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posted 4/6/17

request? yes
   “ I loved your Archie headcanon so much! Please do where Archie and the reader are dating but it’s lowkey so when Reggie keeps flirting with her during a game Archie gets mad and then announces that he’s dating you publicly & everyone ships it a hundred percent? Sorry if this is asking for a lot, but it would be greatly appreciated! xx ” -

pairing(s): archie x reader , reggie x reader

warnings: juggie isn’t in this. sorry friends + some really crappy writing

a/n: thank you for the request !! there’s a part in the imagine where i just made up a teacher for the purpose for the story & just to clarify, there is no teacher in riverdale with that actual name :)

words; 1k+

“Archie. We gotta go.” you mumble as you push Archie Andrews, your secret boyfriend, off of you. “Just a couple more minutes. Please?” Archie begs, pecking your lips.

“Class is starting in 5 minutes. We gotta go.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being late.”

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shirosangel  asked:

Happy birthday!! I love high school AUs so just imagine Keith stealing Shiro's letterman jacket and walks around in it cause it's comfy and smells like his bf. It's way too big but it doesn't really matter. And Shiro lets him steal it every time cause he loves seeing him wear it (and they both love that other people can see him wearing it too so everyone knows they're a couple)

Okay, if we’re going high school AU, we’re going full on cliche 1980s romcom high school AU without irony or apology. Shiro as the all-American jock, the star of his football team and the pride of the school. On top of it, he’s also smart, has great grades, AND is a genuinely nice guy???

UGH, it makes hating him super hard but Keith tries really hard to manage it. I’m guessing that Keith and Shiro were best friends as little kids, but then Keith had to leave school and was moved around from foster home to foster home. Now he’s back and Shiro doesn’t remember him and Keith AGGRESSIVELY DOESN’T CARE (hint: he cares a whole lot). He deals with his unhappiness in totally healthy ways, like feathered hair and too much eyeliner.

But of course Shiro notices him and wants to say something, Keith was his best friend but was just gone! Except this angry abrasive punk kid isn’t anything like the Keith he used to know (hint: yes he is) and Shiro just watches him sadly from a distance and wonders if Keith even remembers when they were close.

Cue shenanigans at the prom where a popular kid prank goes wrong and Keith is unfairly blamed for the whole thing. Shiro takes a stand and refuses to keep silent for his football bros because it’s wrong. They both end up in detention, but it’s worth it because it gives Shiro a chance to finally talk to Keith, and Keith to finally open up a little. 

When Keith shows up rooting for Shiro at the playoffs wearing Shiro’s letterman jacket and (slightly) less eyeliner, it’s a bit of a shock. It’s even more of a shock when Shiro scores the winning touchdown and celebrates by jumping into the bleachers to kiss Keith in front of everyone.

The Pump Police

This story is from a few months ago. It isn’t about me, but rather my boss. I work as a cashier at a gas station, and my boss is an overall pretty chill guy, but sometimes he really goes off on rude customers, much to my delight.

My boss came to the store to drop some things off. Since he was only going to be there for like a minute, he was in a hoodie and sweatpants instead of his proper uniform. As he got out of his car, he looked over at the pumps and saw a guy smoking. Obviously this is a big safety hazard, so my boss went over to him and told him he couldn’t smoke at the pumps. He insisted the guy put out his cigarette, and the guy just gave him a dirty look and said, “What are you, the pump police?”. My boss acted defeated, backed off and headed into the store. He walked right behind the counter, got on the register, and used an override to stop that guys pump. The guy came in, visibly pissed off, and began yelling at the cashier before his eyes fell on my boss, still in his hoodie, standing behind the counter. My boss looked at him and, along with some exaggerated motions akin to a touchdown celebration, yelled “I AM the pump police, bitch! Now get the hell off of my property!” The guy meekly left the store without saying a word and has never returned.

Football fails


Lucas Friar adjusted his helmet as he looked at himself in the locker room mirrors. Tonight was the final against the Bradbury bears, or private school jerks as Lucas liked to call them. Taking one last sip of water Lucas waddled out to meet his other team mates.

He immediately caught sight of Zay and ran over to him tapping him on the chest and Zay rolled his eyes and hit his arm were there was no padding. Lucas could see the quite large crowd that had gathered outside from the entrance of the locker room. He always found it kind of weird and surreal that so many people came to watch such ‘barbaric’ behaviour. Watching such sports has been around since Roman times and it was all a bit weird to Lucas when he thought in depth about it.

He felt a hand hit the back of his head and he snapped back into reality looking down at Zay once again. Lucas offered an apologetic smile but Zay just scoffed and directed him to listen to their coach.

'Ok Lucas. You’re our quarterback. Bring the patriots home man.’ Coach yelled and all his Neanderthal friends started jumping, shouting and hitting each other. Zay saw Lucas uncomfortable and put his hand on his shoulder.

