Um, WTF @buzzfeed? I’m sorry, but no. I’ve watched Arrow for 5 seasons straight, never missed an episode, and could easily go on an angry rant about this right now because it’s absolutely bullshit. Unfortunately, it’s 5:47am, and I have to get ready for work, so I think I’ll let my homies speak for me:

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Early Morning Soup

Hi hi everyone, i am absolutely delighted to announce @jaggedarchetypes wrote a piece based on this comic and its?? so good??? and once again im absolutely at a loss for words & im so very touched oh my god?? please read it under the cut he captured the feeling so well!!!!

For one who felt so exhausted, actual rest sure seemed to allude Hanzo Shimada. Midnight had him tossing and turning, one AM had him pacing, two AM had him outside jogging and walking, and three AM had him resigned to the fate of another sleepless night. But at least, if not a relaxed mind, his exercise had worked up a sizable appetite.

By three fifteen, Hanzo was showered, and by three thirty he was glaring tiredly into a pot. He’d sampled his soup perhaps a dozen times, but the flavor stubbornly refused to be like the one of his childhood. So, Hanzo sent out a text. Then one more, just for good measure.

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alright here we go! 
so ive been debating actually posting this for awhile but im gonna do it.
this is an alternate nonbinary pride flag. I just didnt fully connect with the most popular one, so I’ve attempted this. The color meanings are as follows:

Teal: Masculine nonbinary people (aligned, connected, presenting, however you feel connected to it) 
I chose teal to represent masculine instead of blue as to not be too connected to the societal view of the gender binary.

Purple: Androgynous (however you feel connected to it) and queer identifying nonbinary people (if you ID as queer, obviously) 
I chose purple because purple is in the most common NB flag standing for androgynous, and I wanted that in common. It’s also a common queer pride color.

Black: Nonbinary people with a total lack of gender, or a gender completely separate from the gender binary.
This is also in the most common NB flag which i wanted to have similarities with. It also doesnt have any binary connections, so i chose to have it represent genders completely outside the binary.

Red: Feminine nonbinary people (once again, however you feel connected to it)
I chose red for the same reason as teal, to not be too connected to the societal view of the gender binary.
I’m really hoping to spread this around and make it a more commonly known flag alongside the current one. If you can, please reblog and spread around with credit if possible.
I’m also hoping to get it on the nonbinary wikipedia page if it gets popular enough, its a semi locked page and i can’t do it myself. If anybody with a wiki account that is able to edit such pages could get ahold of me, that would be wonderful.
Thank you for reading, please reblog if possible. If there are any questions or concerns, please PM me and please dont be rude about it.

To all the jikook shippers out there who haven’t read a touch of sin by pettey yet: please do! That thing is the best shit i’ve ever read. I mean, literally the best. Not only in jikook fandom, in generally. And i’m a veteran k-pop fan. And I’m not only talking about k-pop ships or fandoms. I’m telling you this fic is literally like a book. Hell, even those who are not jikook shippers: imagine whoever you want in Jimin and Jungkook’s place if it makes it easier for you. But read it! I’m a SAD SAPPY SUCKER that i’m not from some kind of fucking publishing company. Wish I were. I would contact this person and publish the hell out of this masterpiece. It’s such a waste, i’m fucking sad i can’t hold it in my own hands. It’s 102k words and I read it two times… IN A ROW! ME, who’s not even into long fics, i prefer fics with 10-30k words. All the atmospher of this story, the characters, the character developments, the plot, for fucks sake, the plot is so original and special! This whole story is not some cute romantic story, it’s so much more than that. It’s more about the story, the characters, their lives, their little, hidden secrets eating them alive from the inside. There is so much tension. Sexual too, of course, but not only that. Once you start reading it you just can not stop, it pulls you in and suddenly you are drawning in the feelings. And the historical references…

Okay, i’ll stop babbling now. xD

Here’s a link if anyone is interested. I’M BEGGING YOU TO READ IT, PLEASE!!! Give it a chance at least, just start reading it. Trust me you won’t be able to stop. (Hell, it’s not even a genre i like, i mean the horror stuff, i didn’t even want to open it first, i literally just ACCIDENTALLY opened it, and thought i would just scroll down a bit and that was it. That was the end of me. *.*)

a touch of sin by pettey :

Aaaaannnnd TO those of you who are good in making videos: pretty please, someone do a f*cking video to this fic!!! *____* We have so many things to use. Many scene to use with them around a beach, and even have jail-stuffs now, or Kookie has many scene with lighting, or blowing out flames, which is not actually in the fic but could be useful for the rite scenes. And you know what would be even more amazing? Making a video to this fic with Jeongseon Arirang. Have you ever heard it? Yeah, i know. Arirang, unofficial national anthem and all… But it has it. That atmospher and all, that feeling the fic gives you with shaman Jimin and all, oh my god, the chills. Please, someone do it, i’m begging you!!! *.*