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“The way they defeated the aliens in Star Trek Beyond is unrealistic!”

For your convenience, here is a list of some other ways Star Trek villains have been defeated:

  • By Kirk reciting the Declaration of Independence really passionately
  • Kirk literally fighting himself
  • Kirk fighting himself again (this time while Spock watched)
  • Fat tribbles eating the problem away
  • Dr. McCoy applying mortar to an acidic rock creature
  • Spock mind-melding with a probe
  • Literal whales
  • The power of love defeating V’ger
  • Spock killing Kirk instead of having sex (Kirk got better)
  • An omnipotent being got his ass grounded by his parents
  • By doing literally nothing and history happened the way it would have anyway (plus there was a cat who turned into a hot lady)
  • The crew dressed up in suits and threatened to shoot gangsters
  • Kirk explaining birth control to an overpopulated planet
  • By making children cry

So you see, Beyond is actually well within the Star Trek tradition of ridiculousness. 

I love you.
It’s the most honest thing I could say to you, yet it still feels like a lie. You see, I don’t just love you, I crave your touch. I seek your advice and wish for your laugh. I would go blind just to be your muse, and I would lose my mind if it meant I could watch you become the person you aspire to be. I love you, it’s true, but I believe it goes beyond that, beyond anything words could ever describe.

I’ve been thinking about this goodbye and what it means. Clarke and Bellamy are probably experiencing a ton of different emotions but a big one here is longing. Clarke indulges in Bellamy’s touch and nuzzles his hand. He doesn’t think Clarke is in love with him, and yet, he KNOWS her. He KNOWS she’s vulnerable and he’s afraid that if he stays too long they’ll do something rash. So he tells her she should sleep. 

He breaks his hand off of her like he’s breaking off a piece of his soul. When he tries to leave, he has to pause, practically wincing in pain. It’s SO HARD for him to leave her sad like this, unable to do anything beyond what he’s already done. He wishes he could love her the way she wants but he loves her too much to feed into that feeling at a confusing time like this.

 Clarke’s eyes follow him until he disappears from view. She doesn’t want him to go either. She craves his touch and comfort beyond what they’ve already done. Her look is pure longing and sadness that they can’t indulge in their feelings; things are too damn complicated right now and the world needs them. But the longing, the longing is there and it’s the most beautifully heartbreaking thing to watch. 


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I’m Not His, I’m Yours // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Prompt: Just prepare your eyes for some very dirty filth.

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Jealous!Dylan, Dominant!Dylan, Daddy!Dylan, Fingering, Orgasm Denial, Oral (female on male), Spanking, Daddy Kink, and Swearing.

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Word Count: 4,951

Song: Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez


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“I’m gonna kill them.” Dylan complained over the phone and I laughed at his impatience.

“No, you’re not, baby.” I chuckled, coaxing him the best I could. “It’s just one more day ‘till the weekend. You can survive this, I know it.”

“I swear to God, if either one of them annoys me one more time-”

“Then, I’ll destroy them myself.” I answered and Dylan let out a deep breath.

“I have to go, but I don’t want to hang up on you.” My boyfriend groaned over the line. “Can we just stay on the phone for the rest of the day?”

“No, Dylan.” I laughed and I could tell the sound alone made him feel a little more at ease. “We have to be responsible here. But, tell you what, when it’s time for your next break we can Skype call. What do you think?”

“I think that you’re the best girlfriend a guy could ask for and I love you very much.” Dylan swooned and I could practically hear the smile in his voice.

“I love you, too.” I responded, smiling as well. “Now go, I don’t want you getting fired.”

“They can’t fire me, it’s the last season!” Dylan laughed wholeheartedly and I laughed along with him.

That’s what our relationship mostly consisted of: smiling, laughing, fun, and heart eyes. Even though Dylan has been beyond stressed lately because of everything that’s happened in the course of the past two years, we never fail to make each other happy. Things have been very intense for him ever since the accident that shall not be mentioned. Shooting The Death Cure had to be pushed back to this year, Dylan had to stay home for six months and try to avoid paparazzi harassment at all times, he needed to physically train for American Assassin and completely go against his doctor’s recommendations, deal with crazy fans that literally sent him death threats when they found out he wouldn’t be in all of season 6B for Teen Wolf, and even manage to audition for future projects to top it all off. Stress has been very imminent in Dylan’s life and I always felt like it was my job to make him feel better.

Which is why, being the amazing girlfriend I am, I wasn’t going to just Skype call him. I was going to personally go over to his work and give him a fun little surprise.

With excitement running through my veins, I jumped up from my position on our bed together and immediately ran to the bathroom for a shower. Dylan’s next break should be in about an hour, considering he doesn’t have a lot of scenes to shoot this year, so I knew I had to get ready quick.

Once I was out of the shower, I put on Dylan’s favorite red lingerie and took a good look in the mirror. The way the strong red color contradicted with my skin tone will definitely drive him crazy and I can already feel myself getting wet at the thought alone. I didn’t even bother putting on any pants because I knew I wouldn’t really need them and, instead, I picked up the t-shirt Dylan used to sleep from our messy med and slipped it on. Bringing the fabric up to my nose, I took a deep breath and glady breathed in his incredible smell. Sure, I see him everyday but I can’t help feeling addictive and always needed more of him.

Putting on makeup right now just to see Dylan would be useless considering he was going to smudge it up anyway. Therefore, with a smile om my face and exhilaration running through my veins, I put on my black stillettos and grabbed my car keys to head for the Teen Wolf lot. It didn’t take too long to get there and, in a matter of fifteen minutes, I was already greeting Phil the security guard as he let me pass the barrier and enter the studio.

The first thing I did was park my car in an area Dylan would never spot and, then, gladly entered his trailer. Since Dylan hasn’t been in the greatest mood lately, I knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to stick around on set in between scenes like he usually does. From what he told me on the phone, Cody and Sprayberry have been driving him crazy all week and he’s definitely going to want as much distance as possible. Which is where I come in and make him feel all kinds of good before returning to work for the rest of the day.

Having patiently waited for Dylan, laid on his pull-out bed, I immediately jumped up and fixed myself to look sexier the moment the door to his trailer flew open. The look of surprise and immediate lust in Dylan’s eyes when he entered, instantly, made desire crash down on my body. I already knew that I would be putty in his hands in a matter of seconds. Without even saying anything, Dylan just slowly closed the door behind him and took off his sneakers as he licked his lips in anticipation.

“Do you have any idea how good you look just wearing my shirt on?” Dylan questioned, his eyebrows raised in intrigue.

“Do you have any idea how much better I’ll look once you take it off?” I teased, smirking up at him.

My words definitely sparked something in him because Dylan instantly jumped on me, the intense sexual tension in the air an incredible influence on him. I giggled at his excitement and his lips were quickly on mine as my fingers instinctively ran through his hair. I smiled when Dylan’s tongue slid across my bottom lip, already asking for an entrance, and I didn’t think twice before opening my mouth for him. He allowed me to call the shots and would moan everytime I played with his tongue skillfully.

When we both needed to breathe again, Dylan detached his lips from mine and gently caressed my cheeks with his soft hands. His eyes gazed into mine with such emotion and care that a blush immediately made its way on my skin. Dylan never failed to make me feel special and I adored how intimate our relationship was. I always thought that intimacy was about allowing someone to touch you, but it’s so much more. Intimacy is someone who touches you beyond just the physical contact because they find a way to your soul. Intimacy is who you text at four in the morning to share your biggest fears and dreams. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.

“I love you.” Dylan whispered before pulling off his shirt I was wearing and placing a gentle kiss on my mouth.

The moment he realized I had put on his favorite lingerie set, Dylan couldn’t hold back the immediate moan that fell from his pink lips. His eyes raked my entire body and I felt his cock slightly twitch against my thigh, through his red crimson pants he wore for Stiles’ character. Standing up from the the pull-out bed, Dylan began unbuckling his belt.

Suddenly, the door to his trailer immediately flew open and the both of us froze in absolute shock. I didn’t even have the thought in me to cover myself up with something, anything, before the intruders invaded Dylan’s safe space.

“Hey, Dyl, are you trying to hide from us?” Sprayberry immediately hollered when he and Cody were inside, both instantly stopping in their tracks once they noticed their co-worker wasn’t alone. “Oh, my God!”

“What the hell are you guys doing here?!” Dylan shouted angrily, the veins on his neck bulging against his skin.

Well, looks like someone’s stress is officially back.

“W-We, uh, W-We,” Sprayberry stuttered trying to answer, but was too astonished to form an actual sentence.

Much like Dylan did just moments ago, Cody’s eyes raked my entire body and, by the way he was biting down on his bottom lip, he definitely seemed to like what he saw. Before I could even do anything, Dylan jumped back on the bed and instinctively covered my body with his. Embarrassment and uncomfort took over my emotions as my boyfriend protected me, shielding my body from unwelcome eyes.

“Get! Out!” Dylan yelled, his Alpha male side appearing now that someone glanced at his female without his permission. “NOW!”

