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Anonymous said:hello, i was wondering if you could write a jon snow imagine where the reader travels to The Wall with Sansa and Brienne and reunites with Jon and they have a very sweet,touching and fluffy moment once they are alone. Btw your blog is amazing ❤️ 

& Anonymous said:Could I have an imagine where the reader is the Starks cousin and is married to Ramsay instead of Sansa and she has the whole reunion moment instead? love the blog btw 

a/n: thought putting these requests together would be a good idea! who else is so pumped for season seven? as always enjoy! and if you have a request just send it in! 

pairing: jon snow x reader 

He was saddling his horse when she found him, her breath rapid and her legs wobbling as she ran towards him. The sun was shining on the grounds of Winterfell and in more ways than one the gods had fashioned it for a beautiful day. But underneath the glow of summer was a bitter cold that chilled the Arryn girl to the bone.

Robb Stark was marching her way, his eyes glassy and the plump bottom of his lip quivering slightly. He had said his goodbyes already. That fact was certain in his face. He tried to regain his composure as he caught her eyes, blue on blue, the iciness of their image beautiful against the beaming sun.

“He’s doing what he thinks is right” he told her, gently grabbing her arm as she strode past. Her eyes flickered to his face and in a moment he felt his heart falter inside his chest. This was what true pain looked like, he thought, this was what a broken heart looked like.

All month that’s all that anyone had told her. Her Aunt Cat had tried explaining why such a thing should happen, and even Sansa had stressed the fact why it was so important. The only other person who seemed to share the same rage and pain was Arya, but she was too young to understand just how much this would change everything.

“It’s not right” she told her cousin, shaking her head and causing the inherited Tully auburn hair to bristle against her waist.

“You just don’t understand” his voice wasn’t condescending or harsh, but it stung her nonetheless. No, you don’t understand. The words were on her lips she knew, but she held them back. He had told the same thing to her often enough these past days, but she was tired of their repetition. No one understood how hard this was. But Robb stayed quiet and just let his eyes linger on hers for a moment, all his unsaid things swimming in them.

She just pulled her arm away from her cousin and made her way over to where the black haired boy was fiddling with the straps on his horse. It felt like her feet were stuck in tar as she walked, each step heavy with a burden she knew she’d carry for a lifetime. 

“Jon” she called to him, her voice wavering and shaking more than the leaves of the weirwood that shook in the summers breeze. He stopped what he was doing then, leather gloved hands stalling their movements as he heard her voice. She swallowed thickly, her mouth feeling dry with each hammering beat of her heart and she thought it would altogether stop when he turned those coal black eyes to hers. 

“Lady y/n” he replied deeply, that honest courtesy trickling from his voice. She hated it. The way he said it made her feel like she was better than him in every way, but she wasn’t. 

“Jon why are you doing this?” she asked him, balling her skirts in her hands and not caring that her shoes were now kissed with mud as she stood closer to him. She could see it in his face, that exasperation, that impatient mask settling over his handsome features. 

“I’ve told you already. My place isn’t here, it’s with my uncle Benjen. At the Wall” he didn’t look at her when he said it because deep down she knew he didn’t really believe it. 

“The Wall is no place for a highborn like you” the girl told him, jutting out her chin in defiance, but all Jon done in response was stare at her with a sadness in his eyes that she had learned was permanent. He was a young boy, nearly a man grown, but he carried more weariness and troubles than most his age. He’d never felt accepted here, not really, and somehow he thought that his place lay with the black crows of the Night’s Watch. 

“I’m not a highborn” he told her, pulling the strap of the saddle roughly once more and then he turned to her “it seems that you’re the only person in the whole North that forgets that I’m a bastard” 

“I hate that word” y/n told him with all the disgust clear in her tone. 

“It doesn’t matter whether you hate or love it, that’s who I am. That won’t change” Jon said, his black eyes looking deep into hers and the wild dark curls atop his head rustled in the breeze. He already had the darkness of the Night’s Watch within his features. But his heart was not black. His heart was wild and untamed just like the North. Just like Winterfell. 

“You belong here. You belong with your family” she was pleading she knew, but deep within her nothing cringed at the desperation of it. 

