Heart’s Desire

“I’m coming for fuck’s sake stop ringing the bell!” Whoever was at your door had been nonstop ringing the doorbell for almost 5 minutes. You had no intention of opening the damn door, having been cuddled up in bed in sweatpants watching netflix, but your visitor had other plans. “I swear if this isn’t important, I’m shooting you in the face.” You swung the door open, revealing Dean Winchester. “Dean? Are you ok?” 

“No. Yes. I will be.” Dean winced, looking like he was in unbearable pain. “I need you.” He stormed inside, grabbing you and pinning you against the wall, kicking the door shut and kissing you like it was the last thing he’d ever do. His hands found their way up your shirt, calloused hands running over your skin making you gasp. He trailed kisses down your jaw, stopping to suck a mark into your neck, growling against you as he did it. 

“Dean. What -” 

“Witch.” He muttered and you shoved him away, pushing him back toward the door.

“So what?” You screamed in his face. “You get hit with a lust spell and you decide to just show up at my door for a good fuck? Is that it?” 

“No.” Dean shook his head desperately trying to maintain contact. “No, no, no. Truth spell. Heart’s desire or some shit. If I don’t tell my heart’s desire the truth by midnight blah blah blah, long story short, my heart gets ripped apart.” 

“And what’s the truth?” 

“It’s you, Y/N. It’s always been you.” Dean shoved you back into the wall, kissing you so hard it made your head spin. He gripped your hips, surely leaving bruises, pulling you close. You wrapped your legs around him and grabbed fistfuls of his hair, kissing him back with just as much fervor as he carried you up the stairs to your bedroom, leaving a trail of torn clothes in your wake.  

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