Sprayberry was the first to immediately sprint into action, forcefully pulling Cody out the door with him and literally having to tear his gaze off of my body. I let out a nervous breath I didn’t even know I was holding in the second the door sounded shut and the two actors were finally out of the trailer.

“Damn, it’s a good thing I wasn’t naked yet, right?” I chuckled nervously, trying to make the best out of this situation. However, it was no use. Dylan was furious and no longer in the light-hearted mood like before.

“He was totally eye-fucking you and that’s what concerns you the most?” Dylan scolded and even though he was angry, my entire body filled with desire.

Dylan’s usually very sweet, but every now and then he goes completely dominant and it’s the sexiest fucking thing ever. The way he pulls my hair as he forcefully pounds into me or roughly spanks me just because I went against one of his many commands always had me on the edge.

“You’re right.” I smiled innocently, looking up at him as he noticed the tension change in the room. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

The flicker in his eyes immediately went from rage to complete and utter lust the second I let the kinky title he loves so damn much come out of my mouth. The warm and golden-brown color once in his eyes was replaced with a dark black, his pupils now dilated to the maximum. Dylan’s bulge pressed against his pants and  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, knowing exactly what stood beneath the fabric. Although he wasn’t the only one turned on beyond comprehension as arousal pooled uncomfortably in my panties and I desperately wanted them off of me.

Reaching my hand down to my panties to get rid of it, Dylan’s hand suddenly gripped my wrist and stopped me from moving any further.

“Did I say you could do anything yet?” Dylan questioned.

I gulped and slowly shook my head, his eyes focusing on my lip when I bit down on it. He let go of me without another word, but it didn’t even feel like he did because of his addictive touch still lingering on my skin. Dylan stood up and walked over to the door, locking it as he licked his lips with his eyes trailing over my body.

“Take off your bra.” He commanded, walking back over but not sitting down.

“What?” I asked as I watched him take off his shirt, the sight of his impressive form stunning me.

“Ah, ah, ah, babygirl. You know the rules.” Dylan tsked, shaking his head as he unbuckled his belt like before and opened his pants. “Only speak when I give you the permission to.”

Heat rushed throughout my entire body until it landed with full force in my core. Dylan and I had this little game whenever he was dominant and it was one of my favorite fucking things. The game was simple, but absolutely drove me crazy: Dylan would give me three chances and if I strike out every single one of them, he had no other choice than to punish me.

“Strike one.” Dylan stated, a smirk playing on my lips with what he said next. “And I know you just heard what I demanded.”

At the same time that I reached behind my own back to unclasp my bra, Dylan dropped his pants. His erection pressed hard against his boxers, the gray fabric slightly wet from his arousal. When both of us finished taking off our pieces of clothing, Dylan’s eyes were already glued onto my now exposed perky breasts.

“Now your panties.”

My boyfriend and I pulled both of our underwear off our bodies, watching the other intently. As soon as we were free of clothing and completely exposed to each other, Dylan grabbed himself in his hand and stroked his shaft slowly. The sight of Dylan pumping himself as his eyes gazed on my body turned me on in ways that I can’t even explain.

“Touch yourself, babygirl.” He commanded, my mind melting at his husky voice.

Following his orders, I sat up straight on the bed and spread apart by legs for him to have a full view which made him moan in response. I brought my hand down to my already soaking core and gently slid my finger through my folds, separating them. Slowly rubbing small circles against my clitoris, I couldn’t help but let out a moan. I watched as Dylan used his thumb to caress his tip and I desperately wanted it in my mouth, but I knew that I had to follow his order or else I’d be punished. However, being punished by him does sound very inviting.

Using my other hand to pinch my nipples and tease not only myself but also Dylan, I noticed his grip tighten around his member. Dylan let out an unsatisfied groan when I took my hand away from my breast, but then immediately moaned when I used it to push a finger inside my heat. My back instantly arched and I let out a whimper at the feeling, provoking him to pick up his pace around himself.

“You look so beautiful pleasuring yourself, princess.” Dylan grunted as I moved faster along with him.

Of course I knew how to work myself and make my body feel good, but there’s no denying that Dylan is so much better at it. The way his long and skillfull fingers knowingly curl up inside of me in such a perfect way that not even I knew how to do or the way his sinful tongue flicks expertly against my nub has me wishing that he would just jump on top of me already. But, if there’s one thing Dylan O'Brien certainly loves being is a fucking tease.

“Fuck, baby. Even though this feels good, nothing compares to your beautiful lips and warm mouth wrapped around my cock.” He moaned as my body craved for his touch. “Stop what your doing and come kneel in front of me.”

An exciting idea roared to life in me when I decided to ignore Dylan’s command and willingly get my next strike. I tuned out whatever he had to say and focused on the incredible feeling of my finger pumping inside of me purely to spite him. Which definitely worked because in a matter of seconds I could hear Dylan growling and approaching me. I, suddenly, felt his hands rip mine away from my body and forcefully pull me into him, our naked bodies against each other as we stood.

“Strike two.” He warned through gritted teeth, his jaw clenching and looking sexy as ever.

Before I even knew it, Dylan pushed me down to kneel in front of him and harshly grabbed onto my hair with his hands. Bringing my own hands up, I held onto his thigh with one hand and wrapped around his base with the other. I smirked at Dylan as I licked my lips and gawked at the delicious sight in front of me. I gladly took Dylan’s tip inside of my mouth and he immediately moaned when I did. The first thing my tongue came into contact with was his precum and I can’t deny that I love the salty taste. As I gently sucked his head, my hand began to slowly pump his dick.

One of the many things I love about Dylan is that he’s very responsive and isn’t ashamed in letting me know exactly what he liked. Which is why I already knew that one of his favorite things I do when I give him a blowjob is lick his prominent vein on the underside of his cock at the same time that I very lightly and very carefully graze my teeth against his topside. Dylan let out a throaty groan the second I did exactly that and it seemed to light a fire in him because he immediately took control.

My boyfriend pushed himself fully into my mouth until he was hitting the back of my throat and I was gagging around him, only for him to pull away and do the exact same thing again. Dylan was happily fucking my mouth and, to be honest, I didn’t even mind it. The lust was so far deep in my blood that all I could focus on was how sexy he looked as he practically used me as a fuck toy and how damn good he tasted.

I hollowed my mouth around him to create a much tighter environment for him and the filthy sounds of his shameless moans erupting from his chest made my core ache more than it already had. Due to the fast pace and my wet mouth, it didn’t take long for Dylan to reach his much needed release. I hummed when he unloaded and his hot cum shot straight down my throat, his hips bucking in response.

Once Dylan came down from his high, I pulled him out of my mouth and he shuddered at the contact due to how sensitive he’d become. Wiping away the spit on my mouth and any cum spilling down my chin, I stood up with a smirk on my lips and Dylan immediately kissed me. His dominance faltering for the slightest second so he could show me how much he cared for me through the gentle action. However, the moment we parted, dominant Dylan was back.

“Can you sit on the chair for me, babygirl?” He pointed to the chair under his desk he uses to study his lines as he headed over to the small closet.

“Yes, Daddy.” I obeyed because both of us knew that even though he asked, it wasn’t actually a question.

My eyes widened immediately when I noticed just what he grabbed from the closet and Dylan approached me with an intense grin on his lips. I wanted to desperately ask him why the hell he had that in his trailer or what he thinks he’s about to do to me with it, but I knew that that wouldn’t be the greatest idea.

“It’s not mine.” Dylan defended himself when he obviously saw my shocked facial expression at the metal handcuffs in his hands. “It’s Stiles’, but I don’t see why we can’t have our own little fun with it. What do you think?”

“Well, I know for a fact Stiles and Lydia have a lot of kinky sex with handcuffs.” I smirked, reaching my arms behind the back of the chair for him to lock them there. “So, I say we should also give it a shot, Daddy.”

“That’s my girl.” Dylan smiled, placing the cold metal around my wrists to lock them behind me.

The next thing my boyfriend did was push my legs apart so I was completely opened for him in a way that felt so dirty and exposing but I loved nonetheless. Dylan’s lips instantly wrapped around one of my breasts, already biting down on my nipple, and I whimpered when I couldn’t grip his hair with my fingers. As he teasingly worked on my breast, Dylan brought a hand up to my core and my hips instinctively bucked the second his middle finger rubbed against my sensitive nub. He started slow at first but as soon as he knew I was ready for more, Dylan picked up his middle finger’s pace and, using his other hand, he slid one of his long fingers inside of me.

I couldn’t hold back my moan at the incredible feeling, considering my body had been craving it for the longest time now, and the first finger was immediately followed by a second. I absolutely loved how much Dylan understood my body and exactly what it needed which is why I was already getting close to my release in a matter of minutes. His skillful fingers curled inside of me and pumped with such fervor that I didn’t have any ounce of self control in me anymore. I knew I was about to reach my edge and, much to my dismay, so did Dylan.

“Not yet, princess.” He teased and I whined when he removed his fingers from my soaking wet heat. “You only get to cum when I say so. And I want it to happen around my cock.”

After seeing me completely opened for him and a moaning mess just because of his fingers, Dylan’s erection was already back up and ready for more action. Precum glistened on his tip and even though I did give him head only a few moments ago, I already wanted to do it all over again. What can I say? The man has a delicious dick.

