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just thought i'd let you know that 9/11 was also my first memory and i know how badly it sits with me every year, i think a lot about the way older generations call ours a selfish internet obsessed generation and stuff but they don't take the time to think about the kind of world we've grown up in, i'm british but my mum's american and she had friends who worked there, my earliest memory is seeing these images and hearing my mum break down in a panic attack, i'm not sure how i feel about it tbh

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(brackets for start of sentences/names/number/etc) From Twitter: G O O [T T] / [T T T T] I R / A L L [T T] L / W E A L L D I E TOGETHER / S D O E P I C E F / I L P / A E M DOES SO / P NOT [HA] / [I W] / P AND / IN T OPENS DO / A 15 N E W / T T T M M T / T 15 12 I AM I DO / I B THIS H M P B I ----- From his Tumblr: [T] S 8 E I S P S / [E 820] A [P M F] D [M B S] SO I EPIC S <EDIT> IS NOT - you're welcome!

Bless you how far back on his twitter did you take this?

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If you get this in your ask box then you must say 5 good things about yourself and pass this on to your 10 of your favourite followers! ^_^

1. I have a crush on myself HAHAHHAHA

2. I have a different perception about most things

3. I have friends hahaahha

4. My horoscope says that I’ll meet someone this 2014 that I will fall deeply in love with and will just leave me afterwards

5. I like purple hahaahha

thanks :)

Survey from Zoe/ Ace

I’ve done one of these fairly recently, so I won’t make questions for people again but yeah, here we go (Oh, and I was tagged by Go follow. Now.

1) Favorite Youtuber(s)?

John and Hank Green, Nerimon, Pottermoosh; the list goes on.

2) Current Fav Song?

Currently, maybe Fluorescent Adolescent or Supremacy or something 

3) One Direction; yay or neigh?


4) Have you seen the music video for Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love yet? What do you think?

Nope, I have not seen that.

5) How’s school/college/work/life been recently?

Life has been fairly excellent recently, thank you for asking :D

6) If you could have any job/career in the world what would it be?

If I could make money from playing the Ukulele that would be pretty great. :P

7) You have the ability to swap boddies with anybody for 24 hours, who would you pick?

Bill Gates or someone like that, and then transfer all of his money to my own bank account so that I would be super rich and then I could use the money for good

8) Do you like musical theatre?

Yeah :D

9) What was your favorite TV show when you were younger? 


10) How do you like your coffee?

Mixed with hot chocolate :D

11) Is there anything you wanna talk about, or get off your chest, I’m here to listen?

Not really, but thank you for offering :D


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I just like being evil. ;P


1-How are you? - I’m very good thank you!
2-Post a picture of yourself. - 

3-Do you ever wish you were someone else? - Yes. I wish I were Nina Dobrev quite often lol
4-What is your entire name? - Stephanie Catherine Helen Lunnon :)
5-How old are you? - 18
6-Age you get mistaken for: - 12 :P
7-Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality: - Cancer. I think it does fit me, yeah.
8-What did you do on your last birthday? - Went for meals with both sides of the family and went into town, celebrating being 18 finally! :D
9-What is one thing you would like to accomplish before your next birthday? - No idea. Would be nice to have a boyfriend but that’s asking for a bit much, don’t cha think? XD
10-What is your hair color? - Brown-ish.
11-Have you ever dyed your hair? - Yep. Been dying my hair since I was 9 XD
12-What is your eye color? - Brown-ish.
13-If you could change your eye color, would you? - Yes. I love blue eyes!
14-Do you wear contacts/glasses? - Nope
15-Your opinion about your body and how confortable you are with it: - I haven’t got the best body in the world but I’m pretty comfortable with it :)
16-Have you ever considered plastic surgery? What would you alter about your body? I wouldn’t get plastic surgery, no. 
17-Say 8 facts about your body: I’ll give you one. I have a big birthmark on my neck.
18-Do you have any tattoos? - Yes! One on my wrist.
19-Do you have any piercings? - My ear lobes and I did have my navel done too but I had to let it close up :’(
20-Left or right handed? - Right handed
21-What’s your sexual orientation? - Straight
22-Do you drink? - Casually, yes
23-Do you smoke? - No
24-Do you have any pets? - Yes, 4 cats and a dog
25-Where do you work? - Hobbycraft
26-Something you are working on right now: - Filling this in XD I currently have a textiles project going on.
27-Do you have any “rules” about food? - Not that I can think of.
28-Where are you from? - Hampshire, England
29-What would you say is your best quality? - Being awesome ;)
30-What do you think you’re really good at? - Procrastinating 
31-What do you think you’re really bad at? - Singing
32-What talent do you wish you’d been born with? - Singing and dancing
33-Are you a bad person? - Depends what you define as bad.
34-Are you nice to everyone? - No
35-Say 3 facts about your personality: I like to think I’m funny, I’m quiet when we first meet, if I don’t like you, I won’t speak to you lol
36-Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you? - Probably lol
37-What is your ideal bed? Why? - Double. Well, anything bigger than my crappy single lol
38-Do wake up cranky? - Sometimes, yeah
39-Do you sleep with a stuffed toy? - I have a spuddy on my bed.
40-What do you think about the most? - Sherlock, TVD and Doctor Who
41-Share 2 habits: Sitting on Tumblr and complaining
42-What you want to be when you “get older”? - Rich
43-What are your career goals? - To earn lots of money
44-What is your ideal career? - I would love to be a dancer
45-Is your life anything like it was two years ago? - haha NO! Nothing like it, but I wouldn’t change a thing!
46-Do you replay things that have happened in your head? - Yeah
47-Have you ever had an imaginary friend? - Who didn’t :P
48-Say 10 facts about your room: It’s green, and pink, it’s small, my curtains are cream, I have fairy lights, i have a green rug, a purple carpet, it’s the smallest room,i have a built in wardrobe and my bin is pink.
49-Do you have any phobias? - Spiders and deep water
50-Have you ever been to a psychiatrist/therapist? - Nope
51-Are you allergic to anything? If so, what? - Nope
52-Ever broken any bones? - Nope
53-Ever come close to death? - Hmmm, don’t thinks so.
54-Things you like and dislike about yourself: - Happy with my body, hate my height.
55-A random fact about yourself: I’m 4 foot 11.
56-What are three things most people don’t know about you? - I’m not sure tbh :L
57-An unknown fact about your life: I’m an undercover agent ;) Nah, I don’t know.
58-Share something about yourself others might think is weird: Bananas and Nutella are a good mix.
59-Five weird things that you like: As said above, McDonald’s chips in milkshake… I don’t know.
60-Do you have a facebook? If so, would you add the person who sent you this? - Yes, I do. And probably XD If you want to add me, message me.
61-Do you have any pictures on your Facebook? - Quite a few.
62-Describe yourself in one word/sentence: - Short.
63-A quote you try to live by: If it makes you happy, go for it.
64-A famous person you’ve been compared to: Jenna Coleman
65-Weird things you do when you’re alone: - Sing!!
66-Something you do without realising: Dunno
67-5 things you want to change: My height.
68-Someone you’d like to be for a day and why: Nina Dobrev. She really tries to live her life to the full and she has amazing people surrounding her and is on a wonderful show!
69-Leave me a compliment: Thanks for sending the question request, Anon! :P


