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On this day in music history: June 19, 1970 - “Diana Ross”, the debut album by Diana Ross is released. Produced by Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson, it is recorded at Motown Studio A in Detroit, MI and A&R Studios in New York City from September 1969 - March 1970. The former Supremes lead singer begins work on her solo debut before leaving the group officially in January 1970. Motown, wanting to market her as the “black Barbra Streisand” initially have Ross record with producer Bones Howe. The material they record ends up being shelved and Ashford & Simpson along with Motown staff songwriter/producer Johnny Bristol are  given the assignment of crafting the Motown superstars’ debut. The album spins off two singles including “Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand)” (#7 R&B, #20 Pop) and a dramatic reworking of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” (#1 R&B and Pop), first recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in 1967. It is the albums breakout hit and establishes Ross as a solo star in her own right. The LP’s distinctive and iconic cover photo, taken by fashion photographer Harry Langdon, features a sepia toned picture of Ross wearing a tie-dyed T-shirt and cut off shorts, holding an apple. The photo is taken with a special optical lens, distorting her features. After taking a series of high glamour shots the same day, the casual picture is chosen instead to stand in sharp contrast to the Motown superstars elegant, high fashion image. Originally released on CD in the mid 80’s, it is remastered and reissued in 2002, featuring eight bonus tracks, including four previously unreleased tracks from the aborted Bones Howe produced sessions and tracks produced by Johnny Bristol. Out of print on vinyl since the late 80’s, it is reissued as a 180 gram LP on Universal’s “Back To Black” series, and by Speakers Corner Records in 2009. “Diana Ross” spends two weeks at number one on the Billboard R&B album chart, peaking at number nineteen on the Top 200.

Robot pt.3 (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: (Y/N) is a girl who, due to her genetics, has the power to feel and hear everyone’s thoughts and feelings around her. In return for the surrounding teenagers being unable to control their emotions/thoughts, she decides to act as if her own do not exist. (Y/N) is called a robot by many of her peers but she’s far from emotionless, as a certain Peter Parker discovers at one of Tony Stark’s parties. 

A/N: I hope you enjoy! I honestly am so proud of this series! I also made a small playlist for the mini series :) Its here!

Warnings: Uhhh fluff, my cheesy writing, and slight make out?

Words: 1717

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Where (****), Play this (Tell Me You Love Me- Demi Lovato) song or this one! (All the Stars - Ed Sheeran)

With wide eyes, Peter stood in shocked silence, unsure what his next move should be. It seemed the walls were closing in on him and all the people talking were turning to him in judgment of his actions. A voice broke through his slight anxiety attack “Go ask her to dance.” A voice appeared in his mind. Startled, Peter fell off his chair and onto the ground which scared nearby people. “Sorry, sorry!” He exclaimed, blushing.

Looking around he found Wanda Maximoff raising her glass to him and pointed towards her daughter.

‘What if she says no? Pretty sure she hates me now…’ He asked in his mind, Wanda answering in a second as if she was right in front of him rather than across the room.

‘I’m pretty sure anyone who hated you wouldn’t spend three weeks, voluntarily with Tony, on a suit that stops you getting hurt if she hated you.’

‘Even after what I’ve said?’ Delving into his mind lightly, Wanda saw and smiled.

‘Especially now. Now, go grab her hand and drag her ass to the dance floor, you silly boy!’ Wanda laughed. ‘Sometimes the things you really want take a little bit of a push to really get there…’

'I-I’m not… I don’t…’

'Don’t try to lie to someone who can read your mind even better than you can read your own.’ Raising an eyebrow, Wanda disappeared into the crowd and left a blushing boy who was tugging at his sleeves.

Taking a deep breath, he decided to take her advice and began seeking (y/n) out. Pushing past many drunk adults, Peter could smell the alcohol on everyone.

A slow song started to play as couples and friends gathered to slow dance together. (****)

Finally spotting her across the room, time seemed to slow down, some kind of swell in his stomach growing tenfold. Off to the side, Wanda stood, eyes slightly growing red as she gave some confidence to the boy.

(Y/n) was standing with Tony and Rhodey and Peter walked over with the utmost confidence- almost as if he owned the building. As soon as Tony spotted him, he smirked. Following Tony’s eyes, (y/n) saw Peter approaching and her heart skipped a beat at his expression, it was pure determination. For once (y/n) tried to use her powers to see what was in his mind and saw… nothing.

