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Here are some overly intense filter selfies~
(you almost cant tell that theyre mark but mmk i try)

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TOP 20 - 03/25/17
20) Linkin Park & Kiiara - Heavy [Debut]
19) Keith Urban f/ Carrie Underwood - The Fighter (+2)
18) Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like [Debut]
17) Martin Garrix f/ Dua Lipa - Scared to be Lonely (=)
16) Katy Perry f/ Skip Marley - Chained to the Rhythm (=)
15) The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This (+4)
14) Julia Michaels - Issues (-2)
13) The Weeknd f/ Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming (-3)
12) Alesso - Falling (+3)
11) Kygo & Selena Gomez - It Ain’t Me (+2)
10) Zedd & Alessia Cara - Stay (+4)
9) Tinashe - Company (-1)
8) Nelly Furtado - Cold Hard Truth (+3)
7) Lost Kings f/ Tinashe - Quit You (=)
6) Rihanna - Love on the Brain (-2)
5) Alina Baraz f/ Khalid - Electric (+1)
4) Ariana Grande f/ Future - Everyday (-1)
3) Tinashe - Flame (+2)
2) Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (=)

Clean Bandit f/ Sean Paul & Anne-Marie - Rockabye
Stargate f/ P!nk & Sia - Waterfall
Jason Derulo f/ Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign - Swalla

yes, of course it hurts. i am not nearly as n control as i seem.

yr n my veins, u fuck. being alone is hard.

not being alone is hard.

i confess ! i messed up ! i wouldnt b like this if i knew how to not b like this ok ?

theres a degree of difficulty n dealing w me.

where r u, nd im so sorry i cant b that person.

love is something…

wat will i do wen i dont have u ? wen i finally get wat i deserve ?

i dont kno. i try not to think abt it.

strangers all ovr again. heartbreaker.

forget me.

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that macdennis fic we sinners bend is gone from archive of our own! do you know if its up anywhere else???

not to be a dramatic ho but i’ve been broken up about this all week 😓 you could try saving the cached page from your google chrome web history, but as far as i know, it’s been removed for good

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where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years

Still needing Mars to fix my sink, hopefully in a better apartment maybe even a house. Scarlett sitting in my living room, flipping through the pages of a magazine with my stories published in them and my photographs accompanying them and watching Phoebe, Juliet and Marcus chase an almost six year old around the house. Ava will be there with her beautiful little girl and we will have wine and one of us will end up married to Richard Madden. Constance and Adam will have dinner on Thursdays and we’ll talk constantly but Adam will only have eyes for Constance and I’ll envy her having someone looking at her like he looks at her. Emma and I will just be chilling on some back patio soaking up the sun and talking about the next adventure. Dani won’t be arresting me and we’ll have play dates with our boys. I’ll have seen Morgan and Jake finally get married and hopefully play auntie to their little ones. Asher and I will chat about old times and her little boy will be one of Mason’s best friends. In five years I hope to see myself still living here in Atlanta watching my boy grow up surrounded by these wonderful people maybe and watching their dreams come true… especially for someone who deserves to have them come true….

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