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Phobos & Demos, Ibizan Hounds (7 y/o), Hillside Park, Brooklyn, NY • “Demos is out of control – he’s a massive manipulator. He knows exactly what he’s not supposed to do, like get on the piano or touch the speakers. If you don’t pay attention to him, he’ll go stand next to the piano or put one paw on the speaker and look over to see what your reaction is going to be.”

Anniversary Dean Ambrose One-shot

You smiled backstage as you waited with Dean for his music to kick on. He gave you a quick peck and then his music hit. He winked at you and went out the curtain. You watched on the TV that they had in the back and waited for him to get in the ring and talk. It was your guys’ two year anniversary and you were going to celebrate it in the ring along with his title. 

“Wow, I uh… I’m the luckiest man in the world, I think.” Dean started and you chuckled. “I won the title, ha, and then today is my two year anniversary with my lovely wife. And I thought what better way to celebrate than with you guys. We’re missing one person though, and if she would come down and grace me with her beautiful presence, I think this would be perfect.” He told the crowd and your music hit. You walked out and the crowd cheered. You were in your business jacket and jeans, much like your brother wears.You had boots on and matched Dean with a white shirt. 

“Dean, you over did yourself.” You told him as he helped you into the ring, with a chuckle. 

“I only want what’s best for you.” He spoke and you laughed. He smiled and twirled you into his arms dipping you down and kissing you on the lips. You then took his mic from him. 

“I think that I’m the luckiest woman alive. I have a great man who is also the World Heavyweight Champion!” You spoke into the mic only to have Stephanie’s, your sister’s, music start through the speakers. 

“How touching.” She spoke when she got out there with a sarcastic tone.Dean then took the mic back

“What the hell do you want?” Dean asked and you hit him on the chest. 

“Dean!” You whispered yelled him. This was still his sister-in-law. 

“I just wanted to say congratulations, but also good luck. I have someone who wants the title Dean. I think you might know him. Seth.” She spoke and you both scoffed. You grabbed the mic from Dean and spoke into it. 

“What kind of sister are you?” You asked her and she laughed. 

“Not your’s. You’re a disgrace to the family. You grew more angry by the minute as Seth walked out of the curtain. 

“That’s my title and I want it back!” Seth yelled and you rolled your eyes. 

“Whatever, you can have your stupid match, but when Dean wins you get out of the ring and let us celebrate.” You told them and Dean smirked. cracking his knuckles and gave you his title.  You smiled and got out of the ring so that you could stand on the side of the ring. The match was not a very quick one, just when you thought that Dean had Seth would kick out and when Seth thought he had it you pushed Dean to kick out. 

“Come on Dean!” You yelled and he got in another Dirty Deeds finally pinning Seth for the win. You smiled and slid back into the ringing and Seth rolling out of it. You kissed him again and celebrated with him for the rest of the night. Your anniversary being one to remember. 

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Hi! Happy Canada Day! I was wondering if you had a continuation of that Iwaoi+ reader fic?

Happy Canada Day! Well, belated. Hahaha a bit late, but I havent been able to write anything other than this, so here we go guys, part 7! Here are the other parts if you need them! (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)

Every night was the same.

Iwaizumi would call right when he got home from practice, staying on the phone with you until the two of you fell asleep. He would stay on the phone with you, whether you were silent, still pretending, crying, or content. Sometimes there would be no conversation, and it was fine. The two of you would do homework sometimes in silence and ask for help on a question or two. Other times you would talk about plans, movies you’d want to see. But Iwaizumi didn’t pester to accompany you. The two of you didn’t have the heart to make any plans. Or Iwaizumi didn’t have the will to ask anymore.

But his heart screamed at him to ask you. Iwaizumi’s heart yelled and yelled to help you, have you be okay. But with every look into your eyes, the yells and screams in his heart were silenced. Cold.

Every morning was the same.

You would wake up to the phone next to you, Iwaizumi’s phone call still ongoing. The numbers continued to run the length of your conversation. You would touch your phone, imagining Iwaizumi’s face next to you again. And it hurt. It hurt too much. Because this wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

At times you would touch your phone, focusing all on the sound. You would touch the speaker button, just to listen to his breaths as he slept a bit longer. And with each breath you heard, a tear would fall. A little bit of you would fall out of your mind.

Each morning would be harder than the last. After you hung up the phone before Iwaizumi’s phone would blast his alarm, you could feel a part of yourself missing, more than the last.

One morning you couldn’t feel your legs, you fell to the floor as you tried standing from your bed, but suddenly your body was laid across the floor. You laid on the floor, staring at it sideways. Time passed, but nothing changed.

Oikawa still wouldn’t talk to you.

Another morning, you couldn’t feel your hands. You lost your grip on a cup of water. You didn’t even notice your cup had shattered until your father ran to your mindless side. You helped your father clean the shattered glass, and still got cut all because your mind was still at a blank. The bleeding cut was cleaned and bandaged, but your pain hadn’t left.

Oikawa still wouldn’t talk to you.

Yesterday morning, you couldn’t feel your body. Your eyes were open, but you didn’t even know you were awake. Iwaizumi’s breathing was slow, steady on the other line. It was the first time you didn’t hang up since the undeclared routine. Iwaizumi slowly woke up, hearing your uncontrolled cries. You didn’t even feel him suddenly next to you, holding you. When had he even come over? When did he open the door? It was automatic to cling on to Iwaizumi as he wrapped his arms around you. You could hear his teeth grinding against each other in frustration. It was automatic for you to beg him not to leave over and over again, because your mind was still fuzzy. In that moment, everything felt exactly the same as that day Iwaizumi held you until you fell asleep in his arms, too tired from crying. Your mind had a growing fuzzy feeling with each cry, making your actions a blur. You didn’t even know they were happening, but they happened. And you didn’t care to change it other wise. It was the first time in a long time Iwaizumi was late to school.

Everything was still the same, even after a month. Every night still remained unfixed. Every morning still left you broken hearted.

“She doing any better?” Hanamaki asked as he finished slipping his jacket on.

“No,” Iwaizumi replied. Hanamaki watched Iwaizumi tie his shoes, looking at how his face was normal. As he slipped his sports bag over his shoulder, Iwaizumi walked out the club room with Hanamaki. Hanamaki noticed the silence in Iwaizumi’s step, how his head hung a little lower ever since everything happened. “I’ll just be there for her until Oikawa stops being a dumb ass.”

Hanamaki looked at Iwaizumi, and he noticed how he didn’t look angry. Iwaizumi wasn’t angry about the situation anymore, he just looked like… He accepted it. It wasn’t patience in his eyes, even though Iwaizumi says he’s waiting for Oikawa’s part taken in the whole situation to move forward. But Hanamaki noticed neither side moved forward or back. All three of you just stayed as is.

“Are you doing any better?”

Iwaizumi’s eyes widen, his body tense. But only for a second.

“I don’t know,” Iwaizumi replied quietly. Hanamaki notices everything, so there would be no point to lie. And it annoyed Iwaizumi, because he shouldn’t have to feel like he needed to lie. Iwaizumi shouldn’t have to be in the predicament.

His best friend not talking to him, the girl he’s in love with broken.

Hanamaki hummed, bringing Iwaizumi back from his thoughts. “It’s not going to be forever. This whole thing.”

Iwaizumi looked to Hanamki, who had a small smile. For the first time, Iwaizumi had a genuine smile.

“How long are you going to ignore them?” Matsukawa asked.

Oikawa hummed with a smile as the two of them walked home. It was dark, the night sang its lullaby. The crickets sang to the skies, the wind harmonizing, and sky listening. And it all sounded a bit sad.

“What are you talking about, Matsun? Iwa-chan and I talk. He still yells at me at practice! I know you guys didn’t care about your captains well being, to have our ace bully me still,” Oikawa complained with the pout of his lip and his arms still out with a shrug. “I mean, are you guys serious? How can you-”

“Oikawa, stop shitting me,” Matsukawa stopped in his footsteps, watching Oikawa stop. The nights lullaby continued to play, making the silence between the two stronger. “It’s just me. So just tell me, how long are you going to ignore this? You’re not usually like this.”

There was silence in the conversation. Oikawa couldn’t think of it. He wanted to ignore it all because he didn’t want to think about it. Every time it came to mind, his world was shattering.

“I can’t look at her,” Oikawa said. Matsukawa watched Oikawa, watched his body shake. His hands in fists, trembling. “I can’t look at Iwa-chan and ______ together.”

“Is it because-”

“Yes,” Oikawa interrupted Matsukawa. But he wasn’t mad, and Oikawa was grateful. “It’s because I’m in love with her. And seeing her with my best friend… I could die. I already felt like I’ve been, just with every time he’s looked at her or she’s been with him. Matsun, it hurts. For eighteen years, it’s hurt. Because I look at her just like how Iwa-chan does… But she’s only looked at Iwa-chan they way she does.”

