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senpai wanted to say hello just adore and love your art (touches my heart so tenderly) so yeah bye


*touches heart *

*watches the sun set*

my heart has been touched by your kind words qvq 

*walks off into the sunset*

*walks into the sun*

*screeching in the distance* 


this song is really … really good… touches my heart

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Oh my...!! Oh my...!! GOODNESS!!! That last layout was so good!! It really touched my heart, and made me see Sanji and Law differently!! And the translation was good!! The meaning came across and that's what is most important!! And you can speak the universal language of beautiful art!! And that's AMAZING!!! SHEVOJ IS AMAZING!!!

I have not much vocabulary to express my feeling but truly THANK YOUUUUUU QwQ

fjkdsvnjvhkwnascl im so sorry for all this hell. tagged by @bigmoneysuho ur luv for suho touches my heart. fjiksd i wanted to elaborate better n say much more about jjong but my mouth was so dry and i was blankin out aaaaaah i stll love him w all my heart tho. anyways you can find the questions here  !!!

im gonna tag @6libra @buyexactonitunes @zyxsangel @mr-fetters-fingernail @pcystrophywife @ghostsgf @officialohsehun @paillettes @iwouldieforkyungsoo @80skyungsoo anyone else odkfsf u dont have to do it of course and again im sosorry 

I was gonna put this under read more at first, because I was gonna write it long but I feel that everyone wouldn’t mind this ooc post not being under one. Because I’m slowly nearing 300 followers, and I was gonna do a follow forever, but then I realized….

There are so many of you that I would put on there. So many blogs, hell I’d even put all my followers there.(Expect any porn bot blogs or whatever the fuck they are.) But you get the idea.

I honestly thought the whole insane Wadanohara thing wouldn’t catch on, or some wouldn’t like it as much. But honestly, it’s lit up with straight fire, and so many have loved it so much, it really touches my heart seeing all the love for it. From being spammed with so much love from one of my posts, to views from my fave lobster, to one of my best buds RPing with me so much no matter how much I Koa, to a lovely friendly doge, to every single one of you because you are all lovely and I wish I could give you all a massive thank you hug.

I do plan to take this blog forward, the madness will never end, I will continue and continue on and on, and I hope I take all of you on the fun ride along with me.

Thank you.

- The insane one/BrOkEnNoHaRamun.


GACKT - 『暁月夜-DAY BREAKERS-』MV ~♫♪♪♫♥

will he ever make a song unable to reach my heart?♫♥