Was he… was he blocking her? That means he knew about her abilities. Looking around to hopefully work out the culprit, she found the Winter Soldier, raising his beer to her.

Now, Peter stood in front of (y/n), a smirk on his lips, making her heart skip a beat. Tony and Rhodey quickly deciding to move away and joining Wanda and Vision in the corner; waiting for their plan to unfold.

“(Y/n), can I ask you for this dance?”

“No. I told you Mr. Parker-” she was cut off but an abrupt grab of her hand. Peter held her hand and in her shocked state managed to pull her to the middle of the dance floor with many couples. Thank god for Aunt May teaching him to dance a semblance of the waltz after Homecoming a few years ago.

Pulling (y/n) to him, so she was lightly pressed against him, he guided one of her hands to his shoulder and held the other in his palm. The softness of his grasp as he held her waist and hand, like she was made of glass, causes (y/n) to fall into a further shock of the boy before her. None of her normal techniques were working and shock was very visible on her face with a heart racing in her chest.

Swaying slowly, Peter finally gathered his remaining courage to look down at her. Seeing how close their faces became as he did, (y/n)’s breath hitched.  He began lightly singing the words, his breath fanning her lips. For once she wasn’t hearing thoughts and feeling of other people. She heard silence, a heartbeat thumping wildly. 

“Peter…” (Y/n) whispered out his first name for once, their faces still close as Peter led them slowly around the floor. He admired her eyes and lips as he stared shamelessly.

Playing lightly with the hand he was holding, she held her palm open as he traced his fingers up and down hers before interlocking his own with hers. Her powers usually worked much better when she touched somebody which caused her hands to become incredibly sensitive to touch.

A visible shiver went down her spine at his touch, an abundance of emotions seemed to seep through his palms into hers. (Y/n) sensed… love, adoration and pure bliss. Turning her head to look at their palms and then back to Peter as he leaned his forehead on hers.

Peter was the first, outside her family, to openly touch her and he was the first to dance with her. He seemed to know this and gained the confidence to lean and extra way down.

Head tilting, soft lips met each other. It was a peck and (y/n) finally saw what she had been missing out on all this time. Him. Everything closed from the world suddenly became open. She was too busy on schoolwork and getting rid of her emotions, she never saw anybody else… not really. But now he was here, just asking her to dance with him, to trust and open up to him.

A ripple echoed through her body and she was pulled backward and far away from the hall of the Avengers facility and into a completely white space.

Here she saw the back of a woman with long hair who was opening her arms up to a little girl with brown curly hair. Next, a taller man approached blowing a raspberry on the little girl’s cheek, machining her squeal happily in the woman’s arms. It was unclear of who they were until they began walking away, fading as if their existence was about to be demolished.

(Y/n), not wanting to be alone, reached her hand out, shouting “wait!”, but only the male seemed to hear, the other two walking on and disappearing. Turning his head around to see (y/n), her heart stopped and the vision faded.

As the face faded it didn’t completely disappear; instead it transformed into a slightly more boyish version. Looking around (y/n) found herself back out of what she believed to be a vision; instigated by the kiss. It wasn’t the first time she’d had one but none were as vivid as that. Looking back up into the chocolate eyes of Peter, (y/n) saw the boy before her and the man he would become. She now knew who the woman was, who the man was and their daughter to come. 

The girl took her hands from Peters and brought them to his face and brought his lips down and back to hers. He’d shown her a life she never thought would have been possible for herself let alone someone like her. Both quickly melting into the kiss. Peter brought his hands to her lower back and pulled her closer to him if it was even possible.  Between kisses, (y/n) kept thanking him.

Wanda laughed blissfully and clapped her hands together.

Just as they were separating from their second kiss that night, Peter turned his head and brought them into another one. Using a little tongue, Peter could inch her mouth open slightly and touch his tongue to hers. Gasping lightly only gave Peter more access as she moved her hand up to thread between his curls.

Finally ending the kiss, Peter peppered her cheeks in kisses and then left a light one on her forehead. Opening his eyes, Peter was graced with the most beautiful smile and pride in his chest realising he caused it.

He got the robot to break her shell.

“What?” (Y/n) shyly muttered, it felt good for her to not withhold her feelings for once, but for him, she wouldn’t. Her hands still wrapped within Peters’ hair and his on her waist, the pair now stood not moving on the dance floor.

“You’re beautiful (y/n) …”

“So are you I-I mean you’re …. yeah.” Out of the two people, Peter had thought he’d be the one stumbling over his words but there she was, barely able to get a sentence out. Kissing her sweetly on her temple, (y/n) closed her eyes at the contact.

