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honestly after chapter 146 I really want it to be a running joke that Rappa will just seek Fatgum and Kirishima out to have a fight at the most random times. Like the two will be out on patrol and all of a sudden Rappa is blocking their path and says “FATTY! RED! LETS HAVE A MATCH!!!” and the two of them are just like “Didn’t we fight last month? How do you keep escaping prison???” Like he hasn’t joined another organization or anything he just does underground fights and then when he’s in the mood he’s like time to challenge my two favorite people!! Like it gets to the point that he is more of an expected nuisance than a surprise threat. The two of them are just like oh Rappa is back lets see if we can convince him to fight us on another day. Most conversations kind of just end up being like this:

“Lets fight!!!!!!”

“Rappa its the end of patrol we’re tired.”

“Who cares!”

“You wanna go at us when we’re 100% dontchya?”


“You aren’t the kind of guy that wants his opponents to be fighting him with a handicap right?”


“Then lets rumble some other day ‘kay?”

“hm… ALRIGHT! I’ll see you two another day! Then we’ll see who lives!”

“Bye Rappa”

“Bye-Bye Rappa-kun!”

Murata stream update: he’s added a third page to his Halloween chibis! With many more characters added, including Mosquito Girl, Slingshot, Boros, Hammerhead, Smile-Man, Crablante, etc. He’s even hidden ONE-sensei’s face in Smile-Man’s balloons.  

Baby Beta’s Baby Brother: Part 3

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam, Lydia, Jackson, Stiles, Cora, Peter

Pairing: No pairing

Word count: 1214

Warnings: Fluff once again. Basically it. Adorable, slightly sad, Derek, being all protective and loving over his new brother. 

Summary: The pack make their way to the beach.

A/N: Once again, the whole focus is on Derek. I’m so sorry to the person who requested this, cos it’s sort of turning into a Derek series instead of a Liam one. Hope u like it!!

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Baby Beta’s Baby Brother Masterlist

“Dewek. Dewek”, y/n whined, wanting to get the attention of the alpha. 

But Derek was paying no attention. 

Well, he was, but this was a game he loved to play. 

He liked when y/n would call him Totoro. 

Honestly, this was the most endearing name he had and he loved being called that.

“Totoro!” the child shouted.

“Yes, y/n/n?” he asked, finally looking at the child in the rear view mirror.

“Is we they yet?” he asked in his strange little child language, which just melted Derek’s heart every time he heard it.

“No, buddy. Not yet. Why don’t we play a game, hmm?”

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