totes love the vibe of this song

My Favorite Companion?

 Well, if you must know…. 

It’s this lovely woman right here

She’s pretty much my favorite person in the entire show. She’s cunning, intelligent, a little bit ruthless, and she’s not just in love with the Doctor–she’s married to him.

I really like that.The Doctor’s past love affairs have all been pretty dysfunctional. Either it’s unrequited, or they haven’t admitted it, or they do but you never see them again (lookin’ at you, Ten Too), or any number of things. But these two are married; their love is established, it’s concrete, it’s open to the public, and it’s pretty awesome, too. And the simple fact that they are married tells me that River Song is an extremely special, important woman to the Doctor, unlike any other, above any other at this point in his life.

It’s also more grown up, in a way. With Rose, it’s all very high school, with the “We totes like each other but we haven’t actually, like, KISSED yet, so I dunno, are we a thing?” vibe. But River and the Doctor are flirting and kissing and making innuendos without a thought to the rest of the world, which is still romantic, but in a better way, to me. They’re also just hilarious together. :)

And then there’s River on her own, without the Doctor even in the picture. When she regenerates into the River we know, we instantly recognize her. As in, her personality is essentially same with or without the Doctor, though he does bring a sense of maturity to her. And when she’s not in prison, she’s still doing her own thing. She’s not a house wife, always in the TARDIS, hanging around; she’s planning her own revolutions and having her own fun, and she makes her own decisions, her husband be damned. 

I just…I just really really love River Song. :) 

Also. she has this line, and it’s perfect magic amazing funny good: