Sometimes, Noora doesn’t understand how this is her life.

“Is he dead?”

She sighs and takes another sip of lukewarm (read: fucking freezing) coffee. Her legs, which had been folded up since about 3 in the morning, have finally gone from the charming pins and needles to just straight numb. Eskild is at the doorway of the living room, (his own steaming mug of coffee mocking her) as he nods to the lump on the couch. 

“Not yet.” The boy on the couch gives a small snuffle and Noora raises an eyebrow, “though he might wish he was when he wakes up.”

Eskild sighs nostalgically, “Those were the days.”

Those were the days

Noora snorts because she has been Eskild’s roommate for a while and she can assure all inquiring parties that those days were far from over. “Eskild, you literally crawled in the doorway Friday night. Like hands and knees crawled.”

“Touche, mon amour.” He blows on the rim of his mug, “So is this a thing now? Are we just collecting drunk strays?”

You started it, she wants to say, but it feels wrong to do so without Isak here to flip her off. But speaking of.

“Favor from our favorite wayward roommate.”

“Ah yes, how is baby Isak? I miss him.” Noora opens her mouth to respond but before the words can come, there is a faint groan, and then the boy on the couch wrinkles his nose. Eskild backs up, clutching his chest, and half hides behind the wall, “Never mind. Have fun with drunkie over there.”

“Last time you helped me with Elias!”

He was positively aghast, “Last time there was potential for a romantic connection! This is Jonas. I’d say Isak was straight before I’d say Jonas was… not straight. Now I have to go- my bunny slippers are not going to be a victim of boy vomit again.”

And with that, he disappears and Noora is left on her own. Perfect.

Jonas groans again, looking all too pitiful under wild and frizzy curls. Long dark lashes (and fuck Jonas for getting long dark eyelashes while she has to put on layers of mascara to look like she has lashes) flutter open, then there is a another groan, flutter closed, a louder groan, and finally flinch back open again.

Noora untangles herself from the chair and hovers over Jonas’s face, “If you throw up on me, I’m going to blast Justin Bieber so loud, he’ll be ringing in your ears for days.”

Jonas’s eyes were bloodshot and hazy, but they were attempting to focus. “Noora? What the fuck?”

“You’re hungover.”

“I think I’m still drunk,” he squints, “do you have a twin or am I seeing double?”

Noora hands him a glass of water, and when he spills it all over himself, holds it to his mouth, “This isn’t how i pictured my Saturday morning going.”

Jonas hums in agreement, and pulls away from the water, “Thanks.”

He leans back for a few moments, dark eyes flicking back and forth over Noora’s face under even darker eyebrows and Noora like, blinks and looks away, setting the abandoned water glass off to the side. 

“Huh,” Jonas says after a moment, but the sound is almost garbled. When Noora arches an eyebrow in question, shaky fingers come up, grazing over strands of escaped blonde hair from Noora’s bun, “Your hair is so beautiful.”

Then Jonas jerks back, takes a breath, and pukes all over the side of the couch and onto Noora’s favorite flower socks.

She has her phone connected to the loud-speaker blasting out ‘Baby’ as loud as it can go in seconds.

I was tagged by ameliatruant to do the ten random song post.

Converge - The Saddest Day

Title Fight - Anaconda Sniper

La Dispute - Woman (Reading)

Ab-Soul - Terrorist Threats

Touche Amore - Face Ghost

The Devil Wears Prada - War

Brand New - Bought a Bride

Deafheaven - Sunbather

Converge - To the Lions

Bad Brains - Pay to Cum

I just hit shuffle on my phone and picked the first ten songs.

The Dark Side of the Moon [Lafayette x Reader]

Length: 1897 words

Genre: Angst(ish)

AU: HamilTime

TW: Violence / Blood 

You looked around for you courter through the busy bar. It wasn’t rare that he would be here, and you decided to spend the night with him and his friends, instead of being cooped up in your home. Your mother died during childbirth so it had always just been you and your father. He was a kind man, and very hard working. You admired your father to no end; he made sure that you got a proper education, and made sure you knew that the sky wasn’t your limit. It was through him that you got to know your courter, Gilbert du Motier, or better known as Lafayette. Your father was a tailor, and a mentor and friend of a one, Hercules Mulligan. You were visiting your father at the same time that Gilbert was visiting his Hercules. The four of you were properly introduced to one another, Hercules having known you from a young age. Looking around, you looked for a familiar face, frowning when you saw none. You checked the time once more, making sure that you weren’t just early. You sighed, Gilbert was never one to be late, but there was a first for everything. Suddenly, a hand had reached out and grabbed your elbow. You whipped your head back, trying to tug your arm free. 

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Last year’s was better. But this is still funny

Can someone translate the French parts though?


books (re)read in 2016: The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand

“Do you know that if you married me, every time you said your name”—he swallowed, trying to make his voice sound less choked—“you would be saying you loved me?”
Jaime Richard.” She smiled up at him and pushed herself up on tiptoe to kiss him. “And it would be true.”

