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Me: Wow, I can’t believe Skam is ending in a couple of days. That must mean we’re going to tie up all the loose ends of the many storylines Julie created this season.

Skam: *introduces new relationship drama with Eva, Jonas, Emma, and PChris*


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living the dream

Fandom: Skam
Ships: Chris x Eva and Noora x William
Summary: The double date is Chris’s idea.
(Canon compliant if you squint and pretend Chris x Emma never happened.)

Two New Messages from Christoffer Schistad:

Hey bro

You know how we’ve always said it would be cool to go on a double date

William Magnusson:

When has either of us ever said that

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Did you watch the p chris clip? What are your thoughts??

Okay, prepare for a huge rant you brought this on yourself btw (jk though, i love you for messaging me :))

First of all, when I saw that the new clip was about my smol bean Chris, I freaking did a double-take, like, my butt literally hit the ceiling and I couldn’t stop screaming like a crazy person thank God I live alone or I might have been institutionalized or something. I legit just dropped everything I was doing (like, you don’t understand, it was a whole procedure, not only did I stop eating, which, don’t even go there, but I even closed the window to shut out the noise and pulled the curtains so there wouldn’t be any glare on my screen). And I screamed my head off, basically.

Second of all, the first time I watched it I had to go back like every five seconds and re-watch every single movement and interaction between those two absolutely adorable dorks, all the while squealing my life out because awh mai gawd, they are sooooo precious :3 My sweet little boi Chris touching and gazing at Eva with all the care and love in the world and her waking up all sleepy, and both of them smiling and softly laughing at each other and awhhhwhw! I freaKING KNEW THAT THIS WAS WHAT THEIR RELATIONSHIP WAS LIKE! This was 99% what I had in mind, seriously. I was absolutely sure that Eva changed his outlook and that sooner or later he would want to be with her and only her, I am SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW, you don’t even know. Then that whole thing with Chris’s dream (subtle, Chris, really subtle) who basically asked Eva to be his girlfriend and she flat-out rejected him, and I was like evA DON’T BLOW HOLES IN MY SHIP!!! (ultimately I get where she’s coming from though, she’s still wary and doesn’t want to get hurt like she did with Jonas (not that it was his fault, they just weren’t meant to be), so she’s cautious and thinking that if Chris isn’t her boyfriend then she can’t get hurt, even if he cheats or something, because technically they’re not together). But this is Chris we’re talking about, ever met someone more determined? Yeah. So, I don’t think he’s gonna give up, I think he’s just going to pursue Eva and be all like whatever, we’re dating, and she’s gonna be like Chris, you’re not my boyfriend, and he’s gonna smirk like the cocky little shit he is and kiss her senseless and then after she thinks he’s given up he’s gonna say yeah, but, like, we’re dating, and in the end Eva’s going to be so frustrated she’s just gonna give up (but in the meantime Chris is gonna prove to her that he’s really not going to hurt her and that she can trust him, and in the end they’re gonna be so damn happy together). Eva just needs reassurance, she’s fearful because of the past (her own past, as well as Chris’s) and she needs time to see that Chris really loves her (because, I mean, come on, you can’t tell me that that boy is not totally whipped, like, my cute little puppy looked so hurt when Eva said that they’re never going to be together, it just broke my heart, but it’s okay, because we all know that’s not true). They just make each other so incredibly happy, the glow-up is amazing. On another note, what a great way to meet your future son-in-law, don’t you think? :D (you know it’s gonna happen, don’t even argue with me)

So, yeah, as you can probably tell, I have re-watched the clip at least 549 times, and I just can’t get enough of those two cinnamon rolls, and my whole life is literaLLY MADE Y'ALL. Like, this is what I have been waiting for ever since that first kiss at the Halloween party, I freaking KNEW MY SHIP WOULD SAIL :)))

Anyway, thank you so much for messaging me, anon, much love and fluffy ChrisEva hugs for you and I hope you have an amazing day ^^

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Do something with Sombra! Sombra/Zarya or Sombra/Katya or Sombra/Symmetra or just Sombra being Sombra and booping someone!

Okay, I totally forgot the booping part. Whoops. 

Friends with Benefits - Katya x Sombra - SFW (sorry)

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Katya should have expected that woman would be back very soon. ‘Sombra’, was it? Whatever her name was, Katya should have known. People like that didn’t stay away from people like her for very long. 

When she returned, she’d cause another security breach, Katya assumed. Maybe alarms, drama, chaos—that seemed like the sort of situation Sombra liked to manufacture. She clearly had a flair for drama, after all.

What Katya didn’t expect was to wander into her office late at night after most of her staff had gone home and find herself suddenly face to face with

God! That woman, who was sitting poised on Katya’s executive table, legs casually crossed, shaking a Chinese Baoding Ball beside her ear and listening to it chime. “Huh,” she said, examining the ball. “Are these really all that relaxing? I always wondered.”

Katya’s breath caught in her throat. “You.”

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Ok but like… with the new Floriana content, her being back, shooting again with Chyler… kissing her in sanvers scene…. jadfhakljdfhaldfkhasdjlf I’M NUTTING AGAIN!! COS HER CHEEK TOUCHED MINE AND NOW SHE’S KISSING CHYLER FUCKING LEIGH!!! kjdfhasdkjfhaklfdfhasklf
God I’m such a gay mess :D I’m not sorry tho :D

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Darkling, listen.