70-What is your favorite thing to do? - Go on Tumblr
71-What’s your favorite color? - Blue
72-What’s your favorite band/singer? - Bastille and Ron Pope
73-What’s your favorite movie? - 13 Going On 30
74-What are your favorite books? - Across The Universe, TVD, Twilight
75-What is your favorite quote and why?  'A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you and me might end up together’ - This song describes every situation when you have a crush :’)
76-What is your favorite word? - Can it be a phrase? ‘Cool beans!’
77-What is your least favorite word? - I don’t think I have one
78-What is your favorite type of food? - Pasta! :P 
79-You favorite ice cream? - Clotted cream or vanilla
80-What’s your favorite animal? - Cat!
81-Dogs or cats? - Cats!
82-Describe your favourite texture: - Silk
83-What is your favorite flower? - Roses
84-What’s your favourite scent? And on the opposite sex? - I don’t really have a preference. As long as it smells nice lol
85-What is your favorite season? - Autumn
86-What are the top five places you wish you could go before you die? - Italy, America, Scotland, Ireland, Bulgaria
87-What are four things you can’t live without and why? - Phone, laptop, food, tv, music - they are my life! D:
88-Which mythological creature are you most like? Why? - ??
89-What’s your favorite television show? - I can’t choose one! XD Sherlock, TVD and Doctor Who
90-Favorite place to shop at? - Primark and HMV
91-Say 2 facts about your favorite things: My favourite drink is pure orange juice. My favourite place is Cardiff.

Family, childhood and places

92-Say 4 facts about your parents: They’re short too, they are divorced, my dad cosplays too, my mum had got red hair.
93-Are you more like your mom or your dad? - Dad
94-Do you have any siblings? - 2 brothers.
95-Say 9 facts about your family: Not sure.
96-What’s your relationship like with your family? - Tense haha They annoy me sometimes
97-Say 7 facts about your childhood: 
98-The best and the worst childhood memories: 
99-Say 6 facts about your home town: It’s crap!! And overcrowded, and full of slow walkers. That’s all you need to know lol Oh, one of the Doctor Who companions is from here XD
100-Are you going out of town soon? - I’m off to London in a few weeks
101-Where would you like to live? - Cardiff
102-What would your dream house be like? - My own
103-Where would you go on your dream vacation? - Italy
104-Where you want to be right now? - Italy
105-Top three places to visit: Italy, Scotland and America



106-Would you ever smile at a stranger? - Yes
107-Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys? - Boys
108-Who is someone you never tire of? - Me
109-Do you have someone you can be your complete self around? - My brother
110-Who is your most loyal friend? - My friend at college
111-Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to? - Yeah
112-If your best friend died, what would you do? - Cry
113-Something you’ve lied about. - Not sure
114-Have you ever felt replaced? - Yep!
115-Say 5 facts about your bestfriend(s): They are weird, but funny as well. They’re very pretty and can dance, and are awesome. ^_^