Matsukawa could see that Oikawa’s body never stopped shaking. Not once did Oikawa look at Matsukawa, nor could he. Because he knew well in his mind what he was doing. Oikawa knew that this whole thing was ridiculous. But it was too much for him also. He’s loved you ever since he even knew what love was to be. He’s been in love with you since he’s known the feeling. Oikawa’s known nothing else but “fall in love”, but not “healing after a broken heart”. So this was the next best thing to him: Ignore the broken heart that will come.

Suddenly, Oikawa felt Matsukawa’s hand on his shoulder. They looked to each other.

“It must hurt. I get it. And I get that you love her and it’s all going down hill. But have you seen her?” Matsukawa asked, his eyes a bit hurt. And it confused Oikawa. “In the eyes, Oikawa. Have you looked at her since you said those things to her?” I don’t want to hear anything from you, _____. Oikawa shook his head slowly, a bit lost. How could he look at you? He couldn’t see that smile you were giving everyone, because it’s just a reminder that you weren’t going to give him the kisses he’s dreamt about. Oikawa wasn’t going to be the one to hold you while sleeping contently in his arms. Oikawa wasn’t going to be able to even think about marriage with you, even though that’s what he’s wanted as end game for the both of you. It hurt him. “She’s more broken than you are.”

Oikawa’s eyes widened, even more confused. And then, he got angry. His eyebrows furrowed with that anger, his fists clenching harder. “She has Iwa-chan though, why would-”

“She lost you,” Matsukawa interrupted. Then Oikawa’s body froze, his ears ringing Matsukawa’s words louder. And Matsukawa didn’t miss the way Oikawa stood. He couldn’t help but feel more pain for you. His grip on Oikawa’s shoulder tightened, their eyes meeting once again. “She doesn’t smile. She forces it. _____ never laughs. She leaves before she even gets to try and laugh. _____ is broken. You broke the girl you’re in love with. ______, still loves you. Don’t forget that, Oikawa. I’m not one to say who she has feelings for, but I do know I can say this. Love holds a crazy power over people. The more you love someone, the more power you give them to break you.”

Matsukawa let go of Oikawa’s shoulder. He watched Matsukawa take a few steps farther then stopping. His next few words made his chest clench into itself, a fire growing larger inside of him.

“______ won’t be able to be fixed unless she finds a way to live without you,” And then Matsukawa looked to his friends, his serious eyes piercing Oikawa’s chest. “Or the better choice would for you to end all the bull shit and fix what you broke. Because the next one to break is Iwaizumi. Can you handle being the prime reason your two best friends are falling apart? Are you going to take responsibility for that? If not, don’t get angry at the world when you begin to break also.”

For the first time in awhile, Oikawa was left alone speechless. Like he had just been slapped by a tree’s branch.

You walked the halls of Aoba Johsai alone. The school bell had rung forty-five minutes ago, students and teachers gone with just some lingering behind. Clubs, tutoring lessons, or hanging out. You? This was the norm.

You lingered the halls of your high school. It wasn’t because you didn’t have anyone to walk home with. You were just used to staying behind. Usually you would walk with Oikawa and Iwaizumi to the gym. No one minded you watched their practice for a bit before going home.

But now. You couldn’t leave right as the bell rang. It was hard to break habit, even if things around you changed. So you stayed at the school, hoping things would just go back to normal. But they wouldn’t. Not if you were wandering the hallways, avoiding Oikawa. Oikawa wouldn’t just come up to you with a change of heart. He’s not like that.

So why was there a crowd of girls around Oikawa in these hallways? You’ve always been walking around the hallways, the same time after school since everything happened. So why do they need to be here now? They didn’t need to be admiring and asking for Oikawa for stupid thing like kisses and to take them on a date. They could do that else where. Oikawa could smile at them and entertain them elsewhere. If he had time to entertain his fans and be less concerned about your wellbeing, he can do it elsewhere. But not in front of you.

Nonetheless, you needed to avoid Oikawa still.

“Ah! ______-senpai! There you are!” Immediately, you froze. You could run. You could avoid the situation. But you turned, to see a long black haired girl running towards you who looked a year or two younger than you, leaving the girl of fan girls. The group of fan girls watched her run towards you. Everyone was watching, including Oikawa. And as he met your eyes, his entire being flinched. It hurt. “Aren’t you going to come hang out with us?”

“Uh, I actually have-”

“Haven’t you heard? She broke Oikawa-kun’s heart,” a different girl replied. The black haired under class man that ran towards you stopped in her tracks to look behind at the girl who spoke. She was blonde, your age. If memory served right, she was in Class 3, Sayuraki. And you didn’t appreciate how she crossed her arms, as if she owned Oikawa and have known him for as long as you have. “But I don’t even know how. She’s nothing nice,”

“Hey, Sayuraki-san, that’s not-”

“What? I’m nothing nice? Not worried about how Oikawa’s going to see what a bitch you are?” you’re used to this. All his fan girls saying unkind things. And this isn’t the first time you haven’t responded to them, despite what Oikawa said. It’s just this time, you didn’t have Oikawa next to you to argue with. He was with them, watching you with uninterested eyes.

“I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not just for Oikawa-kun. I am going to defend him, especially from someone who hurt him. How could you?” Sayuraki hissed as she wrapped her arms around Oikawa’s arm. It annoyed you to see him just half a wry smile, as if he couldn’t just tell her to stop.

You knew Oikawa didn’t really have any interest in girls who did that. Spoke out of spite. But he was always too nice to say anything along the lines of a rejection.

“Sayuraki-san, you don’t have to say anything anymore. It’s fine, ______ and I are-”

“But Oikawa-kun, what’s so good about her?” Sayuraki asked. You swear you saw Oikawa’s eyes flash red, but as he looked to you, they disappeared. But you didn’t care. You were tired. Tired of this whole thing. “How can you be in love with someone so bland? You should have stopped being in love with her once she started being so cold to you. Look at her, Oikawa-kun, she doesn’t even-”

“Yeah, we all get it,” you cut off. Everyone looked to you, taken back from your dull, tired eyes. Your eyes were cold, broken. The younger girl who had approached you earlier froze. “We get it. I broke Oikawa’s heart. I hurt Oikawa. Take good care of him.”

Everyone watched you turn your back. Then the fan girls looked to Oikawa. He was shaking a bit, his fists clenched. Oikawa didn’t even bother to look at the girls, he could only look at you. Your eyes didn’t shine. Your smile wasn’t there. You usually argue back, you usually fight. You were always so strong. So why? Why did you look so… Broken?

“Well, Oikawa-kun, now that that boring girl is-”

“Be quiet, Sayuraki-san,” Oikawa hissed quietly. Her hold on his arm loosened, but as you heard the ruffling of his uniform as he snatched his arm away. It stopped you from walking forward. “_______ is right, you should be worried about how I’m going to see you.”

You didn’t look back, but you heard Oikawa’s steps become quieter and quieter. Soon, there were none anymore. Except your own now, going home.

Each step was harder. Each step was colder. Because it was just a constant reminder of how things aren’t supposed to be how they were. But what were you going to do? It’s become so tiring…

And yet, hearing Oikawa’s voice say your name after so long… It wasn’t so tiring to exist anymore.

Tom Hardy’s Nostrils: Take 3

Third attempt at getting this up.  Saved it as a Draft, after each point saved again.  Hope it works.  Anyways, So my fifth screening of Mad Max: Fury Road was in this low budget theater, and this…is how close I was…

I could seriously see up everyone’s nostrils.  Had to lay my back on the ass of the seat to see the screen properly.  Those are my knees, and that is the speaker in front of me, and that is Furiosa.  I could literally stand up and lean over the speakers and touch her neck if I wanted to.  I didn’t because that might disrupt the movie for the twenty other people behind me.  Those people are also why I didn’t take more pics of decenter quality.  But anyways…let’s get on with this…again *sighs*

Observations I’ve made during this and previous viewings that I am finally sharing.

1.  Why Slit was so dead set on driving.  Slit is a dick as we all know, but there could be more to that in this movie.  We first see him he’s a grumpy man with a look of vengeance in his eyes and a flexing of his fingers like he’s walking in bout to tear shit up. Someone’s going down, his body language alone says that.  My guess is he’s got a vendetta against someone, possibly Morsov, possibly Furiosa.  Me myself, I like to think that though he and Morsov weren’t always on the best terms, he and Furiosa were worse off.  I even think she might have been the one to fuck up his eye, punch him straight in the skull with her metal fist, Max’s kicking only making it worse.  Slit’s is also, though a proficient Lancer, a horrible shot with a gun, but maybe that’s due to his fucked up more eye?  Or, highly unlikely, he wanted to keep Nux alive as long as possible, but in a cult worshiping death, that’s easily arguable. 

