touch fuzzy

  • Jellal, screams: OHMYGOD
  • Erza: What is it and why are you on the counter
  • Erza, picks it up: how did a tarantula get in my room
  • Erza: it's just a bug tho
  • Erza: He's fuzzy touch it
  • Jellal: UM NO
  • Erza: TOUCH IT
  • Jellal, running: NONONONO
  • Jellal: PLEASE NO
  • -one hour later-
  • Jellal, with spider on his head: OH MY GOD
  • Erza: his name is Patrick.
  • Jellal: oh my Patrick.
  • Erza: he is our pet now.
  • Jellal: what does Patrick want for dinner
  • Erza, listening to Patrick: Chinese.
  • Jellal: good choice bud.
Reincarnation (Mummy AU Jungkook) Pt5

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Type: Angst Fluff

~new chapter comes out every 2 days or so~

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Jeongguk finished his shower and soon stepped out he shivered lightly as you wrapped a towel around him. “What’s this?” he asked as he touched the fuzzy object on your shoulders “a robe” you tell him as he nods rubbing his hands on it still. He leaned in close to you. You thought he was going to kiss you but instead his head landed on your shoulder as he snuggled into the material. “Come Yoongi’s going to let you barrow clothing and then well get you food. Then sleep” you tell him as you pull him along towards your room “stay right here I’ll be right back” you tell him as he nods.

He looked around your room taking in everything that he saw. Your room was well decorated proper but still gave off a teenage girl vibe. But to him it was all strange. The door opened and you came in carrying clothing for him. “Alright get dressed and head into the living room. You remember where that is?” you asked him as he nodded. “Good” you say as he blushed removing his towel and picked up the sweat pants “boxers” you remind him as he grabs the shorts material “button in front” you tell him as he looks them over and slid them on. He pulled up the pants and slid the baggy shirt on. “Head down I have to change” you tell him as he nods heading off.


Jeongguk stared at the simple meal in front of him “instant noodles?” he questioned Yoongi who sat down in the chair near the couch “yup. Easy and yummy” Yoongi spoke as he scooped out some and began eating. You came out shortly afterwards in pajamas and took a seat beside him grabbing your bowl. “Eat” you tell him as he nervously started eating. He made a sound before scooping more up. “Good?” you asked him as he nodded.


Once you were done eating, Jeongguk clung to you instantly “may I sleep with you?” he asked as you looked at Yoongi who simply smirked and headed off to his room leaving you and the goofy mummy boy there. “I guess. But we’re sleeping nothing more” “bedding is for marriage” “not now a days"you mumble to yourself as you had felt his hand wrap around yours and you were walking towards your room.

“Sleep on that side” you point to the side you never slept on. He instantly climbed under the covers, melting into the comfort of the mattress as you turned off the light and climbed into bed yourself. You turned away from him as you began drifting off the light pressure of him wrapping his arm around you came to be. His lips lightly touched your head as he smiled happily. He sighed softly as he snuggled into the pillow. “I love you Ma-Y/N. I’ve been waiting so long to tell you that” he whispered into your ear, he had thought you had fallen asleep already. You turned over facing him as his eyes went wide “you don’t know me Jeongguk” you tell him “I don’t have to know you the way you think. You will be the only woman who will make my heart race. The only one I have a connection to” he told you as you looked at him amazed. His lips pressed against your forehead as he pulled you into his chest resting his chin on top of your head as you simply cuddled into him. 

‘When Hinata woke in the evening, he half expected to see the wild man mysteriously gone, as though he’d never been there in the first place.

But instead, there he lay, fast asleep. Shafts of deep golden sunlight fell across the man’s sleeping form, and Hinata stared at him, transfixed. He had long, dark lashes and a finely shaped, straight nose, and low cheekbones with a proud jawline, all of which started to fill out some sort of stereotypical profile for a rugged jungle king.

If ever there had been someone created to survive the unforgiving landscape of the jungle, it was him.’

The rainforest expedition is to last a full year—365 days of living under the lush canopy of trees.

Danger looms. Adventure awaits. The jungle calls. Hinata Shouyou has never wanted anything more.

Or so he thinks, until he meets a curious stranger there, who shows him what it means to be truly needed.


