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in lieu of that anon's ask, how do you feel about ereani?

Eren and Annie’s relationship is so tragically sweet and precious.

I mean??

  • WHO ELSE has made ANNIE LEONHARDT smile like THAT? This panel always gets to me, because the only other time we see her smiling is during her, “Armin, I’m glad I could be a good person to you,” speech, and that was a completely different smile. Annie insisted on teaching Eren more. Why? Why would she want to have one on one time with the one person who is supposed to be her enemy?
    • It only makes her betrayal all the more sad. Armin may have waited for the right time to reveal her identity, but Eren was in disbelief and shock. So much that he couldn’t even turn into a titan the first time to take her down.
    • Mikasa suspected that personal feelings were holding him back, with her own jealousy brimming on the surface. Mikasa and Annie are rivals in every which way, but we only see them really get into it when Eren is involved. Annie is training with Eren and Mikasa tosses Reiner at them like he’s some sack of potatoes. Annie eats Eren ( sort of, I mean, she tried to escape with him in her mouth ) and Mikasa becomes deranged. I think these factors are the reason why Armin teases a “love triangle” in Chuugakkou. Mikasa clearly has feelings for Eren and it is very much hinted that Annie does too. If Chuugakkou is based off of the original, amplifying each character’s personality to make their interactions funny and dramatic, does this mean that Annie has had feelings for Eren all this time?
  • As far as my take on Eren’s feelings for Annie ( he’s focused on everything that’s not love, lbr; the boy is oblivious, and I can say this for all the Eren ships ), it’s very clear that he cared about her. He still cares about her. 
    • Why else would we see her through Eren’s narrative while he was fighting Reiner? 
  • At this point I’m pretty sure Eren has a thing for getting emotionally attached to blondes. First Armin, who became his best friend at a tender age and now Isayama is saying they’re gonna grow apart. ( Thanks a lot, Isayama. ) Then Annie, but we already know what happened there, folks. And now Historia. I swear to God, Isayama, if you fuck this up

This is why I emphasize the importance of Eren and Annie’s relationship during TOTFT, because I truly feel like Eren would be the first person Annie would subconsciously reach out for. Eren would be the first person to forgive her. Eren would go out of his way to protect her at all costs, even after everything that’s happened.

Also just, god. If anyone were to give Annie a hug right now, I want it to be Eren.

Yoongi snapback/forehead appreciation

I know this isn’t in my orbit and I’m pretty sure there’s already one of these BUT I can’t find one to reblog + I have a bunch of pictures.

So let’s just take a moment and appreciate Yoongi in a snapback…

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