2.  On top of Slit being on the hunt, him taking over as driver and halting Furiosa’s progress would certainly guarantee him the acknowledgement he believes he deserves.  We think he’s gone through life always as second best, runner up, that spot near the War Rig taken from him by some Mediocre piece of trash Morsov (possibly).  This is his chance to shine, to do something glorious, return Joe his Wives and finally achieve that recognition he so desperately desires.

3.  Slit’s Scars.  Being so close to the movie screen, I was able to pick out A LOT more details.  I fancied Slit’s stomach well enough (y’all know I like me my Slit after all) and by god the amount of detail he has placed into his scarification!  So many intricate designs on his stomach, I was captivated by the few seconds spared to allow a glimpse of one scar among the dozens of the story he told in his skin.  I think it was a guitar?!  Was that a guitar?!  Or was it something else, hammer or something?  I don’t know, but if one must watch this movie it must be on a forty by twenty screen and frame by frame, I swear ;) His stomach and right arm also look like they were once upon a time burned?

4.  Angharad’s scars.  My first couple viewings I thought she had scarred herself in some significant way, a net or web design but that’s not the case.  Her scars are just clumps of scars and I never did get a good look at the ones on her arm.  I would have liked the net idea though.

5.  How close are Slit and Nux really?  As far as having the mindset of children, it can be safe to say they are feuding brothers a lot of the time.  Slit falls off the back of the Nux Car, and of course there’s nothing Nux can do about it, but when they have a chance to be reunited, Nux almost totally shuns him, unless they got together between the Canyon blowing and Immortan’s arrival, but even then that doesn’t leave a lot of time.  There’s also the matter of Slit almost begging to go with he and Immortan in pursuit of the Wives, showing the trophy that is Max’s boot only to be ignored by both his leader and his friend, who smiles like an idiot, almost as if to say “haha, Dad chose me and not you.”  Nux you lil dick.

6. The music box.  It had to have come from the Vuvalini, unless Nux or Furiosa were carrying it around in their pocket, because Max had no personal effects save for his jacket and brace and the clothes on his back. 

7.  Concerns for Nux’s poor lil head.  When Max and the Vuvalini/Wives discuss taking back the Citadel, you can make out Nux hanging his head in the back, just a glimpse, and I’m not sure if it’s cinematic or not, but I noticed it and I wondered ‘oh you poor dear’ because not only are they going back home to the Citadel, they’re going to be going to war with his War Boy brethren.  We’ve noticed he takes no action in the scuffle between the War Rig and the War Parties aside from keeping the Rig going, and even then you can see the disconcert in his eyes.

8.  He hears Slit, supposedly his closest friend, call for Valhalla.  As close or not as close as they were, it still affects him.  If it didn’t, the camera would not cut to Nux under the rig while Slit blazes into glory.  He also does not look his best when he returns to the rig, knowing his friend is dead, and probably noticing no Witness, for there was no Witness to give to Slit.  When it is exclaimed that Joe is dead, Nux looks almost in disbelief, for his God and Father is not the immortal he thought him to be, regardless what others possibly told him during their trip, he is still awestruck by the news.

9.  Nux’s faint glance over when Dag is praying to “anyone who’s listening”.  This boy has only been away from home a couple days, and it is safe to say he is still faithful to his own religion, but on a more humble level, as we see him still ask for Witness at the end, albeit not for glory or recognition, but for the heart of love and others, to show that his sacrifice is more than just a show.  He questions it now, but he has not lost that faith, so imagine the wheels turning in his head when he hears Dag’s response to Toast about praying.

10.  Nux and Max BOTH get TWO new boots.  Max changes out his and Nux’s biker boots for a pair similar to the one Slit pulled off him, and Nux is given two new black combat boots, relieving him of the ankle cuff thingy he had round his ankle for no doubt, keeping his pants tight round the limb.

11.  Nux is listening to Furiosa and Max speak of hope and redemption.  It is easily glanced over but it’s there, and you can see again here, the wheels turn in his head, for his entire world he is learning is built off of lies and the innocent lives of many.  Here he learns that even he has a chance to redeem himself, to give back and make better the world he has helped tear apart and build up into a wretched heap of fire and metal.

12. Nux’s goggles.  Capable does not have them.  Those must be what she found around the Rig, for Nux lost his during the crash, for he was wearing them at no time afterwards, unless Max found them and pocketed them but I doubt it.  Darn, and i really liked the idea that Cape had taken Nux’s goggles.  Ah well :/

13.  Toast and toothpicks.  Doesn’t get more cliched badass than that.  Not that I’m complaining ;)

14.  Furiosa tries to move the Rig by pushing it.  Furi, I love your enthusiasm, but just because you have a metal arm, that doesn’t make you an extra strong cyborg.  It really doesn’t.  And Max, stop holding onto the tree before you lose your hands to gun shots.  These two, so cute when they’re determined to do the impossible.

15.  War Boys climbing the Doof Wagon. Possibly to save Coma near the end? Also, I’d like to know that happy asshole who gets to be the one to drive the Doof Wagon.

16.  Coma is nowhere to be found once the Wagon crashes into the Rig.  Hopefully, one of those climbing War Boy saved him, or he slipped out his onsie and ran for the hills.

17.  Helen Keller meets Dethklok.  Coma is sightless, and it is safe to say he is also hearingless considering how much he is expected to play with those amps straight behind him.  (and iota confirmed this) He doesn’t give two shits about what’s going on around him, as most of what he can tell is told through him by vibrations, when they have stopped and when they are moving again. Blind and Deaf he communicates through the chords of his guitar and morse/hand lettering upon his person, hand, shoulder, anywhere someone can talk to him.  Not only this, but he has memorized every piece of music he has learned and is able to communicate to the War Parties their orders via riffs.  How fucking amazing is that that this culture can literally understand music?! 

18.  When Rictus announces his deceased little brother, the War Parties holler and rev their engines in Witness (or just recognition but these are War Boys we’re talking about here).

19.  Everyone is fucked once those War Parties return, unless Furiosa can come up wiht a plan to calm everyone down.

20. Things I almost forgot:  Pups on Drums are adorable.  Also, what’s with that lil group of Pups so eager to DEFY their elder guardians, confused and befuddled as they were, to lift Furiosa and the Wives and Wretched and remaining Vuvalini up?  Serious backlash could ensure but these lil rapscallions give no hoots for such a thing, which makes me wonder if Furiosa didn’t have Pup help to get the Wives from the Safe to the Rig. Eventually the guardians agree so…psh?

21.  Pan out of War Pups near the end.  They are symbolic for they are the future, they are hope.

21. “Lastly, that end credit scene where Max, in attempts to make his own way, ends up returning to the Citadel the next day with a carload of injured and whining War Boys and Vuvalini including Nux and Slit and Ace and Valkyrie and Keeper and even Rictus because George Miller knows how to tease us with alleged character deaths :3,” is what I would say if it were true :(

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wrestley neil visited me this halloween (i live in italy) and he gave me rocks saying "sustainance in the form of sweets. enjoy." and then disappeared in a cloud of smoke which smelled like olive oil. right after that i felt like i floated as if i wasn't affected by gravity and opened my mouth, and as if my mouth were a speaker, "touch tone telephone" played from it. i think i don't know what a window is as a result. help.

thats cool neil visited me(i live in west canada) and he gave me blunt force trauma in the head with a baseball bat

