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I dunno about anyone else, but... this chapter Natsu's face didn't look energetic/fired up to me he looked mad :S AND NO this is NOT the Nalu speaking of me. I mean it! Have a look at his eyes! That smile with those eyes look like anger to me! -kehideni

He seemed mad to me too. He’s probably really ticked off about everything that’s been happening and Lucy having to fight by herself is likely one of the bigger reasons. He knows she did a great job but her having to go at it alone he probably didn’t like.

At least he’ll be able to get that anger out soon when he battles with tofu. :P

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Did you write this while you were driving? o_O LOL.

there’s a game called mapcrunch

you basically start at a random location on google streetview and you try to find your way to an airport

using a map is cheating. translating the local language you may see on road signs is also cheating.

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C, M, R, V, Y!

Where I would like to live: Japan! I love the people, the food, the fashion, the culture, everything. It’s such a nice place to live. Because people there actually give a shit about you. I’d pay extra for the living costs just to live in a place where people are courteous and won’t yell obscene things out of their car windows.

Random fact about me: I’m super excited for college :3

Last movie I’ve watched: I don’t remember >< Pretend Doctor Who is a movie.

What my name means: Beloved. Or plum.

My birthday: dur