Dylan was pumping himself a little bit as he watched my chest rise and fall from my rapid breathing before grabbing my feet and hitching them up on the chair. He pulled my waist towards the edge of the seat, making me lay down since I still was locked to the back of the chair, and Dylan positioned himself in front of my entrance. Without even giving me a warning, he instantly slammed inside of me and my entire body arched at the invasive act. He waited a few seconds for me to adjust and when I sort of did, Dylan began roughly thrusting into me.

“Fuck, babygirl, you’re always so tight.” Dylan moaned, his face snuggled into my slightly sweaty neck.

The pleasurable feeling of his thick width stretching my tight walls as he pounded in me, quite deeply considering how the position we were in favored his ability to be completely buried inside of me, sparked the orgasm I was so close to reach that Dylan denied up to the surface again. I clenched around him once and he growled against my skin, my entire body vibrating with the sound.

“Don’t cum yet.” He demanded and I whimpered.

Even though I tried to hold it back, I clenched around him once more and this time Dylan immediately brought his face up to glare at me. We were so close that I could feel his breath brushing across my skin and, yet, all I could focus on was the bound knot in my stomach ready to break free any minute now. The thought of going against Dylan’s commands was both terrifying and exciting and, to be honest, I didn’t know which one attracted me more.

“Don’t you dare.” Dylan threatened, bringing one of his hands up to forcefully pull my hair and make me look him straight in the eyes. “I’m serious. Promise Daddy you won’t cum until I allow it.”

“I-I promise, Daddy.” I managed to say through moans. However the second his cock twitched inside of me when I said his favorite nickname, I was long gone and there was no way going back.

My entire body shook, my toes curled against the chair and uncontrollable shouts erupted from my chest as one of the greatest orgasms I’ve ever experienced bolted through my veins. I could feel my core clenching around Dylan’s shaft at the same time that it released all of my pent-up arousal and gushed onto him. I screamed so loudly that I was certain everyone on the Teen Wolf lot heard me and I was also sure that despite not following his orders, Dylan was loving the way I was a mess. Everyone including Sprayberry and Cody knew that the person who just made this young woman scream so much in pleasure was Dylan and that it didn’t even matter how badly they might have wanted her, she was his.

My own release triggered Dylan’s and as I was coming down from my intense high, my boyfriend was reaching his. Dylan’s cock twitched before cumming for the second time today and shooting his liquid inside of me, the incredible feeling of his hot cum running against my walls making me moan. The sound of Dylan’s own moans echoed through the trailer and I watched in awe as his face contorted in pure pleasure. He held onto the edges of the chair tightly, his muscles straining against his arms as he shook.

“Strike three.” Dylan managed to say through his husky and breathless voice once he came down from his high.

The sweet taste of adrenaline rushed though all of my veins and my heartbeat pounded so hard it pulsed inside of my ears the second Dylan said those two simple words. A mixture of concern and lust flooded inside of me and I didn’t quite know which one was stronger.

Dylan slowly slid out of my body, his eyes staring into mine the entire time, and I winced at how sensitive I’ve become. Going back over to the closet, Dylan pulled out a small key and walked over to me again. He hovered over my body, his incredible smell filling my nose, and unlocked the metal cuffs on my hands. They immediately dropped to the floor with a clang and Dylan didn’t even seem to care. Putting the key down on his desk, Dylan stood up straight in front of me.

“Let me ask you a question, princess.” He husked. “Do you think you’re a good girl?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I answered, bringing my hands over to settle on my lap. “I do.”

“Hmm, well, I happen to think you’re very very naughty.” Dylan murmured. “And do you know what happens to naughty girls, baby? They get spanked.”

Before I could even put together what was about to happen, Dylan harshly grabbed me and made me stand. My boyfriend pushed me down onto the desk, my ass sticking out for him, and he stuck his leg between mine to keep them apart. He slowly began to caress one of my cheeks with the palm of his hand and goosebumps covered my entire body.

“How many should I give you, babygirl?” Dylan teased. “Does ten sound good?”

“N-No, that’s too much.” I stuttered.

“Okay, then, ten it is.” He chuckled darkly and I mentally prepared myself for what was about to come. “Count for me, princess.”

Suddenly, Dylan lifted his hand and roughly slammed it back down on my ass cheek. The intense pain immediately making my hips bucker in response. The ache and pleasure shooting through me and landed straight in the bottom of my stomach, sparking the creation of a familiar knot.

“O-One.” I whimpered and, as soon as I finished speaking, Dylan spanked my same cheek again. “T-Two.”

He repeatedly smacked my right cheek five times in a row, my skin aching intensely with every hit. Everytime he would slap me, the knot inside of my stomach would become tighter and tighter. I knew that by the time he finished spanking me all ten times, that knot would break and I would be orgasming for the second time in this trailer. I was already a shaking, moaning and whimpering mess in his hands and, as embarrassing as it was to be so vulnerable to someone, I couldn’t care less.

Dylan rubbed my right cheek for a few seconds to ease the stinging pain on my skin before moving to my left and striking my ass again without any warning. My knees were wobbling and weak and if it wasn’t for his leg holding me up, I would’ve definitely fallen down my now.

“S-Six.” I mewled, my voice only able to come out as a whisper whilst he continued his punishment on me. “Seven, Eight, Nine.”

By the tenth strike, the extremely tight knot had snapped and spread an insane amount of pleasure inside of me. My vision blurred and went white as my orgasm dissolved in my blood and bones. My body jerked against the desk, my skin digging into the wood, and arousal immediately spilled out of me and ran down Dylan’s thigh. It didn’t matter that my ass was burning in excruciating agony, the pleasure was so much more powerful.

Dylan held onto my hips as I finished reaching my edge and came back down to Earth. His fingers creating tender circles on my skin.

“You okay, baby?” He asked me and I managed to bring myself back up, with his assistance of course.

“Yes, Dylan, I am.” I turned around with a smile on my face, wrapping my arms around his neck for stability.

“I wasn’t too harsh, was I?”

“No, you were perfect.” I shook my head happily, leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“Good.” Dylan smiled, his eyes no longer dark and now back to its gentle color. “It’s just, the way Cody looked at you drove me insane and-”

“I know, baby.” I interrupted him before he could finish, caressing the back of his neck with my fingers. “But, I’m not his, I’m yours.”

Dylan smiled at me with everything he had in him and I swooned at how beautiful he was. However, not just in the way he looked or in the way that he always manages to say things that makes me fall in love with him more and more everyday. But, just in the pure way that he is.

star trek beyond is so good u guys


In a haze, a stormy haze
I’ll be round, I’ll be loving you always
Here I am and I’ll take my time
Here I am and I’ll wait in line always


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If you have some free time and only if you have, can you say something to make people feel better about the circumstances the first SQ happened. As usual with Swen (and it's totally understandable) sth happens and they go all pesimistic and oh this is it... like that has been said so many times and nothing major happens, it's just people freaking out. At least we did get a hug and they touched, lol, idk just looking at the glass half-full I guess

Hey Anon!

Yeah, I understand that people are upset, the circumstances are very painful. Emma’s overt queer coding and the subsequent shift has turned the relationship with Hook in a metaphor for forcing a man on a queer woman and also condemning a woman’s differentiated gender expression as something that should be changed - regardless of what they’ll do with it eventually, by romanticizing it in PR and by not making it extremely clear on the show, they’ve been endorsing this idea for years now. So to have Emma and Regina’s first hug in any way connected to that relationship hurts.

The scene itself just continues the queer subtext the way they’ve been doing it since the beginning. I thought it was really overt.

First Regina’s face… Hurt and disbelief.

Then she’s trying, but there’s still disbelief and her smile doesn’t reach her mouth and eyes. It looks like pain.

Emma’s face then asking not to make this difficult for her. Pursed lips and she swallows very subtly. Fear too, maybe? The beat took a little too long to be comfortable. If anything they’re just trying to evoke questions in the viewers. Everything just feels a little bit off.

She’s trying to convince herself - and Emma here. This screams “…but really not for myself.”

Then the hug. Quick and awkward and it looks like as little physical contact they can get away with. A hug between the two of them that wasn’t awkward would have marked them as friends. This just reinforced the tension and the awkwardness. They don’t act like simple friends, you can feel something’s going on beneath the surface.

The most important tell in this scene is Snow’s face in the background. She’s ready to smile at her friend and her daughter having a moment, but then she notices something that makes her want to deflect. It’s not so difficult to imagine Regina looks like she’s on the verge of crying or in serious pain… and nobody knows Regina like Snow does, and Snow does always want to fix everything, so she jumps on it.

Emma was acting uncharacteristically over the top the whole time. We know she’s actually a convincing actress, think back to when she was pretending to be on a date with Ryan and the references to her being undercover. This just doesn’t feel like the way Emma would be acting over a proposal.

I think this scene explains Emma’s face in the third gif. She knows if anyone’s gonna call her out on it, it’s Regina. If anyone’s gonna see through it, it’s her… but Regina respects the silent plea, maybe she doesn’t see it because she’s trying to repress her own emotions.

