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When you're feeling lazy but you have/want to write, just know that the docs on Google Drive have your back!

Just open a document, click on ’tools’ and then on ’voice typing’. The icon of a microphone will show up: just click on it and talk away, iT WILL FRIGGING WRITE WHAT YOU SAY

I’ve just found this out but I feel like it has already fixed all my problems as a writer and a student!

AND IT WRITES IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES TOO! Just make sure to change the language when the microphone icon shows up!

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Movies Meme: [4/5] Female Movie Characters → Sharpay Evans (High School Musical Triology)
↳ “What do I want? Gosh, I wouldn’t know where to begin. But I know where it ends. Center stage. A single spotlight.”

Nick Griffinbone is the antithesis of the Final Pam. Her other half. Two beings of great power, both capable of destruction and apocalypse, but while she embraces her role as the End, he seeks to turn back reality again and again in the name of turning the world of Skyrim into a more peaceful one. She is greeted with fear and terror, but he is greeted with reverence. While Pam is capable of great love, she ultimately exists for destruction; while Nick is capable of cruelty, he can never bear to let the destruction last.

Nick Griffinbone is the Lamb to the Final Pam’s Fifth Horseman. She comes when the Seventh Seal is broken and the world has been ravaged by mankind’s own thirst for destruction, but he appears as a guiding light in the heavens, guiding the people of the video game world to Kingdom Come on Judgement Day.

What I’m saying is that oh God please let Pam stay away from this one copy of Skyrim, because if these two clash it’s going to make the devastation spill over into our world and NOBODY WANTS THAT.

so i saw a post that talked about a theory which claimed that the polygon crew is trying to create an entire pantheon of gods, all original deities (because of the lore surrounding most of their popular characters), and i think this is true, and i think that busto 2 is the god of destruction and manipulation, the final pam is the queen of the gods, susan crushbone is the goddess of sex/desire, the blob is their “satan”, and nick griffinbone is too mysterious to be completely analyzed just yet, hes just too powerful
and busto 1 is their prometheus, who tries to be in peaceful contact with humans

if anyone has any opinions/ideas about this i want to hear them all, because its just the best theory, its so great