is anybody else sweating bc i know i am…..Jesus Christ cole😩😩

Floki being touch starved would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him suddenly calming down and getting quiet as you’d wrap your arm around him during a feast, stunned that you’re being so kind to him in front of everyone

-Him sweating yet gripping your hand quite tightly whenever you’d both walk together, not wanting you to escape him

-Him unable to keep his eyes off of you whenever you’d try to cheer him up by holding and rubbing his hands and fingers

-Him getting quite soft spoken whenever you’d play with his hair and tuck it back over and over, enjoying how casual you can be

-Him oddly getting closer to you whenever you’d wash up his injuries and even trying his best to mot move away when he winces, loving the fact that you’re taking care of him

-Him trying his best to act tough and like it doesn’t phase him to feel you sitting over his lap during a feast, yet gripping you tightly to keep you from leaving him

-Him trying to not smile too much whenever you’d kiss him while you’re both out, whether it be his cheeks or lips yet unable to hide his actual joy

-Him loving to have you in his arms and cuddling with you, enjoying to keep you warm and prevent you from ever leaving him

-Him getting rough and greedy for your touches whenever you’re both in bed together, gripping your wrists to him as long as he can

-Him thanking the gods to have you in his life and promising to do whatever he can to make you happy

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so uh

im gonna

do the signature experients tier

just for hussies signature like i need something that radiates dark energy like that in my house

(i dont actually care about the barbecue sauce ill probably be too afraid to actually try it)

lilpanda252  asked:

I get on tumblr and see many arguments about BTS and their intervews and im so confused can you tell what exactly is going on?

Oh boy, here we go:

I swear there isn’t a single interviewer that understand what a Kpop Idol even is with some of the shit they ask. So everyone hoped the interviews would be more about their music to promote themselves and show off who they really are so they can gain more fans but unsurprisingly, the interviews are still the same 3 questions. When will you sing in english? Who’s your American celebrity crush? Who do you want to see perform at the award show? 

When none of these questions really have anything to do with them or their music when they could be getting to know them with questions like:

  • What inspired you to pursue music or write your most recent album?
  • Tells us about your new Love Myself campaign 
  • Promote your newest album for a bit
  • What’s your favorite track you’ve-(produced, sang, preformed, written, etc.)
  • Is there anything you really want your fans to know?
  • What’s been your favorite moment through this whole thing?

But nope, they get talked down to like kids and they make it seem like BTS should be so thankful to America for recognizing their achievements because otherwise it doesn’t mean shit. Like yes this is a big deal for them (and i’m happy for them) but they got here with their own blood, sweat, and tears and people seriously need to take them more seriously. American media isn’t their goal and they have achieved way more than anyone gives them credit for.

And don’t even get me started on the person, who ever they were, trying to share a stage with bts for their first American televised performance when it’s their time to shine. You can already see some of these people trying to reach out and collab with BTS because of their massive international fame and it’s honestly, pathetic. 

End of the story: People just need to give these boys the respect they earned and deserved just as they have done to the people around them.

anonymous asked:

Tbh about the tactile/touchy Dick it probs came about in comparison to the others. He's normal but like… Damian and Cass and Jason and Tim and especially Bruce (not Duke bc he's fairly new) are all pretty touch-averse. Like there are compilations of the incredibly rare Bruce hugs; when the bar is set really low, average seems like extra. Plus he's (become? Idk how it was before) the emotional support for the family… it seems to just be taken a step further into physicality. Idk I'm not an expert

…no? It’s a headcanon, and the rest of them being touch-averse is also a headcanon. I’m not sure where you’re getting that from for them, tbh? 

Bruce is emotionally uncommunicative, but he has way more problems expressing himself verbally than physically. Of those listed, I could maybe see him as the one least comfortable with touch, but…not really? He’s distant in general and I wouldn’t consider him actually averse to touch. Often, he’s the one actually reaching out to the kids when they need the physical reassurance. 

Jason is…pretty touch-orientated, tbh, he’s quite free with it. It’s emphasized in his fighting style, even. 

Cass initially defaults to violence but is much more comfortable expressing herself physically than verbally. She’ll casually scuffle and I’ve seen no evidence of her avoiding casual touches. 

Tim throughout Post-Crisis is casual with touch. He’s hugged his dad, his friends, roughhouses with Dick. If we’re going by his isolation in something like Red Robin, he was totally withdrawing from his friends and family because of his grief and other issues, any reluctance with touch would be a symptom of that, not his feelings towards touch in general. 

Maybe an argument could be made for Damian, but again I think it would be more of headcanon than an actual canon fact. In Supersons he grows comfortably extremely quickly with how affectionate Jon is, and any initial reluctance he’s expressed has, to me, seemed to be more linked to his aloof personality and attempts to hold himself above others, especially in his initial appearances where he was characterized as a horrendously awful brat. 

And, again, Dick as the emotional support of the family just…isn’t really supported by canon, really. It’s another headcanon and extrapolation fanon has made, exaggerating and inventing things to support a characterization of Dick as this ‘cuddly mother bear’. Dick is a huge support for Damian, yes, but even when Dick was acting as Damian’s guardian and the Batman to his Robin, he wasn’t hugely physically affectionate like canon makes out, or particularly soft towards him. 

For the rest of the family…for the majority of his time since he left the Robin mantle behind, from before the family was really a family, Dick hasn’t even been in Gotham. Fandom exaggerates how much time the batfamily even spends together. He did offer support to Tim when he was Robin, occasionally to others, but his function was not to be there, picking up Bruce’s slack. He was off doing his own thing and frankly, Dick Grayson would be bad at being the emotional support the way that the extremes of these headcanons imply. 

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Since you live with Dark hows that like? Does he allow any hugs or cuddling?

Well, uh, it’s-

We Have A Deal In Place That I Will Not Bore You With.
To Answer You, I Do Not Have Reason To Show Affection to My Assistant, Accept, For When Her Mood Changes To Something… Undesirable For Her Job, To Which She Needs A Little Nudge To Get Her Back Up…

Wow, just spilling the beans there huh? Thought you didn’t want to talk about the deal?

sorry for the spam but I’m crying thinking about this potentially beautiful father-daughter story in star wars

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*just kinda curls around Bendy and places my head in his lap* It'll be okay, right now it might not be but later on it might.

The demon just trembled and picked up his whiteboard to write with a shaky hand, ‘Get off of me’