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Has this been done before ?? Munakata and Totsuka switching bodies ?

I feel like they would both be far too amused and way too chill about this situation than most everyone else, like they run into each other just in time for the body switch Strain to attack and soon they’re both staring at their new bodies all ‘oh, how interesting.’ I feel like the two of them would have an interesting relationship anyway, when they meet they’re both probably smiling a lot and making pointed comments and Munakata’s making Totsuka sort of uncomfortable but he’s not letting any of it show while Munakata keeps finding Totsuka oddly intriguing and is trying to find out more about this person who holds the Red King in check. They don’t get too far in measuring each other up though when the Strain attacks and after that they actually bond a little because well this is an interesting turn of events isn’t it. Munakata retrieves his glasses and coat from Totsuka while Totsuka has to get his camera and film his own body talking all formally like the Blue King (also they can both manage their own sparkling which makes them feel more comfortable in the new body).

So then they eventually decide to go back to their respective clans, Mumakata has the foresight to send a message ahead so they know what to expect but Totsuka just walks right on in to Homra. He probably tries to play a little bit first, like Totsuka walks into Bar Homra all ‘oya oya I see King is sleeping on the couch again’ while everyone stares at him blankly wondering what the Blue King is doing here. Mikoto figures it out pretty quick though and Totsuka pouts a little because he was hoping King would play along a little longer. Most of the other Homra guys find it weird to see the stuffy Blue King being all loose and 'everything will be fine.’ Also imagine Totsuka tries to play guitar and sing for everyone but instead of the soothing tones of Kaji Yuuki he’s doing a Munakata-style poetry reading version of Circle of Friends. I can see him imitating Munakata a bunch towards Mikoto just for fun and Mikoto keeps giving him this flat look because Totsuka-as-Munakata fake lecturing him is actually not much better than real Munakata lecturing him.

Meanwhile over at Scepter 4 the one who’s having the most trouble with the whole thing is probably Fushimi, who feels almost as if he’s being double doted on by some unholy combination of Munakata and Totsuka. I just see him making the most disgusted face every time Munakata smiles at him with Totsuka’s face, sparkling proudly, and Fushimi wonders if he can just take the rest of the day off. Munakata still manages to be strangely intimidating even in Totsuka’s body – maybe he can still use his King powers so at some point when he’s on his way back to Scepter 4 some random guys attack him thinking he’s Homra’s weak point only to be totally wrecked. Though Munakata finds it unexpectedly difficult because afterward he’s a bit out of breath and it makes him wonder again about this Totsuka Tatara, whose body seems so unsuited for powers of any type and who even so has managed to tame Suoh Mikoto.


LSW Stage Play Cast Appreciation:
     Maeyama Takahisa (Totsuka Tatara’s Actor)


…And I’ll be watching this several hundred more times