touch of africa

Ringo Starr giving a drum lesson to an Autistic boy named Gary. 

“The correspondence started when I was ten with Autism and in those far off days there was no cure. However whilst lying in front of the radio the song, Yellow Submarine came on sung by Ringo. Immediately I started to reach to this stimuli after previously being unresponsive. This led to a breakthrough. The Beatles got to hear about this via there management and a delighted Ringo got in touch. We emigrated to South Africa in 1969 and in 1975 when he came over for a promotional tour we met up in his hotel room and had a long chat coupled with a drum lesson. My parents and the press were present  and it was widely reported in the South African press. I work a lot with Autism societies nowadays and if there is one thing I do realise and that is how lucky I am”

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Actually no they pretty much haven't been ''invented'', in the sense that Northern Europeans would freak out if they saw an African man/women in basically any timeperiod before about 1850. The same with Africans, they too would and have probably been freaked out by the sudden appearance of Europeans during the Colonial age.If for example a white person were to appear in an African movie that played in 1600 I would be angry same with an African in Northern Europe in 1600. It's inaccurate.










Why do white people want to act like there was some kind of magical barrier separating Europe from the rest of the world that just disintegrated when they felt like it was time for slavery? Have you ever looked at a map? Portugal (which , for the obviously geography impaired anon, is in Europe) is practically touching north Africa. And what is your excuse for films set in old Europe not depicting Asians? Are we supposed to pretend that Europe didn’t trade with India? Are we supposed to pretend that Europe and Asia are not touching? 

White people are either the most delusional people on the planet, or they are just desperate to white wash everything. Good thing you hit the anon button otherwise all of tumblr would know you are an idiot.