Game Over (Games and Piercings Part 4) Finale

Thank you so much for all your love and support through this series. I care about you all so much and you’ve showered me in so much positivity and love. I truly feel like the luckiest person alive! And thank you especially to my friend @ohwhataprettypinkhat who heavily inspired this series and helped me through out it with their first prompt and sticking with me through all the new parts and developments! You rock!

Without any further of my emotional blubbering, please enjoy the fourth and final part of Games and Piercings; Game Over.

           It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. He was supposed to go home. Meet his new baby niece. See his mother and his father again. His siblings. He was supposed to be one of the groomsman at his brother’s wedding. Be the man of honor at his sister’s because fuck gender roles. He’d look great in a dress anyway. But no. Here he was, in a prison cell. Tied up to the teeth with chains and restraints. Unable to move really. Unable to escape.

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I couldn’t keep my promise

Waaa!!! I really love Chloé so much okay!!

Make me Feel Crazy (Darkside Part 3)

Word count-871

Characters-Reader, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Lucifer

Warnings-Angst, mental torture, canon level violence

Summary- Possessed by a demon and kidnapped by Lucifer because she has something he wants can the reader keep it together until the boys find her.

A/N- I’m not the least bit sorry for any of this. I’m a horrible, evil person with issues.  Tags under the cut, if you want on or off the list drop me a message or an ask.


Series Masterpost

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        He watched Y/N on the monitor, wondering how he was going to break her.  He couldn’t hurt her physically without endangering her baby and he wouldn’t risk that.  He did have to admire Sam’s taste in women; she was just as beautiful as she was tough.  Then it occurred to him, physically she was too tough to crack, but what about mentally?   Slowly, he smiled as he planned his next move.

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am i the only one who thinks this…?

That, Black Hat is LITERALLY like Grunkle Stan? i mean like, sure. the whole team are all equal and they’re Frenemies (kinda). and they’re like an organization “who’s boss, and who’s their minion” kinda theme…

but like, i have that sense of feeling where black hat is ‘secretly’ taking of em (even though they may seem totured LOL) but i dunno. i have that sense of feeling that black hat have that father figure y’know?

i literally can’t see em in a relationship w/ somebody or w/ each other.

they’re just… a one big Derpy Evil Happy Family

just pouring out some thoughts.


Request for Draco if I can? One where the reader is Ravenclaw but needs tutoring in something and Draco is asked to help?

word count: 1189

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“Miss Y/L/N, may I have your attention? Again?” called the Professor, quite harshly. You’ve been drifting off the subject probably the second or third time today and Snape wasn’t helping at all with his rude remarks towards you. It has been a rough week; three tests were coming up, you had a lot of essays to do and on top of this, your grandmother was very ill and your mother was constantly sending you letters, which were keeping you up late at night, resulting your lack of concentration. That, and despite being a Ravenclaw, you were failing Potions. You got a P (poor) on your last test and if you would continue like this, you were going to repeat the year.

Snape probably said something, but you, lost in your thoughts again, heard only the last sentences. “Class dismissed. Y/N, Draco, you stay.”

You frowned. What did he need you and Draco for? He couldn’t have given you detention, could he? That was the last thing you needed right now. And Draco? He was his favourite student, why, out of everyone, would give him detention?

You looked at him, trying to seem as sane as possible; he looked confused as well, but had that face he pulls off whenever something irritates him.

“As you ought to know, Y/L/N, you’re failing this class,” Snape said with disgust in his voice, sitting at the desk with his fingers intertwined. “Draco, here, who is very good at Potions, will tutor you.” He smiled slyly at Draco, who looked like someone was threatening to kill him.

“W-what? Professor, come on, I’m sure you can find someone else to tutor h-her,” he glanced at you briefly while stammering, then looked back at Snape.

“Actually, I reckon you would do a pretty good teacher, Malfoy. I will not find someone else, you shall tutor Y/L/N. End of discussion. Like I said a few minutes earlier, class dismissed.” And with a last sharp glance telling you two to get out, you rolled your eyes and exited the classroom, with Draco after you.

“You don’t have to tutor me if I am such a pain in the arse for you, I can manage by my own,” you said in an annoyed tone, although you felt a bit hurt that he wasn’t going to lower his crown just to help you pass a class.

He looked at you confused. “W-what? No, it’s not like that. I just…” he started to say, before a group of his friends passed by and he puffed his chest a bit, growing, my I add, false confidence. “I mean, whatever, meet me in the library at six o'clock, after dinner,” he said nonchalantly before leaving.

You rolled your eyes again, but felt your heart flutter at the thought. You had liked Draco for a couple of months, but you always denied your own feelings for two reasons: one, because you don’t have time for that at the moment and two, because let’s be serious, you and Draco? You’d be lucky to hear him say a simple ‘hi’ to you without scoffing or rolling his eyes. Of course, he was always like that when he was with his friends, which was pretty odd. Why would he pull on an act when he was with his Slytherin group? Sighing, you pushed the thoughts away and went to your next classes.


Finally finishing all your classes, you felt a bit releaved. You skipped dinner, not feeling really hungry, and went straight to the library. You could wait for Draco, it’s not like it’ll take hours. You sat at a table and started reading a book of yours.

As you predicted, Draco showed up after half an hour and sat on a chair next to you, but not too close. “You weren’t at dinner,” he said, matter-of-factly.

You looked up from your book and looked at him. “No, I wasn’t.”

“Why?” he frowned.

“I wasn’t hungry?” you asked confused.

He blinked a few times, before looking at the table and blushing. “Yeah, well, let’s get to business, shall we?” he takes out the Potions book and moves his chair closer to yours. Your heart starts racing.

Draco starts talking about Potions you did recently in class, constantly looking at the pages of the book, not once glancing at you. Instead, you were looking at him, as this was the first time you two have been this close; you were admiring his features and his lips as he was mumbling without sense. Suddenly, he turns to look at you already staring at him and a prominent blush appears on his cheeks.

“Y/N?” he asks.

“Yeah?” you mumble.

“You know all this stuff, don’t you?” he cocked an eyebrow at you, eyeing you carefully. You had no idea what he was talking about because you didn’t listen, but looked down at the book.

You raised your eyebrows in surprise. “Yes… I do, actually,” you said, looking back at him.

“Then why do you need toturing?” he asked softly.

“Because I keep drifting off, in case you haven’t noticed,” you sighed. “And I don’t have time to study.”

“May I ask… why?”

“It’s personal,” you said firmly.

“C'mon, Y/N, you can tell me,” he reached for your hand, but you backed away quickly.

Tell you?” you scoffed. “So you can go to your friends and laugh about it later? No, thank you,” you said looking down.

“What do you mean?”

“I see the way you and your friends look at me when I walk past you on the corridors, like I’m inferior to you and it’s stupid, frankly,” you say harshly.

He looked taken aback, but didn’t deny, he rather blushed. “I-I’m sorry.” He ran a hand through his platinum hair. “I just, I didn’t know you would take it seriously, I just… you don’t know them. They think everyone is inferior to usーwell, to themーand I just… have to play their game.” He looked at you sadly, with big, almost puppy eyes. “I don’t like it, trust me, but m-my parents, they’re the same, they just want me to be-”

You interrupted him when you placed your hand in his cheek, caressing it with your thumb. “Me, out if everyone, knows how it’s like to have strict parents,” you whisper, while he leans a bit his head in your hand and breathing heavily. “The friend thing is bloody stupid, but I understand, I guess. Unless you’re not lying…”

“I’m not!” he says, frustrated. “I just, I really am trying to-”

You interrupted him again, but this time you brushed your lips against his, cupping his face with both your hands, while his moved to your waist. You both had your eyes closed and your lips pressed to each other’s, nothing more and nothing less.

When you two pulled away, he looked at you smiling sweetly. “You know, Y/N, you’re not a pain in the arse.”

“Oh, really?” you smirked.

“And I think I’d fancy tutoring you more often.”

Can we talk about how lucky it was that Joe Solomon was in a coma when Cammie decided to do her brilliant “run TOWARD the terrorist group trying to kidnap you” plan because if he had been awake I’m 90% certain the Circle wouldn’t have had to do anything Joe would’ve tracked her down and murdered her before they even realized she was out

Carnival Headcanons

Imagine if the mortal instruments gang all went to the carnival after cohf. 

  • Isabelle and Jace would insist on going on all the craziest rides
  • Simon goes along with it, hoping he’ll get to do the whole “you can hold me if you’re scared” thing that he’s seen in rom coms but ends up clinging to Izzy for dear life during most of them. 
  • Jace is the holds his hands up in the air and screams during drops kind of guy
  • Clary’s the close your eyes and switches between laugh and screaming type
  • Alec holds on to Magnus’s hand right before the drop 
  • Alec asks about the booths and he and Magnus temporary leave the group for some carnival games
  • Alec does pretty well at balloon darts, and the “knouck em down cans”but just can’t land anything at ring toss
  • “By the Angel Magnus its some sort of mudane toture device!”
  • Eventually magnus feels bad and magically moves one onto the poles 
  • The gang show up 
  • Jace and Alec immediatly go against each other in  “knouck em down cans” and arguing over who won
  • “I’m just saying I won” “Jace you hit the guy on your last throw” “Hey it wasn’t my fault my ball ricocheted into his face. That’s actually more impressive than hitting a stack a cans if you ask me. That’s probably worth 3 points at least!!”
  • Clary decides to get her face painted with Izzy
  • Clary gets a small but intricate design of stars while Izzy goes for a butterfly
  • They convince Simon to get vampire face paint, with fangs and blood and everything
  • He’s not amused 
  • Jace is
  • Clary and Jace go ride the Ferris Wheel together and Clary looks a lot more flushed and blushy when they come down, leading to magnus making a comment about teenagers 
  • Simon manages to win a small stuffed teddy bear and gives it to Isabelle 
  • She wins him a gaint stuffed animal in return 
  • Alec and Magnus try out those photo booth things and have a blast
  • Alec wins a goldfish and has no idea what to do with it 
  • Magnus jokingly dubbs it Magnus the fish jr. 
  • Simon gets to the karoke booth and everyone joins in, even alec hums and sings the chorus
  • Clary feels so happy she can burst, all the people she holds close have all come together to have fun and its everything she could ask for 
Confronting fans after hearing you got hate


*interviewer stops Kyungsoo backstage of the awards ceremony to do a short interview with him*

Interviewer: How are you enjoying this evening?

D.O: It’s great. I’m so honoured to be here but it would be even better if my girlfriend could be here with me

Interviewer: Oh, yes. (Y/N), right? Where is she?

D.O: Well, err… I didn’t really want to get into this too much until later but she’s still at home, and it’s a shame really since she was really looking forward to tonight however hateful fans have driven her to stay behind. She’s afraid that if she shows her face with me again then she’ll get ambushed with even more hate. It’s even making her reconsider our relationship altogether. And I know there are some “fans” out there who would love nothing more than to break us apart but that isn’t happening. I can’t see a life without (Y/N) and if it ever does come to a point where we split up then only blame yourselves for my sadness

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*Hearing about you getting hate had really hit him hard since you and him were so close that you were practically one person. He didn’t feel in the right state to confront his fans properly yet so instead acted passive aggressive towards the topic*

*sees the guys start recording for a v live podcast and tries to leave the room but Chanyeol pulls him back before he can*

“Sorry. I just don’t feel comfortable speaking to fake fans…”

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Kai had already confronted his fans a few days before through v live but some fans still didn’t listen. He decided to act blunt for all the fans to see in person, even when he should be celebrating his victory after winning an award, just to show how upset he really is about you receiving hate from them

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*at concert talking with fans*

“So how many of you now who (Y/N) is?”

*he hears lots of cheers, some boos, and a mass of chatter erupt the room*

“(Y/N)’s my girlfriend. And do you know how long for? I’ve been with this beautiful girl for almost 4 years now”

*Xiumin takes out his phone, shaking his head to himself as he scrolls through all the hate comments. He then begins reading some out*

“So to say that, and I quote, ‘I can do better’ and that ‘(Y/N)’s a skank’ and that I’m ‘deluded for picking the whore’? You guys need to sort your lives out. I am with (Y/N) practically 24/7. If she was bad for me then I wouldn’t be with her. Do not take (Y/N) for granted because she means everything to me. She is not ‘worthless’. She’s perfect”

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*they’re just about to perform their next song when Sehun interrupts them*

“Can I say something first please? I’ve had a great night tonight performing for you and I’m sure you’ve enjoyed yourselves too but I kind of have to bring the mood down a little. This morning just before I left the house I caught a glimpse of (Y/N)’s laptop whilst she was distracted by something else. All I could see were hate comments from EXO-L’s… It’s really upsetting and even more upsetting that (Y/N) is too afraid to tell me, her own boyfriend, about the hate. Maybe she’s trying to protect me, maybe she’s trying to protect you, but what I knw for sure is that she shouldn’t be suffering. Please stop mentally toturing her with you harsh and negative comments or I will have to retaliate“

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“You know, for the whole night I’ve been trying to put on a brave smile but looking out into the audience and knowing that at least half you have been writing mean posts about my girlfriend… It’s hard… So hard that it brings me to tears. I’m so disappointed”

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*doesn’t even want to interact with his fans because of how upset he is at them for hating on you*

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“I’ve not really been feeling great lately. I guess you could tell from my lack of enthusiasm but that fact that my ‘so called fans’ have been spreading hate on my girlfriend has really wreaked my mood”

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“I’m sorry that you guys don’t have the decency to accept my relationship but I am not sorry for having (Y/N) in my life. She means the world and back to me and no matter what you guys do to bully her, it isn’t going to make me love her any less”

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Yuri killed in the line of duty, Viktor uses all his connections and his vast criminal empire to find the killler and toture him to death... only that it turns out the killer is Yurio #notsorry

And super improbable in this AU XDDD
Yurio certainly doesn’t do any dangerous things really P:
And would have very little reason to kill a cop

I’ve read Rachel Talalay’s post on her tumblr re: TST and I have to say I really appreciate someone from the ‘creators’ engaging with fandom without ridiculing or insulting us, but, as it seems, out of curiosity and genuine interest. This is such a wholesome attitude for a change! Only, I’m way too shy and in no psition to address an established and experienced director as Ms Talalay (yep, I simply don’t dare to.). But I am a viewer and recipientof her work, so I’d like to chip in my 2 cents.

Her post got me thinking. She writes that she deliberately refused to read TFP when directing TST. If I understood correctly, it was because her characters don’t know their future either, and she wanted to keep that perspective.

Of course, she is fully justified to make her own artistic decisions. Only, in retrospect, I’m not sure that approach really worked so well. Not because of not knowing that there would be a mad sister incarcerated on an island and  that Sherlock would in the end befriend her… not because of the future outcome of the show.

But because of what TFP revealed about Sherlock’s past. I think knowing about Victor/Redbeard/the well, and incorporating this knowledge into TST, could have made the whole thing a bit more explicable, a bit easier to swallow.

For example, Sherlock suddenly has premonitions in TST. He never had before on the show or in canon. It wasn’t that ACD was averse to such things (he believed in fairies and seances), but it didn’t fit in his stance at Holmes and detective fiction as logical and reasonable. So, where does this supernatural element stem from in Sherlock?

Those premonitions are linked to water. Rememeber the promo picture of 221b? TST starts with a shot of the aquarium and the story of Samara = destiny + water. Sherlock again experiences a watery premonition at the Wellsborough’s, combined with a shot of the table that reminds me of the well, while dealing with a missing, dead child.

Was this just foreshadowing the end of the episode, the showdown at the aquarium? Or couldn’t this have been foreshadowing the revelation in TFP of Victor = Redbeard, drowned by Eurus in a well? Hmm… not if you don’t know about this. But it was hammered home in the trailers that this series would deal with Sherlock’s past - what made him. Wouldn’t it have been crucial for directing an episode that led up to this reveal that the director had known about these aspects of Sherlock’s past? Wouldn’t that have been fair to the viewers, to give them a chance to figure it out by leaving hints for them? This is what makes one appeal of the Holmes stories - if they get explained to you in the end, you ask yourself: Of course, why didn’t I see this? But in S4, we didn’t have a chance. Because evreyone seems to have stumbled though the story in the dark.

In TFP, all the water in the show - from the pool in TGG to Reichenbach in TAB - is connected to Sherlock’s childhood loss of Victor and his search for a replacement of such a friend ever since (hello, John). But this just seemed so subsequently invented, almost forced onto the narrative. Because, for example, Sherlock fights an assassin in a pool in TST - but there is no premonition in this scene, no sign that water could mean something, anything to him. Now, I really appreciate the aesthetic of a dripping wet Benedict Cumberbatch - but this scene could perhaps have tied in better with the whole childhood/Victor plot if the director had known about this plot? Also, the line with the memory stick: “But she destroyed it” - accompanied with a flashback to John throwing the drive in the fire in HLV - this might actually have been planned as foreshadowing the reveal of Eurus destroying Sherlock’s childhood and home, and therefore a hint for the viewers where Sherlock’s premonitions came from (WATER!) - but without knowing this, it wasn’t emphasised enough and became just another odd plot hole.

On the other hand, they could have gone for true punch to the gut, nothing foreshadowed, just BAM! right in your face - here’s a dead childhood friend, drowned, and Sherlock suppressed everything about that and his sister now take that, audience! But they didn’t. The writers wanted to be clever. Redbeard features since S3 - only, I don’t think the writers had a plan how to exactly solve this narrative streak back then. And this ‘making the story up as we go’ bleeds through again and again - and perhaps even more than necessary, if the outcome had been known to all the participants. This could ahve been a chance to tie up at least some of the mess made by the writers.

I read a post a while ago that said the secrecy of the writers killed the show. I think it’s true when you look at Mary Morstan, for example. I doubt that Jeremy Lovering, who directed her in TEH, or Ms Abbington herself knew what would happen to the character in HLV, directed by Nick Hurran. Now, such surprises, the uncertainty, can add suspense and a flirring sense of vagueness and unrealness to a story - which was a great thing in Broadchurch. The doubt, the mistrust, added to the feeling that no one was save, that everyone could have been the child’s killer. But for Sherlock? Mary was just a side character - this form of surprising suspense asigned way too much weight to her in an already complicated narrative. Why?

And then her end in TST! I’d really like to ask Ms Talalay if this was done purposefully ridiculous, as a form of satirical comment on Mary’s arc? Because it made no sense. Mary transformed from a sassy girlfriend to ruthless assassin to selfless hero. In one episode, she shoots Sherlock (without a good reason) and in the next she saves him without necessity, sacrificing herself without good reason either. Now, if the directing of this scene should subtly emphasize the inadequacies of Mary’s arc - I bow deeply to Ms Talalay’s directing choices, while making the most of a ridiculous script.