Le philosophe me dit : raisonne.
L’anthropologue me dit : observe.
Le sage me dit : accepte.
Et le psychanalyste me dit : assume.
Et moi qui désire simplement
Par amour,
On touche ma peau pour y laisser la marque de la tendresse.
—  Wadji Mouawad, Rêves
Nous Sommes Un

A/N: Henry and Kate are back again! Written for iwouldvebeendrake01, who wanted some Henry/Catherine fluff and I just couldn’t resist. A huge thanks to persephone622 for editing and betaing, . I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated, as always. Full of fluff. 

Also, this is kind of a sequel piece to Je Suis à Toiso if you’d like to read that first, go ahead. Thanks! 


The sun shone across Kate’s bare back as she snuggled into Henry’s chest for a few more minutes of warmth and sleep. He trailed his fingers up and down her back lightly, smiling at her reaction to the morning.

“Kate, my love.” Henry spoke softly, kissing her hair. He felt her nose inhale the smell at the base of his throat and moan softly. Kate strengthened her hold on her husband, unwilling to give up the few moments of uninterrupted bliss.

            “Kate, the sky hath awoken; tis high time thy eyes do the same.” Henry relayed to her, placing his hands on her soft curves and running them across her skin, enjoying the way that it responded to him. She shivered slightly.

            “Let me enjoy mon mari. Thy counsel rarely allows me thy time.” Kate looked up at him through her lashes and kissed his collarbone and chest lightly. She felt him inhale and saw his eyelids drop. “Mmm…” Kate moaned at the feel of his soft pale skin beneath her lips, darting her tongue out to taste it.

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Hetalia Jingle Bells

Prussia: Dashing through the snow, in my AWESONE slaigh. Over the hills we go being AWESOME all the way

Italy: eating all the pasta, with Dotisu by my side. I wonder if he’s gay maybe I’ll find out on this ride

Romano: Oh fuck you Spain, fuck you Spain I hate your stupid face

China: Russia will you please stop petting me and get out of my place

Germany: Italy, Italy will you just shut up and train

Japan: I am pretty sure that all of you are gay

America: Christmas is really cool, I like throwing parties

England: I wish you would shut up, stupid frog stop touching me

Francis: Amour is in the air I can feel it all around, hey there England you you like a tour of ‘downtown’

Canada: Oh notice me, notice me, my name is Canada. I’m the second largest country

Spain: Romano will you please stop hitting me

Russia: one day all of you will become one with me

I have a small obsession with bath & body work’s lotions. Not that I would ever finish using them but they make a nice collection against my wall. So I recently got 15 new ones (I'm in love with the style of their new bottles- always nice to have a new look to things).  

Anyways, here are my fav:

Warm vanilla sugar: there’s a reason why I have three bottles. Not that I have finished my old bottle, but why note stock up ;) Vanilla as always been on typical scent that guys love! It’s sweet and has a euphoric effect that creates a sensual and soft mood.

 White Citrus: I recently finished one of my favorite perfume: Happy by Clinique, as sad as I was, discovering the white citrus totally made up for it! This was one of the lighter smelling scents at Bath & Body Works (no more cucumber melon- idek why they would discontinue that scent). Perfect to put on right after the shower, its citrus notes with a hint of floral- it’s the perfect scent to bring summer back even in this -40 degree weather. I also got the triple moisture body cream substitute as my everyday moisturizer when I get out of the shower (that’s when lotion is best absorbed) 

Paris (for men): Well I don’t know about you, but I have a thing for the smell of cologne and musk. What I adore about Paris is that it’s very icy crisp fresh and clean musk- it’s not too strong that people will question why I smell like a men, but instead it’s more aquatic nuances simple. 

Ocean (for men): My second favorite of the men collection. This one is also similar to Paris, its very vetiver, cool and fresh. It’s a bit more masculine than Paris. This scent has a lighter musk than the other one, it more of a light blue sky over the deep blue ocean with a bit of green- a very woody and earthy sweet smell.

Sea Island Cotton: My mom is in love with this scent, it’s powdery, floral and musky with a hint of fresh and marine. This is a really good signature day scent, a crispy cotton/aquatic smell, it’s a cozy smell perfect touch for a comfy day in. The sandalwood gives it warmth, flower provides the freshness and the much and powder adds on to a cozy touch.

Sweet Pea & Paris Amour: I categorize these two together because they aren't particular my most favorite but I have my days when I’m in a floral, fruity and flirty mood. The Paris is fruity (mix of strawberries and peach with an undertone of vanilla) while sweet pea is more floral dominate, it’s sort of sweet in a candy way. These are both perfect scent for a daytime causal outings, but I can never put too much on, they are both too sweet and too much just leads to a whole new level of smell.

What’s you favourite B&BW scent? xo 




i obsessed with this song thanks to a friend of mine.

touche amoure- homeawayfrom here