Pre- Christmas 2019 | 3

Adam dials Dr. Tenderson’s number and crouches down in front of Taylor again, who’s still sitting on the toilet seat. She looks panicked and terrified, yet for him still incredibly beautiful with her make up free face and the little ponytail in her neck.
“Don’t freak out babe.” he mumbles, placed a hand on her knee again while Taylor just nods while starring at him. He can feel how frightened she is, just wants to calm her. Whatever the blood means, there will be a solution.
“Hi Mrs. Tenderson, this is Adam Wiles. Sorry to call you this late..” he answers, still crouches in front of Taylor.
She mouthes a quiet “Put her on speaker”. Adam touches his phone and Taylor then can hear her gynecologist as well.
“No problem, Mr. Wiles! That’s what I’m here for. How can I help you?” the doctor asks politely as Adam starts talking again.
“I think my wife told you last week about her vaginal discharge..”
“Yes, she did.” Taylor hears her doctor clearly.
“Well, she complained about it again but this time she says it’s a lot more. So she can basically not even leave the toilet right now and a few minutes ago we noticed that there was a little bit of blood too.” he describes the situation as Taylor just nods.
“Was it watery blood? Or just some spotting in the fluid?” she asks as Taylor opens her mouth.
“It was more spotting. So, not a huge amount of blood.” she says into Adams phone.
“Oh, hi Mrs. Swift.” the doctor laughs. Taylor smirks nervously.
“Sorry, Dr. Tenderson..”
Adam smiles at her calmly.
“Well, what’s basically happening in your body right now is that your uterus is getting ready for birth. Like I told you last week. The few drops of blood can come from your placenta. So first of all, there’s no need to worry! This is absolutely normal.” she says and Taylor just nods. She definitely is relieved that it doesn’t seem like something is wrong with Lily.
“But does that mean that she’s about to go into labor now or..?” Adam asks. Taylor just looks at him. This is the big question that’s bothering her as well.
“No that just means that it’s gonna happen in the next.. let’s say 2-3 weeks. Of course, it could happen any time. I mean, I can’t guarantee you that it won’t happen tomorrow or in two days but it doesn’t mean that your water is going to break now! So, there is no correlation between your vaginal discharge and the birth date.” she says and calms the couple. Taylor just nods and takes a deep breath. She’s incredibly relieved now.
“Ok thank you so much!” Adam answers, as Dr. Tenderson starts talking again.
“Well, there are two different things I still want to say. First of all, if the spotting is getting worse.. so if it’s not a spotting anymore and your wife actually starts bleeding, I want you to come in immediately. Because that’s not something that’s supposed to happen anytime soon. And another thing, just so you know, when Taylor starts to feel something that might seem like a contraction.. so, like a very strong pressure in her belly, and it keeps on repeating, I’d advice you to do a bathtub- test before you rush into hospital.” she says.
“A bathtub test?” Adam asks and looks at Taylor who’s carefully caressing her big belly while still sitting in front of him and listening closely to the conversation.
“Yes, that means basically that she’d need to take a warm bath, warm not hot, and then you should count the minutes between the contractions to see if the intervals get less or not. If they don’t, you can be sure that she’s just having some preliminary contractions. These are very common and it’s possible for her to have them even four weeks before going into labor. If the time between the contractions however gets less, you can be sure that she will deliver soon.” she answers. Adam nods, he understood what she tried to tell him.
“Alright, so if Taylor starts to have preliminary contractions anytime soon, we don’t have to worry about it?” he reassures himself.
“No, no. It basically means that her body is preparing for birth. That’s the reason for the spotting as well as possible preliminary contractions. That’s all very common.” she says and Adam nods. He’s glad to hear this from their doctor.
“Alright, thank you so much Dr. Tenderson.” he says into his phone. Taylor bends over.
“Thank you very much!” she says as well. Dr. Tenderson laughs a little. “No problem at all, if you have further questions feel free to call me any time.” she answers.
“Thank you so much, bye.” Adam answers and ends the phone call. He looks at his wife who’s still stroking her bump while sitting on the toilet seat. He just smiles at her terrified face. She still seems a little shaken up from the shock a few minutes ago. Adam strokes her knee one time and slowly stands up. While straightening up, he steals her forehead a quick kiss.
“Do you need help?” he asks her and she just shakes her head. She seems to have finally let go of her embarrassment from sitting on the toilet in front of him. He watches her widening her legs slowly and cleaning herself with some toilet paper.
“I think it stopped a little.” she mumbles.
“That’s good.” he gives back, as Taylor looks at him again.
“Can you maybe hand me one of the pads from the drawer?” she asks him and point to the little cupboard right under their sink.
“Sure. Those?” he asks and holds up something that looks like a panty liner, but a lot bigger than that.
“Yes exactly. The diapers for grown ups.” she mumbles embarrassed and starts putting it into her underwear. He just smirks softly and then helps her get up. He waits for her patiently to wash her hands. Taylor slowly waddles towards the bathroom door, right where he stands, and feels Adam pulling her into his arms.
She sighs, holds onto him tightly. He can feel how emotional she is. Every little thing can make her go crazy nowadays when it comes to their baby.
“Stay cool, buddy. Okay?” he asks her and leans down to kiss her blonde hair.
“I try.” she caws. He ends the hug slowly and sees her tired face covered in a few tears. Not many, but some.
“Baby, don’t cry. Everything is just perfect. You heard her.” he reassures her and Taylor just nods, wipes away her tears.
“I know. I know. I’m just..” she doesn’t find the words, as Adam already took her hand and leads her to their big bed.
“C'mon, lay down.” he tells her. A still teary version of his wife manages to lay down onto the many pillows next to him. Adam covers her carefully with the duvet. He immediately lays down next to her, crawls right under the blanket to her.
His hand starts removing his shirt from her belly and Adam bends down to kiss it softly. He then looks up to Taylor, who’s laying next to him still a little emotional. He kisses her lips softly.
“Sorry that I’m acting like a baby right now.” she mumbles and wipes away the last tears. He just kisses her again and then her big belly as well.
“You’re not. But seriously, I don’t want you to worry too much about it. Everything is fine.” he reassures her.
“I know.” she says quietly and takes a deep breath. “I’m just so.. I don’t know, terrified, when it comes to giving birth.” she mumbles and Adam nods while drawing slow circles on her big, naked belly.
“I know. And I understand. But.. you really need to know that this is something you’ll get through. So many women give birth to babies, everyday. Your body will be able to manage it. And you just need to believe that. And be assured that it will work out. It might hurt, but you’ll get through that pain. And I won’t leave your side for a second.” he says to calm her. She still hasn’t moved, lies on her back in between the many pillows and listens to her husband talking while feeling him caressing her belly.
“I know, I know.” she mumbles. Adam steals her another kiss.
“You are just incredibly tired and hormonal, babe. Calm down. It’ll be alright.” he whispers and kisses her temple again one time. Taylor nods.
“I know but.. I am just so.. nervous. I can’t even explain it. I feel like going crazy when I think about having a baby tomorrow maybe.” she says.
“She said that it’s possible but it’s not the number one thing to happen.” he calms her.
“I know, but.. I don’t know. I just.. I feel like I’m not ready to be a mom.” she answers terrified. Adam smirks a little while loving up on her bump.
“You are ready, babe. You are.”
Taylor thinks about his words and watches his hands gently run over the strained skin on her baby belly. He might be right. Even though there are moments like these when she feels like it should be illegal for someone as childish as her to have a baby soon. It’s the thirteen- year- old looser complex that Taylor still can’t drop. Even after all these years.
“What do you want for her?” she whispers and looks at Adam curiously. He seems a little confused.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean.. what do you think she’s going to be like?” she says softly and makes Adam smile. He still focuses on drawing circles on her belly. He thinks about this question and then looks up to her.
“I think I just want her to be happy. I don’t.. I don’t care wether she’s going to be a lawyer someday or living in a hippie community.”
Taylor laughs softly.
“I just.. I want her to be happy. And I want her to love her life. And to be good to people. And accept that she’s not perfect. Just like we aren’t. And I really hope she’ll never have to worry about my happiness. I would just wish that she knows that she’s not responsible for making us happy, you know? I just want her to be happy.” he finishes. Taylor smiles and places her hand on his, that is still on her bump.
“Me too. I just want her to be a good person.” Taylor adds, “And I want her to have her daddy’s heart.”
Adam smiles and takes a look at his phone. Taylor looks at him a little confused about his reaction as he bends over again and kisses her as soft and passionate as possible.
“It’s midnight. Happy birthday.” he whispers against her lips. She smiles, places her hands on his neck.
“I love you so much. I.. I love you more than any song I could ever write or..”
She interrupts him quietly with her emotional look deep into his eyes. His words truly touched her. She kisses him passionately.
“I love you too, baby. So so so much.” she answers. He remains with his forehead against hers for a few seconds, then steals her a small kiss again and pulls back.
“Do you want your present now?” he asks smiling but Taylor just shakes her head softly with little eyes.
“I think I’ll wait until tomorrow, honey. I’m.. I’m really exhausted and nervous at the same time and I feel like I really need to start relaxing now.” she says and strokes her still naked belly again. She takes a deep breath, clearly tensed.
“I have an idea.” Adam answers and disappears in the bathroom again. Taylor looks after him confused.
“What are you doing?” she yawns. Adam comes back with her body lotion to prevent stretch marks.
“I’ll help you relax a little.” he mumbles and sits down next to her again. Taylor observes how he opens the tube and blurs some onto her bump.
“Relax, honey.” he says smiling and starts massaging her belly slowly. He knows exactly how much she loves this. Taylor just smiles thankfully.
“Close your eyes. I’ll do this so you can finally fall asleep..” he says, really wants her to feel relaxed.
“Thank you so much..” she whispers and closes her eyes. She feels Adams gentle hands running over her belly again and again. This is clearly the most relaxing thing ever. She feels how she’s drifting away slowly while breathing slowly…