“Lady Catelyn cannot stand the sight of me, and Sansa refers to me as her half brother every chance she gets. I am not a Stark, nor will I ever be. I do not fit in, and no matter how many times I hunt along with father or Robb, no matter how many times I play with Arya and Bran and Rickon I will never be one of them” he said “one day we will all have to grow up. My Lord Father will pass this legacy to Robb and his children will grow strong here. Not mine, not me” 

“Think about what you’re giving up. The Wall is full of rapers and thieves and murderers, you’re made for more than that Jon” those Tully blue eyes he dreamed about filled with tears, and they alone would have made him stay if his mind had not been so concrete. 

He hated hurting her, and leaving her was harder than leaving Arya or even Robb. He loved Winterfell, he loved every grey and ancient brick that held it together. He loved every horrible and fascinating smell that accompanied it, and every twist and turn of the wolfswood. He had always loved the summers here, when Lady Lysa’s eldest child had come to visit, just like she had done this summer after her fathers death. She now stood before him with her lips trembling so much she had to bite them to stop. 

Gods he loved this place. He loved her. But it had never been home, not really. It hadn’t belonged to him like a home should. Maybe somewhere deep in his mind he knew his real home wasn’t those grey bricks, but the heart that beat beneath the blue silk of y/ns gown. Maybe his real home was cherry colored lips and red hair. Leaving all of that behind was harder than anything.

In a perfect world, one where the gods had never created the idea of bastards, he would have liked to marry her. He would have taken her as his wife and they could have been happy, just like she had made him happy the first time she had kissed him under the weirwood tree. 

Jon was going as far North as he could go, but no time nor distance could ever make him forget that moment. He would live in that moment for the rest of his days. 

“I’m not giving up anything” he lied harshly, taking up his horses reins and attempting to steer his gelding across the yard but y/ns pale hand came out and pressed against the horses neck, prompting him to stop. 

“You don’t have to hide away for the rest of your life just because you think it’s better for everyone else. I don’t care if you’re a bastard. I don’t care if you’re name is Snow. I don’t care” 

“You’re a Tully of Riverrun and an Arryn of The Vale. You’re father was Hand to the King, you’re mother now sits in The Eyrie. You’re highborn, and someday you’ll marry some lord or a prince. Not a bastard” Jon told her, giving her a look that meant he was done with arguing, and her face fell in defeat at the sight of it. He gave a deep sigh as he looked at her, praying to the gods that his memory would be sharp enough to sustain the image of her in his mind forever. He could feel the memory of her kiss on his lips, feel the trace her fingertips had left on his skin as they feathered against his cheeks. 

She was already a memory. Already a ghost, just like him. Two ghosts from long ago and time hadn’t even passed yet. He contemplated his next words, trying to battle with saying them aloud. They would hurt too much he knew, but what did it matter when she was hurting so much already?

“I love you” he spoke gently “I know I’m only a boy, but I know I love you. But I can never give you what you need. I can’t marry you or give you children because they’ll be bastards too. I have to go, my place is with the Night’s Watch now and your place is here” 

Your place is here. He had said it, and she had said nothing. He climbed onto his horse when he saw the rest of the men mount theirs. Lord Eddard looked on his bastard son and his niece with a contemplating look as he sat on top of his horse. So like Catelyn, he thought, and Jon so much like me. But he knew their story wouldn’t have the beginning he and Cat had. Jon would leave today, but he would not return for her. 

“I meant the words I said” Jon spoke from atop his gelding “and I’ll always mean them”

As the back of his horse rode away it was like all the years ahead of her rushed forward. She saw herself older and fairer, a woman grown just like those ladies at court. It was strange to imagine the future without Jon Snow, to know that one day she would look for him and he would not be there. He would be guarding the realms of men from terrors beyond the wall. But what terrors would she face without him? When she was a woman what would happen to her without him? What was her life without him? 

Something inside her answered, deep and sorrowful, and then she knew no matter what happened, nothing would ever hurt more than this.  How can something break me when I’ve been broken for so long? 

The gate had seemed so foreboding in her dreams. It had loomed up high and vaulted, with skulls of crows and wildlings spiked at the top. She had imagined the pale and hollow faces of men in black cloaks guarding the gate with eyes like the darkest pits. She’d had nightmares about Castle Black for years, and it still haunted her. It was the place the only man she had ever loved had gone and hidden away. This place had taken him from her, and in her dreams she had hated it. 