Chapter: 6 / 6
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio
Additional Tags: Inspired by Tarzan, Alternate Universe - Jungle, Emotional, Mutual Pining, Sexual Tension, Warm and Fuzzy Feelings, Touch-Starved, Intimacy, Plot With Porn, Learning Experiences, Sexual Exploration, First Time

Thank you to everyone who followed me and @reallycorking so deep into the jungle. It was a delight to share this journey with you all <3

‘When Hinata woke in the evening, he half expected to see the wild man mysteriously gone, as though he’d never been there in the first place.

But instead, there he lay, fast asleep. Shafts of deep golden sunlight fell across the man’s sleeping form, and Hinata stared at him, transfixed. He had long, dark lashes and a finely shaped, straight nose, and low cheekbones with a proud jawline, all of which started to fill out some sort of stereotypical profile for a rugged jungle king.

If ever there had been someone created to survive the unforgiving landscape of the jungle, it was him.’

The rainforest expedition is to last a full year—365 days of living under the lush canopy of trees.

Danger looms. Adventure awaits. The jungle calls. Hinata Shouyou has never wanted anything more.

Or so he thinks, until he meets a curious stranger there, who shows him what it means to be truly needed.

Read here on AO3.

Chapter: 1 / 6
Rating: Explicit in later chapters
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio
Additional Tags: Inspired by Tarzan, Alternate Universe - Jungle, Emotional, Mutual Pining, Sexual Tension, Warm and Fuzzy Feelings, Touch-Starved, Intimacy, Plot With Porn, Learning Experiences

I’m so happy to finally begin posting my new fic. Not only is this a story I’m really excited to tell, but it was wonderful to collab with @reallycorking​, who I commissioned to create the beautiful artwork found in each chapter. The art for the first chapter can be found right here!

We very much hope you enjoy <3

“If you stick with us, you are… you’re kind of… you’re kind of a bad guy, too. This is not specifically, technically, something we’re supposed to be doing.”
“The ones lookin’ for the truth, well, they’re never the bad guys. I know that from my Caleb Cleveland novels.”

What can I say about Fanime2017 other than thank you for the most wonderful weekend of my life! The TAZ gathering was full of love and fun and joy. Nothing can compare to the experience of getting recognized as characters that only exist in AUDIO form, and nothing comes close to describing how amazing it felt to know the joy that people had when they recognized us was the joy we felt for these characters and this podcast, too. There was a real togetherness that happened this Fanime, which is really what cosplay is all about. <3

Taako: @slythermint
Merle: @bonedaddy-o
Angus: @touch-fuzzy
Photo taken by: koloquials and edited by me!

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Prompt: Sister Julienne to Shelagh: "He has your eyes."

(I’ve received a couple of asks and I’ll work on them throughout the day when taking study breaks ;))

“He has your eyes,” Sister Julienne said, touching the fuzzy down on Teddy’s head with her fingertips.

“We don’t know that yet, Sister; they might still turn dark, and become Patrick’s hazel,” Shelagh said, blushing and smiling at the same time.

She did not understand why she felt so very pleased with the idea that Teddy had her eyes, and briefly wondered if it was pride, or greed, to want to see a bit of herself reflected in her child.

“No, I don’t think so, Shelagh; they are already lighter than they were a few days ago,” Sister Julienne remarked, still not looking at her former sister, still hypnotised by Teddy’s luminous eyes.

“I… I think I would like that,” Shelagh admitted, kneeling next to the nun and bringing her mouth to Teddy’s chubby hand to kiss it.

Teddy closed his eyes in delight, and Shelagh realised that it was alright for her to want her baby to have her eyes, because his smile was decidedly Patrick’s.


I couldn’t decide which photos to pair up and make smaller in the set because they’re all so pure and full of joy <3

Thank you for the most incredible cosplay gathering of my life, and for the best con experience overall! This fandom is full of so many positive, creative forces, and I’m so honored to be part of it. Thanks for a safe, encouraging place to share the happiness that is The Adventure Zone <3

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Skin on Skin

The Losers - Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez/Jake Jensen

Words: ~ 4 900

Rating/Warnings: G / References to PTSD

Notes: During one of meekobits’ livestreams we got talking about Cougar wearing ripped jeans in one scene in the movie, which eventually moved on to us talking about Jensen sticking his fingers inside the holes, which resulted in me promising to write a little something about it. There’s less about the ripped jeans than intended, but the amount of tooth-rotting fluff should probably keep you satisfied. And the touching. So. Much. Touching. Z-delenda-est betaed and I cannot thank you enough for whipping my writing into shape (though it leaves me in agony at times). Your patience is astounding and I’m amazingly lucky to have made your aquaintance. You’re never getting rid of me now. Can also be found on AO3

Cougar decided that Jensen probably did it without thinking.

