Pour la première fois ta bouche
Pour la première fois ta voix
D’une aile à la cime des bois
L’arbre frémit jusqu’à la souche
C’est toujours la première fois
Quand ta robe en passant me touche

Louis Aragon, L’amour qui n’est pas un mot

I was tagged by ameliatruant to do the ten random song post.

Converge - The Saddest Day

Title Fight - Anaconda Sniper

La Dispute - Woman (Reading)

Ab-Soul - Terrorist Threats

Touche Amore - Face Ghost

The Devil Wears Prada - War

Brand New - Bought a Bride

Deafheaven - Sunbather

Converge - To the Lions

Bad Brains - Pay to Cum

I just hit shuffle on my phone and picked the first ten songs.


Touche Amore - Home Away From Away


i obsessed with this song thanks to a friend of mine.

touche amoure- homeawayfrom here

this song describes everything i feel.

I’m coming to terms that I’m not concerned

With planting my feet but moving onward

I’m growing older but I can’t get over

The need of colder skin when I know that home is warmer

It’s just that I have this problem

Where I want to be everywhere I’m not

But I’m thankful for what I’ve got

A room in a house where my bed may stay

But the feel of another’s sheets help keep my demons away

It’s become clear that what keeps me here

Is that sense of failure and other nightmares

I’ve become jaded and I can’t escape it

The thought of settling when I know it’s what I hated

It’s just I have this problem

Where I want to be everywhere I’m not

It’s just I know myself and I’ll sacrifice everything I’ve got

Though I can’t afford to eat as much as I would like to be

And my bills won’t pay themselves so I’ll come up with another scheme

This place looks better from a passenger window

Or when stared at from up above

But when you’re chasing brightness

You’ll lose concern with the damage done

It’s not my fault

I’ll try to call

No ties no roots I’m fine.

i love touche amoure <33333


la dispute//touche amoure

Dude the weekend started early.....fuckkk yea

Pregaming at bears before we go watch the dark night at midnight

Sound and fury tomorrow

Beautiful Santa Barbara all day tommorow

Touche amoure, the Mongoloids, my good friend tank from Rotting out (everybody go listen to em if you haven’t)Sabertooth fucking Zombie, take offesne (that dude shreds),XIBALBA(fucckkkkkkk yeaaaa Bryan,Comeback Kid, ill intent,DISGRACE(new band everyone needs to check out )and more bands to watch out for

Tomorrows gonna be wild

Were carpooling at 9am

Stoked for tommorow ! Just wish hour of the world was added to Fridays line up

Fuck I’m drunk

Ay I’m fuckkkeddddddd up let’s party