So what I find specifically interesting is that for seasons on end we’ve had nothing but hand touches and that was deliberate. In the episode “Only you” - a song containing the words “the touch of a hand” Emma and Regina shared so many hand touches in that episode after a season of distance, that it couldn’t have been a coincidence.

…and what happened between then and now?

A few episodes ago, they came out of the… magic wardrobe. Suddenly they are able to touch beyond hands.

Then last season we had Emma’s dream about her issues directly connected to Ruby and Dorothy’s story.

…and we had Emma vowing to get to work… to become herself again? The jacket from season one. She hasn’t worn it since the first episode or at least the first few? That has to be significant.

…and I could go on for a while… but the point I want to make is that the queer story seems to be the one they’re actually telling and it’s progressing slowly, but this hug and the awkwardness fits into that narrative. It’s what they’ve been doing all along and it was meant to highlight Regina is not okay with that marriage and that there is more than meets the eye.

and when you spread your arms it’s like waves and waves of affirmation and the quickness of my breathe shallows and I can finally see the shore.
never have I met someone who is vines and vines of curiosity, branches lifting me from the soil, letting me grow on my own but helping me on my way up.
it’s like you speak to the heavens and every word is a safe haven. I’m rocking on this patch of self discovery and you’re the anchor telling me it’s okay and that I’m safe.
without a doubt you have touched lives and lived beyond your 20 years, you allow the world to engulf you, yet you still can breathe. yet you can still hold onto me.
—  I think I’m falling in love again

(adj.) the dizzy exciting feeling you get when you think about or see the object of your affection.

Our very first kiss
was in defiance
of all that is holy,
and every act
of sinful sex
that followed was
an affront to God;
how dare we
heaven on earth,
how dare we
surpass Eden
by the simple virtue
of human touch.
—  Love beyond love, by M.A. Tempels © 2017

evergloriousoverlord  asked:

What are, or should be, the aesthetic differences between the armors of the different kingdoms, in your opinion?

Well, when it comes to aesthetic differences, there are two things to look at. The first and most obvious would be what designs would be used, but there’s also the question of what techniques are they using to ornament their arms and armor. We already know that Dorne paints shields, as Dunk tells us in The Hedge Knight. Depending on the skills of the craftsmen and the materials available in each region, we can see what techniques they would use.

A note about these pictures, these are from different eras during armor development, so they are used as conceptual pieces. Much of these are late medieval period, which might be just a touch beyond where Westeros is at the moment.

The North - I’d imagine that the North would be a place of very few frills. Catelyn mentions that Northmen like Ser Rodrik disliking frills. However, we do know that Rickard Stark’s armor was finely designed, as Jaime describes us during his recollection of Aerys burning him and talking specifically about the melting of the precious metals. I’d imagine that a lot of Northern ornamentation would be metal or fur. I could see the armor itself decorated with gold on the rivets and inlaid with any house crests. Here’s a nice example of a decorated rivet on a Scottish targe:

The Riverlands - Well, the Riverlands are a large area and you’d expect regional diversity between the different areas of the Riverlands. So, of course, you’d see more Westerlander-influences in places like Pinkmaiden, whereas places closer to the Bloody Gate might see more Valemen styles. However, I’d look for probably something closer to the styles of Bavaria for the Riverlander armor, with a nice patterned texture as you see here to evoke gently cresting waves.

The Iron Islands - While the culture itself would probably mock painted lords in their fineries as weak, buying fine ornaments with the gold price, the Iron Islands has too much metal and enough sensibility to understand symbolism that their armor would also be decorated. I’d imagine that Iron Islands armor would, rather than use precious metals, would instead use embossing techniques to put designs into the metal itself. This is a bit fancier than I’d expect the ironborn to use, but there would definitely be these sort of embossing on the nicer pieces of Ironborn armor, though most ironborn raiders would probably use lighter armor.

The Vale - The austere, highly rigid culture of the Vale would almost certainly be reflected in their armor. I’d imagine the armor would be ornamented rather simply, mostly with house crests and wings, while the rest of the armor would be gleaming white, perhaps silvered in places. Given the knight’s spend a good deal of time going against the mountain clansmen, developing a solid harness and a good suit of cased steel plate would be a high priority for the Vale to make themselves relatively invulnerable against the poorly-armed and poorly-armored clansmen. I’d imagine the Milanese style would suit the Vale, and here’s what it looks like:

The Westerlands - Almost certainly, Westerlander smiths would be considered the pinnacle of Westerosi metalcraft, since their region is rich in metal both functional and decorative. This is the easiest kingdom to determine decorations, since their vast mineral wealth would lead to gilding and silvering their armor, decorating them with gold and silver. This would probably be done through mercury-gildening, which is a durable process meant for things like armor. For large areas, gold foil would be adhered with mercury, while smaller, fine areas would use a melted gold-and-mercury paste in a 1-to-8 ratio, which would be painted on with a brush. The gold was typically applied over a layer of copper for better adherence, so it’s steel-copper-gold. Once this was applied, the piece was basically ‘cooked’ in an oven to vaporize the mercury and voila, finely gilded armor. For an elaborate piece, you can see here for the armor of the 3rd Earl Cumberland, George Clifford, which might be used for someone like Jaime if you add a couple lions:

The Reach - Given the high importance of mounted combat, the most distinguishing feature of Reachmen armor would be a very flexible skirt for use in horseriding (this would obviously be important in all kingdoms, of course), and of course, fine ornamentation. I’d imagine Reachmen would have rather ornate engravings on their helmets and armor, with fine embellishments, crests, and gildings, something that looks like this:

As for the rest of their armor, I’d say they probably would take after the Southern French style, again, finely detailed and engraved. Reachmen would probably also have richly decorated cloth to decorate their scabbards and the finest woven surcoats to showcase their wealth

The Stormlands - I’d imagine that the Stormlanders would invest in fine quality armor, to better resist Reachmen incursion. They would probably use coloring to color their armor. The color of armor depended on when the armor was removed from the flame (as in, what temperature it was), with the most desirable being a deep, rich blue, hence why it was called “bluing” the armor. The Stormlanders would probably have richly designed and ornamented armor as befits their warrior culture, and it would probably look like something in the German style, so like this:

Dorne - Fortunately, half the work is already done with Dorne. We’ve seen that Dorne prefers to use painting rather than metal coloration and stains. We also know that they wear robes over their armor to help with the heat, which helps give us a very distinct image that reminds me a little bit of Turkish janissaries:

The Dornishmen would probably decorate their robes and silks finely for ornamentation rather than their armor; it’s easier, more visible, and less resource-intensive. For their finest spears, they probably inlay their hafts with bone, horn, and tortoise shells for poorer houses, and mother-of-pearl and ivory imported from Essos for the richer houses.

Thanks for the question, Overlord.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King


Alec is again caught in one of those annoying and boring meetings at the Institute. Worry not, Magnus decides to be a good boyfriend and keeps Alec entertained with sending him little text and pictures of himself in various kinds of interesting positions.

Tags: Sexting, Dirty talk, Public, Smut

Alec was turned on, by the Angel, he swore that he was going to kill Magnus when he’d get the chance to see him. Alec was right in the middle of a meeting at the Institute when Magnus decided that he was bored and he started sending him dirty texts. He gritted his teeth and he let out a small groan of annoyance when he felt his phone buzzing again. The annoyance on his face didn’t seem to bother anyone around the table, so he just sighed and tried to pay attention to whatever was going on. But, even though he was annoyed that he wasn’t paying attention to the meeting, he found the texts quite a turn on.

Throughout the entire meeting, Magnus continued playing with him with sending him dirty texts, telling him how wonderful it would be if they would be together at the moment. Because Alec didn’t want to be unprofessional, he didn’t respond to any of those texts, but he still read every one each of them and that was something that Magnus was quite aware of. Alec had an innocent appearance, but deep inside was hiding a perverted man, just like Magnus, so the warlock knew that Alec must’ve been having quite a time at the meeting. Besides, in his opinion, he was doing his boyfriend a favour; he knew how boring those long meetings could get and he was just being a good boyfriend with keeping Alexander entertained.

Soon, the texts weren’t enough, apparently, because Alec almost dropped his phone when a picture came attached to the text message and he just sunk down into his chair and tried to keep a straight face. The entire thing was kind of turning him on, but he knew that he needed to end that; he needed to tell Magnus straight that what he was doing wasn’t professional. It might’ve been fun for him, but it wasn’t for Alec. To him, it was torture. Yet, in the end, he still opened up the picture and almost moaned when he saw it. Magnus was lying on the bed, his T-shirt only lifted a little bit, revealing some of his sun-kissed skin on his abdomen and subconsciously Alec dragged his tongue over his lower lip, but didn’t dare to reply. If he was caught texting, he would ruin his family’s reputation, so he just looked up and put on his usual poker face, nodding when someone proposed of a way how to get better connections with the Downworlders. However, he was distracted again when his phone buzzed again, his cock twitching at the thought that Magnus sent him another picture.