Taylor opens her eyes and sees her husband opening the curtains slowly. She smiles softly as the sun enters the room. She moves and places a hand on her tummy. Lily seems to be sound asleep. The tall blonde man smiles and crawls back into bed to her. He can’t help but laugh at her sleepy face. He kisses her deeply.
“Good morning birthday girl..” he mumbles and laughs. She’s still so sleepy that she seems a little disoriented.
“Good morning.” she mumbles. He cuddles onto her from behind and presses his face into her neck. He takes a deep breath. She smells as incredibly good as always.
“Did you sleep well?” he whispers. Taylor nods “mhmm.” she mumbles.
“How’s my big girl?” he asks then. Taylor laughs quietly.
“I’m old.”
Adam kisses her temple again.
“You still look like 29, babe.” he assures her. She smirks tiredly while cuddling with him.
“How’s my little girl?” he asks then and places his big hand on his shirt over Taylor’s bump.
“She’s still sleeping.” Taylor says and feels Adam kissing her shoulder now, as well as her arm. Taylor then slowly moves and lands on her back. She smiles at him slowly and Adam kisses her lips again.
“How are your hormones?” he asks and the looks at him still smiling but a little confused.
“What?” she asks. Adam laughs.
“Yesterday you told me that you crave some Adam- time..” he answers. Taylor starts smirking.
“I do, but.. do I need to remind you of the flood that came out of my vagina last night?” she answers. Adam kisses her bump once and then her lips again.
“So do you feel like it’s still coming?” he asks, as Taylor shakes her head.
“No, I feel like I’m good now. But.. I don’t want you to fuck me after I was bleeding. I mean, this is not just disgusting, it’s also..”
“Babe babe babe.” he stops her, leans over her and kisses her cheek softly.
“I’m not going to fuck you while you’re bleeding. There’s no way. I don’t want to hurt you or anything. But.. there are other ways that I can make you feel good.” he whispers in her ear, then kisses her temple. She smiles happily, strokes over his hair.
“Oh and what would that be?” she whispers as Adam kisses her once more.
“A birthday orgasm is the right way to start your thirties, believe me.” he says and she starts laughing.
“You might be right.” she answers. Adam grabs the blanket and pushes it away until she lies in front of him with nothing but her panties and his shirt.
“But you’re sure that you’re not disgusted because of last night?” she asks him still sleepy. She really doesn’t want him to feel like he has to satisfy her now, just because it’s her birthday. Adam grabs his shirt and pulls it over her head. He then lies down over her, softly presses her bump against his stomach.
“Shut up, love.” he answers and makes her laugh. He moves a little bit down and Taylor feels him softly kissing her boobs. He slowly licks over her nipple while stroking her belly.
Taylor still has her eyes closed and caresses his head. His touch feels so incredibly good. Only he can make her feel like this.
Adam slowly looks up at her.
“If something doesn’t feel good you’ll tell me right away, deal?” he mumbles. She slowly opens her eyes.
“Deal.” she whispers. Adam smiles and keeps on working on her boobs again. He then moves lower and kisses her belly. After a few minutes he stops. She looks at him a little confused.
“Let me get something first.” he says and leaves the bed in just his underwear. Laying on their bed in nothing but her panties, Taylor looks at him a little confused. She touches her boob one time. It’s incredible how hard her nipples are already.
Adam comes back with some massaging oil in his hands. She smiles at him excitedly.
“Wow someone is excited now.” he laughs, sits down in front of her and puts some of the oil onto his hands.
“I’ve been craving a massage for days now.” she smiles at him. Adam just shakes his head laughing.
“Why didn’t you say something? You know I love to give you a full body massage.” he mumbles and starts to massage her swolen feet. Taylor laughs softly.
“I know you do.” she mumbles and enjoys his gentle touch. Adam has a way to knead out all the tensions in her muscles. Without saying anything he starts moving up her legs, massage her armes as well as her belly. He feels how her eyes are closed all the time, which is a good sign because it means that she finally starts to relax.
After a while, Adam moves slowly down and opens her legs softly. He puts some oil onto his hands and starts to massage the inside of her thighs. He sometimes brushes her center, makes her want his touch even more.
Taylor slowly opens her eyes and smiles at him. He just keeps on working her, kneading out all tensions in her legs as well as between them. His hand slowly slide between her butt cheeks. He massages her there as well, slowly looks up to his wife.
“Does this feel good too?” he whispers. Taylor just looks at him and nods. It’s really turning her on to feel him literally everywhere on her body. He keeps on massaging her there, then slowly comes back to her center. He starts to touch her clit once, tries to moisture her with some of the juices from her entrance.
His index finger slowly starts to draw circles on her clit. He looks up to her and observes how she has her eyes closed again, apparently extremely relaxed. It takes a few minutes and Adam notices how she moves her butt a little, which is always a good sign. He slowly inserts one finger into her vagina. She suddenly sighs. Adam smirks. This is the exact reaction he wanted.
Taylor feels his fingers inside her and gets more and more aroused by every minute. She turns her head from left to right and breathes heavier than before. Adam slowly strokes over her big belly with one hand and keeps up his pace fingering her. He stops again and rubs over her center once more.
“Oh god..” she moans quietly. Adam smiles. She’s dripping wet by now.
“Does that feel good?” he whispers, keeps on stimulating her. She opens her eyes and tries to contain her breath.
“Ye…Yes.” she stutters.
Adam slowly stops. She looks at him almost shocked and observes how he’s crawling next to her.
“What are you doing?” she asks almost furiously. Adam smirks and lays down next to her.
“Let me kiss you first.” he says but Taylor just looks at him frustrated.
“Adam are you serious? I’m soaking wet now and you won’t make me..”
“Psssh.” Adam shushes her and kisses her lips. He ends the kiss then and laughs at her. She doesn’t find it as amusing as he does.
“What the hell baby?” she asks frustrated. If this is supposed to be a joke, it’s not a good one.
Adam kisses her forehead.
“Let me try something new.” he whispers. She looks at him confused but smirks slightly.
“And what would that be?” she answers. Adam just lays next to her and caresses her face. He kisses her forehead again and just smirks. His hand then wanders down again and he touches her entrance. She’s unbelievably wet. Then his hand moves a little bit more down and he starts to rub over her butthole. Taylor trusts him more than anyone, but still she looks at him confused.
“Ok I tried something a few minutes ago..” he mumbles. She looks at him even more confused.
“What do you mean?” she whispers and Adam kisses her again, smiling.
“When I massaged you down there. In your cute little ass..” he whispers with an accent. Taylor blushes a little.
“What about it?”
“You got incredibly wet after that..” he observes. Taylor bites on her lower lip and smirks at him. She loves this incredibly aroused atmosphere between her husband and her. It’s some sexual magic that has always been between them. And it’s nice to know that even though she’s pregnant as hell, he still looks at her like he did four years ago.
“Really?” she asks shy and Adam laughs.
“Yeah.” he answers. “Did you like it?”
If there’s one thing Taylor loves about her sexlife with Adam, it’s the fact that he’s the only person in the world that Taylor can tell anything. He’s the first man who made her feel sexually alive. He taught her early on to talk about her likes and dislikes. And somehow, they were always able to talk about their fantasies and needs with no fear of being weird.
Taylor smirks at him and feels Adam massaging her boob.
“I do. It was weird actually. Because.. it was a different feeling. Not the usual feeling of being turned on. It was.. a different feeling of being turned on.” she answers. Adam kisses her nose.
“Because you’re nine months pregnant and my parents are in this house, I won’t fuck your ass today babe, but.. let me just try to work with what we’ve got here.” he says and makes her laugh.
“And what would that be?” she asks curious.
“Just let me do it..and relax.” he says. Taylor laughs slowly and nods. If she trusts him with one thing, it’s the fact that he knows for sure how to get her off.
Adam crawls down and Taylor spreads her legs again. She places both hands on her belly and feels Adam start to lick over her clit. She feels how turned on she is, after a few seconds and takes a deep breath. She then feels Adam massaging her back entrance again. Slowly. Slowly rubbing over it. She doesn’t know why but an incredibly intensive yet unfamiliar feeling starts. She gets more and more turned on. Adam stops what he’s doing for a second and simply focuses on massaging her butthole.
“Is that comfortable for you?” he asks and Taylor nods.
“I never thought I would say that but.. it feels really good.” she says, enjoys his stimulation. Adam keeps on licking her clit again. This time he stimulates her in the same rhythm as he does with his hands on her back entrance. He suddenly hears a soft moan that escapes her mouth. After a few seconds, he slowly moves his finger and enters her carefully. He doesn’t work with much pressure since Taylor never experienced someone touch and enter this part of her body. He looks up at her to check wether she likes it or not but all he sees is her mouth forming an o and her eyes closed. She seems almost overwhelmed by his finger inside her butt and his mouth stimulating her clit.
He let’s go of her clit for a second, doesn’t move his finger though.
“Is that good?” he whispers. Taylor moans slowly and then brings out a fast “Yes, god yes.” Adam smirks happy and starts to stimulate her with his mouth again. He feels how her level of sexual lust keeps steady. One finger of his other hand slowly starts to enter her core. A second one follows. One finger in her butt, two in her vagina and his mouth stimulating her is too much for Taylor. She moans one time and starts mumbling a hot “oh my god, oh..” she breathes heavy and suddenly feels something inside her pushing. Does she need to pee now? She takes a deep breath tries to contain her immense amount of lust. “Baby, I .. I think there’s.. I need to..”
“Let go, babe. Let go..” he moans into her and let’s his tongue lick her again. He can hear her moan one last time. She mumbles something he can’t understand. Suddenly he feels on his finger inside her butt how she starts to clench. An extremely strong clench that makes her move her sweet butt up and down. Adam keeps on doing what he does as he hears a soft cry escaping his wife’s lips. Suddenly his fingers that are still in her core feel the strong clenching too. And then there’s a short squirt of vaginal fluids against his hand. He keeps on fingering and licking her, as another squirt hits his forearm. She pulls on his hair by now, mumbles profanities while experiencing an incredibly strong orgasm. She then squirts another time and Adam still feels the contractions of her orgasm in her butthole as well as her vagina. She moans again, then starts shaking. He stops licking her, because he knows how sensible she always is after an orgasm. Adam doesn’t move his fingers, wants to wait for her to slowly come down before pulling his fingers out of her. He looks down, can’t believe how intense this orgasm must’ve been for her. She literally made a mess in this bed. Penetrating her vagina, her clit and her anal region seems to have made her feel even deeper sexual feelings than usually. He has never seen her squirt for him. Never until today.
Adam looks up to her and sees his wife laying in front of him with closed eyes, still shaking. He carefully pulls out all of his fingers, which makes her whimper slowly. He quickly gets out of bed and washes his hands before returning to her. She hasn’t moved and her legs are still trembling. Adam kisses her belly once and grabs the blanket to cover her. Until now, she hasn’t moved, hasn’t said anything. She seems to have had the most intense orgasm of all time. Adam kisses her cheek a few times. Taylor opens her eyes and looks at him in awe.
“Babe, there you are..” Adam smiles at her and kisses her one time. She smiles at him the most satisfied smile of all time, and he knows why. While stroking her bump he can feel her placing one of her hands over her center. She’s still shaking.
“Are you okay?” he whispers and Taylor slowly turns her head to him.
“This.. this was the most.. intensive orgasm.. ever. What the hell.” she mumbles and closes her eyes again smiling satisfied. He laughs and kisses her again.
“I know. When you came, you squirted three times. It was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” he says and she laughs exhausted. Adam notices her hand that’s still laying flat on her venus mound. He kisses her temple once more.
“Are you okay down there?” he whispers and Taylor just nods.
“Yeah, I feel like everything is.. is shaking.” she mumbles exhausted. He laughs. He has never seen her so done after an orgasm.
“Let me do this.” he mumbles. Taylor puts away her hand and Adam places his flat hand on Taylor’s vagina. He doesn’t move, not even a little. Taylor has turned her head to him and has her eyes closed again. Adam can feel under his hand how the last clenches slowly get less.
“Is my hand good?” he whispers, his lips already touching her forehead.
“Yeah, it’s so relaxing. I just.. I just need some pressure against it now. Feels good.” she says. Adam clearly feels that she still needs some more time to come down from her orgasm. She has her eyes closed again. Adam doesn’t say anything anymore, just gives her as much time as she needs.
After a few minutes Taylor slightly moves and looks at her husband. She starts laughing and covers her face.
He looks at her confused but smirks as well.
“What?” he whispers. Taylor kisses him softly.
“Our parents are in this house and you just made me cum with a finger in my ass.”
Adam laughs now too.
“It’s your birthday babe.” he answers. Taylor slowly sits up.
“Oh my god, this bed is soaked.” she looks at him, can’t even believe that she made a mess like this a few minutes ago.
“You came three times, babe.” he says proudly. Taylor lays back again and looks at him smiling.
“I’m embarrassed to admit it, but.. it really was amazing.” she whispers and he kisses her passionately.
“Don’t be embarrassed. It’s scientifically proved that the human body has some erogene zones in that part of your body.” he answers. Taylor still smirks.
“Can we do this again tonight?” she asks and makes him laugh.
“Maybe.” he gives back and kisses her deeply. His hand then touches her belly again. It’s the most amazing feeling to be close to her like this. Their lips are so close, sometimes touching for a second. He can feel her hot breath, he can almost taste it.
“Thank you. Thank you for making me feel so good.” she whispers. He smirks and let’s their lips collide once more. He closes his eyes. Feeling her like this is the best feeling he’ll ever feel. He knows that pretty well.
“I love making you feel good.” he whispers back then, one hand still on her bump. Taylor giggles a little. After all, she still looks extremely exhausted and a little sleepy as well.
“Do you feel like taking a nap once again? You really seem strained now.” he asks smirking because he knows that he is the reason why. He strokes over her messy short hair and Taylor just nods.
“That’d be so great. Do you think everyone..”
“Babe.” he interrupts her. She stops talking and looks at Adam who placed a finger on her mouth to make her stop talking.
“Go back to sleep. You are fucking nine months pregnant and it’s your birthday. You get to sleep as long as you want today.” he says and she sighs. He is right though.
“Close your eyes.” he commands. She smirks and closes her eyes. She feels how Adam places the blanket carefully over her and gets up. He darkens the room again a little bit and places one last kiss on her forehead.
“Now sleep.”
Taylor giggles sleepy.
“Alright Dad.”

