i drew this for tothetwelve’s holiday card but my printer stopped working and this is going to be late and by the looks of sin’s last post they probably won’t see this anyways. not as beautiful as tothetwelve’s art, but i still wanted to put some effort into a thank you for getting me into frostpudding. <333

tldr; have some loki in an ugly christmas sweater and tom in a heart apron because my fantasies said this was a great idea. 

Sunday Six ~ Thorki Almost Human AU

tothetwelve asked for Thorki in the Almost Human universe. Here’s eight sentences (it was 5 or 8, you’re welcome) from it.

“Why do you hate androids?” Thor asked as he rubbed the soothing agent over Loki’s tailbone.

 Loki sighed again, this time with a hint of irritation, before groaning when Thor’s strong hands moved up his spine, the oil/cream/whatever easing muscles tensed because of how many times this particular heist had almost failed. “I don’t hate androids,” he muttered into the pillow.

 Thor paused for a moment before continuing, covering Loki’s entire back with the soothing agent. “So you just insult us and act like you hate us for…fun?”

 Loki let his eyes slip closed. “I don’t trust your kind,” he admitted. “Too easy to change your programming.”

anonymous asked:

FrostPudding (Tom x Loki)

1. What was their first kiss like?
Tom and Loki’s first kiss was rushed, really rushed. Completely out of the blue. Loki was distressed, and Tom was running out of ways to make the God come back to reality, so he kissed him. Tom grabbed Loki by the chin and shoved their lips together. Loki froze, but within moments they were kissing.

2. Where was their first time having sex?
In Tom’s bed. It was slow, fumbling, a little difficult and a huge learning curve for both, but in the end? It was perfect.

3. Who’s louder?
Tom. Definitely Tom.

4. Who wakes up first?
Loki, the God doesn’t particularly like sleeping in.

5. Who performs/receives oral more often?
Tom performs oral more often, and Loki receives. He loves pleasuring the God, utterly adores it.

6. Who tries new things more often?
Tom, he’s very adventurous, and it usually involves Loki’s magic.

7. If they had to choose a third+ person to include who would they include?
Loki’s duplicates. Duh?

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