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Dating Namjoon

A/N: I actually love the concept of dating Namjoon, he’d be such a good boyfriend, really cool, sweet, kinky… like damn bias wrecker, come at me joonie. Ps. Happy Easter! For those who celebrate.


  • Spontaneous dates
  • Spontaneous sex
  • Let’s just jump right into it shall we? We all know Namjoon is one horny mofo
  • He likes it when you call him daddy
  • You’re not ecstatic but you’ll do it for him, originally it’s for the irony but eventually after sex you’re lying there like “what have I become?!?!?”
  • Sometimes he’s a little much so you’re kind of sitting there like ‘pls sir calm down’ but it’s hot that he’s into anything and will do anything for you so you can’t really complain can you?
  • Namjoon’s really curious about your hobbies but you don’t want him to touch your important stuff in case he goes into destruction mode
  • But sometimes you give in bc he’s so cute with his dimple smile and being genuinely interested in your hobbies helps too
  • So you guys have days where you get nostalgic and go through your important belongings and show him how you go through your own creative process and what tools you use (that he doesn’t touch even when you let him bc those are important to you)
  • He’s the kind of guy to do random romantic things
  • Out of the blue he lights some candles, talks about philosophy and life with you until the wee hours of the morning with lots of cuddles and kisses
  • He’s so into you, really committed. Namjoon doesn’t think about an end to your relationship so
  • he shows you the things most important to him, takes you to the studio sometimes
  • you can see how passionate he is at work
  • you love it
  • He writes raps about you
  • He doesn’t want you to even know they exist until they’re in a song, recorded and released
  • He wants to surprise you with them play it cool like ‘i just casually confess my feelings in songs all the time, this is normal but a huge act of love, wow, I love you’ 
  • He’d be really good at giving you massages with his hands of destruction
  • He’d help you unwind and then… SEX
  • If he’s away promoting and he gets to see you, you know sex is involved in your reunion bc he has not seen you in ages and he just really wants to hold you for an extended period of time #lethimlive
  • He buys you clothes all the time even though you have a good sense of fashion
  • He’ll see something and be like ‘I NEED TO GET THIS FOR MY BABE’ and so he does
  • He asks you to go out with him and take aesthetic photos for twitter, and you take couple shots too
  • When you accidentally call namjoon daddy in public and he’s like it’s ight but he’s really turned on and it’s not ight
  • And hes lowkey looking for a place to have a quick fuck. But gives up and goes home for a long fuck
  • When you’re almost asleep he realizes that he left the stove on
  • Walks in the park, learning new things, staying up late when you should be asleep but you’re so high off of each other 
  • becoming absorbed in each other - that’s your relationship

Patrick Stump + Pre-hiatus music videos

Some fucking asshole took my towels out of the dryer early so they could use the dryer I had. They were still damp and the only dryer available was the shitty old one. Thank god for the guy who came in and took out his stuff and let me use the one he was using, but now I gotta wait another 20 minutes. I had a timer on my phone too, so I wasn’t even late, and the dryer I used should’ve worked fine so they very clearly took my stuff out. Fuck you dickhead 🖕🏻.

This Week In Female Directed Films

Anouk Whissell, François Simard, & Yoann-Karl Whissell’s Turbo Kid

Anna Muylaert’s The Second Mother

Mora Stephens’s Zipper

Maíra Bühler & Matias Mariani’s A Vida Privada dos hipopotamos (I Touched All Your Stuff)

Ruby Yang’s My Life, My Voice

Natalie Bible’s Windsor Drive

just imagine sam– who gets breathless when he hears beautiful music, who cried after hearing his favorite album for the first time, who is wide-eyed and sweet when he sings and laughs– and steve, who has always loved dancing, who didn’t even know he was so in love with sam until it was midnight in a random hotel room, and sam was singing in the shower.

snapdragon-princess  asked:

Judging by your tumblr, I assume your a huge victuuri fan bursting with inspiration thanks to those pretty skating boys. I'm actually kind of envious of how well you can juggle so many different stories at the same time. Keep up the awesome work by the way, i love them all! ((Not touching your voldemort/harry stuff though, no offence, but for me that is a hella weird pairing.))

I have many OTPs. And I have a shit ton of inspiration for YOI right now.


I just pulled off the road into 7/11’s parking lot because pokemon go told me there was a gastly, a jynx, AND a hypno appeared and a full grown man on a bike was stopped 20 feet away yelling ‘GET IN THE DAMN POKEBALL’ at his phone so yeah pokemon go is definitely causing an entire cultural shift in pokemon fans

Virgo Problems: Wanting to help others but coming off as nagging instead.
When you bend over backwards for others but hardly do anything for yourself.
When people touch your stuff…
When people only come to you for advice or favors, because they know how you love to assist, and never bother with you otherwise.
Trying to sleep or nap… because you suddenly remember every single thing you could possibly stress about when you’re no longer occupied with your routines.
Being stereotyped as the nerdy goody two shoes in zodiac posts…
Sounding sarcastic when you’re being serious, and serious when you’re being sarcastic…

Josephine:  I expect you to be civilized, Commander.

Cullen:  Ugh.  Herald, I have been informed that we now have an influx of ungoverned mages loose in Haven, thanks to you. 

Carver:  Oh, don’t worry, Cullen.  I knew you were going to complain.  They’re not loose.  I put them all in your tent and told them it was Haven’s Circle.  I named your armor stand the new First Enchanter.

Cullen:  Your facetiousness is ill-timed.

Josephine:  I’m not certain he is joking.

Carver:  Herded them all in there.  They’re busy touching all your stuff with their little magey hands.

“I was not touching your stuff, and no way was I mocking you.”

Peter Maximoff (dofp) x Reader

Requested? Yes.

Prompt # 25: “I was not touching your stuff, and no way was I mocking you.”

Warnings: none, probably short.

A/N: I actually had no idea how I wanted to end this, so the ending sucks and leaves off bad. Sorry

 If there was one thing you learned, you could barely ever get your boyfriend Peter to take his jacket off. The goggles? Easy.

They laid on the control top of the pac man game machine, mocking you. You’ve only ever touched his shirts and boxers because you liked stealing them every once and awhile, especially when you spent the night with him. He didn’t mind one bit. Peter loved knowing that you loved wearing his clothes, plus they were adorable on you.

His mother had called him upstairs, which was why you were currently alone, staring at the machine that held your boyfriend’s goggles. Soon enough, you found yourself grabbing them and slowly slipping them on over your head and over your eyes.

A small and quiet laugh escaped your lips as you looked around the room, opening your mouth to speak. “My name is Peter Maximoff and I like twinkies,” you snorted with laughter before running around the room. “I am the fastest man alive!”

Clumsy you tripped over an empty box of twinkies and fell forward with a thud, soon hearing footsteps of what seemed like more than one person coming down the staircase. “(Y/N)”

You stood up quickly after hurriedly taking the goggles off and sending an awkward smile at Peter before gently setting his goggles down on the chair. “I was not touching your stuff, and no way was I mocking you.” Before Peter could attempt to say anything to that, you asked the men who they were. “(Y/N), this is Charles Xavier, Logan, and Hank…they’re here asking for my help. I need you to stay here and-”

You frowned, “why can’t I go?”

“Look, kid, I don’t think you’d wanna get into this business we need Peter for.”

“Well, before you leave, do any of you want a box of twinkes? Peter needs to lay off stealing so many of them,” you suggested, waving your hand towards the many boxes. Peter rolled his eyes, “my girlfriend thinks I love them more than her, that’s all.”

“Actually,” Hank said hesitantly, “can I have two boxes?”