“What on earth are you doing?” Adam says as he enters the bedroom again. He expected to find a sleepy version of his wife all cuddled up in bed, but instead Taylor is standing in front of their bed with some jeans and sweater on, all ready for the day.
“I’m just changing our sheets.” she says as Adam already hugs her from behind. His hands land on her belly and he kisses her cheek one time.
“Baby, I just wanted to wake you up. Breakfast is waiting and the kids are already incredibly excited to give you their presents.” he mumbles into her neck while holding her close from behind. Taylor laughs a little and puts down the sheets.
“Aww did you make breakfast?” she asks excitedly, holding onto his hands that hug her from behind. It doesn’t matter what age she just turned or wether she soon has her own kids or not. Birthdays are birthdays and she’s still excited for her special day.
“You have no idea.” he says as Taylor turns around still wrapped in his arms. She looks at him and places her hands on his scruff. She laughs slowly.
“You look really exhausted.” she smirks. “I hate being a host.” he mumbles grumpy. Taylor laughs out loud.
“You do stuff like this so much better than me. I hate keeping people entertained..” he mumbles.
“Oh I’m sorry I left you alone with your family for more than ten minutes, my grumpy anti- social husband..” she teases him with a cheeky smile. Adam just replies with a smirk and kisses her. He loves to feel her small hands on his scruff, right on her cheeks. He loves to feel her being close to him. He just loves to be loved by her.
“I’m not anti- social.” he counters. “Only sometimes. And now let’s go down babe.” he says but Taylor looks at the bed.
“We’ll do that later!” he stops her quickly and Taylor gives in with a soft nod.
“Still can’t believe you made me cum like this..” she murmurs while slowly walking downstairs with him. This time it’s not Taylor, but Adam who quickly signals her to be quiet and who really seems a little embarrassed.
“I don’t want my family to..”
“What?” she interrupts him cheeky. “You don’t want your parents to hear how you made me cum with your finger in my ass but my whole family hearing me moan two rooms away from them on Thanksgiving is ok?” she asks ironically to tease him. He doesn’t reply, only squeezes her hand as they get closer to the living room to signal her that she should really stop talking now.
“Taylor!” Cami and Emily both start screaming excitedly as they already run towards Taylor and Adam. Taylor quickly lets go of Adam’s hand because the two girls hug her legs and look up to her.
“Happy Birthday.” both yell with a lot of excitement in their voices. Taylor just carefully crouches down to be on one level with them, which appears to be more difficult than she thought with her bump.
“Oh my god, thank you so much!” Taylor says happy as the little girls already flood her with self made pictures.
“Look Taylor, this is you and me and Emily and we are in your garden. And there is Olivia too and Meredith..” Cami explains her self- painted picture. Taylor looks at it in awe but determines that it’s almost impossible to crouch with her bump. She slowly moves to sit down on her bottom and looks at the girls paintings carefully.
“Wow, Cami that’s so beautiful. Thank you so so much!” she says as Emily already starts explaining her present as well.
“This is for you from me.” she says with her Scottish accent and a lot more shy than Cami. Taylor just listens to the little girl and pulls her into a hug first.
“Baby that’s so sweet of you. I’m so happy, thank you so much.” she says and feels Emily placing her little head on Taylor’s shoulder. Adam and the rest of the family just watch the scenery amused.
“Is that me? And this is Adam?” Taylor asks and points at the painting.
“This is you and this is uncle Adam..” she affirms nervously.
“And this is mum and dad and grandma and grandpa. And that’s my Charlie.“ she explains carefully.
“Wow, Emily I am so impressed. Great job.” she says and Emily smiles proudly. Adam just walks up to Taylor and the girls and stands behind his wife who’s sitting on the floor to also be able to look at his nieces painting.
“Is that Olivia?” he asks and points at a very small creature next to Taylor on the picture.
“No that’s Lily.” she says. Taylor looks at Emily surprised but incredibly happy. She tries not to get too emotional, but it really touches her that the four year old girls seems to have understood so well that there will be a new member in their family soon. Taylor feels a huge amount of thankfulness overcome her. She doesn’t even know where it comes from, but something deep down inside makes her so incredibly happy that there seem to be so many people who already love Lily so much. Just as much as she does.  
“That’s so nice that you included Lily as well, Emily.” she chokes emotionally. Adam noticed Taylor’s shaky voice and simply smiles at the two ladies. He crouches down a little and places his hands softly on Taylor’s shoulders for support.
“Yes and she’s next to Uncle Adam and you because she’s your baby.” Emily says. Adam laughs.
“Yeah she’s our daughter.” he explains, tries to make the little four year old understand what place Lily will have in their family from now on.
“She’s going to be your baby cousin.” Taylor adds and pulls Emily closer to her. Emily smiles and nods proudly. It’s amazing how much Emily has gotten out of her shell when it comes to Taylor. Emily’s personality is still a little calmer than Cami’s but she seems to be crazy about Taylor, Adam noticed that in the last days.
“Are you her mummy?” she asks Taylor. She nods and strokes over Emily’s ponytail with a smile.
“Yes I am. And your uncle Adam is her daddy.” she explains. Emily looks up at Adam fascinated.
“My dada always says that I’m his little mermaid. So Lily is your little mermaid?” she asks and makes everyone laugh a little.
“Yeah, Lily is my little mermaid. And Taylor is my big mermaid.” he jokes and caresses Taylors neck gently while crouching behind her. She just laughs at him and Emily seems to understand.
“Happy birthday, honey.” Andrea then says and comes over to hug Taylor. Taylor tries to get up but realizes that this is more difficult than ever now. Andrea grabs her hands to support her and helps her up. Adam supports her back as well and gets up with his wife. Andrea then hugs her daughter and presses a few kisses onto her cheek.
“My little baby girl is not just having her own baby girl, she’s also thirty. Can’t believe it.” she says and let’s go of Taylor. Everyone laughs.
“She’s twenty- nine. We just decided that.” Adam adds. Taylor laughs as well.
“Yeah, I decided to celebrate my twenty- ninth birthday again. To just skip the thirty.” she says and makes everyone laugh.
“Well then happy birthday to your twenty- ninth birthday.” Pamela says with a huge chocolate cake in her hand.
“Oh my god.” Taylor says excitedly and hugs her mother in law closely. Everyone in the family congratulates her slowly as Taylor slowly determines the dining table right behind them, which is beautifully filled with all kinds of foods.
“Oh my god, is this..“ she questioned as Pamela just strokes over her belly.
“That was all set when we came downstairs thirty minutes ago.“ she smiles mischievous. “I guess someone just did it all by themselves.“
Everyone laughs a little because everyone knows exactly who that someone is. Taylor just looks at everything astonished. There is cake and muffins and scrambled eggs and fresh fruit, as well as pancakes and coffee. The table is beautifully decorated with wildflowers and candles. Adam really excelled himself with this.
“I would say that this someone is scottish, Taylor.“ Scott jokes and makes the round laugh.
“Exactly, It was me.“ Ed answers and everyone bursts out laughing.
“Well, let’s go sit down.“ Andrea suggests and everyone finds a place. Taylor grabbed her phone by now and took a picture of the table. She looks around and looks for one person that’s missing - her husband.
“Mom, where’s..“
In just that second everyone starts to sing ‚happy birthday‘ to her. A little confused but moved, Taylor just smiles sitting there. The kids give everything and sing out loud, as everyone starts to look into the same direction, right behind her while singing. Taylor moves a little and finds her husband carrying a beautiful cake with thirty candles on it while singing as well. She covers her mouth with her hands and watches him placing the beautiful cake right in front of her. Everyone sings and smiles at her. The cake with the burning candles is placed right in front of her and she quickly grabs Adams arms from behind to make him hug her while standing behind her. Adam who joins the song as well, rests his head on hers and holds her tightly. Just when everyone is finally done singing, Taylor starts clapping and turns around to face Adam who already placed a hand on her cheek. Taylor mumbles a happy “Oh god, baby, thank you..“ but Adam interrupts her.
“Happy birthday, my love.“ he says, doesn’t care that everyone hears him talking to her and kisses her softly. After the kiss she pulls him in for another one. “I love you.“ he murmurs in between the kisses quietly. But still, everyone could clearly hear them since a comfortable silence has filled the room after singing ‚happy birthday’ to her. Andrea smiles at the two warmly.
“You have to blow out the candles, honey.“ she then says and Taylor turns around again. She quickly blows out the candle and feels Adam still standing behind her. Everyone claps and Taylor shyly looks at everyone. She really didn’t expect Adam to surprise her like this.
“Did you make this all by yourself?” she asks him excited. The cake is beautifully decorated with flowers. She can clearly see that a professional confectioner must’ve made this creation of a cake.
“Of course, I baked every single muffin here. And the cake as well.” Everyone starts laughing and Taylor starts to cut the cake.
“Look at the magnolia flowers.” he says to his wife and points to the decoration flowers on the cake.
“I drew them all by myself last night.” he jokes and receives a hit into the side from his wife.
“Don’t ruin your own surprise, Adam.” she counters to his teasing and everyone starts to eat.