And he did. Now, Magnus was lying on the bed stripped down, wearing only his boxers and Alec’s mouth literally watered when he saw how hard Magnus was. His boxers were already stained with precum at the front and he barely restrained moaned when he saw the outline of Magnus’ hard member in his boxers. Magnus’ thumb was teasingly hooked under the hem of his boxers, pulling them down enough for him to be revealing just a bit of his pubic hair and Alec squirmed his legs when another picture came. On that one, Magnus had his legs spread open, his swollen and heavy cock resting on his stomach, while he was playing with one of his nipples and Alec swore under his breath when he felt his body heating up and he didn’t care about the meeting. Fuck, that man was the definition of the devil himself.

Magnus had to know what he was doing to Alec and to the Shadowhunter that was extremely sadistic, yet so fucking satisfying. After receiving a few more pictures, on which Magnus was stroking his cock and fingering himself was when Alec almost came right at that spot, with the entire room filled with other people. He could only thank the angels that his parents and his other siblings weren’t present there, because the fact that he wasn’t listening to the meeting wasn’t a secret anymore and when he looked across the table, where a woman was sitting, he could see that she was curiously looking at him and his face heated up when she giggled, leaned closer to a man that was sitting close to her ear and whispered something into his ear, which only caused the other one to chuckle as well.

Then, another picture came; Magnus’ cock was leaking with precum even more and Alec wondered if Magnus was close. He tried not to think about it too much, but in the end he sent a short text, asking Magnus if he was close and the question seemed to please Magnus, because he got a quick ‘yes’ as a reply, followed by a selfie, on which Magnus was wearing his usual seductive smirk, his face flushed into much deeper shades of red and his hair was stuck onto his forehead from perspiration. Alec cursed again, because he knew exactly why Magnus sent him that; the faces that Magnus made when they were making love turned him on so much, so that was just another way of Magnus torturing him at the moment.

Alec lowered himself in his seat and pressed his legs together; he was rock hard, his cock itching to be touched. It was beyond uncomfortable to be sitting there with an erection like that and he allowed himself to press a palm between his legs for less than a second and that was when he received another picture; Magnus was stroking his cock again, leaking, showing just how close he was and Alec just closed his eyes tightly, trying to ignore the next text that came, but in the end he read the text anyway and his eyes widened when he saw what Magnus wrote.

‘Alexander, darling, I’m close. Tell me, where do you want me to come?’


Alec’s fingers were shaking and a part of him was yelling at him not to reply, but that was kind of impossible to do at that the moment. Magnus was probably holding himself back from coming, just for him. The thought of Magnus squeezing the base of his cock and moaning out his name got the best of him and even though he wasn’t a fan of sending dirty texts, he wanted to be the one to order Magnus when he could come and not. And from his point of view, making Magnus come so early in the game would be too easy. He needed to be punished and a devious smile came upon Alec’s face as he straightened himself up a little bit and wrote Magnus back a reply, saying,

‘Who said that you could come already?’


Alec then cleared his throat and looked up, pretending to listen as he waited for a reply to come. Before he could actually get what the others were talking about, he was distracted by the buzzing of his phone and he didn’t hesitate that time to read the reply, smirking as he was reading it.


‘What is that, I hear, angel? You’re up for a bit more fun, huh? Is the meeting over?’


‘Far from it. And yes, that’s your punishment.’


‘A punishment? For what, I don’t remember doing anything bad at all. I’ve been a good boy all day, darling.’


When Alec received that text, his cheeks warmed up and he bit into his lower lip. Then, he remembered that he shouldn’t get all soft on Magnus yet, determined to give him the punishment that he received, so he quickly wrote back a text saying,


‘M-hm, of course you were. Now tell me, what are you doing?’


‘Imagining how wonderful it would be to have those lips of yours wrapped around my cock.’


Even though Alec’s cheeks were burning with embarrassment, he managed to smirk and he let out an amused gasp. Having Magnus’ hot cock in his mouth at that moment would be lovely. He’d wrap his lips around it, swallow it all the way until he’d feel it hit the back of his throat and he’d squeeze him nice and tight, making sure to make Magnus come really hard. Alec’s head was speeding with the images of that flashing in front of his eyes and he moved again in his chair, his self-control paper thin by then. Alec felt his member twitching again and he crossed his ankles, holding his breath and he opened up his legs again. His phone buzzed again and he frantically hit the open button and read the text, which said,

‘What’s the matter, angel? You suddenly got all silent on me, not fair. Are you still in the meeting?’


Alec almost laughed at that and he just gritted his teeth, hitting the reply button and he wrote back a reply,

‘Yeah, I’m still in the middle of the meeting. You’re making things really hard for me, Magnus.’


Wanting to make himself look present, Alec grabbed the pen on the table and held onto it tight, his knuckles going white from how much he was gripping onto it. His skin felt hot, his toes curling when the fabric of his boxers grazed the head of his cock and he bit hard down onto his lower lip when a moan almost escaped past his lips. He was sweating, his breathing rapid and awfully uneven, his heart beating hard against his ribcage as his cock was pressed painfully against the zipper of his jeans.


‘Hard, huh? Interesting choice of words, darling. Am I making things hard on you by making you hard?’


Alec almost laughed at how absurd that sounded. Of course he was hard, just what in the world Magnus expected him to be after all of that teasing?! He straightened himself up just a little bit and he cleared his throat as he hit back the reply button.

‘Are you fucking kidding me? Of course I’m hard, I almost came before just by seeing the pictures you’ve sent me.’


‘Is that so? I want to make you come just like that, without touching yourself, in front of everyone. It’s kind of turning you on, right? The thought of someone catching how hard you are for me right now?’


Alec cursed again, Magnus’ words stirring up his cock again and he pressed a palm against his lips, trying to look natural. But, no one was paying attention to him; they were too busy with getting into an argument about something that Alec couldn’t care less. His mind was completely focused on his boyfriend and he dropped his pen down onto the table, digging his nails into his palms. He grew even harder, if that was even possible; his erection felt sticky, hot, itching for relief and he was a mess. Despite his embarrassment, he needed more of Magnus’ dirty words; never in his life had he been so turned on and he wanted more.

‘God, yes. If I was there next to you, what would you do to me?’


When the reply came, he grabbed the phone back, way too quickly. Luckily, others were still arguing, so he just read Magnus’ reply, which said,


‘Kiss you, caress you. I’d start my way on top of your chest and then kissed my way lower. I would wrap my fingers around your cock and stroke it for you. Then I’d swallow you whole. Would you like that?’


Oh, Alec wouldn’t just like it, he’d love that. His imagination was running wild with things he wanted to do to Magnus. For example, he’d love to try out the 69-position with him; it was something new and so arousing. There were more things he wanted to do, but his fingers shook a bit, because he didn’t know how to put it into words. He rarely used dirty talk in the bedroom, so he was kind of awkward with that. Yet, he still managed to write back a reply saying,


‘Yeah. I want to blow you as well. I would turn around and we could do it in 69?’


His face heated up, but he didn’t care. Alec looked around the room and then almost jumped when a new text came, reading it almost immediately.


‘That’s it angel, I would love that. You could prepare me in this position as well. Lick me spread open, or would you use your fingers?’


Without even thinking, Alec let out a soft moan and he didn’t even know when he placed his free hand on top of his hard cock. No one seemed to notice, so he quickly removed the hand, but his hips moved on their own, wanting more of that friction. He placed a hand on top of his thigh and dug his fingers into the flesh; even that spot was sensitive. Without even touching himself properly, he could feel that he was slowly coming close and he gritted his teeth, writing back a reply.


‘I’d use my tongue and my fingers, together. What are you doing right now?’


‘That’s it, Alexander. I just slid a finger inside me.’


“Oh god,” said Alec under his breath. By the Angel, he wanted to see that. Magnus had sent him a picture like that before, but he wanted to see it again. Especially now; Magnus was probably a mess by then. And he, himself, wasn’t any better as well. His boxers felt damp with his precum, but he didn’t mind it. He wanted it to be sticky and messy.


‘Show me.’ was the reply that he wrote back. The picture that came after a minute or so didn’t disappoint at all; Magnus’s legs were spread open again, two fingers inside of him that time. Magnus’ chest and abdomen were wet with sweat and Alec swallowed hard, his throat really dry. His reply came a bit slower, because he was still holding back his breath. But he wanted Magnus to know how good he was for him.


‘That’s so hot, Magnus. You’re amazing.’


‘I wish I’d have something bigger in me, though.’


Alec wished for that as well, he wanted to bury himself inside of Magnus. He could already feel himself sliding through the first ring of muscles and even though he wasn’t touching himself, he could feel a tightness around his cock. God, he’d give it to Magnus so hard, it’s not like he’d be able to hold himself back anyway. He was too worked up. Alec’s head was feeling dizzy, but he still managed to write back a reply.


‘I bet you would, I’d give it to you. Hard, rough and deep, just like the way you like it.’


Magnus’ reply came slower than usual, just making Alec wonder what Magnus was doing then? Was he too far gone into the pleasure to write back? Alec pressed his lips together and his stomach made a flop when his phone buzzed, reading the text and almost came from reading it.


‘That’s it, fuck me. How would you want me? On my knees? Or with my legs up? Or should I just split myself open on top of your cock and ride you?’


