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I’d like to point out that Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, the boy who so adamantly tried to convince everyone that he had no connection to Peko Pekoyama whatsoever, ran like a fucking bullet to her side the very minute he saw her in pain. 

He didn’t wait to come to her in secret and let someone else take care of her. He didn’t even downplay how emotional he was. He held her tightly despite the entire class being in full view of them. He threw away any secrecy without a second thought. He couldn’t handle the thought of anyone harming her, and leaving her side would not be an option for him.

Peko might be his protectorate, but Fuyuhiko would do the exact same for her given any chance. They would both sacrifice anything before harm came to the other. They have a deep bond that revolves around the both of them loving each other more than they love themselves and wanting to support each other no matter what. 

The both of them may have trouble expressing their emotions verbally, very understandably so, but their actions speak volumes and I think that’s a beautiful thing. 

What would YOU say to the TMNT turts?

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Leo: BOI *roast hand* you need to not. You asshat. You pretty, stupid asshat. Get the scissors and cut it the fuck out. Get outta my face *smack crack and pop*

Raph: AND YOU! Fuck you and your face - how are men gonna compete to that bod. GODDAMN. Put a shirt on loser.

Donnie: Where the hell you think you’re going Kilimanjaro? Get back over here and let me touch you. Lemme measure them legs - hot damn.

Mikey: 1) Ya nasty and 2) I like it nasty, so what’re we gonna do about it?

I tag everyone - go.


“Come over here and make me,” #1


“Hey babe,” Y/N said standing at the en-suite bathroom door.

“Mhhh?” Roman replied absentmindedly, eyes on the TV, glued to the game.

“What d'you think about this new dress?”

“Yeah,” he said, still not paying attention.

“Can you just pause for a second?” Y/N asked with her hands furiously on her hips.

Much to her dismay, he didn’t respond; signalling that he wasn’t even listening. So Then she walked over to take matters into her own hands, she picked up the remote to pause the game to get his attention. But she accidentally changed the channel altogether; where he’d was already severely behind on the game because he’d been pausing it so much to send commentary texts to his friends.

“BABE!” he jumped, flipped out as he realised what was happening. “What did you do?!”

“Shit,” she said in panic, starring at the TV then back at him.

“I just lost all that!” He said exasperatedly, throwing his hands wildly. “What d'you do that for?!”

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” she shrugged.
“Actually, no, serves you right,”

“What - babe? What? So you did do that on purpose?”

“No I didn’t, but I wish I did, you’re not paying attention,”

“To what?” he asked in a heated voice, scanning her over.

New hairstyle? New make-up? What the hell is it? He thought, scared to get it wrong because she always bugged him for not noticing the small things; like when her hair was an inch shorter.

“Exactly! Look, I got that dress, they finally had it in my size,” she gestured to her La Perla nightdress that he’d spotted and insisted she buy to wear to bed.

He couldn’t deny, it looked way sexier than he imagined it would. Exceedingly. But he wasn’t going to give her that satisfaction, not yet, not whilst he was seething.

“What do you think?”

“You’re not even sorry are you?”

“For what?” she giggled, making her way to the bed and sat on the edge facing him.

She made it a point to cross her legs to flaunt that she had no underwear.

He noticed it. He looked away, internally summoning his dick down. She was gonna be the death of him. And he liked it.

“You know what,”

“Really? You’re wound up about missing the game? Some men running around on grass with a ball?” she chuckled. “Over what’s underneath this dress?” she parted her legs again slowly for him to see, then crossed them again. She played it casual and looked at her nails. “Tell me babe, if you really wanted to keep watching the game - why haven’t you taken the remote to put it back?”

“Just say you’re sorry and get this over with,”

“Come over here and make me,” she dared him.

And he was over there quicker than she expected; turning her over onto her stomach and held her arms behind her back. She moaned at the manhandling, she always loved it when he played rough.

“Oh yeah Roman, take me just like that from the back,” she teased him. “Y'know I like it when you’re rough,”

“Say you’re sorry first,” Roman growled in her ear. “Then I’ll please you,”

“I ain’t sorry, so get off me,” Y/N whined with a laugh, trying to wriggle free as Roman held her hands behind her back. She was oh so loving it. “So I can do it myself,”

“Say. You. Are. Sorry,” he enunciated through gritted teeth, right in her ear.

“Fuck you, ass,”

“Huh? What’s that? Fuck you in the ass?” Roman teased, knowing very well that’s not what she implied. “Y'know, you got a pretty mouth but it’s pure filth,”

“Only for you,” she said seductively, her fierce tone switching off. “Wanna know what else it can do?”

“Tell me,” he groaned, pressing his lower region firmly against her ass, suddenly aroused by her tone. He made her feel it. “What else does it do baby?”

“Why don’t you let me go so I can show you?” she bargained.

He didn’t contemplate on it either; he was thinking with his dick at this point, missing her manipulative tactic. And right then he was hard, standing at attention and poking her ass. So he backed off, letting her arms loose and setting her free.

She looked up at him, her eyes dark, glistening playfully as they locked with his: serious and lustful. She was on her knees, unbuckling his belt and unzipped his trousers; setting him free out of his boxers.

“You’re so weak,” she smiled dangerously up at him.

“Just for you,” he breathed.

She wrapped her mouth around him and he lost control; running his hand through her hair.

“Mhhh I love that fucking dress,”

“I know you do,” she said, slipping him out of her mouth, before taking him in again.

“I love you more,” he hissed, throwing his head back.

And well yeah, she was right. Did he really think he could choose the game over this?

Welcome aboard Voyager, where the coffee is plentiful(but not for you), the cafeteria food is mediocre, and the concept of personal space doesn’t exist.
—  AU Janeway(where she decides to just be honest and tell it like it is.)

Just some of my favs.

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How long do you think it was before Five could even touch an ax again after the events of Shoot the Runner


Title: Kintsugi

Rating: T

Timeline:  Strangler

Category: Gen

Summary: Stella ruminates on her dealings with Reed and Burns in the wake of Spector’s intrusion

Author’s Notes: Thank you to @dashakay​ and @icedteainthebag​ for looking this over for me. Written for @sapphicstellagibson​.


Here he touched, and here, and here. He read these words and saw these pictures. She can see him standing just so, like an afterimage. Like a ghost. She imagines his fingers dancing over her clothes. Her underwear. He would have breathed her shampoo and soap, perhaps even taken a few hairs from her brush.  She does not like these ideas, the intense violation of her journal in particular, but she can accept them. She can hold them next to the awareness she has of herself and not feel ashamed.

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