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TY’s hands can’t resist touching Jaehyunnie 🤗🤗🤗


I recently had a dream I went on a date with Ichimatsu and I haven’t stop thinking about it ever since lmao

Imagine person A giving an injured person B a sponge bath. (x)

I decided that it’s Dean’s turn to be taken care of.

Cas helps him into the dingy motel bathroom. “I’m fine, Cas,” Dean groans, definitely not wincing at the pull of bruised ribs.

Cas scowls at him, guiding him to sit on the closed toilet. “Bullshit.”

“Seriously, Cas, I’ll be fine. Just get Sam and he’ll—“

“Sam is in the second room.”

Dean swallows. “What?”

“He told me that you weren’t likely to submit to me helping you, but I insisted. He seemed quite eager to leave.”

That was… not what Dean was expecting. “Oh,” he says, eloquently.

Cas sets the med kit on the floor next to him. “You need to take your shirt off.”

Dean clears his throat. “I don’t—why?”

“Because your shoulder is shredded and I need to clean it,” Cas explains, patiently. He pulls at the hem of Dean’s shirt.

Dean grabs Cas’s hand, stopping him. “Cas, I—“

“Dean, now is not the time for your discomfort with physical proximity. You are bleeding and I would like to treat your wound.” He twists his hands free and pulls Dean’s shirt up.

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Title: Memories

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5,500

Warning: This is angsty, fluffy, soul touching and heart breaking all at once

A/N: Okay guys, this is my first ever soulmate piece and I worked really REALLY hard on this. It took a very long time to outline and smooth out so that it all flows right. PLEASE send feedback!! Major shout out to @mysteriouslyme81 for giving me the inspiration for this many months ago and helping me find the perfect song for the final part. 

The Beginning

Every single one of us would go to extremes for the one we love.

When the Alzheimer’s treatments stopped working and you couldn’t remember the simplest of things, Dean got desperate.

Shuffling his way into the familiar witch’s work room Dean grabbed a pen and paper and listened carefully.

“Only give her this on the worst of days”

“Remind her of a happy time, you will both be transported to that time, and upon return the memory will remain”

“This magic must be used carefully, only the strongest of loves will power it”

“I will give you enough for 7 memories to be restored to start”

“Remember though, giving her everything may cost you everything”

Dean Winchester never let warnings stop him. Eighty-five years old and watching the only true love of his life slip away he sure as hell wasn’t going to start listening to them now.

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Treat me like a Queen.

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Pairing : CrowleyxReader, Demon!DeanxReader
Wordcount : 1,104
Author : Mel
Warnings : touch of  smutt, fluffy.

Part 6 of Hell’s Queen

You woke up to someone bringing in breakfast, and taking out the plate of food you hadn’t even noticed was brought in for dinner yesterday. You must have been asleep when it came in, and you realized how starved you were. “Thanks.” You said softly, before reaching to grab the robe off the floor.

The demon turned to you as you pulled it on, and he quickly averted his eyes, giving you a slight bow before rushing out of the room.

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