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Five instances Totoro appears in a Non Studio Ghibli animation


Having fun with friends🎵 by cute-little-dolls
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They seem happy playing all together!! ;-)


i am visiting my sister and we made diy totoro toys that she got from the ghibli museum (i made the grey one and she made the blue one)
i think i put the ears on backwards and hers is kind of lopsided but they’re still really cute :D i’m amazed that we even got them to look like the pictures at all >_>

even a novice like me can learn to sew … that is reassuring 


hi, i’m a new blog and I’m here to write stuff. I guess this is like the premier of my blog so yup.

Summary: She was sweet and innocent and well… he wasn’t.

She heard three knocks at her door, causing her attention to avert from the movie playing on her laptop screen. She quickly got off her bed, straightening out her skirt before walking out her room. Thoughts of who could be at the door circled her mind as she descended down the stairs. It wasn’t her parents, they weren’t due to be back until Monday evening. It couldn’t have been one of her friends from school as all her friends had exceedingly strict parents who wouldn’t dare to let their darling daughters out after nine pm. But what if one of her friends had snuck out, she had always been skeptical that one or two of the girls in her friend group would go on a rebellious adventure and do something wild that she would never think of doing. 

She walked towards the door, hoping that it wasn’t one of those idiot pranksters who thought it would be amusing to ring the door bell and scurry off. She opened the door, not knowing what to expect. She felt her mouth fall agape as she stared at the person who stood in front of her. She could feel her palms start to heat up and herself become nervous.

“Hello princess.” He said with a smug smile, the one that he would use when he knew exactly what was going on and it was in his favour. He particularly enjoyed watching her facial expressions when they talked to one another, it made him feel complacent when he watched her become all flustered from just a few words that he had spoken.

“Michael, w-what are you doing here?” She asked, her voice turning mousy and quiet. She hated when that happened, absolutely despised it, she hated how different she became whenever he decided to appear, she would become nervous, awkward and start to stutter, along with her whole body becoming increasingly hot.

“I got bored so I decided to visit you.” He said with a devilish smile. She stared at him with a look of pure terror on her baby like face. She couldn’t even think about the things that her parents would say or do if they discovered Michael was there after ten o'clock at night with no adult supervision.

“You can’t be here, m-my parents would murder me if they found out you were here.” Her parents had no clue as to who Michael was, hell they had no clue that their one and only little girl spoke to boys. They wanted to keep her sheltered from boys and romances, that was their main reason for sending her to an all girls private school. They wouldn’t think twice about allowing their daughter to go to a mixed school, the thought of it made them a cross between angry and nauseous. She was their prize, their most important possession, they wanted perfection and nothing else out of her and a ‘boyfriend’ distracting her was probably one of their worst fears.

“Ah, good thing I don’t spot their cars in the drive way.” Michael said to the nervous girl.

“Michael, it’s late, you can’t be here, I can’t allow you to be here.” She said in panic to the tall boy who only held a smirk.

“You look lovely.” He commented, raking his eyes over her body and ignoring her last comment. He admittedly did prefer her adorable little get up to her school uniform although he wasn’t complaining about the short plaid skirts and thigh highs that she was forced to wear from Monday to Friday. He did find what she was wearing to match her personality, cute, sweet, innocent. He had always thought she would be the sort of girl to wear skirts, own a very feminine wardrobe.

“I, um, thank you.” She said, her face heating up from his compliment and she bit down on her bottom lip to conceal her creeping smile. “But Michael, it would be so wrong of me to let someone in after ten without my parents permission, let alone a boy.” She said. “And what if the neighbors see.” She said and felt her stomach churn at the thought of one of the people in the neighborhood ratting her out to her parents.

“Then you better let me in quickly before anyone spots me.” He said with a smile. She was starting to get cold, the short skirt she was wearing wasn’t doing much for her in terms of warmth. She contemplated letting Michael in, wondering what could be the harm in it if no one except the pair of them knew, but the guilt she would feel keeping it from her parents made her hesitant to letting him inside.

“I um-” she looked at him as he patiently awaited her answer. “Okay.” She said, not knowing what she had gotten herself into nor what the night would entail. Michael smiled at her before she moved out of the door way to allow him in. Once Michael had gotten in he stared in awe at the inside of her home. She shut the door and leaned against it as she watched the older by look around what was only the corridor. Michael had walked her home several times prior to his little visit, only seeing the outside of her house, he wasn’t allowed inside as she didn’t want her parents to know that she spoke to Michael, especially due to his eyebrow piercing and tattoos, she had no idea how he had been allowed to get them.

“Nice place.” He said and she smiled at him in response. She didn’t know what to say, Michael had always been the one to carry their conversations and to do most of the asking of questions.

“What do you want to do?” She asked him and his eyes went to the stair case. He turned to her, a smile on his pink lips as she looked at him with such innocence in her eyes, something that normally wasn’t something that a girl her age had.

“We could go to your bedroom.” He said and her mouth hung open at his words.  He suddenly realised what he had said suggested, although he wouldn’t mind doing something a little bit sexual with y/n he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

“Michael I-”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” He said, interrupting her. “I meant would you like to hang out and keep a safe distance from each other in your bedroom.” He said, drastically rephrasing his sentence.

“Alright.” She said with a small smile.

“Lead the way.” Michael said and she walked towards the stairs, him following her. Michael couldn’t help but realise all the photographs of her hanging on her walls, some of them from a long time ago and some of them looked recent, a few were with her parents and a few were with what he guessed were her friends. In each one she was smiling, some of the smiles looked forced, a few looked genuine but regardless of her facial expression he still thought she looked beautiful.

She started to walk up the stairs, Michael following close behind. He wondered what she was thinking, what was going through that head of hers. Whether she thinking about how close his chest was to her ass at that moment or about how great her legs looked in that tiny skirt or the fact that he would be the first boy that would be inside her room.

The pair eventually reached her room, she let him in feeling a little unsure and uneasy considering the whole situation. He felt the air being knocked out of his lungs at the sight of her room, the large, clean area was almost three times larger than his room and it was spotless, the only thing out of order was her bed. Her room was a lot more interesting than he had presumed it would be, there was a Sailor Moon poster stuck to her wall along with several posters of bands he had never heard of, one poster of a blonde girl in front of the ocean with sun glasses on and the words 'The Aquadolls’ in big font at the top. She had a large book case crammed with textbooks and encyclopedias along with reading books and surprisingly a small collection of comics. Her bed was huge, all that was on it was her duvet, laptop and a large collection of stuffed animals, one of them being a stuffed Luna toy and another being a Totoro toy. It was different from what Michael had expected, a good different.

“You haven’t said anything for a while.” She said nervously, afraid of his opinion of her room. She did want him to think she was strange and his opinion of her to change, she was worried he would think differently of her.

“Oh shit, sorry, it’s just not what I was excepting your room to look like.” He said, “It’s different.” He said, meaning it a good way but that was not what y/n thought. She started to question what he was thinking, she had remembered when she had first showed one of her friends from school her room a few months ago, they had laughed at her comics and told her that ’I never thought of you as the nerdy type’.

“Oh, um okay.” She said, looking down at her feet that were covered by white socks. She walked over to her bed, taking a seat on the large piece of comfortable furniture, picking up her stuffed cat toy and playing with its ears.
Michael stared at her, sitting with her legs crossed and a stuffed animal toy on her lap. Her bright eyes focused on the furry toy and her hands playing with it’s features. He wanted to tell her she looked adorable, beautiful even but he kept himself silent. He wasn’t the boy with the heart warming compliments who brought girls like y/n flowers, he wasn’t the boy that parents loved and girls loved even more, he wasn’t the clean cut Ken doll boy with the perfect body and charm. He was Michael, a boy who was considered 'popular’ at his school, he attended an all boys private school and loathed every second of it. He was the boy who got a detention when teachers noticed him wearing his eyebrow piercing or the fact that his tattoo’s were on show. He was the boy that girls like y/n didn’t go for, he was the boy girls like y/n ignored.

“Come sit down then.” She said, not taking her eyes off her stuffed cat as she gave it a squeeze. Michael moved over towards the bed, taking a seat quite a distance away from her.

“I didn’t know you liked Sailor Moon.” He said to her and she looked up. “I think that’s pretty cool.” He said and a grin appeared on her face, Michael thought she looked adorable.

“You do?” She asked.

“Yeah.” He said and he could tell she was getting a little giddy due to her heart aching smile that Michael couldn’t take his eyes off of.
He remembered when he had first seen her, when their eyes had first met when they had first exchanged words and what those words were. It was after school, he was standing at the gates of her school along with three other of his friends, his friend, Luke, had suggested they go over to the all girls school not far from theirs to see if any girls were interested in hanging out. Seeing as Luke and Calum were prime athlete students and were all over the school’s website and booklets it didn’t take long for the 6th form girls to recognize the pair of them, a small crowd of maybe five girls approached them, talking to Calum and Luke.

Ashton was one of the musical bandits, he had performed in many plays that girls from y/n’s school would have been a part of. Seeing as Ashton was the handsome musician who was talented at almost everything girls were instantly attracted to him and a small cluster of them began to talk to him. And then there was Michael, he had been left with the girls that his friends didn’t want and he was constantly ignored, he just stood in silence as he watched the other three talk non stop to girls. And then he remembered seeing her, her plaid skirt and neatly tied up hair. legs covered by white thigh highs and her eyes on the large group of girls surrounding Michael’s friends. He didn’t recognize her as a 6th former as he had remembered that 6th former’s wore pale blue shirts where as the girls in the year bellow and downwards were forced to wear white shirts. He remembered her eyes widening when they had first made eye contact, her eyes not leaving him and his eyes not leaving her. 

He had thought she was cute, not hot and not sexy but cute, she looked so innocent and pure, he liked that. He had seen her jog up to a black Mercedes Benz that had been parked outside the school gates before he had arrived. She had opened the passengers seat door and gotten into the car, finally breaking eye contact with Michael who at that point had become intrigued by her, he didn’t know her name, he didn’t know who she was but he knew he wanted to get to know her.

“I think you’re pretty cool.” She replied with a sheepish grin. Michael looked at her with nothing but admiration.

“You’re cooler.” He said lamely, realizing how childish he sounded.

“So why did you come to me and not hang out with your friends.” She said in her usual quiet and sweet voice which Michael honestly adored.

“They went to a party. You know that girl that goes to your school, Natalie?”

“I think you mean Natalia.” She corrected him and he nodded.

“Yeah her, she invited us but I didn’t want to go.” He said to her.

“Wait why?” She asked. Admittedly she was a little annoyed that such pretty girls like Natalia and other pretty girls in 6th form talked to Michael, she thought she would never be able to compare to those girls in both looks and personality. She was the quiet, timid one who was afraid of everything. Girls like Natalia caused her self confidence to shrink, the thought of Michael hanging out with her made her undeniably upset.

“No one gives a fuck about me y/n.” He said.

“What do you mean?” She asked. He was extremely popular, he was in the group of boys that girls at her school gossiped about.

“Girls only hang around me to get to my other friends and my friends aren’t even my friends, they’re just people I talk to, they don’t care about me.” He said, laughing although it wasn’t funny. Michael didn’t like revealing what went on in his head yet he seemed so calm about telling her. She was easy to talk to, she was easy to be with, she was an amazing listener.

“Michael, I never knew you felt that way.” She said, sounding and feeling hurt. She didn’t like the fact that a boy she had known for a little over six months felt like that, felt alone, felt as though no one cared. “How long have you, um, been feeling like that?” She asked, she felt as though she was intruding his privacy, she couldn’t help her curious nature and the fact that she cared for Michael much more than she should it fueled her desire to know what he was thinking.

“A little under a year or so.” He said, not looking at her knowing that she would look upset and he didn’t like that, he didn’t like the thought of her in despair because of his stupid feelings.

“I, um, I don’t know what to say.” She said as she looked down at the cat on her lap, playing with its paws. She had to cheer him up, she had to reassure him that he was cared for, that she cared for him. “I care about you.” She said softly, Michael chuckled at her comment.

“Sure y/n, thanks for trying to cheer me up anyway.” He said with a forced chuckle. He felt the mattress dip and heard shuffling from her end of the bed. He looked at her to see her scooting next to him, the stuffed cat still in her tiny hands.

“I, I fucking care about you Michael.” She said, the word 'fucking’ feeling odd coming out of her normally clean mouth. She rarely ever swore and each time she did it felt both oddly satisfying and strange. She knew if she cursed Michael would know she wasn’t joking, he would know that she cared for him but he wouldn’t know how much she cared for him.

“You cursed.” Michael said to her with a smile, amused by her words, smiling because he now knew that someone some what cared for him. Although he thought he was useless and had no real talent hearing those words come out of her innocent little mouth made him feel worth something. He was something to her, a somebody to her, he was more than just the strange private school boy with behaviour problems, she cared about him and it made him feel emotions he knew he could only feel towards her.

“I don’t like hearing you say things like that about yourself.” She said to him. 

“Michael you mean so much to me, you’re funny and charming and kind and exciting, you’re fascinating, adventurous, celestial, divine. You’re unique, stunning, beauti-”

“Shut up.” He cut her off causing her no where near finished rant to come to a halt, she felt her heart plummet at the words 'shut up’. They were so bitter, harsh, spiteful and to be told that by someone she adored whilst explaining why she adored them made her feel as though she was being cut with a piece of shattered glass.

“I, um-” She stammered, her emotions unable to control themselves. “Why?” She said, it took confidence to ask that yet she had said it in such a cowardly way.

“Because if you carry on saying those things about me… I will be forced to kiss you.” He said, unsure about what he was saying and why in god’s name he was saying it. It was a 'seemed-okay-to-say-in-the-moment’ thing, his words came out without thought. Why had he allowed himself to tell her the one thing he needed to keep hidden, his feelings for her.

Her jaw drop, her stomach filling with butterflies, both the good and bod kind. Her heart had started to pound fiercely and her body had become hot, she was worried she was going to start sweating. Her hands gripped onto her duvet as she attempted to register what he had just said to her, whether her mind was playing up on her again or she hadn’t heard him right. He couldn’t have said that to her, he couldn’t have! She wouldn’t believe it. Michael didn’t like girls like her although she wished he did, she was plain, he was reckless, she was boring he was amusing, she was dull he was colourful.

“Pardon?” She said, her voice hoarse.

“I said,” if he had already confessed that he wanted to kiss her he thought there was point in denying it, it would only waste her time and he thought it would cause him to appear childish. He was blatantly terrified though, the look of shock on her face was enough to surface a copious amount of anxiety. “If you keep saying things like that about me I will kiss you.” He said. He felt as though he was in a game of Russian roulette except instead of his life, his feelings were on the line.

She stared at him, wanting to do something brave. She wanted to kiss him, she had wanted to for such a long time and it ached her to know she was unable to do so. She had wanted to know what his lips tasted like, felt like. She had seen countless movies which included scenes with hot make out sessions in them. Deep down she wanted that, to have someone show their affection by touching her and kissing her but she refused to let herself be caught up in romance and wanting a boyfriend. She had never been kissed before, she was forced to turn away from her own sexual desires, sexual frustration being something she was unable to control. Michael didn’t help with his lip bites and flirtatious behaviour, his thigh touches and his forehead kisses, his tight hugs and neck nuzzles. She was unable to take it anymore, she wanted him, she had wanted him for so long but had to restrain herself. 

“You’re sweet, handsome, cute,” he looked at her in surprise, she knew what she was doing, she knew what would be the outcome of it and she wanted it desperately, “precious, pretty, hot, daring-” She was cut off my a pair of lips colliding with hers. Her eyes went wide as she realised what was happening, she was kissing Michael, Michael was kissing her. Her eyes fell closed as her hands came up to his cheeks. She had seen it happen it movies, a girl cupping a boys cheeks. She felt his cold hand rest on her warm thigh.