That in itself didn’t say much, however, since there were several things that Jensen did without conscious thought. Like his singing, tapping his fingers against any solid — or not so solid — surface he could find, or always placing his mugs with the handle angled to the left. But some of them were weirder than others. They could also be so deeply ingrained and instinctual that he not only failed to reflect on doing them, but seemed entirely unaware of why.

His desire for skin on skin contact was one of those.

Well, skin on skin contact with Cougar, to be more precise.

Cougar had never seen Jensen attempt it with Pooch, Clay or — God forbid — Roque. That would probably end badly, and Cougar would hate to have to incapacitate or hurt Roque for attacking Jensen. Never mind that it would technically be Jensen’s own fault if Roque tried to gut him for inappropriate touching.

Cougar had never claimed not to be partial.

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Dirty 30 Birthday Bash Part 3

The girls could barely contain their excitement while we shopped for groceries at the local market. The thought of getting to spend the evening with Jai Courtney had everyone buzzing, especially Kate.

“What do you think would ‘Wow’ him? What do you think someone like him would eat?” she asked.

“Food, Kate. Normal food. He’s still a typical dude,” Colleen replies.

“But he’s a celebrity! I’m sure he has to watch his figure!”

“Jai could eat a whole pizza by himself, and still look like an Australian god tomorrow,” I say.

Kate rolls her eyes. “You girls are no help,” she fumes, and heads down one of the aisles. The rest of us just shrug and follow in her wake. We let Kate take over the shopping because we all knew no matter what we suggested, it wouldn’t be right or up to her standards. And honestly, I was grateful to not have to think about it. My mind was too preoccupied on wondering what the evening had in store.


After we got back from shopping, we prepped our side dishes before everyone left to get dressed. Kate changed her outfit 9 times before finally settling on the first outfit she tried on, a cute navy blue sundress with a white chevron pattern on the skirt. I opted for a pair of blue jean shorts and a simple black v-neck shirt with some black flip flops for this backyard bar-b-q.

I was removing my roasted asparagus from the oven when there was a knock on the patio door. Waverly was in the living room waiting for everyone else to get done with their final touches on their hair or makeup so she made her way over to see who it was. I could hear Waverly’s voice as she introduced herself followed by that familiar velvety accent. Everyone in the house must have heard it too because I’ve never seen a group of girls move more quickly than in that moment as they scrambled in to get a look at the Aussie actor. Waverly invited Jai inside, and as he made his way into the living room the group began to introduce themselves. I watched him from the kitchen, noticing his genuine smile as he shook all my friends hands as he told them it was a pleasure to meet them. I also happened to notice the very perfect fitting button down shirt that was left unbuttoned at the top, showing off some of his chest hair as well as his muscular arms that just a few hours ago carried me to my door. Before I could stop myself, I started envisioning those arms snaked around my body, his hands touching every inch of skin I had. I imagined feeling his caress on my neck down to my breasts, to my hips, my ass, my—

“Right, Claire?”

Startled from my thoughts, it took me a minute to realize Kate was now standing beside me with Jai in tow, waiting for a reply to a question I totally missed. I met Jai’s eyes and my cheeks were warm with embarrassment. Jai’s face lit up with a wicked grin, as if he knew what I had just been thinking about. Probably because my face betrayed me once again around him. I look away and begin fiddling with my asparagus.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“We’re ready for dinner, right?” Kate asks.

“Oh, uh, yes. Everything’s ready,” I mumble, still turned away from Kate and Jai.

“It smells fantastic in here,” Jai says and walks over to where I’m standing, and with his body lightly pressed against my back, he leans over my shoulder to get a look at the food we’ve prepared that’s sitting on the counter top.

“Thanks, but I hope it all tastes as good as it smells.” I turn to look at him and the proximity of his face to mine catches me off guard.

“I’m sure it will,” Jai says, his breath teasing the skin of my cheek. It makes my whole body shiver, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Jai places his hand on the small of my back, “You okay?”