It didn’t look like that in waking life however. The gate was high, and vaulted with iron, but no skulls rested on top of it. It was not unapproachable, and dead like men did not guard it. 

Brienne of Tarth rode behind her, and Podrick Payne was on her right, both with pursed and tight expressions. No one knew who waited behind the gates, no one knew if they’d be welcomed. A ghost from her memories haunted Castle Black, and her blood was cold at the idea of seeing him again. 

Almost everyone she had ever loved were ghosts now. Her Lord Uncle Ned, her beloved Aunt Catelyn whom she had loved more than she had ever loved her own mother. The Lady Lysa was a ghost now too, but she had not grieved for her like the others, not like she had grieved for Robb or for her grandfather. 

She was haunted, yes, but she carried on. She had done the same thing when Petyr Baelish had taken her from The Eyrie and back to Winterfell. How she had been so naive to think she was going to be safe, but instead she’d been married to a monster. 

They can not break me, she had told herself, not when I’ve been broken for so long. 

Somewhere in the distance there was a shout behind the walls, and the deafening creak of the gates sounded among the snow as it opened for them. For the first time in so long, hope rang clear throughout her fragile body. She was no longer within reach of Ramsay, she was far away from his abuse. 

Her horse was slow, clumsy with tiredness as it rode in ahead of Brienne and Pod. Everywhere she looked eyes were on them, and curiosity and intrigue seemed to light up every pair. She looked for him in her hazy state, euphoria and a heavy relief making her drunk as she sat on her horse but he was not there. He’s a ghost, she thought, maybe he never existed at all. It had been so long since she’d seen him. 

She fell from her horse on wobbling legs, holding onto the saddle to steady herself and her eyes looked around for him. The world seemed grey and white, and then all of a sudden there he was, like a raven against the falling snow. 

He stood atop a balcony, his face and eyes holding every whisper of disbelief that he had buried within himself. He stood still with those eyes locked on hers. She had expected a ghost, but Jon Snow was very much real as he made his way towards her. 

Maybe she was in a dream and not really here. Maybe she had fallen asleep under some tree or other on the kingsroad and was tormenting herself with imagining Jon. But she didn’t care, because it felt real and a dream would be better than the harsh reality she had lived in for so long.

They looked at one another as she stopped in front of him, and she was allowed to see how different he had become. He was broader, and taller and his crow black curls were pulled back in a leather string. He looked like his father, proud and strong, and he was more handsome now than ever. But in all the ways that mattered he was still the same Jon Snow who had left her all those years ago.

And it was that Jon Snow she ran to now. 

She threw her arms around him and he held her tight in his, their bodes pressed together like the snow pressed against the earth. He was warm despite the ice in the air and for the first time in months she felt warm, and safe. In that moment all the tragedy that had befallen her family did not weigh on her mind. She did not grieve for dead loved ones, or weep with worry for her cousins that were missing. The fear that her husband had caused her, and all the aching bruises inside and outside her body that he had put there seemed to vanish. There was no war, no Iron Throne. 

Just her and Jon. 

She had been broken so long ago, but as Jon Snow held her against him all those broken pieces mended themselves in his arms. 

note: it is late here and I had no energy to proof read this so apologies for any mistakes! Also tell me what you guys think, and maybe another part is in order? 

Hey I know we still bitter (bitch I know I still am) but the finale was full of amazing Valmani moments that are begging to be gifed. Please y'all talented artists, help heal my soul.

This is felicity, the most shit pissed angry cat you’ll ever meet. This photo was taken minutes before an unaware guest who hadn’t seen the true cruel underbelly of our sick, sick world innocently went to give this fluffy fucko a loving tummy scritch. Big mistake. We found this cat when she was abandoned by some trash tier tenants who did a runner without her, and after several days we found her with the fury of a thousand suns in her core. That fury is always under the surface, so when someone naively goes to touch her fluffy tum they best have a god to pray to. Simply put, there was a lot of blood coming out of the guy immediately afterworlds and a lot of long lasting family curses spouted towards him by felicity. It ended with him saying sorry and going home with his hand bandaged and felicity demanding mince for her troubles.
She’s still the angriest bastard cat god placed upon this earth and we love her with all our hearts, she’s perfect


TY’s hands can’t resist touching Jaehyunnie 🤗🤗🤗

ExR Fic Recs

Here I am, posting my recs at the very end of the last day of fic rec week. Go me.
Without further ado, here are some of my favorite Enjoltaire fanfiction recommendations in no particular order!