116-The last person you hugged? - haha No idea! 
117-Story of your first kiss? - It was from some drunken guy in a club. That was my last kiss as well lol
118-Do you like kissing in public? - Haven’t probably been kissed so I’m not sure lol
119-Have you ever kissed someone older than you? - Yes.
120-You have a preference for boys or girls? - Boys
121-Is the male or female body closest to perfection? 
122-5 things that irritate you about the same sex/opposite sex. - Girls being bitchy!
123-Do you believe in love at first sight? - Hmm, not sure.
124-Do you believe in soul mates? - Yeah
125-What is your idea of the perfect date? - Going to a romantic restaurant or sitting at home, ordering a take away whilst watching TV shows XD Quite a difference, I know.
126-Based on past relationships or crushes, describe your perfect boyfriend/girlfriend: I haven’t really had a relationship lol But someone who is a lot like me and likes to cuddle a lot and would look after me and cosplay with me. 
127-What is the first thing you noticed in someone? - Their looks.
128-Are looks important in a relationship? - They can be.
129-What’s the most superficial characteristic you look for? - Dunno
130-What’s your opinion on age differences in relationships? - No more than a 5 year age gap I think. Especially when you’re younger.
131-Would you ever date someone off of the Internet? - I have.
132-Five guys/girls whom you find attractive: Celebrities or people I know? 0_o
133-Do you have a crush on anyone? - Yes
134-A description of the girl/boy you like: - He’s very talented and good looking XD
135-Say 1 fact about the person your like: 
136-If the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say? - 'Ok, that’s fine’ Begins to move on with my life. Once I know someone doesn’t like me back, i begin to move on. Yes, it’s sad at first but you can’t be down about things like that.
137-When was the last time you told someone you loved them? - Last week to my dad
138-Do you think someone has feelings for you? - I doubt it.
139-Do you think someone is thinking about you right now? - Probably not.
140-Have you ever cried over a guy/girl? - No
141-Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have? - Yes
142-Anyone you’re giving up on? - Yes 
143-Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to? - Yes
144-Have you ever liked someone who your friends hated? - Yes
145-Have you ever liked one of your best friends? - No
146-Has anyone told you they don’t want to ever lose you? - No
147-Is there a boy/girl who you would do absolutely everything for? - No
148-Is there someone you will never forget? - Hm, maybe.
149-Say five ways to win your heart: Bring me chocolate, watch TV shows with me, be the one to text me first
150-What turns you on? - A beautiful singing voice.
151-What turns you off? - Smoking
152-What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you? - No idea
153-What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you? - No idea
154-What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you? - Spoil me on Valentine’s day XD
155-Have you ever written a song or poem for someone? Have you had one written for you? - No
156-What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for someone? - Not sure
157-Are you in love? - No
158-Are you in a relationship? - I wish
159-If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, what is your favorite thing about him/her? 
160-Are relationships ever worth it? - I think so
161-Is there someone mad because you’re dating/talking to the person you are? - No
162-Can you commit to one person? - I’d like to think so
163-Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat? - Yeah
164-Do you ever want to get married? - Yeah
165-Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years? - Not at this rate
166-Future names of your children: Evelina
167-Do you get jealous easily? - No
168-The last time you felt jealous, and why? - Not sure
169-What is your definition of cheating? - Having sex with someone else who isn’t your partner.
170-Have you ever been cheated on? - No
171-Do you forgive betrayal? - Depends
172-Have you ever cheated on someone? - No
173-Why did your last relationship fail? - What relationship?
174-Things you want to say to an ex:
175-A description of the person you dislike the most:
176-If your first true love knocked on your door with apology and presents, would you accept? - No
177-How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? - 2 (Hardly count them as relationships to be honest)
178-How long was your longest relationship? - 3 weeks (internet thing)
179-You’ll love me if… You can handle my geekiness
180-Share a relationship story:

Music, movies and books

181-How often do you listen to music? - Everyday
182-What kind of music you like? - Everything except screamo and heavy stuff
183-Do you like to dance? - Yes
184-What was the first concert/show you attended? - First concert was Take That.
185-Have you heard a song that reminds you of someone today?
186-Share a song that takes you to a certain memory in the past: - Read All About It
187-A song that’s been stuck in your head: - Dec 1963 (What A Night)
188-Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play: 1. Stranded In Los Angeles - Ron Pope

2. Things We Lost In The Fire - Bastille

3. A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope

4. Skinny Love - Birdy

5. Laura Palmer - Bastille

6. What Would You Do - Bastille

7. Wake Me Up - Avicii

8. Home - Ron Pope

9. Wrecking Ball - Madilyn Bailey

10. You’re The Reason I Come Home - Ron Pope

189-A book you want to read/have recently read: I want to read The Fault In Our Stars. I have it but I have so many books to read :p
190-Describe your dream library: One with EVERY SINGLE BOOK!
191-Last movie you just watched: Nativity!
192-Do you like watching what type of movies? - Musicals, sci fi