Whispering, she asked, almost like a kid- “c-can I kiss you all the time?”

“I’m yours as long as you want (y/n). I bend at your will…” Peter’s tone held nothing but the truth as he held his head near her ear and gave her continuous kisses to the temple.

Staring at him breathlessly, she felt the pure devotion within his tone, even without her powers. (Y/n) replied with another kiss. “I’d like that.“ (Y/n)’s smile lit up the room, some people even turning to look. Some had known the girl for years, having seen her at many parties and never had they seen her smile.

Finally, she had discovered, with her emotions, she could block out everyone else’s. With such happy emotions surrounding her and within her, she legitimately began glowing a white light.  Everybody within the room was pelted with a sweet emotion, they all felt it as everyone stopped to look at the glowing girl. Some shocked while others smiled.

Wanda looked at Vision, ” I haven’t seen her do that since she was five!“ Vision, feeling the effects of (y/n)’s powers, simply gave her a kiss on the forehead and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. It seemed to affect everyone in the room, both couples and crush’s equally. Most turning blissfully and adoringly towards each other.

Tony looked to Steve and him back. Leaning down Steve gave him a small kiss on the lips and tugged him into his side. Tony’s face on fire- he thought he was the PDA master in the relationship.

Peter looked around in awe at her effect on the hundreds of people around him. “You’re amazing (y/n) … I can’t believe you…” he couldn’t contain his awe, he couldn’t find the words to express it. When he looked down to her once more, (y/n) was simply looking at him with such admiration, Peter thought he could do anything.

“Thank you. Truly Peter…”

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Drowned in Life

Tender rays of the sun try to pierce the emerald green deep water. They reach and reach, and reach, but they are never quite able to reach the very bottom of my personal lake. I lie here, partly covered with sand, feeling as everything around me is floating. I want to raise my hand, I want to touch those glittering threads of the pale sun dancing through the deep, but I cannot move - and at the same time every atom of me is moving, I am floating with the water, in the water, I am the water, I am…

Am I?

The very existence seems just some obscure and hazy shadow on the surface of the water, without any shape, without meaning or a name. I dissolve in the emerald water, I am nowhere and yet, I am everywhere, I seep into the sand deeper and deeper, beyond the bottom of the lake. I…

The alarm clock rings, its sound instantly giving me headache and an acknowledgement of the beginning of yet another working week. I get up, eat my breakfast, ride to work, do the tasks for the day, chat with coworkers, ride home, dine, watch some TV, read a few pages, and go back to sleep.

In my dream, I float, I feel the gentle caressing touches of sunlight on my silvery surface. I vaporize and levitate in the crystal air, then I fall in thousands of raindrops back, crashing into the dark surface of my fathomless lake, I raise the sand from the bottom and swirl it into my crazy dance, I am everything and nothing…

The alarm clock rings.

Another day starts.

I follow my routine, but the sad ache in the back of my head makes everything surreal. The engine wouldn’t start - oh well, let’s take a bus. I plug my headphones, blankly staring in the window on the greyish colorless streets. I am awake, yet I’ve never felt so lost, drowned and crashed by reality.

Somebody gently touches my hand. I step back without even looking, hiding my hand in the pocket. Somebody tenderly puts one hand on my elbow, plugging out the headphones. What an outraging obtrusiveness. I am ready to scream, to shout, to hit the troublemaker - I take a deep breath and… Our eyes meet, and I can see the sunlight in them, the warmth and life I’ve been searching for so long. I am lost in your glimmering light, kindness, love and calmness you emanate.

- Marry me, - you say, and these tiny two words rip me out from my emerald lake, they tear me out from my endless sleep, filling my veins with electricity and vitality.

- I will, - I smile, and I have never felt more awake and more human.

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Peter Pan Imagine: Shut Up, Dork, and Kiss Me

Request from anonymous: “Please do the christmas prompt of the pulling you in for a kiss with a scarf. I dont really care who with, it just seems so cute.” (I turned this into a winter scarf because Christmas is over now) _____________________________________ 

 This island was surely bipolar, and you were complete and utterly positive of this. 

One second it was like the sun was falling directly on the island, and the next it seemed like the sun had been swallowed up by the dark and droopy clouds above. Today it just so happened that the sun had been bombarded by the sky, and was not giving anybody on the island any type of sympathy. 

Shivers rumbled violently throughout your body as you continued to skin the insides out of the animal you had hunted. Even it was almost frozen solid, making it all the more difficult for you to tear the meat away from its flesh.

 You sat, wave after wave of chills speeding down your spine, near the fire. Almost as an instinct, you would subconsciously scoot to closer to the fire, then have to force yourself to move back, less you burn your skin.

 "Damn Pan and his-“ you started to mumble, before getting interrupted. 

"Damn me and my what?” You looked up with a toxic sneer; there was no way, in this weather, you would survive without proper clothing. 

Something as simple as a hat would help you in your state, but apparently Pan was too busy with whatever task he was doing to care. 

 "You and your unwillingness to give me descent clothing in this damn awful weather, you idiot!“ 

 He rolled his eyes, "I think you’ll survive." 

 "Not in this weather! You must have forgotten that I don’t even have a sturdy coat, I’m wearing a sweater!” You hissed back, throwing your arms up in exasperation at his ignorance. 

 He sighed, putting his hands on his knees and pushing himself up from his position across from you. He held out his hand, as if he thought you would let him help you up. You looked straight at his outstretched hand, and stood up by yourself. He shrugged and turned away, strutting towards the direction of his treehouse. 

 "What the Hell, Pan? I need suitable clothes or I’ll freeze!“ You yelled at him, stoming after him and tugging on his arm in frustration.

 He turned around and spoke, clearly annoyed,” Well, then come on! I was trying to get you to follow me so I could get you some!“

 You rolled your eyes as he turned around, giving him a shameless wierd face behind his back. A few lost boys that sat near you snickered at your reaction, but soon continued feverishly with their work as they saw the look Pan had given them. 


 "You know, you don’t have to be a total jerk all the time,” you mumbled as the two of you reached the ladder leading to his hut that was hidden in the fortress of snow that covered the tree. 

 "Be quiet.“ He growled, the sound resembling a wild animal.

 "See!” You pointed out to him, “You just growled like a dog! Only jerks do that! It’s creepy, and weird.”

 He turned around,“Just climb the damn ladder, (Y/N).”

 "What if I don’t want to?“ You challenged, crossing your arms and planting your feet on the ground. 

 "Then you know very well what I could do; don’t test what little patience I have for you." 

 "As if that is going to scare me? You wouldn’t do anything, not to me, or any of the lost boys for that matter!”

 "Oh, you’d be surprised…“ 

 You squinted your eyes wickedly at him, sick of bickering pointlessly with him when he would just keep firing things back at you. 

 "You’re a baboon." 

 And with that last insult pouring from your mouth, you walked past him, purposely bumping his shoulder, and started climbing the wooden pegs. He followed closely behind, and you could practically sense the victorious smirk plastered onto his face. 

 "I may be a baboon, but at least-" 

 You silenced him with a sharp ‘shh!’ and then sighed in content, he was finally quiet. 

It wasn’t often that you could hear only the birds singing soft melodies, and usually it wasn’t that long of a break when you did, but you always savored the moments. All that could be heard was what sounded like a robin and a bluejay serenading each other; that was, until a though interrupted their lullabies. 

"Pan, why am I going first? You need to unlock the door…” You interrogated as you reached the top, finding that the ladder lead straight to the door without a deck or porch first. 

 He chuckled, “Because then I get to do this!" 

 He climbed up towards you, much to your dismay, so that his feet were on the same step as yours, his front held tight against your back. He was practically laying on top of you, squishing you against the wood. One hand held the latter step just above your head to keep his balance, while the other casually searched for what you assumed was the key to the door you were pressed against. 

You weren’t as cold anymore with him on you, but you now had other problems. 

 "Pan! Get off of me! I don’t want your disgusting, germ covered dna this close to me!” You screeched, trying to squeeze away from him. 

 "Aw, love! Are you embarrassed about a little human contact? Oh, you really should get used to that!“ He teased in a baby voice, urging you to try and get further away.

 A small voice in your head told you he was right, that you were completely lost and embarrassed when it came to contact with another living being. Had it really been that long since you’d had a hug, or even touched the hand of somebody in a non-violent fighting technique?

 "For the love of–just get the damn key!” He laughed at your misery, finally reaching the the key up to the lock. You were about to breathe a sigh of relief, when he suddenly paused.

 "What’s the magic words?“ 

 You groaned, "I swear I will personally punch you in the balls if you don’t put that dumb key in that lock right now.”

 "Wrong! The password is…“ he paused to think, ”'Pan is sexy’“ 

 "Oh, no way. I’m not saying that, so just open the door, you insufferable idiot!”  