This secrecy prevented the actors from engaging with their characters. They only do the show every odd year for a few episodes. Retconning everything they might have thought up as a backstory for their character with every new script is not helping to get a grip on your character, I imagine? And it was done with Ben as well, as Mr Gatiss said in post mortem after TAB. He revealed something to Ben during the filming of TAB (presumably about Redbeard not being a dog?) that Ben shouldn’t have known back then. Keeping such big points a secret, while later playing on them, thereby forcing some foreshadowing onto an already established narrative, caused more plotholes  than it gave explanations, because it prevented the actors, actresses and directors to incorporate this knowledge into their acting and directing choices. And this is not a good idea on a show like Sherlock, that has to make some sense and can’t prevail endlessly in the realm of vague suspense - based on… nothing , apparently.

A series like Shelrock needs explanations. That’s what detective fiction is about. That’s what a Holmes story is about. Logic and reasoning, solving the mystery, not creating one after another until everything is muddled up.

I checked back. S1 and S2 - the series which, for me and many others, still work best - were largely made by Paul McGuigan. He directed 4 out of 6 episodes. TBB was made by Eurus Lyn, who’d already worked with Moffat on Doctor Who. So, both directors were involved with the series long-time or knew how the writer(s) worked, could develope arches - they knew where they were going with this. And that added to the cohesiveness of the narrative. Bringing in Toby Hayns for TRF was also a good idea. It needed someone new to sweep everything up and kill the main character - fresh perspective, new approaches. But after that, every episode had a different director. And the scripts came late. No preparation, while the times between the series grew longer and longer.

Only for TLD - for me the best episode in S4 - they allowed Nick Hurran back, who’d also done HLV. And to me that is noticeable, even in the character of Mary. Because he had worked on the story and the characters before. He had some ideas where they came from and where they might be going (turned out it wasn’t right, but it did fit at least with the previous episodes). Even for John… he’s angry in HLV, and still angry in TLD. I can see at least some connection there.

So, in short, I think too much secrecy killed the show, because it lost course and purpose. No one seemed to have known where this was going (how could they?) - and this led to opening up narrative sidelines via acting and directing that weren’t followed up, because they were never intended to. It created a vagueness that allows now for almost every interpretation you might throw at the show to seem valid, because there surely can be found a line or shot that supports it in all this jumble. Because everybody seems to have done the best they could, bringing in their own ideas - but no one coordinated this. It was all secrets and rug pulls - but no cohesive story telling, at least after S2.

This might be a chance for fandom to take away form the show what you want to see in it - but it’s just so not Sherlock Holmes that I wonder why they didn’t make their own show about three people suffering, marriage, childhood trauma, toture, assassins, spies, gay pining (or not), spiced with horror elements, and just called it something else after S2?

Oh, and I’d really like to know what Ms Talalay thinks of Mary’s end-monologue: “Who you are doesn’t matter, it’s all about the legend.” Is that true? Did she see the characters like this? Does she approve? Perhaps I should dare to ask her after all?

There is this fanfic I found while browsing and it’s called as Frozen, not that movie mind you, and it’s about Phoenix being kidnapped and tortured until his captors decided to put him in a frikkin’ refrigerator.

This story literally made me go from ‘euuurk nooo’ to 'awww’ to 'grrkkksseurrgh’ in a few seconds. It’s bloody roller coaster.

And for some reason I like drawing Phoenix injured while in Edgeworth’s strong arms. Meh.

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Harry is one of those kinda guys to grip your hips when you're riding him. And you're going so painfully slowly that he can't take the teasing anymore and starts to thrust his hips up and pull you closer and guide you. His fingers turn white and the vein in neck pops up and his jaw clenches. He also whimpers with tears down his cheeks when you slide off of him and tell him off. "Don't do that, baby. You know what happens to naughty boys? Huh?" And he just curses under his breath and nods. xx



When A Serial Killer Killed A Serial Killer

In 1973 Serial Killer Elma Wayne Henley shot dead another Serial Killer named Dean Corll a.k.a. The Candyman.
With another accomplice they were responsible for the Houston Mass Murders: Between 1970 and 1973 the three tortured, raped and killed a minimum of 28 boys and young men.
The final killing happened after Henley and Corll had kidnapped two teenagers and began to toture them: Corll threatened to make Henley his next victim, but Henley struck first, shooting him several times. He then released the teenagers, phoned the Pasadena police and subsequently confessed to his role in the Houston Mass Murders.

Meet the clan.

I feel a little better now so I decided to finish this request~ Gargoyles AU requested by silverinklett: Levy as the historian, Gajeel - the clan leader with Sting, Lily (panther form), Wendy, Natsu and Juvia as clan members. Gajeel’s design is based on Silv’s idea. 

Click for better view.