Situations and crazy things

193-You’re in a tattoo parlor about to get inked. What are you getting done? - Hopefully my next one will be either Marie from Aristocats or Stitch!
194-What’s something you can see yourself going to jail for? - Failing in life haha
195-If you could be any character, from any literary work, who would you choose to be? - Sherlock Holmes
196-You’re given $10,000…under one condition: you cannot keep the money for yourself. Who would you give it to? - totorowilleatyou ^_^
197-If you had to go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? Getting rid of certain friends sooner lol
198-If you were an element on the Periodic Table, which would you be and why? 
199-If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be? 2008. Was boring.
200-You’re an Action Movie Hero. What’s your weapon of choice and the line you scream when defeating your arch enemy?
201-If you could design an amusement park ride, what would it be like?
202-What is the first curse word that comes to mind?
203-What the last party you went to was… and when the next will be…
204-Halloween costume idea?
205-How you’d spend ten thousand bucks?- Moving out.
206-Press ctrl+v and post: restraunt
207-Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with someone you love for ten years or someone you hate for a month? Explain why. Someone I love for 10 years. Then I wouldn’t go insane lol
208-5 things within touching distance: Phone, lamp, laptop, pillow, quilt
209-A drunken story:
210-What are you supposed to be doing right now? - Sleeping
211-Currently wanting to see anyone? - No
212-Why you follow me? - Tell me your URL and I’ll tell you :)
213-If you met me what would you do? - Get to know eachother.
214-YOU have to leave me a random/ridiculous question: How old are you?
215-YOU have to leave me a cute message: You’re really sweet for asking me questions on here! ^_^ Not many people do

Opinions and beliefs

216-Is the cup half full or half empty for you right now? - Half full
217-Do you believe in fate/destiny? - Yeah
218-What you wish for on 11:11?
219-Do you consider yourself lucky? What’s your good luck charm? 
220-Do you believe in aliens or life on other planets? - Yes
221-What is your religion, if any?
222-Would you go against your moral code for money? - Depends
223-What’s more important to you: strength of the body or strength of the mind? - Strength of the mind
224-How important you think education is? - With this education system? Not very important.
225-If you were the president, what would you do? - Change the education system.
226-If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change? 
227-Is it the thought that counts? Or is that phrase circumstantial? I do believe in that phrase, yeah :)
228-If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do? - Eat.
229-Which movie character do you most identify with and why? - Katherine Piece (Misunderstood!) ;)

Feelings and Others

230-Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early? - I’m definitely a procrastinator
231-Post a photo/draw a picture/write a poem (pick one) of a moment of personal significance: 
232-Say 5 things you love unconditionally:
233-What motivates you in life?
234-Something that you’re proud of: - My current project for Textiles. Here’s what I’ve done so far! :) 

235-Five words/phrases that make you laugh:
236-Share the story of something that makes you smile:
237-Something you always think “what if…” about: - What if I never get into a relationship? D:
238-What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you? - What’s the story behind that?
239-Describe one of the most awkward experiences of your life:
240-Something/someone that you miss: 
241-Are you over your past? - Mostly, yeah
242-What is your saddest memory? - When my cat passed away :’(
243-One of the hardest moments in your life: 
244-Is there something that happened in your past that you hate talking about?
245-What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about?
246-What was your most embarrassing moment?
247-Share one of your fears/insecurities: - Saying the wrong thing/being laughed at.
248-Something you’re currently worrying about:
249-Have you done something you regret very much?
250-If you could take something back that you said or did, what would it be?
251-Does anyone hate you? - Probably
252-Do you hate anyone? - Yes
253-Lyrics that apply to your current situation/mood. 
254-Are you good at hiding your feelings? - Yeah
255-What’s something you hide about your personality?
256-How do you approach social situations? 
257-Are you a social or an antisocial person? - I’d like to think I’m a social person but I’m probably not XD
258-Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Same as 257. lol
259-Do you care if people talk badly about you? - Nope. I don’t care.
260-How do you deal with criticism? - Accept it and move on.
261-How you hope your future will be like? - Hopefully, I will have my own place, a good income and a boyfriend.
262-What’s something that scares you about the future? - Where I’ll be/What I’ll be doing.
263-Five intems you lust after:
264-One thing you’re excited for: - Sleeping
265-Describe the most terrifying/strangest/beautiful dream you’ve ever had:
266-Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? - Yes!
267-Who is your celebrity crush? - Joseph Morgan and Benedict Cumberbatch
268-Make a confession: I’m tired and that was a lot of questions to answer XD

Sorry I haven’t filled in ALL of them. XD