toto the wonderful adventure

My opinion on Toto The Wonderful Adventure

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Toto is a manga I decided to pick up when I was in the bookstore and I was hooked and a lot of people don’t know about this series. It’s about a boy named Kakashi who gains the power of one of twelve powerful accessories and he and a group of friends travel the world fighting the army and evil accessory owners. Here is what i thought of it

The Good- This story references classic tales such as wizard of oz, alice in wonderland, the monkey king, and more and it does it in a way that makes it work. The characters themselves are very likeable. Action and humor are blended well and there are some pretty damn funny moments. The story itself is a pretty good one but unfortunately the series was cancelled for unknown reasons

The Bad- THE ENDING. Oh god the ending. This was probably due to the cancellation that the ending was so rushed and every plot point was solved then and there and it just didn’t work compared to the rest of the series. What I tell people when they read Toto, once they leave Carrot City, STOP READING. The ending ruins everything that was great about Toto

My Opinion- Aside from a horrendous ending Toto is a great series that was cut down. There were concepts for things that would have happened in the series in the last book which involved Don Quixote and I would have loved to see what they would have done with that. Toto is a great action and humor series and I highly recommend it