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Baby Beta’s Baby Brother:Part 3

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam, Lydia, Jackson, Stiles, Cora, Peter

Pairing: No pairing

Word count: 1206

Warnings: Fluff once again. Basically it. Adorable slightly sad Derek, being all protective and loving over his new brother. 

Summary: The pack make their way to the beach

A/N: Once again the whole focus is on Derek. I’m so sorry to the person who requested this cos it’s sort of turning into a Derek series instead of a Liam one. 


“Dewek, Dewek” y/n whined, wanting to get the attention of the alpha. Derek was paying no attention. Well he was, but this was a game he loved to play. He liked when y/n would call him Totoro. Honestly, this was the most endearing name he had and he loved being called that.

“Totoro!” the child shouted.

“Yes y/n/n?” he asked, finally looking at the child in the rear view mirror.

“Is we they yet?” he asked in his strange little child language, which just melted Derek’s heart every time he heard it.

“No buddy, not yet. Why don’t we play a game hmm?”

Y/n nodded. He loved playing the games Derek came up with.

“Ok, I spy with my little eye, something beginning with t”

Y/n looked around, trying to look out of the window from his seat. Lydia smiled at the cuteness of Derek and the child, while Liam was watching his brother and also looking around himself, trying to figure out what the answer was.

“Twee” he exclaimed, the road they were currently driving on being completely surrounded by them.

“Yay, you got it. Ok. Your turn”

“Umm, somethig wif a t”

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