Guantanamo’s Child walks free today after 12 years and 9 months of prison. Omar Khadr was only 15 when he was captured by American forces in Afghanistan and taken to Bagram and later shifted to Guantanamo where he remained incarcerated for 8 years and was subjected to torture to extract a confession. He smiles as he leaves the Edmonton courthouse today, saying “Freedom is way better than I thought”. Years of U.S. coercion, torture and imprisonment haven’t managed to daunt his spirit, as he beams radiantly leaving the courthouse as a free man.

Omar was taken into the prison as a child of 15 and he is leaving as a free man now when he is 28. He is one of the many juveniles held at Guantanamo Bay who have been accused of “terrorism” by the United States.

Jeon Jungkook As Your Best Friend

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  • Watching horror movies at midnight cause’ he likes to scare you and use it as an excuse to keep you in his arms for the rest of the movie
  • Sleeping over at his place as he’d pretend he’s scared to sleep alone just to hug you to sleep and maybe even take this excuse to bury his face on your chest
  • Building forts with your bed sheets and him snuggling with you as he’d tell you the weirdest things you heard in a  while “ Do you want to see my seagull dance?”
  • Him being obsessed with Seagulls.” I relate to seagulls on a deeper level. My seagulls understand me unlike you! They fly and they like fries just like me”
  • You, stealing his white shirts and hoodies while the guy cannot survive because of you. “ WHY DID YOU STAIN MY FAVORITE WHITE SHIRT *CRIES THE HAN RIVER*. “ Come on Jeon, you have like 100 white t-shirts”. “ Don’t take my white shirts for granted you cruel woman.They’re all precious to me. My children  * rubs his cheek on the fabric on the white shirt* ” he’d pout
  • Him stealing your beanies and you pulling on his cheeks as a payback because you never find them afterwards. “ I did not take THEM!!!”
  • Him randomly putting his arm around your shoulder, because he likes the feeling of showing off that he has a girl even you’re not even his girlfriend.
  • You, teasing him because he always calls himself “International playboy” yet he can’t even approach girls.
  • Him pushing your back with his head when he wants you to move because that’s how he rolls
  • Him turning casual and normal backhugs onto a fight because he picks you up along the way and throws you somewhere god only knows why. “ I like picking up things and throwing them. My BAD” he’d giggle at you
  • Him randomly grabbing your hands and staring at your fingers and finger nails because he’s fascinated over how girly they look and how tiny they are compared to his larger hands. “ You’re so tiny” he’d comment and you’d fire back “ Yeah, just like your dick” you smirk. “ HOW DARE YOU”, he’d glare at you
  • You and him going on an adventure at night because you like breaking the rules and getting out of the dorm after curfew.
  • Eating ice cream at 3 in the morning because Jungkook can’t eat alone and ‘he’s scared’ Yeah bullshit
  • Watching the Titanic and him getting all teary but not wanting to admit it so he says that his eyes are sweating.
  • You ,making him pigtails with your hairties when he’s asleep because you like to take pictures and use it to blackmail him for future purposes. #TrueFriendship
  • Him trying to pull down your American Appereal Tennis Skirt cause’ they’re too short apprently .  “ I CAN’T.” he’d hide his eyes before snapping out “ WEAR PANTS OR SOMETHING PLEASE.I CAN’T PROTECT YOU ONCE YOU FLASH PEOPLE”. What he doesn’t know is that you’re wearing safety shorts lol.
  • Getting Ice cream and him licking onto yours as if it was everyday’s normal shit and you finding it utterly gross but then you cope up with it,cause’ jungkook never makes sense.
  • Him touching your boobs or your butt by accident and freezing because he never thought something scandalizing like this could happen to him . “ I-I-I-I DID NOT MEAN TO T-T-TOUCH IT.” he’d blink before regaining his composure “ But damn, It feels so soft can I touch it again?” he’d grins at you “ Come on, WE’RE FRIENDS!! I’LL let you touch me too– “ he replies and you smirk at him.He panics as he replies “ Uhm no, you know what? On second Thought, I don’t think it’s a good idea If I let you touch me”
  • You accusing him of watching porn because all guys do it and he’s trying to seem innocent in your eyes. “ I DONT’ WATCH PORN Pffffft. * stares everywhere except you*”
  • Sharing your first kiss because Jungkook has these uncontrollable hormones that begged him to jump on you when you were freshmans in high school.
  • Shopping for you lingerie together because Jungkook likes how Victoria Secret’s bra shops smell good.People think you’re a couple because jungkook even helps you out to pick your bras. He chooses the most scandalous ones most of the times. “Ooh~ I like lace. Try this on~”He’d pick the most racy bra in the entire shop and you’d roll your eyes“ I’m buying this to support my boobs not to impress you, romeo” you nudge his head
  • You , patting his butt in an adoration manner , because he’s like your son in some kind of way and this is also the reason why you didn’t freak out when he touched your butt by accident.
  • Going to the movies and him being all sneaky and eating more than half of the popcorn because he does not give a single F and he’s too hungry.
  • You, glaring at him cause’ he always steals your food without permission but then he pouts at you and gives you the puppy face , so you can’t even retort
  • You, pulling on his cheeks endlessly because he’s so squishy and him cringing his face cause’ it’s hurting him so badly.
  • Getting asked out on a date by a senior, but jungkook randomly steps in and cockblocks you for no apparent reason cause’ he doesn’t like the guy.
  • Sending little silly notes to each other in class when the teacher is talking cause’ jungkook absolutely needed to share his discomfort about you going out on a date with Jimin while stating that he’s a pervert
  • You teasing him about his crushes in front of them because you just like seing jungkook acting all shy and embarrased.
  • Him threatening you with his eyes to shut it because he can’t bare with the embarrassement.
  •   Clubbing together and you chose to wear a short sparkly dress meanwhile he tries covering you up for the entire night with his vest no matter what cause’ he’s worried. “ STOP EXHIBITING YOUR BODY . I BEG YOU!!”
  • Getting drunk together and stumbling your way back home as he’s sobbing a river on your shoulder over how he’s sad that Sailor Moon is a fictionnal anime character and not his girl.
  • Him bitting your shoulder when you’re cuddling because that’s his way to show affection while staying close.
  • Him engulfing you in his arms whenever you try arguing against him cause’ he knows how much you soften up the second your face is buried on his chest
  • You, telling him about all of your crushes and how much you find Zac Efron sexy meanwhile he’s getting salty as hell and you don’t notice it.
  • Him pretending to be your boyfriend in the most random moments cause’ he doesn’t like it when other boys hit on you. “ She’s my fiancee. Don’t even f*cking try it.”
  • Sometimes he takes his game a bit too far . “ We’re having a second kid and she’s three months pregnant. I suggest you f*ck off sir” he’d smirk . “ WHO’S PREGNANT–” you’d be ready to shout at him but he’d put his palm casually over your lips “ Don’t shout babe,It’s not good FOR THE BABY!!” he’d keep on playing
  • You nagging him for not letting you date any guy because he’s always acting way too overprotective. “ Boys are dangerous Y/N. They’re savage!! Don’t go near them and find a man you can trust. Just like me” he’d reply with a smug look
  • You playing with his black silky while haor pulling on it a few times to get his attention and him complaining because his scalp is too precious to get totured by you. “ My hair is worth millions, don’t go around pulling on it as if I’m your doll”
  • Him randomly picking you up bridal style whenever he’s happy about something cause’ He likes to show off his strenght “ I’M THE MAN!!!”
  • Moving in together because it’s easier to pay the rent that way and you’re used to each other
  • Playing fight or having pillow fights as you make so much noise that your neighbors complain.
  • Sharing your shampoo and products because jungkook loves to smell the same as you. “ SHARE IT.” Jungkook would pull the conditionner away from you “ Dont’ all stingy. I still play half of the rent. Lets be eco-friendly oki doki?”
  • Him playing with your hair and making the most hideous hairstyles ever seen in history. “ Oooh~ you look like a witttcchhhhhh!!!!” he’d laugh “ Now you look like a poop” he’d play once again “ How about I turn you onto a Seagull? Do you have hair gel somewhere?”
  • Him bitting on your forearm with his bunny teeth when you work on your school project cause’ he believes that playing with him is better than getting a good grade. “ Come on Y/N. Get up or I’ll eat you” he’d bite your shoulder and you’d give him a  scandalized stare. He takes back his words “ O-Oh U-Uhm…* cough cough* NOT IN THAT SENSE OF THE TERM ” he’d blush franctically
  • Him stealing your nivea lipbalms because he likes to test them out but never gives them back “ I feel like I kissed you when I wear these lipbalms” he’d chuckle
  • Making out accidentally when you’re both drunk because Jungkook has been single for too long and he cannot keep his hands to himself. “Come on, It won’t hurt to just kiss. I promise I won’t go further than a kiss” he’d giggle at you
  • Him trying to get more everytime because once he got a taste he’d like to have more. “ Come on~~~ Y/N!!! I even chose your underwear with you.There’s nothing weird about this!! It’d be more weird if we’d stay away from each other “  but he eventually feels weird for wanting this since you’re supposed to be friends. “ Why am I feeling like this?” He’d feel hot and bothered when looking at your lips
  • You rolling your eyes over how horny he gets on a daily basis and him feelling extra embarrassed because you’re a witness. “ Sorry, it’s not like I can control this” he’d bite on his bottom lip
  • Him falling for you with time and you being oblivious.
  • Him looking at you with adoration for no reason and making up excuses just to keep you close to him. “It’s winter, lets not waste money on the heater and just cuddle instead.”
  • Him wanting to save money in other naughty ways too. “How about we shower together too? We’d save lots of money for tuition” he’d smirk at you and you being scandalized “ STOP BEING SO ECO-FRIENDLY. I’M NOT SHOWERING WITH YOU” you’d spit back “ Girl, Please!! Don’t be all stingy! I just wanted you to wash my hair for me” he tilt his head to the side charmingly “ HELL NO” you glare at him

This is a little gift to you guys for making me reach 6.5k followers<333 I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it!! Tbh I like Jungkook as a best friend more than as a Boyfriend lollll.

