This girl, the little one giving angel kisses- shes my world. She is my daughter and I may have been one of those teen pregnancies, but I would NOT have changed a thing.

I was surprised by a miracle that I never knew would save me.

I never thought that one little girl, over everyone in the entire world- would be the one who would protect me from myself.

She has shown me what the meaning of life is, it isn’t weather or not I get the guy I fell for, its all about finding happiness in what we have, and her and I, we have each other. THAT is happiness. THAT is what we need, to find happiness in what we have.

casey anthony trial tidbit

I want to say right off I have been watching this trial from the beginning. Like every day since it started – I’ve watched the prosecution and the defense, I’ve seen the the witnesses, watched the coverage. 

What happened to little Caylee was sad. And I have no doubts that something is up but that doesn’t mean Casey did it. Yeah, there’s a lot that’s fishy about what she did, lying to her family for two years about her life, and I think that family is seriously dysfunctional. But when it comes down to it, that’s not enough. That’s not hard-hitting evidence. That’s not proof of guilt. Jeff Ashton and his team had the responsibility to both provide and prove aspects like motive and cause of death and explain why it was Casey Anthony. Instead, Ashton was so self-assured and smug, he thought his half-assed explanations of chloroform and duct tape (so wait, once again, which was the cause of death?), the stain in the trunk, how she supposedly drove around for two weeks with a body in her trunk and no one noticed, etc were enough to convict her. But what he didn’t count on was Jose Vias making enough sense to raise reasonable questions. 

The jury recognized she lied. They charged her with it. But what the not guilty counts mean aren’t that they necessarily think she’s innocent but that frankly, the prosecution failed to provide enough evidence to prove it. And as someone who watched it, I’d have to agree.