Osomatsu-kun OP Translation

English translation of the full song

This song is so wild… Don’t call your mom fat…

Ballad of Osomatsu

Dad is a salary-man
Uchi no touchan wa sarari-man
うちの父ちゃんは サラリーマン

He lives his life on the crowded trains
Man'in densha ga waga jinsei
満員電車が 我が人生

Stepped on at work, always lowering his head
Ashi mo fumarerya atama mo sagete
足も踏まれりゃ 頭も下げて

A fake smile lasting 50 years!
Aisowarai no gojuu nen
愛想笑いの 50年 

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Translation for Boruto the Movie

Haha not sure if there are already translations floating around on YT, but here’s the translation for the trailer and transcription for y’all interested folks out there.

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木の葉舞うところに  - Ki no ha mau tokoro ni
In the place where the leaves dance,

日之影は里と照らし - Hi no kage wa sato wo terashi
The shadow of the sun shines upon the village.

また 木の葉芽吹く - Mata konoha mebuku
Once again, new leaves begin to bud .

影分身の術! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

お前がナルトの息子から。 Omae ga Naruto no musuko kara.
Because you’re Naruto’s son.

弟子にしてくれ。 Deshi ni shite kure.
Please make me your disciple!

俺は父ちゃんを倒してんだ!Ore wa Touchan wo taoshiten da!
I’m gonna defeat Dad!

バカボルト!Baka Boruto!
Stupid Boruto!

火影になるのは私よ!Hokage ni naru no wa watashi yo!
The one who’s gonna become hokage is me!

新世代の闘い- Shin sedai no tatakai (On screen text)
Battle of the new age

俺は火影になりたくもねえ - Ore wa Hokage ni naritaku mo nee
I don’t even wanna become the Hokage!

Konna oya nara, hajime kara inee hou ga ii yo!
It’d be better if such a parent like you never even existed in the first place!

里に危機が迫る Sato ni kiki ga semaru (On screen text)
A crisis looms upon the village!

サスケ、あいつを頼む。 Sasuke, aitsu wo tanomu.
Sasuke, I leave him in your hands. 

受け継がれる意志 (On screen text) Uketsugareru ishi 
The will that is passed down 

もっと効率いいやり方ねえのかよ!Motto kouritsu ii yarikata nee no kayo!
Isn’t there an easier/more efficient way to do this??

ナルトならできたぞ。 Naruto nara, dekita zo.
Naruto could do it, you know.

どうして、俺のこと気にかけてくれるの。 Doushite, ore no koto kinikakete kureru no.
Why do you bother with me?

お前はナルトより薄らとんかちだ。 Omae wa Naruto yori usura tonkachi da.
You’re even more of an usura  tonkachi than Naruto. (Ie. even stupider)

それに - Sore ni
And also…

よくやったな!Yoku yatta na! 
Nice work!

父上として、お前の成長を見守って行けるからだ。 Chichiue toshite, omae no seichou wo mimamotte ikeru kara da.
As your father, I can watch over you as you grow.

クソ親父。 Kuso oyaji.
Shitty old man.

Warera yori nigeyou suru to omouna yo.
Don’t even think about running way from us.

時代が変わっても、忍の本質は変わらないのかな。Jidai ga kawattemo, shinobi no honshitsu wa kawaranai no kana.
Even if the era changes, the true essence of a shinobi remains unchanging, I guess.

俺はそう信じてる。 Ore wa sou shinjiteru. 
That’s what I believe.

Kokomade suru ni wa, ittai doredake no 
How much more does it take, to get here/ achieve this
(More context required for clearer translation)

お前は俺の弟子で - Omae wa watashi no deshi de
You are my disciple

俺の息子だろう。 Ore no musuko darou
and my son.

イケ、ボルト!- Ike, Boruto!
Go, Boruto! 

小さな少年が大きな伝説を超える。(On screen text)
A small boy surpasses an immense legend. 

見てろよ、クソ親父!Miteroyo, kuso oyaji!
Just you watch, you shitty old man.

負ける気がしねえ!Makeru ki ga shinee!
I don’t plan to lose!

The translation where Boruto says “How did you surpass my father?” is incorrect - no offence to the learned translator - the sound quality for this trailer is still choppy.

Just to clear it up though, Boruto is not sparking a power level debate between Naruto and Sasuke and asking how Sasuke surpassed Naruto.

Boruto says:

父ちゃん、どうやって乗り越えてきたの?”(Touchan ga, douyatte norikoetekita no)

Which translates to: 
How did Dad overcome all of those hardships?

The key word is “norikoeru” (乗り越える)which means to overcome/to surpass - and in most contexts, it’s used to describe overcoming hardships/obstacles. Note the key particle is “Ga”.

A sentence in Japanese doesn’t always need a subject - so when Boruto uses the particle “ga” combined with the word “norikoeru”, it indicates something one-sidedly related to Naruto - ie. How did Naruto, overcome all his hardships?

Had Boruto said “Touchan wo douyatte norikoetekitano” , with the key particle as “wo”, that may have indicated that he was asking Sasuke “How did you surpass my father?” , but the issue here is, the word “norikoeru” isn’t really used to overcome other people/things. It’s sole use is pretty much to describe overcoming hardships/obstacles on the path of life - so it would be weird in Japanese to ask how X surpassed Y using the verb “norikoeru” in the first place.

If Boruto wanted to ask how Sasuke got stronger then Naruto, he would say something like:

(Douyatte touchan yori tsuyoku natta no) 
How did you get more powerful than my father


(Touchan wo douyatte taoshita no) 
How did you defeat my father 

Or something along those lines. 

I am writing this because I think this trailer suggests that Boruto is finally coming to understand his father more, and what Naruto had to go through as a child - leading to Boruto’s own character development and maturation - rather than going off on a power level spiel, which is far less interesting to me. 

On that note, this movie looks like it’s gonna be pretty good. 

Loving all them usura tonkachis. 

Edit: Link to the whole translation/transcription here.

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Boruto trailer 2 Translation/Transcription.

Pretty short so I thought I’d do it - I think there is actually a sub on yt, but one of the lines was inaccurate so I thought I’d just write it up here. 

Transcription included for those who actually wanna know what the dialogue is.

お前がナルトの息子から (Omae ga Naruto no musuko kara)
Because you are Naruto’s Son.

父ちゃんのだせぇ時代とは違うんだよ!(Tou-chan no dasai jidai to wa chigaun dayo!)
This is different to Dad’s lame-ass era! 

お前はナルトより薄らとんかちだから。(Omae wa Naruto yori usura tonkachi dakara)
You’re even stupider (more of an usura tonkachi) than Naruto. 
*LOL Sasuke calls Boruto Usura Tonkachi as well.

 サスケ、あいつを頼む。(Sasuke, aitsu wo tanomu.)
Sasuke, I entrust him to you. (Leave him in your care)

父ちゃんが、どうやって乗り越えてきたの?(Touchan wa, douyatte norikoetekita no)
How did Dad overcome all of those hardships?

直接ナルトに聞け。(Chokusetsu Naruto ni kike)
Ask Naruto directly yourself. 

時代は変わっても、忍の本質は変わらねのかな。(Jidai wa kawattemo, shinobi no honshitsu ha kawaranee no kana) 
I guess even if the era/generation changes, the true essence of a Shinobi will remain unchanging. 

俺はそう信じてる。(Ore wa sou shinjiteru)
That’s what I believe. 

行け、ボルト!(ike, Boruto!)
Go, Boruto!

負ける気がしねぇ!(Makeru ki ga shinee!)
I don’t plan to lose!