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Um sssoooo why do you like penny wise he literally kills children?

I know this is gonna shock you anon but IT is surprisingly not a documentary and was actually a fictional horror film and pennywise is actually played by a human man who does a job called “acting” in which he wears the costume of a clown in order to enhance the fictional horror in this fictional horror film that is fictional and i can assure you he did not eat any of the child actors and no one was harmed in the making of the fictional horror film IT.


some other character designs for “Sing!” done in 2013…
Miss Crawley is my favourite character (did you know that the director Garth Jennings lends her his voice in the film?), I was afraid they would get rid of her glass eye because it’s too creepy, but it stayed til the end! 

There’s also a take on Ash and her horrid boyfriend Lance, and some eeeearly designs for Eddy, who used to look like a rich dandy to progressively become a rich slacker.

Next I’ll post some costume designs!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: stromae's expertise and sheer versatility is a great source of stress for me. he sings, he raps, he dances, he drums, he designs clothing, he's behind the camera on some of his own video shoots, he speaks multiple languages, he performs his own songs with more genuine emotion than most actors i see on tv; the sharpness of his cheekbones is unparalleled, the depths of his eyes fathomless. i fear i will never understand, let alone reach, his level of wordsmithing. the more i study his lyrics, the more puns and references and double-meanings i discover. the diversity of subject matter addressed in his music is astounding--there isn't a single love song or four-chord song to be found on racine carrée. his production choices, his piano parts, his tight background harmonies, his chord progressions, all demonstrate that he possesses truly amazing musicianship. i can't decide whether to cry because i want his talent, or because i can't witness it up close.

The Symbolism of Gardening and Plants in “Back to the Kindergarten”

So we got long awaited Steven Bomb dropped on us lately. We got conflicts on Steven/Connie and Peridot/Lapis lines.

Though the former got untangled and everything’s fine by now, the latter is still a mess. Lapis is gone and Peridot is depressed.

The whole Bomb is about being left alone and/or moving on. Sadie is exhausted and choked by work without Lars, Steven is eaten away by guilt cause by worrying Connie so much and Peridot…

She got left behind without the place AND person that both made her feel better. She doesn’t feel secure anymore.

Every other conflict got somehow solved - Steven and Connie talk again, Sadie moved on and quit her job to live, but Peridot is still in it.

And she cared about Lapis so much too.

She believed in her.

Well, what does that leave us with?

The whole Peridot’s story arc was about finding her emotions and compassion. She left herself have emotions and now she regrets it, because they hurt and she wasn’t prepared for that, especially not for facing it without the person she trusted the most. She wasn’t prepared for that person to be the reason of her negative emotions.

She feels betrayed when Lapis doesn’t accept what she truly feels. She thought that after hiding her feelings about leaving Earth, Lapis would appreciate honesty, especially if she did all of that to make her feel better.

But that’s the problem. Peridot does what she can to make Lapis feel better even if it hurts her, she doesn’t have boundaries in it.

She doesn’t want to let herself cry in front of Lapis.

And she does really everything she can.

So here she is. Alone. In the bathroom. By herself.

She doesn’t wanna leave. She doesn’t wanna feel again, now that she’d learned how much it hurts. She’s back to her logical self, that says “If feeling hurts me, there’s no point in feeling”. It’s simple.

Then Amethyst and Steven show up.

They propose going to Prime Kindergarten. Somewhere where Peridot will feel in control, because she knows something about it. Unlike feelings, its not uncharted territory. She will feel better when she will know what to do and say.

And she does.

So, Amethyst and Steven go further this road. Peridot knows about Kindergarten. And planting. Why not fuse the two together?

When it doesn’t work out, Peridot is smashed. Turns out she’s not in control with kindergarten AND planting, the things she was supposed to be familiar with.

(Not to mention how the ashes of a dead sunflower go up, like Lapis)

She wants to shut down. She wants to not feel anything.

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

She says later. She craves her comfort zone.

She’s also mad.

“It’s never going to work!”

And she doesn’t mean just sunflowers. She’s convinced her cause with Lapis is lost forever. It’s never going to work out.

She’s bitter again.

But then Amethyst comes into the picture and says something very important at Peridot’s words that “if something’s ruined, nothing will ever be able to grow there again”.

“Why don’t we try to plant in literally any other place?”

With this gesture.

