totoro tree!!!!

My car got stolen

Hey guys as most of you know, I’ve had some pretty shitty luck these past few weeks. Turns out! It’s not over.

My boyfriend and I’s only source of transportation is our car and we left for 2 days, when we got back it was gone.

We filed a police report and they told us that in these situations, older cars get taken for joyrides and dumped within a week. As of right now though, we have no way of getting to our jobs except an hour walk from our house to the mall where we both work.

Already we were stretched pretty thin with about $40 between us. We had to buy Transit Passes (Orca Cards) which cost about $5 a piece not including the $10 each we put on them which now puts us at just $10 to when we get paid next which is this Friday (9/8). The fare round trip is $5 which means! These cards last the both of us 2 days and we work all week.

If anyone can spare anything in the meantime to help us get food and pay the rest of the weeks bus fare we would be so grateful.

My paypal email is or you can drop it in the direct link over at

My boyfriend ( @buttg0d ) has a venmo over at buttgod

Either of those work.

If you can’t donate, don’t worry about it! I appreciate good thoughts and some signal boosting as well!!

On another note: if you live in the SEATTLE, WA area and you see a 1997 GREEN LEGACY OUTBACK SUBARU with CA License Plates and a Dogmeat from Fallout 4 decal sticker on the front windshield, a Luna from Sailor Moon, Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro and the Tree Spirits (kodama) from Princess Mononoke decals all around the back 3 windows, PLEASE NOTIFY THE POLICE! That is my car and I’d really like it back.

Thanks for your time!

I’ll also be putting up a link to a gofundme page a little later today to help us get another used car.

Hayao Miyazaki tattoo sleeve on Jean-Pierre Saint-Tran by Andy Kurth

The sleeve includes the submarine from Ponyo; the bathhouse, No Face, and soot sprites from Spirited Away; the tree spirits from Princess Mononoke; Kiki and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service; Totoro and his friends from My Neighbor Totoro; the castle from Howl’s Moving Castle; and Laputa from Castle [sic] in the Sky.