing.”

“You should demand a redo.”


“Or even a touch up.”

“It’s not a photo. How much did you drink?”

Gabriel ignored the question. “The least you could do is put in a complaint to the artist.”

“Gabe, it was a gift. If it bothers you so much you put in the complaint.”

“I’m not the one with the statue.” Gabriel smirked at seeing the annoyance in Jack’s eyes. The poor man would never live this down.

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Phichit long distance headcanons???

Omg more long distance headcanons !!!! These are so fun, and honestly long-distance friends are the best friends. And it’s so pure bc they fall in love with you and not what you look or sound like. 10/10 omg thank you for this request! :3 ((long distance series can be read here))

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • Needless to say, you guys met on Instagram way back in the day
  • It all started with a photography contest on Instagram, which was being hosted by a big travel account
  • and you and phichit just so happened to both be following that account. .… interesting …… … wink wonk
  • Phichit decided to join the contest the moment he heard about it, since he knew he could use the photos he’s taken through many of his travels during the skating season
  • You saw the contest info and almost didn’t enter, but you thought it wouldn’t hurt to just touch up a photo from your latest vacation and give it a try
  • tbh it was the best decision you ever made but you just didn’t know it lmao
  • Some time passes, and it’s nearing the deadline of entry for the contest when Phichit finds himself bored out of his mind during a sleepless night
  • He picks up his phone out of habit and went to Instagram, figuring he could go through the tag for entries to the contest and see what competition he’s up against
  • He scrolls through the photos, mostly unimpressed with the photos he’s seeing; they’re all kind of the same with landscapes of sunsets and mountains and such
  • But he comes across a certain entry that isn’t really like the others, and it really jumps out at him and catches his eye
  • i bet you can guess who posted it lmao ((and if you cant guess then you must be new here))
  • Without hesitation, he leaves a like and a comment on the breathtaking photo that he can’t seem to stop staring at
  • To his surprise, you respond to his comment instantly, and he’s hooked on you without even trying
  • Phichit opens a new DM and sends it to you, initiating conversation that lasts until the sun rises
  • He finds it so easy to talk to you, and he begins falling in love before he can stop himself; you guys bond instantly and a friendship is formed
  • Long after the contest is done and over with, your friendship continues to thrive through constant communication and deep conversations
  • The DM becomes a thing of the past once you exchange phone numbers and snapchat usernames, and you become even closer
  • He loves the selfies you send him on snapchat; he screenshots nearly all of them and posts his favorites on instagram
  • you get so embarrassed at the captions he puts on them, and but he can’t stop his heart from fluttering when he sees that beautiful face of yours :’)
  • Phichit ends up taking more breaks at practice to check his phone for signs of you, but he is so much happier than he was before he met you ((if thats even possible lmao the boy beams))
  • It takes a few months, but FaceTime sessions and phone calls become a regular occurrence, and you become inseparable at that point
  • Phichit starts to notice the small things about you while you’re on FaceTime; he becomes hyperaware of the way you laugh, the shape your lips make when you smile, and he finds himself drowning in the color of your irises
  • He’s laying in bed morning when he realizes that he’s in love with you in a romantic way, and he’s pretty sure you feel the same
  • He can’t stop himself from picking up the phone and calling you, biting his lip and fidgeting under the covers while he listens to the ringing tone
  • You answer after a few rings, your voice sounding groggy and tired; he apologizes for waking you up and gets to his point
  • “(Y/N), you like me right? Because I really like you. I know we’re just friends and I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable by saying this, but I’m in love with you! I want to hear your voice every day and see your face when I wake up in the morning! I know it’s hard to be together because of the distance, but I want to make it work! You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I love you!”
  • “Phichit, holy fuck are you asking me to date you holy shit I love you, too”
  • From that moment on, you call yourselves a couple and make it public on social media, declaring your love for each other
  • Your first meeting will have to wait, but you’re both more than happy together where you are now :3

Inktober day 4~ I told you I would have some more Ichihime^^ this time they are dancing~
I do want to redo this though, their expressions are stiff and the foreshortening of Orihime’s arm is kinda wonky….

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manual info!

you all are searching the internet for information about the game when you had some new info in the palms of your hands… ny'all seem to have forgotten that all 3ds demos have the manual for the full game :^3c ill just put some stuff i think is important.

  • When you first start a new game, the in-game time and date will be matched to your system. However, once set, the in-game time will proceed in accordance with the game events.
  • Regarding ❤ [the heart icon on customer’s contact cards]: This icon shows how close you are to the customer. The closer you are, the more invitation options will be available to you when sending messages. [i guess you can hang out with people…? idk]
  • [phone section] Album: Look at the photos you have taken. Once selected you can also touch photos up using “Edit”. These functions are not available from the outset.
  • [stocking your shop] Brand rep’s choice: Automatically select items recommended by the brand rep.
  • Restock Market: This option will become unlocked on your phone as you progress through the game. Here you can purchase additional quantities for items you have already brought. [Yes if we run out of a spring item in autumn we can restock]
  • As you proceed through the game, you will be able to select “Shopdo” from your phone. Open Shopdo to share your boutique with the rest of the world! You’ll also be able to visit other players’ boutiques, view their catalogue outfits and even take photos with them!
  • If the SpotPass feature is activated […] you might receive notifications and posters that will be hung around the city when you next launch the software.


“N-not that I ship it or anything”

Boy, that sure was a year, huh?

Trying to recap this year was weird. Unlike 2015, it’s been incredibly scattered and uneven. My only 100% new cosplay was Spike and John, and while I did attend a number of conventions, I missed out on the big ones so my experience cosplaying at conventions was very different this year. I also didn’t include the numerous casual selfie runs (Kanaya, Cronus, Spike, the halloween cosplay challenge) in this. Mostly I’ve just been touching up and taking photos of old costumes. But to be fair, it has been a very intense year for me personally (I got a job, I moved out, I finally started medical transition). 

My goals for 2017:

  • Focus more on quality and less on quantity
  • Try and make new cosplays instead of constantly rewearing/doing minor touchups (and when I rewear, make sure to get some new photos out of it)
  • Do at least 6 videos for my youtube
  • Continue branching out of Homestuck
  • Location photoshoots!

I’ll try and do a goals-video as well, whenever I do it will be up on my Youtube (: