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Theory of Kim Minseok

The Observer. Always looking. But not the bad guy.

I think Minseok’s case goes all the way back to MAMA MV. In the Chinese ver. he is seen in a room with Lay and there are mirrors on the ceiling. In the Korean ver. It’s shown that Lay saw Baekhyun through one of the mirrors. Maybe Minseok uses Lay’s ability to observe the other members.

Also, in What Is Love MV Chanyeol finds a stone with Lay’s symbol on it. The same symbol can be seen in the ‘book’ that he is holding. On the symbol you can see balls in the end of strings and at first look it looks like the unicorns mane. But the same balls hanging from somewhere can bee seen in other videos as well, for example LMR and Lightsaber—(More later)

In Overdose it’s not as easy to notice, but (again, Chinese version) right before Minseok says E-X-O, the vision gets grainy, like you would watch the video on an old computer or TV. The grain is there the whole video – but it’s the most noticeable in that part – so I don’t know if it’s like a production thing, but it could be that, again, they are being monitored. This time however the one monitoring is not Minseok, obviously, but a third party AKA the red forces from MAMA narration.

Also, note that Minseok is the only one wearing short sleeve - or should I say no sleeves at all, so there must be something different about him.

Pathcode is a quick one, but you can see it if you know what to look for. In Minseok’s pathcode he touches the TV screen as it changes to static. You can see the ‘other side of that screen’ on the Overdose intro when D.O. opens the box.

Next one is in Love Me Right MV. This one is pretty obvious: there are monitors or TVs all around him. He’s watching over the other members. His cap even says Spectator which literally means observer, the one that watches. You can also see mirrors on the ceiling again in the room Minseok is in. There are also light bulbs handing from it and they remind the balls in Lay’s unicorn symbol (in What Is Love). Minseok might be watching the others through the mirrors again.

Minseok is also sitting at the end of a table(the same table from Monster teaser). It looks like he is in control, the one that is behind it all.

You can see him doing some chemistry in LMR. Some say that it’s the poison that they inject into D.O. in Lucky One teaser, but the one in LMR is much lighter in color. My assumption is that instead of poison, it’s the cure. This tells me that Minseok isn’t the bad guy in the end.

He’s also seen with Chen most of the time so I’d say that those two are working together.

Last quick one: The TV gets broken. This could mean that Minseok’s ruling is coming to an end.

Most noticeable clue is in LMR Romantic Universe AKA Japanese version. There Minseok is literally in the same room as the monitors that show the other members. Observer. However, he’s being monitored as well. Again, the third party is watching them all.

Minseok calls to Chen. They could be reporting to one way or another or then Minseok is warning Chen. Maybe he knows that the red forces are after them and tells Chen to watch out. It would make sense, since after if Baekhyun’s dominoes fall. This could represent the domino effect. Maybe Minseok and Chen 'work’ for the enemy while being on EXO’s side. This way they would have the upper hand in everything. But now the enemy has found out and is coming after all of them. Chain of events that includes everything that Minseok has done: monitoring, poisons and control.

As Minseok’s flower vase falls to the TV cords, the power goes out. Minseok is no longer in control of the members. He can no longer watch after them. Kim Minseok’s ruling has ended.

Then, in the Lucky One teaser, Minseok is actually there. Many say that he’s missing. He is actually running with Suho at the beginning, but next time we see Suho, he’s alone. So, what happened to Minseok? He was most likely captured. He didn’t look back while running so maybe he tried to make it look like he was still on the enemy’s side. Or maybe he just didn’t look at that moment. Whatever the case, he was captured and, as we see in the Monster teaser, beaten up. Someway he got out to call someone – maybe Chen back in the Romantic Universe – but in the end, we can see him in handcuffs like everyone else.

So, long story short, no, Minseok is not the bad guy, not the enemy. He might work for them but his heart is with EXO. I’d say that if EXO is on the other side and the enemy on the other, Minseok is somewhere in the middle(with Chen).