Chriseva Fic. Coda to E08

Good Girls Don’t Cry (3.2K)
Series of events leading up to and taking place during Eva’s birthday party in episode eight. Basically, Eva and Chris make out a lot, and you know…talk about feelings and shit.

Eva didn’t really expect him to show up.

The invite was more out of courtesy than anything else, because they were…what, hooking up? Seeing each other? Actually dating? That last part was borderline laughable because this was Chris Eva was talking about. The Chris. Penetrator Chris. Fuckboy Chris. Been with pretty much all the girls in school Chris.

But he was also the Chris who didn’t make fun of her when she mistook him for the wrong Chris. The one who greeted her nicely in the courtyard of the school that morning. The Chris who played into her flirting and told her that she was smart and that she was interesting. The Chris who comforted her during the party when she was feeling so down and so worthless and so pathetic. The Chris who was so gentle with her and kind and she took advantage of that kindness and kissed him almost out of spite because of Jonas. He leaned into the kiss but it didn’t make it any less fair to him and to Iben and one of the things Eva was truly thankful for was being able to make amends about that momentary lapse in judgement with Iben, because she was the real victim in all this.

You’d think that she’d actually learn her lesson after that, but Chris remained Chris and Eva remained Eva and somehow they found a bond, a camaraderie of sorts in their messed up history together and somehow that evolved into the dysfunctional relationship they sort of landed face first into. One based on purely sexual attraction to each other. They didn’t have anything to hide or a dark history the other didn’t know about. They didn’t have to pretend that they were innocent in any way because they’d seen each other at their absolute worst. But through that, somehow they created a bond that wasn’t just a fling or a fleeting hook up in broom closet or a crowded stairwell.

And then it happened.

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@evaceratops and I have been busy at work with the Arcmaiden fic - title still TBD because there are so many good quotes about love, war, life, stars, hope, and so on, damnit - and I’m really proud of what we have so far! Not to mention I’ve been meaning to do this sort of accountability/preview post for a while now. So for now, have a quick snippet from the second chapter…

“If I may offer a recommendation, Skywalker,” Shaak Ti spoke up, the hologram flickering with distortion, “ARC troopers Fives and Echo have recently returned from a mission to Sullust. And as they both served in your battalion prior to their promotions, they are familiar with your particular tactical… style.”

Ahsoka didn’t bother to hide her laugh this time, and even Senator Amidala cracked a small smile. Anakin gave Shaak Ti a small bow. “Of course, Master Ti. I have no doubt the rest of the 501st will be happy to see them again, too.”

“Do not lose sight of the mission at hand, Skywalker. This is not a vacation.” Mace said sharply, reminding everyone of the seriousness of the situation. “Senator Amidala, I have confidence in your abilities to find the spy, but is this something you can do alone? A security detail of a few clones and two Jedi won’t be able to help with the more delicate work that I foresee this mission will require.”

Senator Amidala smiled and visibly relaxed as she said, “I have just the group in mind, Master Windu. Three of my handmaidens from my time as Queen, who now work as a sort of… special operations team for the Royal Houses of Naboo. We were trained for just this sort of thing.”

“Oh!” Obi-Wan exclaimed. He sat up straight and leaned forward, his eyes twinkling merrily. “Yes! Sabé, Eirtaé, and Rabé, of course – we happened to run into them not too long ago. They were the ones who actually discovered the plans for more droid factories on that Separatist frigate a few weeks ago,” he explained to the rest of the Council. “I suspect we may have actually gotten in their way, but they are exactly what this mission requires, Master Windu. I have complete confidence in them, and I cannot recommend them enough.”

Senator Amidala said nothing, but grinned in delight at Obi-Wan’s high praise of her sisters as the Masters considered his words. Ahsoka remembered the trio of handmaidens, too, casually hacking into the Separatist mainframe after getting captured on purpose and laying waste to almost three battalions of droids on board. Yes, they are exactly what this sort of thing calls for.


Фух, дорисовал~

[ EN ] 

anna11-vlog : Eva, do you like inflatable circles and mattresses in the form of fruit? A sleeves?

Oh sorry, I meant THE INFLATABLE SLEEVS ON THE HOOVES ( Wordplay, idk how translate this, sorry )

Eva: Of course, I have a favorite inflatable circle with watermelon. And I don’t need sleeves, I can swim. In addition, in them I’m even more similar like a child.

*sound of touches*
*screams of Eva*


Selor: Need to eat less~~

So Eva understood that mattresses are better than circles. In them ass don’t stuck :з And that she loves Selor very much <3

I really need an explanation for Eva’s shirt at Jonas’ place though..

Because as long as I don’t have one I’ll believe that they hooked up and that that’s a thing that happens occasionally. It’s something they never talk about, it just happens.

They both would probably like it to be more but they’re scared it will end like last time and they’re both positive the other one definitely don’t want more.

It’s just that no one else will ever be as good, no one else know them like that, no one else can compare to what they are to each other and what they have.

It’s easy being with each other, but it’s also so complicated.