totoro umbrella


Here is me cosplaying Totoro form My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli.

The dress was made by Darling Army. @darlingarmy

I’ve been putting off taking any pictures because of my health problems and weight gain. But I finally gave in and took these yesterday in my backyard with my husband. I hope to do a better shoot with this cosplay in the future, but for now here’s these. I will have more cosplays ready soon, mostly from Inuyasha.

One of my college classes is a Basic Writing class centered around Studio Ghibli movies. The first movie we watched was My Neighbor Totoro. Because of this I felt compelled to draw a little Ghibli Falls. Most of the Ghibli creatures would fit right in if they went to Gravity Falls! I mean, the Halloween Trickser is practically No-Face if he were made of candy.

Also, sorry for not being able to update a lot. College workloads don’t leave a lot of time for free time comicing. I’ll be sure to post stuff whenever possible! Maybe I’ll tone down the amount of color I use for a little bit or something…