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I love so much little Fushimi and the three homra's daddies. <3 I'd like to think that maybe in this au Fushimi could be not so scared by Mikoto. Or just the idea of Mikoto with a child Fushimi makes me happy. x'D

I’m thinking that maybe Fushimi is still a little intimidated by Mikoto but it’s not as bad at least at first, since they adopt him pre-Red King and so Mikoto doesn’t have that extra level of simmering power just below the surface. I imagine Fushimi mostly not really being sure how to deal with Mikoto because Mikoto’s hard for him to get a read on, like Totsuka is the cool fun dad who always wants to play with Fushimi and Kusanagi is the responsible Team Mom who makes sure Fushimi eats properly and finished his homework and then there’s Mikoto who just lazes around all day and doesn’t even talk to Fushimi much except in short sentences. And Fushimi being a nervous kid wonders sometimes if Mikoto doesn’t want him there, like I could see him misreading Mikoto’s general aura of chill as being coldness similar to how Kisa treats him and so Fushimi just assumes that Mikoto doesn’t think of Fushimi as anything more than a bother. But then every now and again Mikoto shows that he does care, like Fushimi’s doing homework and Mikoto happens to be the only one around. Fushimi’s starting to get a bit of a fever but no one’s noticed because Totsuka’s been out playing around with random hobbies and Kusanagi’s trying to figure out why his accounting has a major unexplained shortage. Fushimi doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to be a bother (since he’s still not entirely convinced that it’s okay for him to stay here with his three new daddies) so he just tries to endure it. Then suddenly he feels Mikoto’s hand on his shoulder. Fushimi looks up at him all wide-eyed, Mikoto regards him calmly for a moment and then just sweeps Fushimi up into his arms and starts taking him upstairs. Fushimi’s struggling like wait what are you doing and Mikoto tells him not to overdo it, sick kids need rest right. He sets Fushimi in the bed and puts a hand on his forehead and tells him to sleep. Then maybe Fushimi wakes up a couple hours later panting from a nightmare and Mikoto’s right there calming him down and telling him not to worry and Fushimi finds that he doesn’t have any nightmares when he knows Mikoto’s there, because Mikoto’s strong enough to beat back all of those monsters in his head.

The Beginning and the End

Aka the drama CD that goes with the flashback of the younger Homra trio in the final episode of Return of Kings. Please be aware it contains all the major spoilers from the season if you haven’t seen it yet.

To the best of my knowledge, this was still untranslated. Seeing that and being a Homra Trio fan, I couldn’t help myself.

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What if Fushimi ran away when he was little and became homeless.

The immediate sad part of this that comes to mind is if it happened it would probably take his parents like months to notice. Kisa just figures that the kid must be out or something and Niki’s only home once a month so if Fushimi’s not around he just shrugs and assumes he’s probably around somewhere. And then when they finally realize that Saruhiko ran away they don’t even bother to call the police because Niki’s mostly just disappointed that his play toy is gone but oh well back to sinning and Kisa wants to avoid a scandal because if they call the police they’ll want to know how long Fushimi’s been missing and she honestly has no idea. So basically poor tiny Saruhiko decides to run away and no one actually cares or even bothers to look for him (assuming this is pre-Yata, otherwise he probably just runs away to Yata’s house).

He’d probably actually be pretty okay at first, relatively speaking anyway. Even as a kid I think Fushimi might not run away without making a plan first, so he probably saves up some of his massive allowance and digs around the house for any money left out so he’s got a pretty good amount stored up by the time he leaves. He packs a bag of necessities, clothes, computer, maybe some snacks, and off he goes. I imagine he spends at least a couple months mostly staying at an internet cafe during the day and sleeping there at night, maybe playing j-cube and stealing people’s rare cards and then selling them to make money. When it seems like the employees at the cafe are getting suspicious of this little kid who appears to be staying there all alone he leaves and goes to find another one, keeping as low a profile as he can. Possibly he spends a lot of time playing on his PDA because he has nothing better to do, playing a lot of j-cube and moving up the ranks. To pass the time he does a few jungle missions, slowly but surely accumulating more and more points. He’s just starting to run low on money when he reaches J-rank and becomes the first person invited into Iwa-san’s basement to become friends with jungle’s head administrator, Hisui Nagare…

Actually we could do this multiple fun ways :3 So maybe instead it gets cold and Fushimi’s running low on money and places to stay, probably reaching the point where if he has to do underhanded things to get money he does. He doesn’t eat a lot but he needs to pay for somewhere to stay and even at the net cafes they’re starting to ask questions he doesn’t want to answer. So he ends up wandering through snow-covered streets all alone and freezing and thinking how no one would really care if he froze to death right now and that’s when he ends up huddling in the doorway of a darkened bar Homra. Which is where young Kusanagi Izumo finds him a couple hours later and has his friend Mikoto drag the freezing kid inside with Totsuka tagging along after, covering Fushimi in blankets and trying to figure out who the heck this kid is. Fushimi wakes up feeling a little hot and at first starts to panic, but Totsuka sitting beside him just lays a hand on his head and tells him to relax, because it’s all going to turn out okay now.

Or third scenario, Fushimi’s run out of money and even making cash with j-cube is getting difficult, so he’s pretty much resorted to trying to pickpocket people and has this whole set of tricks he uses to get people to let their guard down when he gets close. He’s doing okay when he attempts it on teenage Munakata who is not at all fooled and immediately grabs Fushimi by the shoulder when he attempts to run off, wondering what Fushimi thinks he is doing with Munakata’s wallet. Fushimi panics a bit and tries to run but Munakata has a pretty tight grip on him. Munakata maybe says something about how Fushimi’s scheme was commendable but wouldn’t his parents be displeased by Fushimi engaging in such hoodlum behavior and Fushimi just gives this bitter little laugh because his parents would have to care for that. And then it occurs to him that Munakata might take him to the police and they’ll contact his parents and he starts trying to get away again because even being homeless is better than going back to that place. Munakata observes his behavior, eyes darkening a bit, and states that Fushimi appears as though he could use a good meal and as Fushimi stares at him blankly Munakata pretty much drags him along to see Munakata’s family because guess who just unilaterally adopted a new baby brother to dote on.