Honestly, the answer was no. Warmth was pooling between my legs, and being around Jai was starting to get difficult.

“Uh, yeah, of course. I’m going to start carrying things out to the tables,” I stutter, moving out of the way of his touch to un-fuzzy my brain.

“Here, let me help.” Jai picks up a few platters of food then follows me out to the deck, along with the rest of my friends. The guys rearranged the patio furniture this afternoon, combining our two tables to make one long one for tonight’s dinner. Jai’s friends were already lounging around it, enjoying some music and a few beers.

Jai kindly introduced us all to his friends as we made our way around the table, Jai ending up across from me for dinner. A few of the guys were also Australian, and it was fun listening to them talk in Aussie slang here and there. I tried to follow their words and phrases but a few of the times, I had to give up and just smile and nod. I made mental notes to look them up later.

Dinner was phenomenal. Jai made bacon wrapped filet mignon for us along with a special dish of teriyaki tofu with grilled pineapple for Hannah and Rachel that smelled incredible. I would have eaten their dish in a heartbeat. The wine Jai selected to pair with our meal was just as delectable as the food he prepared. The man knew his stuff, and I was about to be on glass number three of the delicious red wine when his friend Craig sitting next to me shouted, “Alright, who is trying to play footsies with me under the table?”

I snorted into my wine when I saw Jai readjust himself in his seat, his face red from a few glasses of his own, and probably because he just got caught.

Craig was laughing before he leaned in close to me and whispered, “I think that was meant for you.”

“I highly doubt it.”

Craig shakes his head. “You don’t see it yet, do you?”

“See what?” I ask.

Just as Craig is about to respond, Jai clears his throat, loudly, his eyes trained on his friend and I. “I think it’s time for some drinking games,” Jai says.

Kate’s face lit up. “Now we’re talking. And what exactly did you have in mind, Jai?” she purred. A knot twisted in my stomach. Something in the way Kate talked to him made me feel uneasy, but I wasn’t sure why.

“Nothing fancy. Just some good old fashion beer pong.”

“Sounds perfect!”

The guys were already up collecting cups and clearing the table of empty plates and platters. Within minutes the tables were set, teams were picked, rules announced, and a bracket was made. It was going to be a battle of the sexes, men verse women. Waverly and I were partners and we found ourselves in the first round of the night against Jai’s friends Joseph and James. Joe walks over to us, handing Waverly and I each a ping pong ball. “We don’t have to shoot off to see who goes first. We’re just gonna give you this one.”

“What, why?” I ask.

“It might be the only shots you get to take this round,” James says with a wink, and the two of them laugh.

Jai claps his hands together, “And so the trash talkin’ begins!”

Waverly meets my eyes and I can see in her face that after that jibe, she wants nothing more than to crush these guys.

“Okay boys, we accept your generous offer to throw first…Waverly.”

She doesn’t hesitate. Her throw is quick and her aim is precise. The ball lands perfectly in the head cup of the triangle. Before one of the guys even gets a chance to remove her cup, I sink my ping pong ball into the right corner cup in the back row.

“I believe we get to shoot again,” Waverly gloated.

There’s laughter from our spectators and I hear Jai’s more distinctly than anyone else’s. James and Joseph both take a drink from their cups as they toss us back the balls for our throwback.

“I think we fucked up, Joe.”

“I think you might be right.”


The matches all evening had been exciting to watch. Once the guys got over their initial shock that we could hold our own, even decimate them in some instances, the rounds started to heat up. Bets were bargained and placed, and watching some of them unfold, like Lisa having to cover her hair in shaving cream or Ike having to have his armpits waxed by Hannah, had all of us rolling in laughter half the night.

Waverly and I made it to the final round, and we were currently tied with our opponents, Jai and Craig. Both our teams had 3 cups remaining with the guys in possession of the throws. Our negotiations for what the losers would be required to do after this round were made back when we each had 10 cups, and I was not looking forward to the impending embarrassment that was about to go down if Waverly and I lost. Craig threw first and barely missed his target as it hit the rim and bounced away. Jai’s toss floated up and then arched down perfectly into the solo cup.

“And then there were two,” he sang before a smile spread across his face.

“Yeah well, you’re about to have none,” Waverly sassed back. Jai’s smile only widened as he chuckled.

