Cheap classic car choice of the month!

- February

For this month we choose the old VW Beetle or as it is also known “die Käfer”.

Back in the 1930s Adolf Hitler ordered Ferdinand Porsche to design him a cheap car for the people and that is why Volkswagen(the peoples car) got their name. The result was the Beetle which became one of the most well known cars in the world. Almost 22 million Beetles where produced from 1938-2004.

In the photo above Adolf Hitler is sitting in the car looking pleased while Ferdinand Porsche is standing by.

The car was made in Germany until the mid 1970s and then went on to be produced in South America until 2004! The car was produced in two versions. A Cabriolet and as a Sedan and during the years the car only got three facelifts! The Beetle was sold all over the world and can be found in most western countries. After the second world war VW made cars for the british army and later on started to sell cars to the civil population again. They where sold to Almost every western countries and only shortly to east european countries because of the cold war.

The car was different when it came out in the 1930s because the engine was placed in the bag as you can see on the picture above.

The version seen above shows the last facelift.

We have thought a lot about going out and buying one of these because they are:

- Cheap

- Easy to repair (Spare parts are easy to come by and not expensive!)

- Trustworthy

- Legendary designed!

The old ones are expensive but if you buy one from the end 1960s and up they should not be to expensive.

Check out this one for example!

You properly already knew the car but we hope we have inspired you to go for it!

Summer is on its way

So now it won’t be long before the vacation starts and you might go to a warmer country or you might just go outside and enjoy the sun. This calls for sunglasses!

This is the Persol model 714 which was preferred by Steve McQueen. We like Steve McQueen because he is more or less one of coolest guys who ever lived. Not based entirely on his choice of sunglasses but being a actor, having a motorbike and car collection and for doing his own stunts and we could go on.

The sunglasses are able to bend in the middle and on each side bar, which helps you to correct them even more than normal ones.

If Steve liked them, we like them!

Buy them here!

Cheap Classic car choice of the month!

- April

We know that we have been picking the iconic cars and not yet the cars which are unnoticed, but these cars are important! None the less we have chosen the Citroën 2cv. 

It was first designed in the mid 1930s by Pierre-Jules Boulanger. The design was great and nothing like what was produced at the time. It is a small economic car which was quite cheap when it was first sold. The car was build out of cheap materials and that made it affordable. The engine of the car was not that big but had a great gasoline consumption. It had very few HP and therefore not quick at all!

The 2cv had a lined roof which you could remove and then you would have a cabriolet. 


The prototypes that first came out was quite different and not that great looking. Before getting the name 2CV it was called TPV - which is an abbreviation for very small car in French. By 1939 the car was ready for the public but then came the nazis and Boulanger who was against the Nazis stopped the process in fear of the enemy using it for military use. It was first in 1948 that the car would be unveiled and is was a commercial success. 


The interior is quite simple and you only have what you need. The gear is not as other manual cars but something you have to learn before driving the car properly. 

The car was produced in more than 7 million copies and it was produced from 1948 to 1990 with only few facelifts and updates. The car was a huge success in Europe but never really hit the american market. But in the later years the car has gotten interested for the americans. 

The Citroën 2cv was also in a James Bond movie.

The car was also produced for commercial use.

We never got to try the car but sat in it while another guy drove it. If you want a safe car which you can drive fast on the highway, do not buy this car! Safety is not a strong site in the 2cv so this car is only for driving in the city or smaller trips in the country site. 

If you want a nice cosy, cheap to fix, easy to repair and with a great milage, you should buy this car!

Check this one!