Her lips tasted like strawberry flavoured lip balm and they felt soft against his. She was so beautiful, he wanted her, he wanted to ravish her, touch her, kiss her in places she was too innocent to think about. He wanted her to feel pleasure, he wanted to give her pleasure, only him, no other person just him. His tongue began to pry her lips open, her mouth eagerly letting his tongue invade it. She was overwhelmed, unsure of why she liked the feeling of Michael’s tongue in her mouth but she did and she wanted more. One of her hands fell for his cheek and pressed itself against his chest, she mindlessly moved her tongue against his causing the boy to make an unknown and strange sound but it didn’t stop the pair. She removed her hand from his chest, putting it on top of his hand on her thigh and guiding hit higher so that his hand was tucked underneath her skirt and his fingertips were brushing the edge of her panties.

He unlatched his lips from hers, kissing her cheek, jaw and then neck, his mouth relentlessly attacked her neck, the hand that was once on his cheek gripped onto his shoulder and his tongue swiped over the skin of her neck. She had imagined what that had felt like, to get neck kisses. It was so heated and messy. In noway was the way Michael was assaulting her neck clean. It was hot, messy, dirty. She felt so different.

“I want you.” She whispered as his mouth sucked harshly at her neck. “Michael I want you.” She said a little louder, getting the boys attention. He pulled away from her neck, his lips damp. He looked at the dark red love bite he had left on her neck, a smile on his lips as he stared at his work. “Michael, I want you to…” She took in a breath “touch me.” She said, guiding his hand to her inner thigh.
He had thought about that moment so many times, thinking about the sweet girl whimpering and moaning his name as he touched her in places she had never been touched and kissed places she had never been kissed. But he at that moment had realized how innocent she was, how inexperienced she was. He thought about how she had limited knowledge of sex, how she was still a virgin, the fact that although she was asking for him she wasn’t sure what she was exactly asking for. She didn’t know what she wanted sexually and Michael couldn’t be her first erotic experience. He wasn’t the boy that girls deserved to loose their virginity to, y/n desereved much more than a Saturday night on her bed after a surprise visit from Michael. She deserved candles, flowers, music, not this and not Michael.

“Y/N I can’t.” He said as he pulled his hand away from her thigh. She stared at him with confusion in her eyes.

“Why not?” She asked, feeling a small lump grow in her throat.

“I just… I can’t.” He said.

“Michael, but, you were just, kissing me I-I don’t understand.” She said, her voice cracking at the end. Michael couldn’t look at her, he wanted to but it would be wrong, it would feel wrong. She was so innocent and unaware of what she wanted sexually, he couldn’t do things to her she knew nothing about.

“I can’t it would feel wrong.” He told her. He shouldn’t ave come, he shouldn’t have kissed her, he shouldn’t have been such an idiot.

“What?” She said, the lump in her throat increasing in size. Had she done something wrong, had she said the wrong things? She wanted him, she had wanted him for such a long time and she was ready, she was ready and willing to do whatever he wanted her to do. “Did I do something wrong?” She asked.

“No- I just… for fucks sake.” He sighed, standing up. “Listen, I shouldn’t have come, it’s my fault.” He said to the poor girl. She thought it was all her fault, or maybe he had changed his mind and decided that he didn’t want to be with her, maybe he thought she wasn’t pretty enough.

“Michael please.” She said, eyes becoming glossy.

“I should go, I’m sorry.” He said and began to walk towards her door. She stood up and rushed over to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Please Michael, I want you so bad, please.” She wasn’t making sense she was so desperate. She knew it was wrong, the feelings were one sided and he didn’t want her. He turned around, looking into her soft eyes that were about to spill with tears. He felt awful but he would have felt even worse if her followed through and had sex with her.

“I’ll show myself out.” He said and with that he left her, deserted in her room, tears falling from her eyes and running down her warm cheeks.


Word Count: 1470

Genre: fluff, a bit of angst, very very domestic parent!phan

Warnings: denied adoption (not explicitly mentioned, but strongly hinted at)


Thomas knows something’s up with his parents. They had forgotten his bedtime story the last few days, so he goes to their room to ask for one, and is instead confronted with the sight of his Papa comforting a crying Dan.

A/N Don’t worry, this has a happy ending, I promise.

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