touch the bottom of the pit

Dough Kiss - HideKane

Look I did a drabbly doo!

“Hide!” Kaneki grumbled for the fifth time, he watched the other slowly pull his hand away and stare back with a pout.

“Just one piece?” Hide asked in a child like voice, the blond’s stare moved from Kaneki who stared at him disapprovingly to the cookie dough Kaneki had in front of him, ready to shape it into cookies.

“You said that before when you had some. If you keep going we’ll have no cookies” Kaneki scolded. He began to carefully shape the dough with a furrowed brow while glancing at Hide from the corner of his eye every few seconds.

Jutting his bottom lip out, Hide let out a loud huff. 

He instead moved behind the latter and leaned his front against Kaneki’s back, allowing himself to rest his chin on Kaneki’s shoulder that stiffened at the sudden touch.

“Hide” Kaneki warned, trying not to let himself stutter from the sudden nerves filling the pit of his stomach.

“Yeah, yeah no cookie dough…At least give me a kiss though.”

“What? No” Kaneki snapped.

“I guess I’ll steal this” Hide retorted, quickly reaching out to snatch the bowl of dough from Kaneki’s hands. 

Yelping at this Kaneki spun around to quickly stop Hide; he snatched the pink bowl from Hide’s grasp and grinned in victory.

“K-a-n-e-k-I” Hide sang, catching Kaneki’s attention.

Looking up at the other, Kaneki took a step back with the bowl in his hands at the sudden closeness. Hide leaned in quickly and moved a hand to Kaneki’s jaw, tilting it back to kiss him.

Hide’s warm lips covered Kaneki’s shy and nervous ones. Awkwardly Kaneki kissed back trying to avoid smacking teeth with Hide.

“You taste like….cookie dough” Hide uttered out, pulling away from the flustered other moments later.