“Not until you say the password." 


 "Then we’ll stay here all night if we have to!”

 "Pan, open the door! I’m not kidding!“ You screamed, fed up with his stupid games he had been playing. 

 "Neither am I, say the password!" 

 "I’m not saying the password!" 

 "You have to!" 

 "No, I really don’t!”

 "If you want in, you do.“ 

 "Then get off so that I can climb down, because I’m not saying the password.”


 You screamed loudly in frustration, turning around beneath him and taking a vicious swipe at his face. He caught your arms by its wrist, gently bringing it back to your side with extreme caution. His eyes held surprise; no lost person had ever tried to physically hurt him before unless they had a valid reason.

 You huffed angrily at him,"Let go of my arm and let me down from this stupid ladder, I don’t want the clothes anymore! Don’t touch me you idiot, you stupid-”


 "No! I don’t wanna stop talking just because you say I have to you damn ignorant idiot, you have no right to tell me-”

 "I said STOP!“ He yelled loudly, scaring the living daylights out of your figure, causing you to, out of your better judgment, flinch slightly. 


 He pushed the door open and lifted your hate filled body into the room, following in pursuit soon after. 

You were too caught up in pouting that you didn’t stop to realise the cool knick knacks and treasures he had placed around his one roomed house. In one corner was a shelf full of things you could only find in Neverland; pixie dust in bottles, mermaid scales, and many other exotic mementos. 

 "The only thing I have are some old coats from me, and they’ll still be a bit big…but they’ll have to do I guess.” He told you, but you weren’t paying much attention to him any more. 

 You had finally gotten rid your pouty face and put on one of wonder and excitement as you eyed the endless trinkets that cluttered up his room. 

 You felt a pile of clothes hit you in the side of the head, snapping you out of your daze. You picked the clothes off the floor and then glared at the annoying boy.

 "Don’t give me that look! I just gave you some of my best clothes!“ 

 You looked down at the soft material in your hands and furrowed your brows. Why did he give you such nice clothes? 

 You set some of the extra articles of clothing (a hat, scarf, and gloves) on his bed, grabbing the coat and slipping it around your shoulders.

 It was huge, to say the least, but extremely warm. It hung from your shoulders slightly, and came down to your thighs. The sleeves dangled past your hands. You flopped the sleeves around a bit and pulled up the hood of the green, leather like material. It covered your eyes a bit, creating a sinister aura.

 Well, as sinister as you could get. 

You put your hands on your hips and puffed out your chest, lowering your voice as spoke, "I am Pahn! Leadah of the lost boys! I like to floy, und my second in commund is Felux." 

 He raised his eyebrow at you, a smirk making its way onto his lips. 

 "Ah! Felux!” You stood beside him and poorly imitated his British accent, reaching up to sling an arm around his shoulders, “Today is a good doy to play hoyd and seek with the lost boys! Lut’s play!" 


 "Who is this (Y/N)? Do I know 'er?” You asked, flicking your eyebrows up simultaneously. 

 He roll his eyes, “You are a dork.”

 "How dah you coll me, Petah Pahn, a dok!“ You bellowed, leaning back with your hand on your heart dramatically.

 As you leaned back up, you saw a reaction completely different from the one you had expected. 

 He grabbed the scarf that sat on the edge of his bed and walked towards you with it, agonisingly slow. 

 You, of course, were scared for your life because of the way he was looking at you. He had a dark tint in his eyes, and an animalistic grin on his face.

 He got close enough to where he could finally reach you, and then swung the scarf around the back of your neck. Tugging you roughly to him, he slowly leaned down so that you were nose to nose. 

 He looked into your eyes intensely, then closed them and tilted his lips down. They met yours, and somehow you found yourself kissing back. He pulled you closer to him with the scarf, but then dropped it and slid one hand down to your waist, the other resting on the back of your neck.

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 After a few moments of the intense yet meaningful kiss, the two of you broke away. Both of your cheeks were dusted in a scarlet color, a butterfly effect taking its toll on your stomach. Your lips were still numb, and all you could think about was kissing his again. 

 "Uh…thanks for the clothes by the way, how can I repay you?" 

 To which he replied, "More of those.” and pulled you in once more.


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talk to me about forever

forever is often quiet and lonely. wind in the trees. waves before crashing. the things that happen after death that people pretend to know about. it doesn’t know how to speak, only touch you with somebody else’s hands.