You know where else I’ve seen this gesture?

But while Lapis’ grip is tight and searching for something stable, Amethyst’s grip is reassuring.

Now what did Amethyst really mean?

She says basically “Even though you didn’t get to plant a beautiful garden there, there’s other places to plant in.” And that can mean “Even though your relationship with someone you trust, doesn’t look pretty right now, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be better, there’s other people to hold on to.”

Peridot has been stabilizing Lapis’ PTSD for quite some time. It can’t be good for you to constantly worry about other person’s problems and not being able to share your own with them because tou’re scared you’ll overwhelm them. It comes to the poimt where you’re scared to disagree with them.

And here comes Amethyst, offering something she’s been doing for someone else for probably months, offering a bond with someone you can trust until everything works out.

Peridot needs time and help with moving on like Sadie. And thankfully someone’s there to help her. Hopefully someone will be there to help her make up with Lapis. And I think we all know who will be that person.

Some Stupid Falsettos Story

(This is real dumb but i need it out here in the open)

-whizzer literally can drink his weight in alcohol and suffer from no hangover whatsoever the next day hes a god

-this does not apply to marvin.

-trina gets a call from the police station at 1 in the morning asking if she knew these two men, they said they did and they’d been out far past an acceptable time in the park and it was dangerous

-trina drives all the way to the police station and sees Marvin and Whizzer, who upon seeing trina, start giggling like little kids at her face of pure disgust

-she throws them in the backseat, and hears whizzer stage whisper, “oooooooh….. Mom’s mad at usssssss….” and Marvins losing it,

-“i will throw you two out so fast” “yes mother”

-the car is relatively silent, trina turns to check on them at a red light, assuming theyve fallen asleep

-she just sighs upon seeing that no, theyve at some point just left the car and she didnt hear them somehow. Shes so tired.

-she backtracks and eventually finds them, walking down the street as if they werent JUST in Trina’s car. marvin’s starting to get fussy, and whizzer’s still laughing at everything for NO reason

-when whizzer sees trina pull up, he screams and goes “god no! Its the wicked witch of the west!” And marvin just completely loses it and its obvious whizzer is pleased with that by the smug look on his face

-at some point whizzer just has no pants on, theres no explanation and the pants are never found.

-trina checks on the two in the mirror the whole way home again, content with the fact theyve practically collapsed on each other, sleeping soundlessly. She almost thought it was sweet. Then she remembered it was whizzer and marvin and she did not think that anymore

-once at home, trina immediately leaves those two idiots to figure out sleeping arrangements themselves, and goes upstairs immediately to bed

-mendel only sleeptalks a question at her as she flops on the bed, asleep the second she feels mendels arm just kinda reach out to lay across her back

-jason walks downstairs that morning, and is elated to see whizzer!!!!

-whizzer, however, is passed out on the floor, practically on top of marvin, face squashed up against Marvin’s chest, and theres marvin, who is as equally asleep as whizzer

-jason takes his time and makes four cups of coffee, setting them down on the counter, a sticky note on each for each person, a little doodle to go along for them, and goes back upstairs

-whizzer wakes up first, the coffee is cold by now, but you kNOW he drinks it all and keeps the sticky note that says “whizzer” with a little chess piece drawn on it for his wallet

-marvin is DYING his head hurts so bad, and whizzer tells him a “family hangover cure” comprised of cinnamon, egg yolks, and baking powder

-marvin (being the fool he is) drinks this, almost pukes, and realizes too late that whizzer has played him for a fool.

- “thats what you get for letting me just lose my pants last night!!” “What????” They argue like this for a while obviously

-mendel greets the two with “oh, hello , people who do not live here!”

-cordelia and charlotte lose it when trina tells the two about what marvin and whizzer were like, and they assure trina that they will NEVER let them live that down

«Αισθανόμουνα μια μουγκαμάρα. Επικοινωνία από πουθενά, από τίποτα. Είχαν πονέσει οι μασέλες μου από το να μη μιλάω. Κι όταν άρχισα να γράφω, νόμισα ότι θα σπάσει το στιλό. Τόσο πάθος είχα γι’ αυτά που ήθελα να πω. Δεν ξέρω πώς γράφουν οι άλλοι. Εγώ ζούσα και έγραφα»

|Κατερίνα Γώγου, συνέντευξη στην Ελευθεροτυπία|