Nondiscriminatory Hiring Practices (7851 words) by Raddtaire: Super fluffy coffeeshop AU with some sweet pining!jolras. I think this is the very first ExR fic I’ve ever read, and it’s like the Parks and Recreation or mac and cheese of fanfiction for me. It’s like a comfort food that always cheers me up. Highly recommended.

I Feel Alive (3246 words) by captainskellington: Enjolras goes to the same bar all the time, and Grantaire is the bartender. Delicious pining and misunderstandings ensue.

Friday I’m in Love (34598 words) by The Librarina: Wonderful fake dating AU. Enjolras is going home for spring break and needs a fake boyfriend to keep his parents from setting him up with people, and Grantaire agrees.

Wanderer (15596 words) by sonhoedesrazao: Busker AU. Enjolras meets Grantaire while visiting Prague and follows him around Europe. This fic is amazing and has beautiful descriptions of all the cities please read it oh my god

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (8037 words) by sonhoedesrazao: Oblivious!Grantaire tries to play matchmaker for Enjolras, who is quite confused about it. General fluff with silly, silly boys.

We Are Who We Are (29691 words) by sigh_no_more: You’ve Got Mail AU! Enjolras falls for an anonymous internet pen pal while also dealing with his insufferable coworker, Grantaire.

That’s How Easy Love Can Be (28886 words) by lady_ragnell: The Amis are teachers at an elementary school, and Principal Valjean proposes a “non-denominational anonymous holiday gift exchange”. Enjolras draws Grantaire’s name and takes it upon himself to spend more time with him in order to decide what to get him. Super cute and has ExR painting together!!! And dealing with little kids!!! Honestly what more could you want??

Date Night (9102 words) by samyazaz: Accidental relationship AU. Enjolras always comes over when Joly and Bossuet are on date night with Musichetta, and Grantaire can’t seem to figure out why.

9 Times Grantaire Asked Enjolras Out (+1 He Said Yes) (3343 words) by captainskellington: Title is pretty explanatory. Really cute n’ flirty, and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

bigger than we ever dreamed (13211 words) by slightlytookish: Enjolras is the former crown prince and needs a place to hide out until the media dies down after abdicating from the throne. Grantaire just happens to be available. Super domestic and fluffy.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words (25024 words) by BethXP: Grantaire and Courfeyrac are both pining, and they strike up a bet to see who will be kissed by their respective love interests first. (Also, Marius does not deserve this treatment from his friends.)

Sheer Dumb Luck (23002 words) by angryintrovert: Texting universe! Grantaire accidentally texts Enjolras after Courfeyrac messes up Grantaire’s contacts. Nothing but fluff and another one of my comfort food fics.

out of the woods (7328 words) by novembersmith: Grantaire really hates haunted houses, really likes Enjolras, and really wishes he weren’t stuck in a haunted house with only Enjolras to help him out. Warning for descriptions of minor injuries and blood.

I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend (9665 words) by waroftheposes: The 1975/One Direction AU. Enjolras is in a boy band, and he may have a huge crush on Grantaire, the lead singer of the indie band 1832.

Love goes towards love, as schoolboys from their books (92326 words) by GingerNinjaAbi: Absolutely incredible Hogwarts AU. Amazing slowburn relationship and achingly beautiful setting descriptions. This fic is like sweaters and tea on a brisk fall day.

Kittens and Cats and All Things Cute (21576 words) by thedarkandstormyknight: Enjolras receives a kitten for his birthday and Grantaire works at an animal shelter. So, so cute and fluffy(literally).

touching souls (5419 words) by nightswatch Based on this short film(which I highly recommend). High school AU. Enjolras is blind and quite smitten with Grantaire, who very much returns the sentiment. I love this fic so much it makes my heart melt every time.

anonymous asked:

Levi waking up at night because the 220 pound of muscle next to him decided to roll up on him. Levi doesnt care though, it's Erwin, who would?

