totes not even wearing my shades

Kendall Jenner shares her little black essentials.

The little black dress:

“I rarely wear dresses but when I do,
I look for something that stands out.”

The little black jacket:

“Black leather jackets make an outfit. I
just got a new one that’s black with
embossed snake-print. It’s sick.”

The little black boots:

“I used to be into knee-high boots with heels, but now I’m more into ankle boots. My favorites are booties from Tabitha Simmons. I’m tall and I don’t really need the height. Plus, I like being comfortable.”

The little black pants:

“I have a pair of black jeans with motorcycle detailing on the knee that I love. I typically like a good high-rise, or a mid-rise jean. I also love black leather pants. I just discovered the line Cushnie et Ochs. Their black leather pants are amazing because they’re cut
really long.”

The little black eyeliner:

“I’m really bad at putting on my own eyeliner! But I like kajal liners that you can put on and smudge. I sort of have O.C.D with my eye makeup so even if it’s supposed to look messy I still try to make it look perfect!”

The little black bag:

“I have a big black bag that’s really good for traveling because you can fit everything inside. But I wear my black Céline Mini Tote everyday. I have two others—a nude one, and a red one—but the black one is just so easy: you grab it, and go.”

The little black sunglasses:

“My favorite sunglasses are a pair of black aviators, and then I have a pair of boxy, black shades that just go with everything.”

The little black tech support:

“I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like knowing my schedule because it can get really stressful, so I don’t use planners or notebooks. But I always have my black phone in a black case with me. And my headphones—I got my black Beats Detox headphones before they came out.