TOUCH Playlist

Listen Here

  • “Just One,” an original song / Pawing at the Ceiling
  • “Bow and Arrow” / Little May
  • “Infinity” / the XX
  • “Dreams” (cover) / Bastille & Gabrielle Aplin
  • “Pieces” / Andrew Belle
  • “Every Breath You Take” (cover) / Denmark + Winter
  • “Winter” / Mree

TOUCH by Natalia Jaster

Illustration by Everlart


Hi, I’m going to give you the same picture a million times now so hold on tight.

This is a scene illustration from an RP. It looks sadromanticserene but then everyone was angry and hurt. GG.

Anyway… Here’s the full picture, some 100%, the tree in the background before blur and a silly gif to further juxtapose their choice of colours in clothes.

Sanjit (left) belongs to @beastlyart
Tege (right) is mine