Oh god, all of those positions seemed so appealing to Alec. He’d love to lift Magnus’ legs up and fuck him senseless. Or maybe do him from behind, grab him by his hair, yank his head back and kiss him? Then again, he’d love to have Magnus on top of him, riding him.


‘Ride me.’


When Alec’s phone buzzed again, his cock twitched again and he cursed; he didn’t know how long he could hold on for anymore and the meeting was still going. Was it really? Who cared, because when he read Magnus’ next text, a soft moaned escaped past his lips and he just pressed a hand between his legs as he read the text.


‘Oh god… Alec, I’m so close. Can I come?’


Knowing that Magnus was close, brought Alec closer to the edge as well.  With shaky fingers, he hit the reply button and wrote the reply.


‘Yeah, come for me. Let it all out.’


‘Here I come.’


Magnus’ last text came with a picture attached, on which Magnus was resting on top of the bed, wearing a devious and exhausted smile and Alec’s breath shook when he looked lower. Magnus’ stomach was covered with his load and Alec cursed. God, he came so much. Seeing that was what brought Alec over his edge as well and he grabbed the edge of the table, holding his head down his eyes tightly shut and he forced himself not to moan when the pleasure became too overwhelming, coming right at spot, without even touching himself. The pleasure was hitting him in waves, taking him quite a while to calm down and when he finally did calm down, he was mortified with what he had just done.

Alec’s heart fell to the pit of his stomach when he felt a hand on top shoulder and he literally jumped up when he saw a fellow Shadowhunter next to him, not even wanting to know what he was going to say to him. What if he got caught? Shit, shit, shit… his entire career would be over and-

“Everything okay there? The meeting’s over, so you can leave,” said a man, who looked the same age as Robert and Alec flinched, but he was kind of relieved. Not only because the meeting was finally over, but because apparently he didn’t get caught.

“Yeah, um, everything’s okay,” said Alec, surprised with how low his voice was.

“You sure you feel okay? You’re kind of flushed and you haven’t been paying much attention during the meeting.”

Alec froze as he tried to come up with an excuse. “Um, stomach ache,” he blurted out.

“Ah, I see. The stress is getting to you. I think I’d be the same if I were in your shoes,” said the Shadowhunter and laughed. “You have to watch your health while you’re still young, so don’t overwork yourself. Go get some rest.”

“Ah, yes, thank you,” said Alec awkwardly and quickly made his way to his bedroom, locked himself in and called Magnus.

“Magnus,” stammered Alec.

“Oh hi,” said the voice from the other side of the call and shivers ran up Alec’s spine when he heard how low Magnus’ voice was. He sounded really tired as well. “Everything okay? I was kind of disappointed that you didn’t write back.”

“The meeting was over,” said Alec, as if that would actually explain things.

“Ah,” said Magnus and even though Alec couldn’t see him, he could tell that the other was grinning. “Calling to scold me then?”

“No, I, um-”

“Did you like it?”

“Magnus… shit, of course I did,” said Alec and burst into laughter, his voice still breathless and he made a short pause. “You don’t understand, you made me come in the middle of the meeting. Well, technically, it was over, but-”

“Holy shit,” said Magnus and his deep, attractive laughter filled Alec’s eardrums. “Hands-free and in front of everyone?”

“Yeah,” said Alec and his face heated up again.

“That’s amazing,” muttered Magnus. “You just keep surprising me, in a good way, of course,” teased the warlock and Alec let out a quiet laughter. “So, now that the meeting is over, any more plans on the horizon?” asked Magnus.

“Can I come over?” asked Alec quickly, way too quickly.

“So that we can put what we talked about earlier into practice?” asked Magnus. “I’d love that.”

“Yeah. I’ll be on my way, okay?” asked Alec and couldn’t wait to be finally with Magnus.

“Hurry up, I’ll be waiting for you,” said Magnus and Alec didn’t need to be told twice as he was already on his way the minute later.

Sometimes, in the dead of night, I spread out my arms and ache to touch the world beyond my fingertips. And I love you. But I still can’t shake the feeling that maybe I’d feel less alone in a city where no one knew my name.
—  #191- excerpts from the book I’ll never write
A Sweet Remaining (”Why Now?”Part 3) - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Imagines | Part 1 | Part 2

Someone wanted a part 3 of „Why Now?”. I decided to write it and it will be officially the last part of this imagine. I don’t want to make it too long ’cause I think it’s nice to be a short and open-ending story. As in the previous parts, no warnings. It became too sweet for any warning. Enjoy your reading. xx

PLOT: As much as it hurts, you know you cannot stay in Riverdale because of your parents. So you try to make every second count.

You didn’t care about anything that night. You constantly felt Jughead’s taste on your lips so you decided in only a few seconds that you had to stay with him. His father didn’t show signs of coming back too soon so it wasn’t a problem. You told him you didn’t want to leave and asked if you could stay with him tonight. He asked you if you’re sure you want to do that, you had no doubt. It was a night when you wanted to feel him close to you, you needed his arms around your waist and to know he’s just around. Because if you left, you would have felt lost. This night was supposed to be perfect with him.

He wanted to take the couch and you to sleep in the bed. He wanted you to feel as comfortable as you could. You didn’t let him, you forced him to come and lay next to you because you missed his hugs so much. Without telling him, you put your head on his chest when he gave in and agreed. Insecure as he was, only after a good while he dared to pull you closer to him and kiss your forehead. You started talking. Even the smallest things became big for you two. He told you how things had been between him and his dad as you were away, the unusual silence he, Veronica, Archie and Betty had received, and in the end, almost inevitably, the Blossom family had to be brought in. But you didn’t want to try to find solutions to the problems, you just needed him next to you. You didn’t want to ask him if he was feeling alright because you knew he didn’t know what kind of answer to give you. All he did was to breathe heavily, as if you were not supposed to be in his arms in this moment. So you got up a little, just to look at his tired and confused expression. You didn’t know why he felt like that, but you had some ideas. His eyes fixed you hesitantly, they seemed wet, but they weren’t. He was hesitating. You knew you only needed one smile from him, but you were pretty sure he couldn’t give you a smile. He seemed sad, even if you were with him. Perhaps it was just the feeling you both felt inside: the fact that what was happening right in that moment was not gonna last. Though, the darkness around you was reassuring. The fact that your mouths didn’t let any word to get out meant more than it was left to be seen and you certainly did preferred that.

Slowly, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Your chanted breath hit his cheek, in the first phase he didn’t kiss you back. But almost as if you were dreaming, his hand touched your cheek. He took your face in his hands and moved his lips over yours, making you tremble. You couldn’t describe in words how his kisses felt. You’ve always imagined how Jughead should’ve kissed, and yet, now was the firist time you felt that. He was gentle, scared almost as if it was about to do something wrong. You could figure it out by the way he was touching you. You were surprised to feel his tongue teasing your lower lip for entrance. Still bending over him, you couldn’t do more than that and you didn’t want to. You kept your palm over his warm chest for support and then intruded your lips. His tongue invaded your mouth in a too slow way. You felt you couldn’t resist. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you leaned even closer, afraid of losing his touch. The feeling was beyond description.

You smiled faintly when the kiss lost his intensity to the point where he bagan to kiss you shorter. His lips were so soft, your hair was beginning to tickle your eyelids, Jughead’s warm breath felt so familiar. Yow slowly broke away from him and blinked repeteadly so that you could better distinguish his face. His eyes were shining now from the light coming from the lanterns on the street which was entering through the window blinds.

„I know you’re not okay.” You told him, caressing his cheek. „You don’t need to say anything.” You didn’t want him to talk because it would have been hard for him. And you were sure you didn’t want to cry anymore. You were happy when he smiled. The corners of his mouth rose a little as he looked at you and again, you were speechless. So you sighed and put your head back on his chest. Your hand was exactly in the spot where you could feel his heartbeat. The beats were just a little accelerated, which made you close your eyes, quite affected. You hugged him tightly wanting anyone and anything to take you away from him. It was easy for you to fall asleep and forget about everything in his arms.



The next day you woke up very early because of your phone that rang from somewhere. You were tired and barely able to figure out that you were still at Jughead’s. You searched your phone and felt it in the pocket of the jeans you were still wearing. You took it out seeing Veronica’s name on the homescreen.

„Hello?” You answered, trying not to let her know that she just woke you up.

„I called you a lot of times last night! Why didn’t you answer? I was worried, are you with- …”

„Slow down, Ronnie.” You told her while touching your forehead with your palm. You probably didn’t hear the phone. Anyway, last night you didn’t feel the need to be in someone else’s company other than Jughead’s. „I’m okay, I’m with Jughead.” You breathed and got out of the bed. Just a few seconds of silence passed before you to hear your friend’s reaction.

„Ooh, I see now. So it means Archie didn’t lie when he told me that.” Her voice was suggestive, you didn’t want to know what she was thinking. You walked around as you noticed how Jughead started to wake up. He watched you as soon as he realized what was going on.”You could’ve just call me. Even my mom was worried.”

„Sorry. I fell asleep.” You started smiling to the boy who was just yawning.

