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RADIANCE is online and live, running until July 15th!

A total of 19 exciting levels await you, with artwork and rewards not derived from the book.

So many beautiful and talented people have helped create this in the last 5 months, and it is beyond exciting to see it take shape!

We have reached the first stretch goal and are well on the way to the second one, gifting all backers buying the printed book with the beautiful mini posters with designs by Sophie Scruggs.

Upcoming stretch goals are a beautiful tote bag and then HARDCOVER and the EXTENDED VERSION followed by a version of RADIANCE with beautiful RED EDGE COLORING making it even more beautiful!

This is what RADIANCE could look like if we reach our stretch goals, this is what we have envisioned:

Please spread the word, make this campaign soar and shine!

We cannot do it without your support!


First day of classes wasn’t so bad while toting around this beautiful vintage-inspired number by @beara_beara 🤗 I am sooo obsessed. Definitely want to do a blogpost/video about what’s in my school bag with him! ✨💼

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I used to be a medical receptionist, & people brought us food all the time (really for the doctors, but they shared.) One day someone brought us a box of mini-bundt cakes (!!!). I mused aloud, "Hmm, I wonder what the etymology of bundt is?" One doc just stared at me. The other asked, "What's an etymology?" And that was the moment I realized I had to quit my job. P.S. bundt = German "Bundt" (tie together) + "Kuchen" (cake)

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What are the other stretch goals? Having a goal we as the fandom know we need to reach for could help!

Hi there!

We have defined a total of 8 stretch goals, two of which have been already reached!!

Upcoming stretchgoals are:

25K€: Every backer buying the printed book will receive a beautiful black tote bag, with the campaigns design on it, so you can carry your loot in style :).

28K€: RADIANCE will be a HARDCOVER and garnished with a lavish ribbon bookmark!

33K€: RADIANCE will now include all the stories and art of the extended PDF version in the print version as well, making it a 400 page book.

44K€: RADIANCE will feature red edge coloring!

60K€: Every backer buying the printed book will receive an exclusive lanyard with miniature prints of the artwork from the book on it!

80K€: And last but definitely not least: Every backer buying the printed book will receive an exclusive poster created by TINDU „My heart on a platter“

Hannibal offers his heart to Will and Will… is aware. The gaze is knowing, accepting. It is a post fall murder husbands scene, fraught with meaning and history

The list is (all the way down) on the Kickstarter page as well…. unfortunately, it’s one long page and they are ‘way down there’.

We very much hope you like them, AND we would love to see them realized! If the last one isn’t reached, Tindu’s wonderful poster will be available for selection with the other posters after campaign run!

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Dragons, capes and... and... manly... drapes? I doN'T KNOW. I'M NOT GOOD AT RHYMING. I TRIED.

We know the whole ‘sugar, spice, and everything nice’ rhyme. But what metaphorical (or literal) ingredients make up MY Muse? Whether it be salt  or cinnamon or an unhealthy obsession with crows, let me know in my inbox!

So this:




…well we now all know what type of drapes Lance has in his house. 

Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of wearing wigs!

You know what I don’t understand? How there’s some women who are insecure about how they (obviously omg) wear wigs. Like, it’s not a big deal, especially if you don’t make it into a big deal. I’ve been wearing wigs for the past few months cos my real hair has been sucky, but you know what? They look freaking awesome! Like, I can have whatever hair I feel like. 

Do I wanna be a strawberry milkshake? Wear a pink wig! 

Do I wanna be a glittering old Hollywood starlet? Wear that one wig that has jewels all over it! 

Wanna be my normal self? Wear that other one! 

Wigs can be what really pull a look together, and I don’t understand what’s so “taboo” about them. Like, yeah, don’t rip my wig off, but like wouldn’t that make the other person look like a complete asshole for trying to pull your hair of which they may have thought was real in the first place? And if the wig gets snatched off your head, you double as a comedian cos I’m sure you’d make someone laugh. Also, so what if it looks fake? Just make sure it looks GOOD. You don’t want a hair hat that’s in shambles atop your head. Then you’re just going to make someone want to rip that shit off.

So wear wigs if you want. Shamelessly. It’s not like you’re performing some kind of unforgivable act that makes you a bad person. Wigs are harmless! Wigs are fun! Go for it! Life is short!

And if you’re a guy who’s balding, and you really want to wear a toupee, but don’t want to take after a certain “political”, “Christian” businessman, don’t fret! I mean John Travolta wears toupees. John Travolta is fucking AWESOME. I mean, look at his dance moves, and listen to his singing voice! Who gives a fuck if such a talented man who deserves all the oscars in the world wears wigs. We all got to one times or another!

So slap that hair on your head and call it a day cos you deserve to feel totes glam. Don’t care what others say. Wigs. Are. Totes. Amaze.

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hello! I'm just getting into mythology and trying to find reliable sources to read from, and i found you! I thought I'd ask, since you sound like you know what you're talking about, what books would you recommend to learn best from? it doesn't have to be for beginners or anything, just what you find the most accurate. I find that most books have mixed reviews, so I've been unsure about what to read. if you could specify type with the book that would be helpful. (i.e; greek, roman, ect) thanks! ♡

Hello hello hi! Basically anything under the /book rec tag on my main blog, to be honest:

For someone just getting into mythology, I generally recommend that they check out a few secondary sources (ie retellings / compilations) before they tackle the primary ones (ie the original sources), purely because I find it helps to already have a good grounding in the actual narratives before you view them more critically. You’re totes OK to bypass that completely and just dive right in, though - I’ve included some primary sources below, just in case!

But my general recommendations are that Robert Graves’ The Greek Myths (edit because, as per usual, I have Maurice on the brain and put ‘Rupert’. Awks) is the best secondary source / compilation, The Golden Bough is the best critical / comparative literature text, and then Theogony (Hesiod), The Library of Greek Mythology (Pseudo-Apollodorus) and Metamorphoses (Ovid) are the most comprehensive and entertaining of the classical sources! Those are all in the Greco-Roman category, except for The Golden Bough, which is basically EVERY category (it’s also incredibly heavy going, so I don’t recommend it as a beginner text; more as one to keep on your bookshelf for when you’re ready - try Graves’ book first because it’s more user friendly, tbh!)

Another good range of books for you to check out would be anything from the Pantheon Library, which is a genuinely well-researched and accessible collection of myths, folktales and fairytales from around the entire globe. They aren’t primary sources; more compilations of various works, and they’re not always as well cited as I’d like, but there’s nothing to stop you from using them as groundwork to build upon, especially if you’re just getting into mythology now. I started with similar books as a child (only less mature, obvs - Enid Blyton all the way) and I think that secondary sources, being somewhat more accessible, are possibly the best route in. A+, would recommend.

Other books I can recommend:

  • The Prose Edda
  • The Poetic Edda (both Norse, and both very accessible, so I can recommend them for a beginner even though they’re primary sources)
  • The Mabinogion (Welsh - go for a more modern translation, like the one by Sioned Davies. Welsh mythology is the shit, yo)
  • The Iliad / The Odyssey (Greek - both are just bloody riotous good reads, tbh! I recommend the Fagles translation)

And then Penguin Classics / Oxford World Classics both have an extensive range of compilations of world mythology, from Egyptian to various Indigenous American tribes to Irish - the Penguin series are my personal faves because I tend to find the introductions are a bit more thorough, which I like. 

I think that’s probably a good list for someone just getting into mythology! Come back to me when you have inevitably devoured that list, being the bloody genius bb that you clearly are, and I shall provide a list of follow-up books. Good luck!!