touch stream

two shadows

used condoms, q-tips on the ground

i saw venus in white furs standing on one of my dreams

the marquee lied, the show wasn’t free

sick lost boys and a ghost at the graveyard, something borrowed now returned

it’s peter pan’s funeral and we all felt the misery

i wasn’t invited but i showed up anyway

they buried his body at noon

erected a monument at 3, amongst a plethora of dying trees all covered in fungus and moss

some dogs gathered behind the fence and howled a eulogy for him

i was one of the dogs

Poetry for the Signs

Capricorn: Sometimes there is glitter between the sheets, sometimes I don’t want to compete with the lack of passion you hold for me, I want to work for something that makes me free, but the cage of my mind is built inside me.

Aquarius: Light seeps in under the closed door, you touch the light stream and it feels warm, something inside you stirs and you remember why you came here, you remember who you were, but you can’t go back only forward.

Pisces: Water between your fingers as you engulf your body into the sea, you feel free, something tugs you back to shore, is it the things you said or the love you never felt, is it the things you never said, or words that make you melt?

Aries: Quick steps of high heels on hallway floors, callused hands and lips coated in honey, touch those memories that make you feel funny, embrace the unsettled, run with the wind.

Taurus: Bull horns and busted lips, sore knees and bruised hips, take your fingers and take a dip, into whatever sauce you feel best equipped, touch the tips, feel it quick.

Gemini: Your cosmic energy touches the atmosphere around you and your smile is contagious when you look into the eyes of divinity, shadowy reflections of the two hearts inside your one head, get out instead, feel love, take a chance.

Cancer: Crab Claws scratch down your spine and you grin, there is some pleasure in sin, you haven’t felt it in many moons but I know it still hides inside you, an energy like that cannot be vanquished, you hide it but it’s a part of you.

Leo: You dine on lions hearts and are as stubborn as an ox, you need to cleanse your pallet, you need to feel and relax, a detox of the shadows, carry yourself by the stars, you can do this, its not too hard.

Virgo: You stand on top of the empire state building, collapse or fly, melt or harden, the world is your garden, take a risk and don’t miss out on all the tiny people you lay at your feet.

Libra: Complicated is your middle name, you whisper softly in your sleep, not secrets but lies, you’ve hardened to the world that far, you’re a star but you refuse to shine, come out from beneath that city grime, show yourself you’re more than a dime.

Scorpio: The mountains call to you but I don’t think you feel them, you’re still stuck on a love that poisoned you, let it go, clean your wounds, I miss you, feel that vibe, you deserve to save yourself from the harshness of the world and thrive.

Sagittarius: Cold wind flushes your eyes and you pretend to shield your eyes from the dying of the light, I know you see the time fly, change at your coat tails, will you ride or fail?

Poems by Rubsta

bits of ground

deer in the dell

i stopped to write
something had to be said
just had to be said
about all this

all of this

deer in the dell
does in your eyes
hoofprints on your

your heart

deer in the dell

one evergreen
among a thousand dead trees

a storm has come
a storm has come
to take me home

hearfelt cul-de-sac of soul

had to stop and write something
about all of this
had to stop and say something
about all of this

bits of ground and
all of this

morse code

based off of this prompt:

hi! surprise, surprise, we’re not dead (just like someone else am I right) (okay that was too much) (I’m sorry) (have some gay)


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Sherlock had been considering deleting Morse code from his mind. After all, there was never a use for it.

He knew caring was not an advantage. He knew letting himself feel things was not good, and would probably come back to haunt him. He knew he was a high-functioning sociopath, and this wasn’t what high-functioning sociopaths do.

But his heart pushed aside all thoughts of reason and allowed him to fall for John Watson.

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jigglejaggle  asked:

I'm back, its hard to pick just one of your prompts- Lance, Keith, and Shiro are dating (Shklance) and Lance just cant feel like he belongs. He starts pulling away and Keith and Shiro don’t notice until a bit too late when Lance starts sleeping in his own room and shying/flinching away from their touches, afraid of their treatment again. -- can i ask for one more after this?(;´∀`)

It’s no big deal! I’m glad that you like my Prompts ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ ask away! This might be a bit funkier than my other writing. Because I’ve only written one poly ship fic before. And trust me. Trying to balance everything out is weird


Lance knew he never really belonged. Though he thought that maybe, when Keith and Shiro asked him to join them he was ecstatic. He would have a place to be at home. A place to be happy at. Between the two people he loves the most.

Though not everything went according to his fantasies, as usual. The first few weeks were great. He felt truly happy for once, after the months of being stuck in space longing for home. Though as time went on the more he was left out. They went on dates without him, cuddling together and leaving no space for Lance, giving one another gifts and not bothering to even think of Lance. His heart was breaking slowly.

As he tried to gain their attention they brushed him off and told them to go bug someone else. Sometimes they pushed him out and away physically. It made him very various of being touched. He loved them. He loved them so very much and had enjoyed the moments he had with them.

Soon enough sleeping in a bed with them became too suffocating. He just couldn’t do it. They cuddled and held one another close and left Lance by himself with his pillow and stuffed lion he had gotten when they had asked him out in the beginning.

Their actions and treatment made him afraid, made him cautious and jumpy. He just couldn’t stand trying to sleep with them again and ending up passing out by himself on the couch when he was exhausted. Quietly during the night he slipped out of the room. He grabbed everything that belonged to him, knowing he wouldn’t be able to come back into their shared room without feeling a tight knot in his throat.

He slipped out silently, thanking whatever god or gods were out there that Shiro and Keith were heavy sleepers. He padded along silently, stuffed animal, pillow, and his clothes in his arms. Somehow he managed to shuffle into his “old” room. He set his stuff down next to the door. His heart stung as he looked at the stuff lion that had been custom made. It was red with a black mane and had striking blue eyes. Being unable to face it without tearing up he shoved it onto the dresser, facing away from his bed.

He crawled into his cold and empty bed, curling underneath his blanket he had brought with him. ‘They should just go back to how they were before without me. They obviously don’t want me in between them..’ he thought sadly as he whimpered into his pillow as he tried to find the safety of sleep.

Shiro had noticed the way Lance had been quite jittery around him and Keith. Despite how Lance had been reacting to Keith and Shiro’s actions they hadn’t noticed one bit. As they awoke the morning after Lance had gone to his own room Shiro patted the bed for his other lover. Though his hand just hit a cold spot on the other side of the bed. “Keith..”

“Keith wake up,” he said, sobering up almost instantly as he noticed their missing Cuban boy. Keith grumbled and huffed. “Keith. Seriously. Lance isn’t here,” he said with a serious tone.

In that note Keith sat up slowly, looking around. “His stuff isn’t here..” Keith mumbled in addition. “Why would he take his stuff and not be here?” He asked, genuinely confused. “I’m not sure, let’s go find out,” Shiro commented, quickly getting up and slipping on his sweats and a black shirt. Without waiting for Keith he headed over to Lance’s old room.

As he tried to open it he found it locked. His eyes widened, shuddering as Keith’s arms wrapped around his waist. “Keith, think back on how we’ve been treating Lance these past few weeks and try and tell me why he locked us out..” he mumbled.

Honestly Shiro already knew and his heart sunk with how guilty he felt. They had complete excluded him from them. The pair had treated him as nothing other than a nuisance. Keith’s arms tightened and Shiro knew that he figured it out. “We’re assholes…” Keith mumbled, fingers digging into Shiro’s sides with worry.

Shiro sighed and shook his head, unable to believe they had done this to their beloved blue Cuban boy. Right then the door opened, showing a distraught blue paladin. There were bags under his usually sparkling eyes and he looked like death itself.

As soon as Lance opened the door and saw them he was just about to shut it again, panic obvious on his face. “Lance,” he said quickly, catching the door. Lance flinched back away from his hand, obviously afraid of their touch. Shiro guided the door open and Keith shuffled in as their lover recoiled back away from them.

“What do you guys want…” he whispered, tears forcing themselves into the corners of his eyes. “Oh, Lance…” Keith whispered and reached out to cup Lance’s cheek. Lance flinched away, eyes closed as he was afraid of their touch. “If you’re just here to make fun of me leave.. I realized that you guys obviously didn’t want me with you guys and I should’ve left earlier and I’m so-” the poor boy from Cuba was silenced with a soft kiss from the Red paladin.

The poor boy tried to pull away but only managed in getting pulled closer. He melted into the comforting touch, tears streaming down his cheeks in hot droplets. Shiro ran his fingers through Lance’s soft beautiful hair. “We were idiots to not realize what we were doing. We apologize for everything. I hope you forgive us. We love you Lance. We wouldn’t ever want to be without you. If you ever feel like we’re doing this again, please, please talk to us,” Shiro whispered as he tugged the pair into his arms.

Lance pulled away from Keith reluctantly only to be swept up in another sweet and soft kiss from the black paladin. He whimpered and became liquid against his warm touch. Lance pulled back, cheeks a deep red. “I forgive you guys.. but you better make it up to me with more than just a kiss..” he said, trying to muster his usual bravado and flirty nature. Shiro and Keith smiled and laughed fondly. “Will do.” Keith mumbled and kissed Lance once again, to show him that they were truly and absolutely sorry about what they had done.


Man. I wanna make Lance suffer but I’m a total sucker for loving and fluffy apologies and reunions. This was a bit short and slightly rushed but I hope you enjoyed it

Undercover agents

Well, I should be really checking my students’ tests… but anyways, enjoy another draft straight from my stream of unconsciousness :v


With Colonel Alexander Alexandrovitsch Degtyarev becoming commander of the Cordon military post, the area became particularly busy. And crowded. The Colonel was well known around the stalker community; he might have been one of the military but deep down at heart he forever remained a true Loner. Degtyarev had a soft spot for all that crawling, sneaking and stalking men and women, risking their own hides, squeezing through narrow holes in the fences, tearing their clothes and skin over the sharp razor wire, jogging through mine fields blowing off loudly behind their hasty steps- coming up with more and more ingenious ways on how to get into the Exclusion Zone. Degtyarev did all of that; he knew how it felt, being shot at by a fellow human being with some hideous mutant most likely right up your ass. His superiors didn’t have to know. What  was there to know, anyway? That after firing a warning shot, after giving a verbal warning, after pleading with an individual, notifying them that all stalking behavior was illegal and that the military had all the right to shoot on sight, that hoodlum still managed to escape? They always did, clever little bastards. With some small help. And that thought always made Degtyarev smile.

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Dumb genius

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: Tony starts to hate his additional pounds which leads to starving and self hatred and feeling unworthy of dating a person like Steve. Luckily, Steve knows better

length: 1 243 words

warnings: body acceptance fic with chubby!Tony, mentions of alcoholism

a/n: filling in more prompts! this fic is a bit on the sad side, but has a happy ending. hope you like it!


Dumb genius

Tony groaned, doing his best to suck his stomach in. Almost, almost there… Done! He managed to pull the zipper up and even button the black slacks. He looked in the mirror, turning around. Not bad. He just couldn’t breathe. That was a minor discomfort. He also noticed that the material clung around his hips and butt. Nothing a long jacket wouldn’t fix. If only the jacket would fit too, that was…

Giving up, Tony groaned louder, sliding a hand down his face. When did it happen that he stopped fitting in his own pants? He noticed that he had gained a bit of weight, but didn’t realize that it was that bad. Damn sweatpants with elastic. They mislead him as the material was stretching with his growing waist, and he didn’t think that it was so bad.

“Babe, are you ready?!”

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hate is a strong word | penelope garcia & luke alvez

                        It’s not that she hates Alvez, it’s that she could like him too much. It’s not that he’s anything but handsome and wholesome and nice, it’s that he’s just handsome and just wholesome and just nice enough to worm his way into her heart before he eventually leaves. The draw to him is strikingly familiar. ‘I don’t really discuss my personal life with my coworkers,’ she’ll say as if she doesn’t treasure each and every one of them. ‘I keep it low profile here,’ she’ll say as if there aren’t giant holes in her heart from the people she’s loved who left her unbalanced and powerless to do anything to keep them in her life. So, she bites her tongue when she finds something flirty at the tip of it. She shoots him glares with fake malice behind them. There are no touches that linger or witty banter beyond meaner nicknames than she’s ever given anyone. ( Calling him ‘Newbie’ still kinda hurts her heart every time she flings it at him but he never seems to mind. Ugh, Profilers in training. )

She doesn’t mean to be comforted by his touch, tears streaming down her cheeks as her boy is lead away in handcuffs, but one strong hand is holding onto her arm and the other is securely around her waist. It’s hard not feel grounded again in what has to be The Upside Down. She doesn’t pull away, she doesn’t glare, no small ‘ugh’ in that tone. She watches, her chest feeling like it’s about to explode, as Reid is led away from them and the  warm hand grasping her arm is the only thing keeping her from breaking down in front of a judge and the lawyers that had just sent him there. She’s brought back by the sound of a sob and she turns to comfort whoever it is only realize, to her horror, that it came from her own lips. Luke is pulling her against him before she can protest. It was too much. It was too close. She doesn’t deserve the comfort he’s affording her, she doesn’t need it. It doesn’t stop her from clinging to him, the entire team lingering  for longer than they should even after Reid is gone. He’s gently coaxing her up from his shoulder when they start filing out, Rossi’s fingers on her shoulder telling her she needs to start moving. Garcia doesn’t look at him as she moves away, refuses to even as they’re all piling into the SUV’s, she clings to JJ her resolve to keep him out only grows.

Just as Sweet [Peter Pevensie]

Imagine : You, Lucy, and Susan are making chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Peter stops by the kitchen, where Lucy and Susan come up with a plan to get the two of you together.

Request : @starflight17 Can you use the quote from #2 with Peter and the reader? Where they end up confessing and kissing, since it’s almost Valentine’s day ^^;

Note : Happy early Valentine’s Day! Remember that there is always someone who treasures you in the world, and that you are never alone. I feel like Peter’s out of character in this one, so I apologize if this does not seem really realistic.

Warnings : More than a little cliché situations. Lots of fluff.

The rich scent of chocolate fills the kitchen. Trays of the dark substance in molds cover kitchen countertops as they cool and harden. You, Lucy, and Susan are busy making yet another batch of chocolate for Valentine’s Day, which is two days from today.

You start to put the cooled chocolates into little boxes. Sometimes you pop a chocolate in your mouth and dodge a smack from Susan for eating them.

“I’m just testing them out to make sure they won’t kill us,” you joke. You then hand one to Lucy and Susan, prompting them to try the chocolates. “They’re delicious. I’m sure everyone will enjoy eating them tomorrow.”

Lucy swallows her last bite of chocolate before shooting you a cheeky grin. “Yes, I’m sure Peter will enjoy them.”

“Lucy!” you yelp.

Susan smirks and shakes her head at you. “Why, you’re blushing just because you hear his name.”

“Hear who’s name?” A very familiar, masculine voice interrupts your conversation.

Whirling around, you nearly drop the box of chocolates you were packaging. “Peter! What are you doing here?” You are proud that you did not stutter as you speak, even though his arrival was a surprise to all three of you in the kitchen.

The High King plucks a chocolate off a tray. “Cook found me, complaining that people have taken over her kitchen to make some chocolate, even though she could have made them herself. I immediately knew it was the three of you and had to see if your chocolate is as good as hers.” Peter takes a bite of the heart-shaped sweet. He swallows and nods approvingly. “It’s very good. I suppose you’ll be giving them out on Valentine’s Day?”

Susan nods in response. “We’ll make sure to save some for you. Maybe one of us will drop the chocolates off to give you a break.” She pointedly looks to you and in return, you not-so-discreetly poke her in the side, causing her to yelp and step away from you.

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The signs as good feelings
  • Aries: Running around during a rainstorm in nothing but your pyjamas
  • Taurus: A loved one drawing on your skin lightly with their finger
  • Gemini: Laughing so hard that your limbs grow weak and you start tearing up
  • Cancer: Wrapping yourself in a warm blanket that just came out of the dryer
  • Leo: Sitting on a high surface with your feet dangling over the edge and watching the sun go down
  • Virgo: Staring up at the stars with a loved one and talking about the how beautiful the world is
  • Libra: Listening to the sound of rustling trees and feeling a perfect, spring breeze brush over your skin
  • Scorpio: Standing on a balcony during night time and watching the bustling city down below
  • Sagittarius: Holding hands with someone for the first time in a while
  • Capricorn: Standing in a field of snow and watching your breath puff out in clouds and dissipate seconds later
  • Aquarius: Sitting on a beach with your feet in the water and hearing nothing but the waves crashing against the shore
  • Pisces: Listening to water trickle down a stream and touching it with the palm of your hand
Jimin Scenario: Farewell.

Request:  Jimin scenario where we are really good friends,then I tell him I have feelings for him,but he doesn’t feel the same way, then we started to be distant with each other and we talk after a long time and decide not be friends anymore ,and we cry as we walk away from each other.

Genre: Angst

If you could pick a word for the moment, you’d chose cold. Because that was everything you felt, like an omnipresent force washing over you after the words left your mouth.

You were dying to reach him, your Jimin, the one with the sparkling eyes and the welcoming smile who was nowhere to be seen now and was instead replaced by a pale, awfully surprised blank face that had nothing, absolutely nothing to answer to your sudden, stuttered and nervous confession of your feelings for him. So your hands stood on your lap, fingers intertwined with a strength enough to turn your knuckles a harsh tone of white and make your fingertips tingle their way to numbness.

-I… Y/N I… - his lips opened and closed several times, over and over again, searching for air, for the words he couldn’t say and the feelings he couldn’t return; and the sky high wall of ice bricks that was raising between both of you felt thicker, heavier, settling you at kilometers light distance from him even though your were sitting one in front of the other in the small and familiar coffee shop you liked to visit ever so often.

You stared down at your intertwined hands, not wanting to look anymore into his eyes, afraid that if you stared long enough into the dark chocolate brown pupils you loved, you’d be able to find pity on them.

A sigh left Jimin’s lips and echoed in the predominant silence that took over both of you despite the soft rain that was falling outside and hitting rhythmically with its little drops the window to your left.Your eyes rose to him and you saw him take a deep breath, his hand got lost into the messy locks of his hair and pushed his fringe back, his eyes were now fixed somewhere outside the window.

- I didn’t know you felt this way about me… - His voice was small, as if groping the situation, holding back. You swallowed harshly, your throat was dry and rasping, and you fought to find your voice again. This wasn’t the reaction you were expecting from him; at all.

His eyes moved to yours and held your gaze, and by that moment you already knew you shouldn’t have said anything about your love for him, anything at all. But how to take words back now? you wondered, trying to keep yourself together when you saw Jimin was going to speak again.

-Y/N…- he cleared his throat, that was as dry as yours. -Y/N if I knew it I would have… I’m sorry… but I don’t feel the same way as you-

There it was, the thing you feared the most, rejection.

Jimin kept on talking, something between the lines of you being his best friend, like a little sister he couldn’t see with those eyes, but you weren’t really paying attention anymore. The rumble of your soul crumbling in tiny little pieces was deafening.

You stared outside the window, watching the gloomy sky and trying to hold back the tears when you felt them settling at the corners of your eyes and wondering how could four simple words as Jimin I love you, which once felt so right, could suddenly feel so despicably wrong and out of place.

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woman, let me touch you
woman, let me kiss you
woman, let me taste you
woman, let me feel you
woman, let me make you
woman, let me worship you

i will never break you

woman, let me heal you
woman, let me sing to you
woman, let me hold you

touch me with
your lovely eyes…

i see you
i see into you

woman, let me move you
woman, let me comfort you
woman, let me fall for you
woman, i adore you

Azuki Lynn

Everyone!! Shinhwa Changjo! Let’s show our very talented, hardworking, amazing (and handsome, of course) men that we aren’t going anywhere. That we want them to be happy. That we will continue to love them. 

In the small way we can, I’d like to let Shinhwa (particularly Oppayam) know that many of us are still here and very much unwilling to leave our Orange Famdom.

Keep streaming the Touch MV on YouTube on both channels!  ^_^

u know what i love…..

i love it when my cat wakes up very suddenly with a concerned ‘mrew’ and immediately starts lookin for me……..

and then when she sees me chillin next to her she puts her head back down and starts purrin until she falls asleep………

that’s the shit i love………