Levi enjoys the warmth and pressure against him & it’s not like he gets much sleep anyway so he might as well just stay up and the enjoy the feeling of being so close to him

 erwin smells good anyway and up this close he can stare at his face all he wants so who cares 

{BTS x Forest Fairy!AU} Seokjin

Keeper of Wolves Kim Seokjin

Find Keeper of Streams & Waterfalls Min Yoongi (here)
Find Keeper of Rabbits & Deer Jeon Jungkook (here)
Find Keeper of Trees and Roots Park Jimin (here)
Find Keeper of Birds and Raptors Kim Taehyung (here) 

  • collectively referred to as ‘prince’ of the wolves, not just their keeper, because of his royal good looks
  • in direct sunlight his eyes can look yellow instead of brown, and his teeth seem slightly sharper than a normal persons, accompanied with the fact that he happens to wear a fur cape around his shoulders ,,,,,, like you see where im going with this,,,,,,,,,,he looks like a wolf
  • even his nails are longer than a normal fairies or humans 
  • and out of all the keepers he was actually raised by the animals that he guards like jungkook and taehyung have special bonds with their animals but seokjin,,,,,,seokjin knows nothing but the rules of the wolves
  • and it might be the fact that he was raised by the head of the pack that seokjin kind of has this regal air about him,,,,,like ,,,he’s very head and shoulders above the other keepers when it comes to keeping composed and having his head on straight
  • and he feels the most powerfully about staying away from people. he knows far too well that wolves are treated as monsters and are hunted for fun by them
  • and it makes him furious, to the point that he has thought about attacking hunters - but he knows that revealing his identity could only cause harm and that he might be taken out of the forest and away from his “family”
  • the other keepers don’t necessarily fear him but they’re a bit weary so seokjin ends up not really communicating with them all that much. keeper jungkook isn’t scared of him but since he watches over rabbit and deer, common meals for the wolves, he kind of has a snide position toward seokjin
  • keeper namjoon is the only one he really talks too, but even for the fairies they don’t know much about seokjin
  • seokjin’s best friend in the pack is a wolf named jjanggu who follows him around like a dog
  • and since seokjin isn’t a hybrid he actually likes to cook when he’s not eating with the pack, but the wolves tend to stay away from a fire if seokjin sets one except for jjanggu who curls up beside it and lets seokjin lean on him for warmth and support
  • but other than his ability to make fire and season meals, he’s just another wolf to the pack
  • and so when danger is near, i.e. hunters, seokjin climbs the trees and whistles to the wolves if he sees the hunters approaching 
  • and although he can’t run as fast as the wolves, if needed he can hide among the trees or one of the wolves lets him hop on their back
  • and seokjin loves the spring, he loves the sunlight and when winter comes around he always has to make up for the fact that he doesn’t have fur with wearing whatever layers he can find and it’s annoying, he can’t run freely with the wolves or help them hunt he always stays behind with the nursing mother wolves because it’s too cold to go running through the forest barefoot
  • and one day, in the middle of the dreaded winter, you decide that you should go out into the forest because someone requested camellia’s in your flower shop and you’d yet to order any
  • but being a flower that blooms wildly and in the colds of winter, you knew you could probably find someone in the neighboring woods
  • so putting on some snow boots and coat you set out with a basket in hand and you were glad that the sun was out and it didn’t look like it would snow,,,,,,,,,,
  • until it the wind picked up right as you were picking some camellia’s you found and almost knocked you off your feet
  • and you know you should head back, but there were so many more camellia’s left to be picked and a lil wind didn’t mean a storm BUT,,,,,,,alas,,,,,,,,,,,,you were very very V ER Y Wrong,,,,,,
  • and the storm is strong,,,,so much so that when you try to get up the wind only pushes you back further and further until you give up and set your basket of flower down beside a tree and hide behind it to get away from the wind
  • but ontop of that it’s also began to snow and you’re mentally fREAKING out because you could very well get trapped here until the storm was over and you aren’t so sure your jacket is going to keep you warm for that long???
  • but the tree blocks back some wind and you bring the basket toward you and curl into a ball hoping the storm will pass,,,,,,,,but an hour goes by and you’ve resulted to shivering,,,,the snow and wind making everything more cold
