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i hope this won't weird you out, but i think i am ready to come out - which, partly, is thanks to you. i've been following you for a while now and the way you write about your girlfriend and all the queer girls stories - even in mythology - and all the nice blogs i found thanks to you, all that made it easier to accept this part of me, even if my somewhat conservative surrounding won't accept it. so ... really, thank you so much.

Oh, oh, oh, lovely. This didn’t weird me out at all, this really touched my heart. I am so glad I can help you to accept who you are, that’s such a lovely thing & I hope you’ll continue to find more piece with it. You’re a beautiful soul xx

Don’t break me like glass.
I know I’ve got nails to kill for,
but the whole of my exoskeleton
is birdy and fragile. Held up
by rage.
I’ve touched you with my heart;
now you can’t get enough of my thighs
or eyes
and I’m lit, ready to let you stare into them
You cradle my head, I’ll cradle yours,
and if we’re drunker by midnight,
then we’ll smoke in my driveway,
but don’t drive away. You can’t
drive me away.
Tonight is so dark, and you
are so right. I can’t help but fall,
for you, toward the pavement;
you’ll catch me if I nosedive, I know,
so I know
you wouldn’t shatter my bones.
Your hands are gentle, lips agile.
So kiss me again, follow me into the rain.
I’ll light your last cigarette,
if you’ll light mine.

do you ever watch american beauty and just cry because its a cinematographic masterpiece that touches my heart, soul, and lady bits all at once. like honestly. this movie does something for me on a whole nother plane. every time i watch it, my anxiety dims and i can breathe deeper. i truly do think it offers me a perspective that’s usually far too skewed by the monotony of adulthood. i see beauty. i appreciate.

tl;dr you’re all incredible and i just want you to know that. i may not have the opportunity to write with each and every one of my followers, but that does not mean you are any less important. you contribute to art, your creativity flows through your fingertips and you are given the capacity to make somethign beautiful out of nothing. to take a concept, and mold a universe.

i’m just. i’m in a really good place for the first time in a very long time and it has allowed me insight to truly be grateful. i’m at peace, and i wish it on to each and every one of you.

it may not last, but that does not minimize its impact.

i love you.

you’re loved.

Guns For Hands

About a year ago was when I first started listening to twenty one pilots.

At first, I was just really confused, because it’s a mess of genres and tempo changes and all kinds of weird stuff. I thought Tyler’s voice was cool but also a little weird. Car Radio was pretty cool though.

But the exact moment I fell in love with them was when I listened to Guns For Hands. It was late one night and I was on tumblr.. and I was contemplating cutting again. Relapsing. I was looking for some kind of distraction, some kind of sign not to do it. Someone had posted something about that song and so I thought, “Why not?”

I youtubed the song and tears started falling down my cheeks. That song utterly and completely touched my heart, my soul. Tyler and Josh may have well have been sitting on the floor of my room right next to me, the way it felt. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I wasn’t alone. The words, the way this was described, it was exactly how I felt. That’s when I knew this band is special.

Since then, I’ve grown to love all the songs, the music videos, the Blurryface happenings (if one could call them that?), the clique (even with a bit of fighting), and Josh and Tyler and their weirdness. But just now, listening to Guns For Hands, really just listening to the words and feeling them, it made me remember how much I love that particular song. This band has changed my life. And I will never be able to thank them enough for that.


GACKT - 『暁月夜-DAY BREAKERS-』MV ~♫♪♪♫♥

will he ever make a song unable to reach my heart?♫♥


It’s just bizarre thinking I went from having a tumblr to being at a red carpet premiere. Thanks hermionejg for making things happen. And thank you fishingboatproceeds. I think the most special thing I got out of this event was your gesture of kindness that made this day possible. (Was interesting to see that even though it was all fairly last minute, the cinema was nowhere near full)

Oh, and the movie was great! You guys all really should see it.

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/aphrod./ [uh okey~] Qwerty scurried up the side of the bed being so small. Her legs flailed as she struggled to climb up. Making it up to the top she sat on the edge looking up at him kicking her legs back and forth adorably. [Wut do u need?] :3

There’s visible condensation building over his plating. Ugh… Why did he even call her, what was he thinking? He should have explained her the situation and told her to steer clear… And the cute way she flailed her legs to climb the berth didn’t help at all.

“I… I don’t think I’m into my best state of mind…” Yeah, that sure explained everything…….