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wip for the most hellish drawing ive ever done (its a tribute to an album i like lol)

Skin on Skin

The Losers - Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez/Jake Jensen

Words: ~ 4 900

Rating/Warnings: G / References to PTSD

Notes: During one of meekobits’ livestreams we got talking about Cougar wearing ripped jeans in one scene in the movie, which eventually moved on to us talking about Jensen sticking his fingers inside the holes, which resulted in me promising to write a little something about it. There’s less about the ripped jeans than intended, but the amount of tooth-rotting fluff should probably keep you satisfied. And the touching. So. Much. Touching. Z-delenda-est betaed and I cannot thank you enough for whipping my writing into shape (though it leaves me in agony at times). Your patience is astounding and I’m amazingly lucky to have made your aquaintance. You’re never getting rid of me now. Can also be found on AO3

Cougar decided that Jensen probably did it without thinking.

That in itself didn’t say much, however, since there were several things that Jensen did without conscious thought. Like his singing, tapping his fingers against any solid — or not so solid — surface he could find, or always placing his mugs with the handle angled to the left. But some of them were weirder than others. They could also be so deeply ingrained and instinctual that he not only failed to reflect on doing them, but seemed entirely unaware of why.

His desire for skin on skin contact was one of those.

Well, skin on skin contact with Cougar, to be more precise.

Cougar had never seen Jensen attempt it with Pooch, Clay or — God forbid — Roque. That would probably end badly, and Cougar would hate to have to incapacitate or hurt Roque for attacking Jensen. Never mind that it would technically be Jensen’s own fault if Roque tried to gut him for inappropriate touching.

Cougar had never claimed not to be partial.

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Signs as ProtonJon quotes
  • Aries: "Four Captain Falcons riding Sonic like and F-Zero car out of five!"
  • Taurus: “The gimmick! Is that Lakitu is on. Every. Single. Wall. Kinda being a dick. Also probably not wearing pants"
  • Gemini: “Also, I think Kamek’s hitting on me."
  • Cancer: "You know what, no! We're done here. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"
  • Leo: “Ah! Butt science. My favorite of science.”
  • Libra: “I accidentally brought a machine gun… to an egg fight.”
  • Scorpio: "MOVE FASTER POKEY!!"
  • Sagittarius: “Go go gadget wall humping!”
  • Capricorn: “And now you’re just humping the couch.”
  • Aquarius: “I usually end up calling it something stupid like ‘Touch Fuzzy, Get Crunk.’ And yes, I AM the whitest person you know"
  • Pisces: “I just like to jump like a ninja, I’m sorry!”