“Are you sure, Taylor?” Andrea asks one last time while putting on her jacket and standing in the hallway. Taylor just leans tiredly in the doorframe, watches everyone getting ready to go for a family walk. It is late afternoon by now and after spending the whole day eating, a quick activity seems to be a great way to continue the family day for everyone. Taylor however, really doesn’t feel like moving now. Exhaustion has taken over her. This birthday has been absolutely beautiful and well spent with her loved ones. But still, she really feels like using the time alone to take a quick nap before preparing dinner with her mom later. Also the paparazzi situation has been a little out of control lately. As soon as the media found out about Taylor’s pregnancy, her house in L.A. as well as well as her apartment in New York are swarmed by paparazzi. She knows that her family doesn’t mind the media attention but today Taylor really doesn’t wanna be bothered with them.
“Yeah, I think I’ll relax a little.” she says and draws circles with her hand on her belly. She just stands there, a little more sleepy than before and leans with her head against the door frame. Andrea nods and steals her one kiss on the cheek before leaving the house with everyone. In the moment that the door closes and silence fills the room, Taylor just takes a deep breath. Having their big families around is always a blessing but can really be exhausting at times. Especially when you are nine months pregnant. Taylor feels the silence in her ears and veins and starts to relax.
Just when she was about to enter the living room again, she feels two hands surrounding her baby bump from behind. As always. She smiles slowly as she feels a familiar scruff on her neck and a kiss being sluggishly placed on her cheek. She doesn’t say anything, feels Adam crouching down in front of her and placing his big hands on the knitted sweater that Taylor is wearing, right over her belly. He kisses the bump gently and makes his wife giggle a little.
“How is she?” he asks then and Taylor smiles while placing her hand in his hair. She just loves it when he’s this soft and gentle, always needing some kind of closeness to his daughter. Especially now, towards the end of the pregnancy she really feels him bonding a lot more than before with Lily.
“Good. She’s way more awake than I am.” she mumbles. Adam chuckles and gets up. He kisses her quickly and then again her forehead. He feels how tired she is, doesn’t lose proximity while leaning against him.
“You need to rest.” he simply says. Taylor nods.
“Yeah, I.. today was a little too much.” she breathes out exhaustedly and enjoys Adams hands that are massaging her back a little.
“Why don’t you take a bath?” he asks and slowly lets go off her. She looks at him smiling, obviously falling for his idea.
“But only If you come with me.“ she says, grabs his sweater and plays with the ends mischievously. He gets closer and steals her a little kiss once more.
“Okay, fine. Mommy wants, Mommy gets.“ he jokes and makes her laugh victoriously while walking upstairs with her. When both arrive in the bathroom, Adam dims the lights a little and locks their bedroom door. Just to make sure. Nobody needs to accidentally find them naked in the same bathtub.
Adam then walks towards the tub and turns on the water, always making sure that it’s not too hot or too cold. Bathing has never quite been a thing for Taylor, since she always preferred the much faster way to get clean, which is taking a shower. However, since her midwife has recommended her to take long and warm baths against the backache, she has simply fallen in love with it since the last couple of weeks.
Taylor takes off her sweater and looks at her husband who has just added some soap into the warm water. She then turns around towards the mirror and looks into her pale face. She notices her bags under her eyes and sighs while putting her hair into a little braid.
“I look like I just turned fifty.“ she mumbles, only in her bra and maternity jeans. Adam gets up and laughs a little, then takes off his shirt as well.
“I think you’re just drained from our little morning workout.“ he teases and looks at her right through the mirror with that cheeky little smile that always makes her laugh.
“Perhaps.“ she answers ready and takes off her necklace. Adam got rid of his clothes by now and casually stands next to her, completely naked, both hands resting on his sides and looking at his wife through the mirror with a smile. Taylor slowly places the necklace next to the sink and turns around. She looks at his naked body and smirks.
“I don’t know anyone who loves being naked so much, babe.“ she says and makes him laugh a little.
“I don’t know anyone who loves seeing me naked so much.“ he counters and gets closer for a small kiss.
“Correct.“ she answers and opens her jeans. He can clearly see the struggle of trying to get out of her tight pants and leans in to help her a little.
“I feel like a retarded person because of this watermelon.“ she murmurs, a hand on her bump again. Adam helps her get out of her jeans and helps her take off her black lace panties as well. He gets up again, wraps his arms around her and blindly opens her bra as well, that simply falls down onto the floor.
“I’m glad to help when it comes to taking off your clothes.“ he says kinky as he already gets into the warm tub. He sees Taylor standing right in front of it, absolutely naked and a little unsure of how to get in without stumbling. Adam grabs her hand and her side and guides her into the warm tub to him. She slowly sits down with her back against his chest and immediately lays back against him while letting out a soft moan. The hot water surrounding her body feels incredibly nice and relaxing. Goosebumps start to cover her skin and Adam protectively places his hands on her big big tummy.
“Mhm, that’s nice.“ she moans and slowly breathes in and out while having her eyes closed and laying nakedly in her husbands arms. He smiles satisfied to see her this relaxed and safe and happy and sinks his head to kiss her head gently.
“Can we stay here forever?“ she asks quietly, almost whispering because they feel so close.
“I’ll see what I can do.“ he gives back and feels Taylor taking deep and calmed breaths. His big hands lay flat over her soft and round belly and he slowly starts to caress the bump gently while kissing her cheek from behind. His wife however leans rather weakly against his torso, her head rested on his chest. She still has her eyes closed, doesn’t say anything anymore. Adam keeps on loving up on her. He knew already a few minutes ago that today has been incredibly exhausting for her.
“Babe..“ she mumbles incoherently. Adam kisses her temple once more.
“What?“ he whispers in her ear, as Taylor opens her eyes tiredly.
“m’ falling asleep.“ she mumbles, her head still against his chest. Adam smiles, just steals her cheek another kiss.
“That’s good. Sleep a little. I’m right here.“ he assures her, although she most definitely knows that he would never do anything but make sure she’s safe and sound laying here in the big bathtub, wrapped up in his caring arms.