'You’ll do great out there man. Plus Riley will be cheering you on and I swear she is magical at making people’s dreams come true so that’s a good sign.’ Zay offered and Lucas let out a small smile at the mention of his girlfriend.

'Have you heard from Riley? I haven’t heard from her since she left Greenwich and I mean that’s a 2 hour drive and she should be here by now.’ He questioned anxiety seeping through his voice. Zay tensed at his words but covered it up not wanting to scare his friend when he didn’t know what was happening yet.

'Nah man I haven’t yet. But don’t stress maybe her phone just ran out of charge. It’s nothing.’ He pleaded and Lucas relaxed a little. It was probably just a misunderstanding. It didn’t make the feeling in his gut go away though.

'Yeah yeah Zay you’re probably right. I shouldn’t stress. It’s probably just a misunderstanding.’ He wasn’t sure if he was convincing him self or Zay more. The coach yelled and Zay and Lucas stormed off onto the field and got into there positions. While all basic formalities began Lucas took his chance to look around the stands to see if he could see Riley. After a quick skim he noticed Topanga, his parents, Maya, Cory and Farkle and an empty spot beside them. He tried to brush it off as her getting stuck in traffic or maybe having to clean up something at the house or at school but something deep inside of him was telling him, this was worse.

The game began and Lucas welcomed the distraction. He despised the smell of dirt and overly well kept grass but add that to sweaty over weight man killers and it’s a deadly combination Lucas had had enough of. Thank god this is my last game he thought and went to grab the ball. He passed to a teammate before he felt a strong force hit him and his head slammed against the grass. He groaned as his teammate Ray helped him up while his team was celebrating the touchdown they had just earned. He didn’t think he had ever been more thankful for half time in his entire life.

He limped slightly off the field hiding from the medics and his coach slightly. Taking a sip from a water bottle he went to look around for Riley again but saw that not only her seat was empty but so was Cory and Topanga’s. Suspicious he pretended he was running off his injury and ran toward their stand. Farkle seemed slightly frightened as Lucas ran over, he didn’t know what to tell the quarterback. He didn’t know what he was allowed to tell the quarterback in all fairness.

Lucas stopped and called out to Farkle who was only to rows back from the barrier. Ignoring the loving stares he got from his classmates he watched as Maya hid her slightly puffy eyes from Lucas.

'Ok guys where’s Riley. I’m not mad considering I know there’s a reasonable excuse but I would like to know where she is and why Maya is crying.’ He demanded and everyone shivered a bit at his scary tone.

'Lucas’ he heard the familiar gentle tone and turned to his mother who had a sad aura coming from her.

'Riley wishes she was here. She’s just a little preoccupied. We will explain later. You have a game to win now. This is what she wanted.’ She prattled and Lucas couldn’t help but feel like he couldn’t breathe when no one was telling him where Riley was. He stood there collecting his breathe and hoping that Riley was just planning a surprise after party for him and it wasn’t anything bad.

'Friar.’ Someone yelled from across the field and Lucas saw the demanding eyes of his coach and stormed over blinking back his tears.

'Alright ok first half. Friar great playing keep it up. Now I’ve already spoken to everyone I need to individually so everyone head out there. One-two-three hut.’ The boys yelled as they put their hands in the circle and flung them out.

Lucas ran to the field and tried as hard as he could to keep his head in the game.

2 touchdowns later Lucas found him self in a play that was next to Zay. They had a few extra minutes to spare considering there was a fight between teams and the umpires were trying to stop the situation.
Zay trotted closer to Lucas and clapped him on the back.

'How are you doing with the whole Riley thing.’ Zay sulked and Lucas tried to hide his furrowed eyebrows. It was times like these Lucas was thankful he had a gullible friend to trick.

'Yeah ok.’ He muttered and he saw Zay sigh heavily before tears welled up in his eyes.

'Yeah car accidents are tough on everyon-’ Zay started but Lucas was already faking an injury.

'Car accident- Zay why didn’t you tell me I need to go to her.’ He yelped as he held his arm in pain and saw the medics running towards him.

'I thought you knew.’ Was the last thing Lucas heard a confused Zay say before he was being escorted off the field. the medic tried to sit him down but before they could Lucas pulled out of their grasp.

'Thanks but I know it’s serious. I’ll drive myself to the hospital.’ He bellowed before dropping his helmet and sprinting out of the stadium. He heard a few gasps but nothing was on his mind except Riley.

He had never been more thankful for no New York traffic than now as he sped along the streets towards the hospital. After a speedy 5 minute drive he pushed open the doors to the hospital and strided up to reception.

'Hi I’m here to see Riley Matthews. I’m her brother.’ He mumbled and the nurse nodded.

'Yep Riley is down the hall take a left and then two doors down.’ She directed and Lucas managed a thank you before he ran off down the halls. Pushing open the door he saw a bruised Riley with her arm in cast and a bandage on her forehead. She looked over at him and smiled sadly.