  • and before you know it you’re too weak to stand,,,,,,and the last thing you remember before you shut your eyes is the sound of a howl,,,,,,,,,
  • seokjin can tell you’re not a hunter, mostly because you aren’t carrying any kind of weapon and also,,,,,,you don’t smell the way hunters smell
  • that and jjanggu keeps sniffing around the basket clutched in your frozen hands and wolves don’t like the smell of gunpowder,,,,,,,so whatever is in there must intrigue a wolf
  • but ,,,,,,,, should he help you? seokjin can tell by the way your shoulders are shaking and the way your lips are turning a bit pale,,,,,that you’re going to pass out for good if you don’t get warm soon
  • and helping a human,,,,,,,,unheard of,,,,but,,,,,,,letting someone harmless die??
  • seokjin wraps his arms under your shoulders, nudging your legs so you uncurl from your ball and he can get a grip under your knees and he carries you off to a secluded cave, starting a fire and laying you carefully down beside it to defrost
  • before seokjin can stop him jjanggu lays down behind you and instinctively, you roll over into the warm fur 
  • you’re still like semi-conscious but the warm big body is so inviting,,,,,tbh if you were fully awake you’d probably be like w O L F and run for your life
  • but you’re like ??? this is probably a blanket oh it’s breathing oh well whatever
  • and jjanggu is looking at you curiously and seokjin is like “don’t let them get too comfortable.” 
  • but jjanggu just closes their eyes and seokjin sits opposite the fire
  • until he reaches over for the basket he’d managed to get from your clenched hands and he’s like “let’s see what a murderous human carries around”
  • but when he opens the flap, all he sees are an assortment of flowers and twigs and confused he’s like ???? is this what humans eat??????
  • and after a while you’re warm enough to be fully awake and you sit up, touching the warm fluffy thing in front of you and you’re like hmmmm i don’t have a dog,,,,,
  • but then you see that this is not a dog it’s too big to be a dog and you’re like ????? so you let out a small shout and jump up, almost falling over yourself as jjanggu gets up surprised by the sound
  • and you’re looking up at this wolf,,,,,,this huge wolf,,,,
  • and your knees almost give in because oh gOD you’re going to DIE
  • but then you feel a hand on your shoulder and you turn
  • and ,,,,,,,,,ok you must ALREADY be dead because the person in front of you,,,,has the face of an angel
  • a Literal Angel ,,,, and you blink rapidly until you manage to ask “am - am i dead?”
  • and seokjin snorts and is like “no, i saved you from dying.”
  • you’re not fully convinced but you just swallow and without turning around you’re like “i,,,,is,,,,is that,,,you,,,your pet???” you point to jjanggu without looking and seokjin laughs out loud
  • and goes “pet? what is that? he’s my brother.”
  • and it takes you a moment because???? brother???? is this angelic looking man ok ??? but then you notice that unlike people back in your town this man is wearing a fur cape over a bare chest,,, scratches and scars litter the slope of his neck,,,red marks ring around his fingers,,,,and he’s not wearing boots. the only thing on him is that cape, worn out looking pants, and an arrangement of bracelets that look like they’ve been woven from twigs and animal teeth
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is he,,,,,,,,, a spirit of the forest?
  • but before you can ask the wolf nudges you in the back with its nose and you almost jump out of your skin but turn and try, in the best gentle voice u can muster up, to say hi
  • and jjanggu, like the big pup he really is, flicks his ears and tilts his head to look at you and you’re like kgfhoerl ,,,,,pls don’t eat me,,,,,
  • seokjin on the other hand is glad you’re awake, he picks up your basket of flowers and drops it in your hands and is like “let’s go. ill get you back onto the forest path so you can go home.”
  • and that’s how you end up walking in the snow, watching as this unearthly looking boy is padding through the snow with absolutely no shoes and a ???? big wolf keeps sniffing curiously at your coat pockets
  • and once you see the path up ahead seokjin stops walking and he’s like motioning with his hand for you to go
  • and you’re like about to, but you turn to him and bow slightly unsure of how exactly to say thank you for saving my life to a forest fairy???? spirit?? whatever he is
  • and then you dig around in your pockets, pulling out a bit of a squashed foil you unwrap it to pull out two sweet potatoes you’d brought along to eat while you were picking flowers and seokjin goes “it’s fine, i won’t eat them”
  • but you’re not looking at him anymore, you’re offering the sweet potato to jjanggu who happily laps them up out of your hand and seokjin is like “jjANGGU don’t.” 