Waverly was desperate not to lose and her laser focus kicked in. Her ball landed right in the center of a cup making us tied once again. I stand to take my turn and I have to close one of my eyes to gauge the actual distance required to make my shot because I’m just drunk enough to have lost my depth perception. Jai decides to lean over the table, his face just behind the last two cups, trying to throw me off.

“Havin’ a hard time focusing there, Claire?”

This sexy mother fucker.

“Nope!” I chirp, and I fling the ping pong ball towards his face, but thanks to my impaired vision, the ball actually falls short of my intended target, and lands in one of the two remaining cups.

I hear Waverly let out a huge breath she had been holding in. The guys start taunting Jai and Craig, telling them it’s time for a swim.

We get the balls back, and with one cup left, the pressure was on us to finish this. Waverly didn’t even blink. She stepped up and just launched the ball across the table. The ball hit the back of the cup and fell right in.

“We get a rebuttal!” Craig shouts, trying to keep his hope alive.

“Not so fast, Claire still gets to throw. If she makes it, there’s no rebuttal!” Waverly reminds him.

I take a breath and step up to the table. The pressure I feel is oddly sobering, and my vision is more focused than before. I raise my hand to throw and release the ball into the air. It feels like it floats there forever before finally landing in the bottom of the red solo cup.

Waverly is jumping up and down next to me, and everyone else is either clapping or laughing knowing what’s coming next.

Craig looks at Jai and says, “Let’s get this over with,” stalking towards the stairs that lead down to the lake. The rest of us are standing at the edge of the deck, watching as Jai begins to unabashedly undress down on the beach while Craig modestly turns his back to us as he too slips off his clothes. It’s too dark to actually see anything from where we’re standing, but once the two of them are naked, I see Jai’s silhouette extending his hand to his friend. Craig takes it and together, hand in hand, they skip towards the lake butt naked.


After Jai’s skinny dipping dare was completed, the guys started a bonfire on the beach for all of us to gather around. I stayed back at the house to start cleaning the dishes from dinner along with our beer pong mess. I was loading the dishwasher when I heard the sliding glass door open and close.

“I was wondering where you snuck off to,” Jai says. “Why aren’t you down by the fire?”

“I will be. I’m actually just finishing up,” I tell him as I start the dishwasher. “Why aren’t YOU down by the fire,” I ask him in reply.

“I was looking for you,” Jai stated.

I stop and look at him. His answer surprised me, and made my heart race a few beats faster.

“Did you need something?”

“Nothing other than your company.”

I snorted. “You know there’s like 12 other people on the beach, right?”

Jai rubs his fingers through his stubble, and lets out a small sigh, “Yeah, and yet none of them are you.”

I laugh thinking he’s trying to be cheeky, but he doesn’t laugh or even smile. Instead, Jai closes the distance between us until he’s towering over me.

I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I try to swallow but it seems my mouth has gone dry. I try to whisper, “And what’s so special about me,” but it comes out hoarse and muffled.

Jai chuckles. “That’s what I’m still trying to figure out.” Jai’s lips are on mine in seconds, his hands now along the side of my face, pulling me in closer. His lips are both soft and strong as he takes my bottom lip between his own and begins to suck on it. I moan as the heat between my legs intensifies. My hands make their way around to his back and I dig my nails into his shirt as he deepens the kiss. Our bodies are pressed together but it still felt like we weren’t close enough. Between his tongue dancing inside my mouth and his body hardening against my belly, I wanted to melt into him and to feel him inside me. It takes all the will power I have, but I pull away to come up for some air. When I pull back, there’s something different in his eyes and I feel it in my core. It’s a mix of lust and desire…….and lots of alcohol.

I step back. “Jai, we’ve both had a lot to drink. Maybe this isn’t the best time to do something you might regret in the morning.” He frowns, frozen for a moment, searching my face, but eventually nods in agreement.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he says softly, and backs away himself, heading for the door. “You still coming down to the beach?”

“Yes, of course.”

He puffs out his bottom lip before nodding again. “Good.” Just as he is about to slip through the door he turns his head back to me and says, “I may be drunk but I promise you, I wouldn’t have regretted anything, Claire.” And with that, he was gone, headed for the lake.

And I realize after he’s left that I wouldn’t have either.


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