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part of me thinks that louis is also constantly putting his hand on harrys waist to protect him if he has to. it's like he's keeping his hand between harry and the paps/fans. just. he's sO GENTLE with him and he would fight anyone who harms him.









I saved the worst one for last.

it’s been one of those days 8D

spend day trying to draw

child not let you draw more than 2 lines before she bother you

do chores instead

child doesn’t bother you while you are doing chores

finish chores

sit to draw

child bothers you

hang out with child

sit to draw when she is bored of you

browse tumblr instead for a bit cos not in headspace to draw

get inspired by great tumblr art

start to draw

child bothers you

(rinse&repeat above steps for most of day – barely manage to produce about half a page of work on comic thumbnails)

hubby comes home

you cook food for him and child [including horrifying pancake cats]

read cute fic while cooking that makes you wanna draw

spend time with fam

look up some dinosaur kigurumi’s for child’s bday

bathe child, cut her hair, read to her and put her to bed

hubby was tired from rough day and has already passed out

it’s 930 but you are finally free

need to unwind before getting back into the comic groove

maybe draw some charas kissing and cuddling cos easy and cute and yaaas 

surface pro crashes midway thru second doodle

photoshop cc not recover your cute kissy doodles

it is now 10

take it as a sign that art was not meant to be today

maybe try again tomorrow

Blindspot - Jane Doe 

Because nothing says better that Jane and Kurt are endgame than that his name is tattooed on her back.

Managing Expectations

“This episode seems like a good opportunity to remind you that Sharon and Andy may behave differently in private than Capt. Raydor and Lt. Flynn are obligated to conduct themselves at work” -James Duff

I’m pretty sure that this quote is the most clear indicator of how to manage expectations that Duff has ever given us. And it might just be the most honest and least trolling statement yet about the Shandy relationship.


Because it shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he clearly doesn’t understand our grievances with the way the storyline has been written. First of all, I’m a little insulted that he thinks we expect them to suck face or go at it like teenagers in the murder room. Really??!! I think we all understand professional boundaries and also, you know, SHARON!

Secondly, this statement indicates that he thinks we’re upset about the lack of relationship development between them during the case scenes, when in reality, we’re upset that he refuses to give us any scenes between the two of them OUTSIDE of case scenes (or if he does, they’re the first ones on the cutting block). We don’t want more professional discussions at work, we want more personal discussions outside of work.

He clearly doesn’t get it, and as we’ve discussed in another thread, he doesn’t seem interested in finding out what we’re upset about and why. This is how I KNOW things aren’t going to change. The person in charge has no idea what even needs to change, no interest in changing it, and no interest in finding out what the fans really think. As annoyed as I am about this statement, at least it gives us some actual, truthful insight into Duff’s thinking and what we can expect going forward. I just wish it was better news for Shandy fans.

Platonic Touch

Sometimes, characters want contact that has nothing to do with sex or violence. Send one of these for your character to reach out to mine.

  1. Shoulder Clasp
  2. Across the Shoulder hug
  3. Hair Ruffle
  4. Gentle headlock
  5. Full body lean
  6. Feet in lap
  7. Head in lap
  8. Hair petting
  9. Ambush hug
  10. Not so ambush hug
  11. Pulling mine into their lap
  12. Cheek kiss
  13. Forehead kiss
  14. Brushing hair out of mine’s face
  15. Fixing shirt collar
  16. Fixing shirt cuffs
  17. Fixing a clothing tag
  18. Tying shoes
  19. Taking off shoes
  20. Carrying while half asleep
  21. Hand holding
  22. Leaning their head on mine’s shoulder tiredly
  23. Absently tracing patterns on the nearest exposed skin
  24. Pushing glasses into place
  25. Offering their drink
  26. Offering their snack
  27. Kissing the back of mine’s hand
  28. Looping their arm around mine’s waist and leaning against mine’s back
  29. Crawling into bed with
  30. Using shoulder as a pillow
  31. Pulling mine’s arm around their shoulder
  32. Hair brushing
  33. Brushing lint off of
  34. Giving a foot massage
  35. Giving a back massage
  36. Giving a scalp massage
  37. Rubbing circles on mine’s back
  38. Sharing a secret smile
  39. Booping the nose
  40. Touching noses together
  41. Resting foreheads together
  42. Resting cheeks together
  43. Sharing a blanket
  44. Taking over mine’s seat while they’re in it
  45. Poking with fingers/toes
  46. Painting mine’s nails
  47. Putting jewelry on mine
  48. Doing mine’s hair
  49. Pinkie promise
  50. High five
  51. Fist bump
  52. Secret handshake
  53. Hipcheck
  54. Pulling mine into a dance
  55. Initiate a tickle fight