  • but the wolf isn’t listening as he nuzzles your palm in thanks and you giggle because ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,cute
  • and seokjin clears his throat like “jjanggu says thanks, but you should go. night is coming.”
  • and you nod, agreeing as you say goodbye you go “maybe ill see you two again?”
  • and seokjin kind of bites his lip and shakes his head, but jjanggu’s tail wags happily and with that you set off home
  • and when you get to your flowershop, you’re grinning at your basket of flowers as you unpack them and you don’t even bother telling your assistant why you came home so late
  • but after you let them go home, you can’t help but keep thinking about seokjin and jjanggu
  • and a couple of weeks pass, the winter gets worse but soon enough the snow is melting as the sun gets more warm
  • and you need to go back out into the forest to pick some more wildflowers for your shop
  • you make sure to pack a couple of bags of different berries,,,,,,,for yourself but also in case you bump into the two who saved you back then
  • and as you’re walking up the forest path,,,,, checking the dirt and melting snow for big paw prints
  • you hear something rustle in the bushes nearby and you think it’s like a squirrel or something but then you hear it,,,,,,,,,a voice,,,,,,,,
  • “……jjanggu no don’t - where are you going-”
  • and with that you see a big wolf push aside the leaves and come up to you, ears twitching and his nose sniffing your face as you laugh instead of clamming up like any other normal person would
  • and with a gentle pet on the head you’re like “ahh, you remember me?”
  • and jjanggu starts sniffing around your basket and you’re laughing because “yes, yes i have a present!”
  • and you pull out the bags of berries and sprinkle them into your palm to feed the big wolf
  • and it’s so magical???? because when in your life do you think you could feed such a strong, beautiful animal like this
  • but seokjin appears behind him, frowning and he’s like “don’t feed him like that. he’s a wild animal he shouldn’t be hand-”
  • and you rummage around in your basket and drop a bag of berries in seokjin’s hand with a smile because you’re like “mhmm, wolves like berries so you probably like them to? as their,,,,,brother?”
  • seokjin opens the bag and corrects you, “keeper. but also brother. but call me keeper of the wolves.”
  • and you’re like “can’t i just call you seokjin?”
  • with a strawberry half hanging out of his mouth seokjin kind of turns a bit red because no one has ever actually called him by his name,,,,,the keepers only refer to him as ‘keeper of the wolf’ since he’s not a friendly basis with him and obviously wolves can’t speak
  • so it’s a little,,,,,,surprising to hear you say it
  • but he doesn’t answer, he just keeps eating and you smile and pet jjanggu on the head
  • and you’re like “do you by any chance know where i could pick some good flowers?” and seokjin tells you that the best ones are off the forest trail
  • and you’re like “great! you guys can take me right?”
  • once again seokjin gives you a kind of suspicious look, but you’re like looking at him with hopeful eyes and well,,,,,,,,,,
  • you’re not a hunter,,,,,,,and jjanggu likes you,,,,,,,,,,,and you brought them food,,,,,,,,,but,,,,,,,,,
  • it’s too late though, because you’re walking through the bushes already - jjanggu trotting behind you and seokjin is like “….fine we can take you.”
  • and he shows you through this big clearing and then near a small stream and over a makeshift bridge made of fallen trees 
  • to this beautiful field, full of untouched nature and seokjin stops you before you can run off and pick whatever you like
  • and he’s like “don’t take more than you need.” and you nod eagerly and promise
  • and seokjin watches you while leaning on jjanggu as you frolic around, not necessarily picking too many flowers, but making notes about the ones you find in a small journal and taking samples into your basket 
  • and seokjin sees how,,,,,,careful you are with nature
  • how you don’t just tear the flower from the ground cruelly pulling out the roots  and ripping off leaves. no you gently pluck only two or three. 
  • even small animals, that are usually fearful of human presence don’t mind you and are only startled when they see jjanggu 
  • the wind blows through your hair and your smell wafts over ,,,,,,, and seokjin is totally,,,,,,,,,,,staring at you
  • and jjanggu literally has to swat at him with a paw to get him to snap out of it
  • and seokjin is like “huh- what jjanggu?” and the wolf just looks over at you and back at seokjin and seokjin is like 
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,no they’re a human you know i would never- hey don’t give me that look.”
  • but jjanggu just starts off running to your side of the field leaving seokjin alone to watch as the wolf playfully nudges at your shoulder and flops down like some kind of big domesticated puppy to watch you write notes about the flowers
  • and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,god he can’t believe it but he feels safe. he feels safe seeing you so close to jjanggu. having you here in the forest. he can tell you have no bad intentions
  • and when again you have to say goodbye, seokjin dropping you off at the trail you promise that you’ll comeback soon and that they have to promise back that they’ll come out and hang out with you
  • and seokjin is like “eh we’ll see-” but jjanggu puts his nose in your basket and you laugh and say you’ll bring snacks the next time to- don’t worry!!
  • and as you disappear down the trail back to the town seokjin pushes jjanggu playfully and is like “stop begging for food. you’re a wolf you can hunt.” and jjanggu just runs off a head
  • and seokjin sighs, looking over his shoulder to see your silhouette gone
  • when you go back to the forest, it’s early spring and it’s much warmer and you call out jjanggu and seokjin’s name when you get deep enough into the forest
  • and you hear a rustling and seconds later jjanggu is out of the leaves again, giving you a big kiss with his tongue that almost knocks you over
  • and seokjin drops down from a nearby tree 
  • and both of them are staring at your basket and you laugh because they both look like hungry puppies
  • and you pull out the berries, much more this time and jjanggu practically gobbles the whole thing down and you pass seokjin a bag, but point out that you added some pieces of cake along with the fruit for him
  • and seokjin doesn’t blush,,,,,,well he does but he will not admit it 
  • but as the two are eating you’re like “i have another gift!!” and you pull out from your basket a flower crown you made in your spare time,,,,,,it’s large you tried to estimate how big jjanggu’s head was by making it three times the size of a normal crown
  • and when you put it over the wolf’s head it hangs off his one ear a bit sloppily, but,,,,,,,,,it’s cute and makes you giggle (jjanggu keeps trying to get his tongue up to reach it but he can’t)
  • and then you turn to seokjin and pull out another flower crown
  • and you smile and ask if you can put it on him and seokjin,,,,,,,seokjin is like “what is this?”
  • and you’re like “it’s something pretty, you know like the bracelets you wear? i made it myself!”
  • and seokjin is a little hesitant, but you’re like “don’t worry -it’s just flowers !!” and you tippy-toe to place it atop his head
  • and wow,,,,,,he looks like a prince,,,,,,,,,,like an actual prince not given the shabby pants and scars and dirt smudges that all come with living in the forest
  • and you clap your hands and you’re like “king jjanggu and prince seokjin!” 
  • and seokjin actually goes pretty red this time and he’s like “prince,,,,,,,,,,,why am i not the king?”
  • and you grin and pet jjanggu’s nose and jokingly go “because i like jjanggu more!~”
  • and seokjin is like HEY how can you not like this beautiful face,,,,,,even humans know im gorgeous,,,,,,
  • and you nod, brushing your other hand over seokjin’s cheek and you’re like “right, you’re the most handsome person ive ever seen,,,,,,,,,,well not person,,,,,,,wolf? fairy?”
  • and seokjin ,,,,,,,,like at the word handsome he feels his heart beat almost out of his chest,,,,,,,,,,,and your hand is still warm against his skin
  • and he turns his face and he’s like ,,,,,,,,trying to hide his eyes
  • but when you let go, he grabs your wrist carefully and you’re like hm? and seokjin swallows and he’s like “i don’t know, how to say a human thank you but ?”
  • and he leans over and gives the corner of your lip a little lick and you jump back like ????? omg
  • and he’s like “wolves,,,,,,,,,that like each other clean each others fur sometimes,,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,uh,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you look at him and giggle and seokjin is like DONT laugh,,,,,,but you’re like “it’s fine, but let me teach you the human way ok?”
  • and seokjin nods and this time you take his cheeks in both your hands and bring your lips up to brush against his
  • and when you pull back seokjin blinks but then,,,,,,,
  • presses his mouth to yours again and then,,,,,,,,
  • “you taste like strawberries.” and you’re like “i think that’s because you just ate some.” and seokjin is like OH,,,,,,,,,can i do that again? and you’re like kiss me? and he’s like ??? kiss ?? lick?? and you’re like akghedf
  • jjanggu nudges the two of you though like he’s encouraging you to definitely definitely kiss again.