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Yoooo needle felting is incredible!! The sounds are amazing, plus it’s neat to see the stuff they make take shape lol! It looks like it would feel great to actually do it too, the sensation of the needles poking through the felt and the sponge underneath would be so crunchy and good >:3 (It looks pretty dangerous at first glance though, if there’s any videos of it here on tumblr I can only imagine how many comments there would be about how it looks like they’re gonna stab their hand lol)

Y’all already know I have a huge crush on Maqaroon, but she has a whole lot of great needlefelting videos on her channel if you haven’t seen them already! She also did this Totoro felted soap video, which is proably my favorite?? It’s got amazing soap action AND amazing felting action, what more could you ask for!! haha

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17.“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” ereri! *_*

Eren was really trying very hard not to be nervous. He’d been overseas before, but that was when he was quite small and he was with his parents. This time, he was on his own. He’d breezed through the airport, puzzled his way onto the bullet train, and spent most of the ride with his nose glued to the window, despite the fact that once they were out of Tokyo there was a lot of very ordinary scenery.

Mikasa’s grandparents still lived at the family farm, and on the map it looked like an easy trip. Public transport was brilliant in Japan, don’t worry, he’d make his own way there and walk the last couple of kilometers to the house from the bus stop. They wouldn’t need to trouble themselves. A farm-stay in Japan was perfect; he could practice his Japanese and in return he was prepared to work like a cart horse around the old farm and spend quality time with Mikasa. She’d said her grandparents were quite excited to have the younger generation coming back, even if it was only for a summer.

As the hours wore on, Eren’s excitement diminished. He went from a bullet train to a bus that was full of napping workers and chatty old people. There had been one or two foreign faces on the train, but here he was the only one. No matter, the old man next to him seemed to understand what he was saying, and when he got off at his stop he pressed a couple of oranges and a piece of chocolate into Eren’s hands.

Eren realised later that the old guy probably had a much better idea than Eren did of just how far he had to go. What looked like a short distance on the map was much longer when translated into forested mountains, around which the bus wound quite slowly, stopping to let off people. Eren checked and rechecked the name of his stop. The bus only came once a day and he couldn’t afford to get it wrong.

It was hard to believe this was the same country that housed the lights and towers of Tokyo. Here there was endless forest on the hills, broken only by the occasional house, or wooden shrine. On the other side, were neat rice fields and Eren used some of his precious remaining battery power on his phone to take a photograph of a water buffalo. Mikasa had said her grandparents lived rural, but it felt more like they lived back in time.

As the day grew old, the clouds piled up, and when Eren finally stepped off the bus, only one other passenger going beyond his stop, he could hear thunder rumbling. He adjusted his backpack, checked his directions one last time, and set off at a jog along the dirt road which he hoped went past the house.

He’d left the main road, or what passed for it, behind him and was trotting between two rice paddies when the heavens opened. He broke into a run, although he doubted it would help. And then. Shelter! A tiny wooden hut next to the road. He’d seen My Neighbour Totoro (currently felt like he was living it) and he clapped his hands together and asked for shelter before diving into the little shrine.

“Yikes!” There was someone already there. A man in a kimono was sitting cross-legged in the corner. “Ah, sumimasen.” Eren bowed to him and squeezed himself and his backpack under the roof, careful not to disturb anything. He eyed his companion surreptitiously; he hadn’t seen anyone wearing traditional dress so far; they really were old fashioned out here. Eren was delighted. His companion wasn’t even that old; his hair was black, and his face strangely ageless.

Thunder rumbled overhead and the rain was a solid hiss on the roof of the shrine. Eren sighed.

“It looks like we’ll be trapped for a while,” he ventured.

“We’re not trapped, we simply choose not to leave.”

“Well, I guess.” Eren frowned. He seemed far more relaxed about the situation than Eren was, and it calmed him down a little. He just hoped Mikasa’s grandparents weren’t too worried about him. The stranger was watching him. “I’m Eren. I’m from Australia,” he added because that was what everyone seemed to want to know.

“I’m Levi. I live here.”

That seemed to break the ice and Eren explained why he was visiting and said it was a very beautiful part of the world. Levi told him stories of the inhabitants, although Eren doubted they were first hand, since he didn’t once mention any modern conveniences that would have quickly solved the mix-ups people seemed to be getting into.

Then Eren remembered the food the old man had gave him, and he offered Levi an orange. Levi smiled and took it out of his hand, and there really was something fascinating about him, about the way his eyes reflected the lightning flashes. Eren offered a knife to help him peel the orange but he shook his head, digging his nails in and tearing the fruit apart. Despite this he didn’t seem to get juice on his fingers, even though Eren ended up licking it off his own.

They sat in silence for a while, until Eren got bored again and took out the chocolate, breaking the block in half with a snap that had his companion looking over at him in surprise.

“Want some?” Eren asked, offering him his choice of pieces. He took the larger one delicately, and sniffed it before nibbling it like he’d never eaten it before.

“Thank you,” he said. He finished it slowly and thoughtfully. “Well, I must be going. It was good to meet you. Enjoy your summer, Eren.” Despite the fact that it was still pouring, he stood up as he stepped out of the shrine into the rain.

“Ah, I’ll see you later then!” Eren called hopefully. He said he lived local, after all. Levi gave him a strange sly smile, water already beading on his face, and then he walked off.

How odd, Eren thought, watching the water drip off the end of the wooden roof. Then he glanced at the ground, blinked, and nearly tripped over his bag as he staggered out into the rain, heart pounding as he stared in the direction Levi had gone. There was no sign of him.

Eren looked at the ground again, the rain already starting to obliterate not shoe prints, or sandal prints, or even footprints, but the tiny, delicate paw-prints of a fox.