You Can’t Fix This With Yelling (Brother Calum)

Requested by anon - Can u do one with cal where she’s younger than him like 15 and the fans are annoying by her and the boys don’t like having her around bc they feel like they’re babysitting and cal is real defensive and protective about it? Thanks!!

Okay, so it turns out that I misread the request and wrote it as if you were Calum’s 15 year old sister and not his girlfriend. I’m so sorry but if you want me to rewrite it to your original request I can. Again, I’m SO sorry.


“Don’t touch that” Ashton says in a slightly angry tone.

“Sorry” I tell him. “I was just trying to get to my book.” I put the speaker back down onto the desk and walk over to the couch. I start to sit but get stopped by Michael.

“I’m sitting there” I come back up to standing and try the recliner.

“Mine” Luke this time says. I sigh and walk out the door.

“Hey sis” Cal mumbles as he rubs his eyes and walks towards me. 

“Fuck off” I keep walking past him. He stops dead and grabs my arm.

“That’s a little bit harsh for being 15 and for me just saying hey” he responds with a stern voice. 

“You used the same language when you were 15″ I point out.

“What is your issue today?”

“I’m just done with your friends treating me like I’m some terrible human being who is out to destroy their lives any chance I get.”

“What?” His brows are furrowed.

“All I wanted to do this morning was read and I can’t because Ashton put his phone speaker on my book and I’m not allowed to touch that speaker. I can’t sit anywhere in there because that’s always where they are sitting. Even if they just told me that they were sitting somewhere else, the place I want to sit is where they are sitting.” I feel the ramble building up but I’ve had enough of the crap. “Your fans all think I’m here because I’m using you for fame or that our parents sent me away because they couldn’t stand me anymore. Did you know that I’m not really your sister? Oh no…I actually just conned you all into thinking that, the family and the world are all just under my spell. OH! And Mali didn’t go to London to further her career and get some culture. She actually figured me out and had to get away from me.” I want to continue but Calum puts his hand up to stop me. His mouth is hanging open.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I prepare to give the speech again. “What I mean is when did this all start?” I give a rude laugh.

“This has been happening for months. Since the second I came on tour.”

“They guys have treated you like this for months? I’m pretty sure I would have noticed.” His face is unbelieving.

“This is why I didn’t tell you. I knew you would never believe me so I just kept quiet. Like they always say ‘Y/N, you are better when you shut the fuck up’.”

“WHAT!?” He yells.

“Just let me go leave everyone alone.”

“No” he tries to stop me again.

“Fuck off Cal and just leave me alone” I pull my arm away from him forcefully. “Just fuck the fuck off.


I know Calum reaches the boys because I hear the yells.


“What are you yelling for? It’s too early in the morning for yelling” Michael groans at him.

“My sister is hiding because you told her she is better when she shuts the fuck up. What the hell is wrong with you? You treat her fine when I’m around and then treat her like garbage when I leave.”

“She is annoying us” Ashton says and now he is pissed off. 

“She is 15!” Calum says back.

“It’s like we are constantly babysitting her!” Michael tells him.

“All she wanted to do was read and leave you alone.”

“She was touching my shit.”

“Because you put it on her book” I hear a thud.

“What the fuck!” Ashton is yelling again. I run into the room and try to grab the book before Calum realizes what it is. When I get in there I know he already knows. I swallow and can hear how loud my breaths are. I look from one boy to the next and run. I make it outside where I gasp for air before I see the fans there. I hear groans from them before I hear Calum throw the door open. I take off running again and hope the fans grab him but see that they didn’t when I chance a glance back.

“Y/N! Stop! We need to talk about this!” I keep running. I assume the stomping sound is fans but I’m proven wrong with another glance. All four boys are there. I give up running because I know their longs legs will catch me soon anyway. 

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH THIS AGAIN?” Calum yells at me. I sink to the ground and curl up in a ball. The boys are all gasping for breath and I see that the cover I put over the diary was removed. I feel my body rocking back and forth. “WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS DIARY AGAIN? YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE DONE WITH THIS BULIMIA SHIT!” I feel my whole body is shaking now. 

“Calum stop it” I hear someone say. I feel arms wrap around me. I flinch away but they hold me tight.

“I have been fighting for you and you have been making yourself throw up the little food that you eat?!”

“CAL STOP!” I hear Michael say again. I try to pull away from him as soon as I realize that it’s one of them. I should have figured it out but my emotions are not letting me think logically. 

“Shh” he pulls me tight. “I’m so sorry.”

“You’re not though! You are just sorry you didn’t get away with treating me like shit for no reason.” I finally pull away from him. “Fuck. You. All” That’s the last thing I say before walking away. They don’t follow and I don’t argue that. Who knows where I’m going? Who really gives a shit.


marinaras-trench  asked:

oh god i meant to ask you how you make the eldritch word vomit (like how you figure out where to put the letters) thing but i don't remember if i got around to it so if i did remmember than i'm so so horribly sorry for bothering you, and if i didn't, this is me, asking.

Eldritongue has no set format or ‘rules’ on how to write it. It’s easier to create when you imagine it as part of the art that happens to look like letters. Have them altered and combined in just such a way that it’s not immediately discernible, but still evokes the feel of a language being spoken that we could almost understand in some strange, supernatural way, but not quite grasping it fully without focus or becoming more familiar with it or its speaker.
I find this makes it seem more otherwordly than something that can be reliably decoded once you ‘crack’ it; more recognizing patterns and using your imagination than anything else. That wiggle room and the ability for different people to parse different words from a verse is part of the appeal to me.

Some Eldritongue is pretty easy, some is exceptionally distorted. The ‘deeper’ the dialect, the trickier it can be. Some pointers, I suppose, would be to combine letters by having them share lines, even if this means rotating, reversing, or warping them, or have them flow into each other. If you can reduce a whole word to a single ‘form,’ definitely go for it. The letter ’ I / i ” is almost always presented in the lowercase, while other letters are often interchangeable. The letter ‘O’ rarely blends with other letters, rather, one line will spring from it and letters form from there, or don’t touch it but curve around it; one of the only Eldritongue words that is fairly consistent in any verse is the word ‘You’ which is a good example:

Other tips include conveying nature of the speaker or the tone of the words being spoken with smoother lines vs jagged lines, ‘tidy’ vs ‘drippy’ and so on. Stylization of the bubbles the Eldritongue appears in can also be utilized!
And most importantly, Eldritongue can be soothing as well as damaging ; it doesn’t automatically translate to cosmic horror level danger, just a cosmic something level speaker, or at least a speaker in touch with that sort of power.
I even sometimes use mundane versions of it for billboards or signs in-universe to give the city a more alien feel.