'Lucas you didn’t have to be here. How did you even know. You have a football game.’ She rambled and Lucas laughed while sitting down on the chair next to her bed.

'Riles you are 100X more important than football. If you’re hurt I’m hurt.’

'How did you find out?’ She questioned as his lips kissed her temple.

'Zay may have been persuaded a little.’ Riley laughed before grabbing her ribs in pain.

'How you feeling.’

'I’ll be fine in about a month. Other than this stupid broken arm. It was worth it to save the bunny though.’ She joked before her phone pinged and she grabbed it.

'Well look luke you won. With Zay as fill in quarterback.’ She beamed and Lucas was confused but delighted.

'Well although unexpected I love that. Yay Zay.’ He yelled and Riley replied with a yay Zay.

'Now how about we watch cuddle bunnies.’ Lucas offered before lying in her hospital bed with her. Riley put her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her.
'Anything for you’ she mumbled before drifting Off to sleep.

New Concussion Protocol

Quick disclaimer before you read. You do not need to know anything about football or the NFL to read this story. I tried to make it as basic and as easy to understand as I could. That being said, if anyone can name the team that they’re on, bonus points to you. <3

They were out to the league, and the first openly gay couple in major league football. The team didn’t care, as long as they kept winning games. And when your star quarterback and your star receiver were the best in the entire NFL, they could be shacking up with whomever they wanted to and no one on the team would bat an eye.

That’s not to say they didn’t have enemies. While their teammates and coaches were well and truly okay with their relationship, fans and opposing teams alike had not too nice words for the pair. Some fans boycotted the team, games got rougher; but they still played to the best of their abilities. The passes were still caught, and the touchdowns were celebrated both on the field and at home.

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This is all iamkevinfreakingsolo’s fault.  She has a knack for Coliver headcanons.

On the first day of October, the four year olds in Mrs. Keating’s class came tearing noisily into their classroom as they did every morning.  But an unusual silence came over them at the sight of their teacher crouched down talking to a boy none of them had seen before.  Their shouts changing to whispers, they stared at the new child as they hung up their coats and put their lunchboxes in their cubbies.  They watched as the little boy hugged his mother goodbye and then stood awkward and alone while Mrs. Keating greeted the class and instructed them to take their places on the rug for circle time.  

Once they were settled (“Mrs. Keating, Asher stepped on my foot and these are brand new shoes,” Michaela wailed, holding up the affected sparkly, silver-shod foot), their teacher motioned the new little boy to come closer.  He had dark hair and wore glasses and was twisting his hands in the light blue blanket he held to his chest.  

“As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, we are lucky to have a new friend joining our class.  This is Oliver and he just moved here. “ Mrs. Keating looked slowly around, making sure all eyes were on her.  “I trust that we will all work to make him feel welcome.”

Mrs. Keating nodded at Oliver who gathered his blanket a little closer as he sat down on the edge of the rug next to Wes.  

At free choice time, Michaela volunteered to show Oliver their classroom.  She toured him through the block area, the art area, housekeeping and dress up.  She showed him the bathroom and the hand-washing sink and demonstrated how the little water fountain worked.  Oliver followed her around obediently, saved from having to say much while she kept up a running commentary about the room and its occupants.  

“That’s Laurel.  I tried to get her to play princesses with me, but she’d rather play blocks with Wes.”  Laurel glared at Michaela, but Wes smiled at Oliver as he stacked up five wooden blocks.  

“Go!” Wes said to Laurel who karate-kicked them over.  Wes clapped his hands and he and Laurel picked them up to stack them again.  

A boy in a football jersey ran up to them.  “I’m Asher.  Who’s your favorite team?”  

Before Oliver could answer, Michaela put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes.  “Asher!  I’m in the middle of something here.”

Asher pointed to his bright yellow jersey.  “I like the Steelers.  Everybody thinks I should like the Eagles, since we live in Philadelphia, but the Steelers are way better.”

Michaela took Oliver by the arm and led him over to the book area.  “This is the book area,” she said with a dramatic flourish.  Then she put on a bored tone.  “And that’s Connor.”  She leaned in to stage-whisper to Oliver.  “He wears that black hoodie every day.”

Oliver looked at Connor who had his hood up and his sleeves pulled down over his hands as he looked through a book about reptiles.   He took a step closer, then knelt down next to Connor and pointed at a picture in the book.  

“That’s a chameleon.  My cousin has one for a pet.  It eats crickets.”  Oliver said.

Connor blinked his big brown eyes at him and scooted over a little so Oliver could sit down on the rug too.  Silently they looked at the book, page by page.  

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Jonas Gray celebrates his fourth touchdown while Rob Gronkowski buries Colts safety Sergio Brown (in the background).  The third-string running back rushed for a career-high 199 yards and a franchise-record four touchdowns to lead the Patriots to a 42-20 victory over the Colts in Indianapolis on Nov. 16, 2014. (David E. Klutho/SI)