I made Jungkook and Yoongi as your Boyfriends a while ago and I thought this idea sounded kinda cute <3

Here’s the links to Jungkook and Yoongi as your Boyfriends : Jungkook / Yoongi

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Mafia Dazai NSfw: toturing his girlfriend with toys, while being tied up, using a gag, and blindfolded

I didn’t know whether you wanted headcanons or a scenario but if I’m gonna sin, I go all out. I really hope you enjoy it! :3 


It was a common thing that Dazai often came home stressed, exhausted or frustrated with his..job. However, you knew all too well how to relief the brown-haired mafia exective. 
Since Dazai enjoyed doing things to you no one else ever could, you’d often allow him to toy around with you in the sheets. 

This time was no different. 

Tying the last knot around your wrist, Dazai took a few steps backwards to admire the work he did to you. Your wrists were tied to the headboard; the same counted for your ankles. A black blindfold blocked your vision and caused your other senses to sharpen up to a certain degree. The cute little gag was only a bonus for Dazai’s own desire. 

The mafia executive got rid of the blazer he usually wore, the piece of clothing landing on the ground with a soft thud. Skilled fingers opened the drawer of the nightstand standing next to your shared bed and reached for a purple little toy and some lube.
“How often did I tell you not to tempt me?” Dazai’s husky voice reached your ears and sent a delicious shiver down your spine. You wanted to reply, say something to your defense but the gag in your mouth only allowed you to moan. 
Squeezing the small bottle of lube, Dazai rubbed some of the warm substance around your already wet entrance. He enjoyed your begging moan for him to put his cock in you, but Dazai was determined to take the sweet time he had with you. 
“..Da..zai..ngh..~” You moaned in a surprised but muffled tone and tugged on the ropes that connected you to the headboard. Every touch was a surprise to your sensitive skin.
Almost innocently, Dazai spoke up. “Hm? What is it, [Name]?~” 

Before you could make a sound, you heard a familiar, vibrating sound. Shivering at the faint memory of the last time Dazai used a vibrator, a whimper slipped your parted lips. 
A smirk was adorning Dazai’s face as he put some of the lube on the small toy and held it on your already swollen clit. 
“Ngh! Hmmh!~” Arching your back, you moved your hips from side to side to get more of the pleasuring friction, while Dazai was moving the vibrator in circles to massage the little bundle of nerves.
The tightness in Dazai’s own pants made him growl from deep within his chest; seeing you in such a vulnerable position really did get to him. 
“You seem to be enjoying yourself, huh?” He slowly dragged the vibrator from your clit down to the entrance of your dripping pussy, prodding your aching area.
You already started drooling and panting, silently blessing and cursing Dazai’s knowledge about your body. In response to his question, you nodded a couple of times, knowing that it’d please your brunette lover.

“Good girl.” Dazai praised in a deep voice that gave you goosebumps. 
Teasingly slow, he finally inserted the small toy and watched how it gradually stretched your vagina. 
Moaning and whimpering, you started thrusting your hips as best as you could. Ropes really were a pain in those situations, but you couldn’t care less about the items keeping you in place. “Dazai!~ Ah, damnit!~” 
You leaned your head back when Dazai thrusted the vibrating toy at a pleasant pace. He was beyond pleased with your reactions to his actions. 
“Do you know how you’re getting to me?” Dazai pushed his bulge up to your upper thigh which caused you to gasp. He let go of the toy in your womanhood, let his lips brush over the skin of your neck and whispered sweet nothings. 

You softly hissed when Dazai sucked on your pulse and his hands wandered across your skin like a feather. As rough and merciless as he could be, Dazai’s touches could also be sensual and teasing.
“Moan a bit more for me.” Dazai kissed his way from your neck down to your collarbone and only stopped when he reached your hardened nipples. His bandaged hand turned the vibrator on a higher level while his mouth was happily sucking on your hardened bud. 
Swirling his tongue around it, the mafioso’s other hand fondled and squeezed your free breast. Dazai’s fingers pinched and tugged on your nipple while you were already feeling the familiar hot knot in your tummy. 

“Ngh..ah! D-Dazai!~ I’m g-gonna-!” 
You were cut off by Dazai pulling the vibrating toy out of your wet womanhood, your juices already stained the sheets. He denied you your orgasm which left you frustrated. 

“As much as I love watching you cum..I’d rather have you cumming all over me, instead.” 

It was at this moment you knew you’d certainly be sore the next day.