„Yeah, sure.” You wanted to tell Veronica not to take hasty conlusions but you couldn’t do it because she started talking again. „Come back to my place. Archie and Betty are here too.”

„Okay.” You nodded seeing Jughead asking you what happened in a whisper. You were expecting her to wish you a happy birthday but she hang up before you could say something more. You glanced at your phone then put it back in your pocket. You noticed your clothes being wrinkled and you should have changed them. You were going to do that back to Veronica.

Your attention focused on Jughead as you approached. You said good morning and he asked you who was on the phone.

„It was Veronica, he wants us to be at her place.” You answered him.

„Isn’t it too early?” He asked you in a pretty thick voice while rubbing his eyes.

„Apparently, it’s 9:45 a.m. Did Archie call you last night or something?”

„I don’t think so. Last night was nice and I didn’t want to ruin it by looking after my phone.” You chuckled when you heard him and kissed him on the cheek. He also got up from the bed and embraced you, burying his head in the crook of your neck.

„Thank you for being the first one to tell me happy birthday.” You whispered gratefully. You still didn’t forget how sweet the moment was and how beautiful it made you feel. He didn’t answer you, his face was saying all the words he wasn’t able to say. He was the one who felt grateful that you were here now. No one knew how much he needed you, especially being the kind of person you knew he was. But he was worrying too much, you never considered him an out of common person. You liked all of him. Maybe that was what gave him power everytime.

„Uhh … I have to change my clothes before we leave.” You heard him say.

„No problem. I’ll wait outside.” Of course you weren’t going to stay there as long as he was changing. He nodded and then you smiled at him before you turned around and got out of the trailer. It was warm enough outside, the sun was already shining and it seemed like a wonderful day. You couldn’t spend it more nicely than with your friends.  You really felt good, you were in love and loved, it was hard to imagine that this place was no longer your home. You didn’t feel like Houston was your home, not at all. Your home was where you had the most memories, the safe place you were used to with all its defects. Lately, you thought how nasty it is for someone to try to just take you away from a place that gives you peace of mind. You cannot compel anyone, and yet you had to agree with your parents’s decision. But what was happening inside you was much more significant. When you leave, you leave behind people who have been enormously attached to you, people who would do anything for your happiness. It’s like you depend on them. To leave was never easy. Especially when you have no choice. It’s the most painful decision you have to make.

Your eternally sad thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door opening and closing. You had no idea how long you weren’t zoned, but you saw Jughead in the next moment right near you. He wore a new pair of jeans and a new T-shirt along with his beanie.

„Let’s go.” You saw him looking at your hand while he seemed doubtful.  He seemed to leave all the prejudices aside when he held your hand, waiting for your reaction.

„I wonder how your dad isn’t here yet.” You asked him when it became too strange not to speak. It was very nice of him to hold your hand but you still couldn’t feel less excited.

„It’s good he’s not. I mean, I don’t know how he would react.”

„How do you two get along?” You felt the need to know that because it was important for you that Jughead had a good relationship with his father, especially as you knew how he was before. You wondered if things have got well during the time that passed  … If his father changed, just a little.

„It’s …” Jughead started but didn’t finish his sentence. You waited patiently for an answer.”Y/N, I don’t really know what to say. I thought he was different at one point, but I used to be disappointed and I don’t know if I should trust him anymore.”

„You should only have a bit of trust. It helps.” You felt how he gripped your hand harder. He wasn’t looking at you, he was looking forward. It was a sensitive subject for him to talk about.

„Hey, stop. This should be a great day for you. We’re not talking about myself right now. I don’t want you to leave again without having moments to talk about with the others, okay?” You tried to talk, but you were surprised.

„Y/N?” He asked you to make sure you understood. You just sighed and looked at him.

„But this is a great day, Jughead. I’m about to have the most wonderful birthday here, just because you are around.” He turned his head to you and you saw him smirking a little.

„Then let’s make something you’ll remember.”

You didn’t expect what followed as soon as you arrived at Veronica’s apartment. She, her mother, Archie, Betty, even Cheryl Blossom … They were all there. A big cake was waiting for you in the kitchen, decorated with eighteen candles for your eighteenth anniversary. Your friends were amused by your surprised expression when you saw them all. Veronica’s mother bought the drink, and even turned the music on. You asked Jughead if he had anything to do with it and told you he had no idea of that. It was clear that he wasn’t lying. He was as surprised as you were. But how? How did all this happen and why? You only wanted their company, it was enough. This party was much more than it should have been. They even brought you gifts. That’s why Veronica seemed so rushed at the phone …

„Well, I really didn’t expect you to come back too soon.” Cheryl told you with the usual bossy attitude she had. „But I couldn’t miss this so like, happy birthday?” She told you and then hugged you. Meanwhile, you saw Veronica looking at you. You somehow gestured her what’s with Cheryl and she just seemed clueless.

„I can’t believe you guys did all of this! What was in your mind?” The fact that everyone was gathered here was great. All they wanted to do was make you feel good. And maybe they didn’t intend to throw a super party, but it still means so much to you. You didn’t even plan a party.

„Why not? Don’t you think you deserved that? Come on, Y/N, let’s have fun!”Archie was the one who spoke this time. You still stood there, almost embarrassed because you didn’t know what to do. You felt Jughead’s hand on your back and then you turned your head to him. He tried to smile.

„You’re too stoned. You should be happy.” He said.

„I … I didn’t even get to change my clothes and Veronica knows I stayed with you overnight. How do you think things are? You tried to whisper him without starting to laugh.” He grinned.

„Everything’s perfect. Go and change your clothes, I’ll keep them busy.” You looked at him in disbelief while he gestured you to move. Your brunette friend noticed your escape attempt and, of course, she followed you. Her grin was visible from miles away. As soon as you entered her bedroom door, you turned your face to her. Her outfit was made of a black dress, more easy than formal.

„That’s why you seemed so impatient on the phone. Ronnie, you didn’t have to do that. Where did you get all that stuff? I was okay with a night at Pop’s and a well-deserved milkshake.” You complained almost crossing your arms to your chest.

She rolled her eyes.

„It’s just a surprise, not a big deal. God, If I was you, I’d be glad.”

„Everyone says that! And I’m happy, in fact, you are wonderful, thank you so much! You have no idea how good this day has become because of you.” Veronica smiled and assured you there was no botheration doing what they did. You couldn’t help, you were simply overwhelmed.

„And yet, you still didn’t tell me why you stayed at Jughead’s last night.” Her expression became self-understood. Here it comes …

„I mean, I was expecting that when I saw you disappearing with him but- …”

„We needed some time alone to talk. You know that.” You told her seriously. You couldn’t think like her. All the situation between you and that boy was too sensitive right now. You had to put your thoughts in order, there was a lot to be done and so a little time. You were still hurt and you could barely get over it. What could heal you a little was the fact that you were around him.

„You kissed, didn’t you?” Your mouth hung open a few minutes. Was it okay to tell her? „I was expecting that.” She answered herself.

You sighed noisily and felt guilty for the moment. Things shouldn’t have been that messy.

„Y/N, Jughead was never over with you. I think he always thought about you. And I know for sure that you did that too. You are in love with him and you can’t deny that, everyone has noticed.”

„He needed me around a long time and I couldn’t be there. I don’t want to hide anything but it’s hard … „You confessed, trying not to ruin your mood.

„Then let’s go there. He is waiting for you. And he cares, don’t waste your time worrying.” You knew she was right but these were just instincts. You couldn’t stop. But you could block the effects, at least today.

„I have to change first. Wait for me, please.”

As you tried to find some new clothes to wear, the music and the voices of the others were heard from the living room. You asked Veronica how came that Cheryl was here and she told you that she didn’t expect her to come. She didn’t even know how she found out about the little party they were trying to throw without attracting your attention. After that you went and blew in the candles while all of them sang happy birthday to you. They seemed incredibly smiley. Each of them hugged you and wished you well in all the possible ways. Betty was the most emotional of all, as you expected, and Archie told you it doesn’t matter that you are eighteen, you will never be independent as long as they are around you. Cheryl astonished you a little more than she should have when she struggled but succeded still to wish you a nice happy birthday message. You appreciated it, you didn’t know that she could call you her friend but you didn’t hesitate anymore when you tried to make her feel better about her brother and the fact that his killer hadn’t yet been discovered. Here, inside this apartment you all had fun. The town, on the other hand, although you don’t like to admit it wasn’t sure still. Almost purposeful left the last, Jughead has given you a hug that everyone could’ve considered more intense and significant. You didn’t know if the others knew what was happening between you two, nor did you. You didn’t know how to react because both of you wanted an eternity that wasn’t possible.

„Happy birthday. Now you’re free, as you always wanted to be. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to stay around you and know you better. Thank you for accepting me just as I was, because you have to admit, I’m really a freak.” His lips moved slowly as he talked and beside him, you really felt very small. At least this time. Every detail of him was beautiful and special, you still had a long way to get through to make him see that too.

„’Looks like you got me now. How many years, Jones?” It was the first time you called his last name. He smiled at you, you were so close to each other and everyone was watching you. What you didn’t know was that they were already caught up with everything.

„What are you waiting for? Kiss her!” You immediately recognized the voice of Veronica and you nearly blushed. You tried to chuckle, but Jughead was looking at you smiling. You heard a few whispers here and there but you didn’t manage to give them too much attention when the boy who held his arms around you kissed you. Your noses were touching and you were even surprised that he had done it in front of everyone. You kissed him back in the same sweet and slow way, making everything count. Everybody started to applaud you out of blue, then you knew you were really blushing.

The most beautiful thing you heard was his laughter after you got away. You haven’t heard it too often and now you already adore it. You tried to stop your friends from teasing you but they were too crazy to do it. Hermione was your salvation when she told everyone they would get a slice of cake. You were grateful to her while the attention of everyone focused on something other than you and Jughead.

This was clearly the best birthday of all. You didn’t even think about growing up or getting older, just as you used to joke with your friends. What mattered the most was the fact that you were with them now and nobody could take you out of this place. It mattered that you weren’t alone.

Hours of hours passed and when you realized that everyone was starting to get tired, the atmosphere got quiet. You ate all the cake and covered one another’s face with whipped cream. (Most of all you were the ‚target’.) Your mouths began to hurt after all the crap you spoke. You told them how you managed to convince your parents to let you come back here and how you planned everything with the cookie dark-haired girl on the phone, for a long time. They told you how much they missed you. They even stop doing all the things they were doing before when you were around. They told you there was nothing funny anymore and that you should stay.

But decisions were some damn misleading things. And it was not fair that you couldn’t think of yourself. You were thinking of each of them because you became addicted. And people can become addictions too. A killing addiction.

„Look at them. Who thought they would fall asleep?” You told Jughead as you stood in front of the couch and watched your sleepy friends. Veronica slept on Archie and Betty on Veronica’s shoulder. Even Cheryl fell asleep with her head in Betty’s lap. Everywhere were plastic glasses and plates.

„I was ready for this to happen. I wonder how you’re not tired.” He answered you. It was pretty late but you felt incredibly rested.

„I plan not to sleep tonight.”

„Did you feel good?” Even if the others were sleeping, he still whispered to you.” He pulled you closer and gave a peck to your lips.

„Of course.” You whispered back and kissed him, intending to take more time to feel his lips over yours. But it’s only been two minutes before you heard a few steps and broke the kiss.

„I’m sorry, I didn’t want to ruin the moment, I didn’t know you were still here, Jughead.” Veronica’s mother said as she entered the living room.

„The others are sleeping right there on the couch.” You told her and gestured to the couch. „Please don’t wake them up, they’ll stay until the morning.”

„God.” Hermione giggled. „They seem exhausted.”

„Obviously. We are the only remaining conscious ones.” Jughead answered, intertwining his fingers with yours. You smiled at him.

„Y/N dear, do you need anything else? You’re fine?”

„Yes, Mrs. Lodge. Thank you so much for … All this. It meant the world to me.”

„Oh, no need to thank me. It was a pleasure to help Ronnie to do this for you. Don’t worry about it.” She smiled at you warmly. „I think I’m going to bed. Jughead, you’ll stay here tonight?”

„I think I’ll spend some more minutes with Y/N.” He told her somewhat contained. You nodded and Hermione agreed.

„Okay then. Take care and good night. Lock the door if you get out.” And with that being said, she left you two alone in the living room.

„Now you can kiss me again.” You turned your attention to Jughead and grinned. He raised his eyebrows.

„What if they wake up?” As you tried to get close to him, he tried to step back. He was doing it on purpose.

„Really?” You grabbed his shoulders and you struck your lips to his, clutching your hands on his beanie. You didn’t try to remove it, you just wanted to keep him close to you. He let you be in control this time, not that it was a battle of domination we we’re talking about. Your breaths were crossing as his hands cupped your cheeks. The butterflies in your stomach made you feel weak in the knees, you didn’t know how you were still on your own two feet.

„Umm … Hey, Y/N?” This time he interrupted the kiss and looked into your eyes.”I’m sorry I couldn’t get you a gift.” He muttered.  Your expression grew milder than ever, he was too sheepish right now. But he was warm, he was a good man who still didn’t get what he deserved.

„I don’t need any gift, Jughead. Right now, you’re more than that.”

I apologize for the future heartbreak. ’Lovee you guys and hope you liked this last part. Also, I hope it’s what you wanted. Thanks for reading!


Thank you to @lolsthecat for the Sexy panty ruining gifs. And to @codenamekaraortiz for checking for errors and helping with my fics.

The Best Worst Day Ever

Juice/Reader (Juice Gif Challenge)


Your day had gone to complete shit by noon. Working in the local diner in Charming California had it’s ups and downs. Days like today it was nothing but down. You were getting the worst tips. Customers had been rude and treated you like less that human all day. You guys were short handed and your boss was being a complete ass to the few of you there not caring who saw or heard. You had had enough. Between this and your home life you were ready to scream.

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Miniature Preview

Sneak Peak of …

“I’m Happy You’re Here.”

Niall’s breath knocked out of his lungs as he observed your figure step out of your wardrobe. He sat on your mattress, his knee bouncing, his fingertips picking at his cuticles, desperately trying to avoid staring at you, his jeans beginning to grow tighter and tighter with each miniature dress you’d slip on and show off, innocently asking his opinion on which looked better and more appropriate, although he couldn’t bear to truthfully explain that he’d wish you’d wear a smock and only let him admire you in a dress which showed off every single curve he would love to love and kiss and touch.

He couldn’t manage to take his gaze and focus off of you. He couldn’t imagine watching any other man dancing or kissing or touching you, beyond himself, in a peach dress, which hugged all of your curves in a way he couldn’t use words to properly express. His breath hitched in his throat, his thoughts travelling in a million different directions. He didn’t draw his attention back until you’d nearly shouted his name, your fingertips snapping in front of his eyes to capture his focus.

“Did I scare you or something? Should I not wear this?”

“No, no. God, no. It’s, um, you look really good,” he stutters, shoving his palm against his cock, crossing his legs uncomfortably as he manages to stare at anything in your bedroom beyond you. “I like your dress. It’s pretty.”

“Thank you,” you blush, a slight giggle leaving your lips as you step into your wardrobe, your hand clutching your chest, a heavy breath breathing in as your heartbeat slows, your cheeks burning red and your heart thumping through your thoughts. “Should I wear my nude pumps or booties?”

“Don’t remember the difference, darlin’,” he chuckles, groaning as he adjust himself on your comforter, his head laying against your pillow, his arms tucked neatly on his chest as he closes his eyes momentarily, a quiet cough drawing his attention, once more. “Pumps.”

He chuckled to himself quietly, shaking his head, his mind reminiscing to a moment in his life where he would’ve never assumed he would care so much about what his best friend would carefully wonder about his opinion – his opinion on how she looked and if she looked “good”, which colour dress should she wear for which occasion, or how a certain pair of shoes would match with an outfit. He couldn’t believe she would ever believe she didn’t look beautiful, because in his eyes, she always looked stunning – whether she was dressing in her best dress and heels, or if she sported a tank top and joggers with a pair of fuzzy socks tucked on her feet. He grinned widely, his cheeks blushing as she snapped around, her hands on her hips, her hazel eyes narrowing as she stared with a smile.

“What’s so funny?”

“Not’in! I’m surprised wit’ me’self with havin’ an actual opinion on fashion choices, like t’is. I’m not all too well in my fashion, as we can see,” he smiled, waving his hand alongst his outfit, his white tee shirt and blue jeans falling loosely off his figure.

“Niall,” you moan, rolling your eyes sarcastically, dropping your heels on your carpet, dragging your feet as you step against your bed frame, “you’re in blue jeans and a tee shirt – there is no direct style with that, like, at all.”

“Hey! I’m a boy – we don’t have a best sense of style.”

“Clearly,” you giggle, turning on your heel, shuffling towards your vanity, lifting a tube of mascara and brushing against your eyelashes swiftly, “I’ve gathered as much with our friendship over quite a few months.”

“We’ve been best friends nearly a year, now – thank you very much.”

“Wow. I am so sorry,” you dramatize, your soft words dragging each sound, his hip bumping your bursting a giggle off your lips. “Hey! I’m putting on mascara. Do you want me to permanently poke an eye out?”

“No,” he sighs playfully, winking with a smirk as he shakes his head, “because if you poked an eye out, you wouldn’t be able to admire my beautiful face ever again.”

“Wow, maybe you should bump into me, again.”

Title: Regardless 

Pairing: SidLink 

Rating: Everyone

Tags: trans!Link, fluff 

A/N: Thank you for the prompt! I enjoyed writing this but it was a bit of a challenge as I really have no experience with this so I hope it came out alright! 

I’m still taking prompts so hit me up! This is also on AO3 if you’d prefer to read it there! Comments, reblogs, kudos are appreciated! Thnx! 


The moment they met up at the entrance to Zora’s Domain for their monthly reunion, he could tell there was something on Link’s mind. Or, at least, there was something Link wanted to say but, for whatever reason, was hesitating in voicing it.

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