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There’s no stopping this man!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

First day of classes wasn’t so bad while toting around this beautiful vintage-inspired number by @beara_beara 🤗 I am sooo obsessed. Definitely want to do a blogpost/video about what’s in my school bag with him! ✨💼



Also have you guys seen my favorite sim family lately???


Verity Vine -  "in vino veritas“; grapes grow on vines

Riesling - a white wine

Kabinett - literally cabinet in German (also a wine I know but like literal translation tho)

RADIANCE is online and live, running until July 15th!

A total of 19 exciting levels await you, with artwork and rewards not derived from the book.

So many beautiful and talented people have helped create this in the last 5 months, and it is beyond exciting to see it take shape!

We have reached the first stretch goal and are well on the way to the second one, gifting all backers buying the printed book with the beautiful mini posters with designs by Sophie Scruggs.

Upcoming stretch goals are a beautiful tote bag and then HARDCOVER and the EXTENDED VERSION followed by a version of RADIANCE with beautiful RED EDGE COLORING making it even more beautiful!

This is what RADIANCE could look like if we reach our stretch goals, this is what we have envisioned:

Please spread the word, make this campaign soar and shine!

We cannot do it without your support!


Being a long term lifter

I remember when I first read some tips off of liftblr and headed to Sephora for my venture. I remember the first thing I got. A Clinique Contour Stick & an Anastasia Brow Wiz. I was so excited for my first free products. I’ve picked them up, but in a way the camera won’t see that I was holding those items, back against the camera, quickly looking around me and swiftly putting them up my sleeve. I walk out, with the biggest smile on my face.

Then I started looking into tips & tricks further. How to manipulate SA’s, making the LP loose track of you, etc., I looked in the mirror and practiced & perfected my moves. 

I even came up with my personal favorite moves. After months of lifting, I had everything I needed and so much more. I was happy.

And that’s when I slowly stopped lifting. From God know how much hauls to uh.. I’m hungry. Let me just grab that sandwich and water real quick mini lifts. I don’t feel the need to go on hauls anymore. but of course when I trip into Sephora and that beautiful YSL Lipgloss that catches your eye, I gotta give into my impulse. I remember that iconic day when I walked out of Kate Spade with that beautiful black tote that I still have, and cherish till now. That was over a year ago. The last thing I lifted was a 32 oz. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar because I was doing some groceries and didn’t have enough cash. Lmaoo I know. Boring.

I honestly have no idea where I am going with this post and I guess what I’m just reminiscing those good times and those adrenaline rushes, and what I’m trying to say is, I don’t feel the need to go on big hauls anymore but I plan to be a long term lifter. No hauls, maybe sometime every few months but I’m not gonna stop getting my self necessities and stuff that impulses me ofc. If that Giorgio Armani Foundation calls my name imma come for her aid!!! Yall already #know.

I have gotten in trouble once, the police were involved but it’s not in the system. I just paid a fine and got a tresspassing warning. Please don’t be sloppy and please remember! I know people feel the need to go on big hauls but it’s not worth getting caught. You can always divide what you need into moderate amounts and go into the store every once in a while and pick up what you need. Remember to alternate between store branches and not to lift in the same store more than once a week. Wishing the best for everybody & have fun! 💕💕

anonymous asked:

What are the other stretch goals? Having a goal we as the fandom know we need to reach for could help!

Hi there!

We have defined a total of 8 stretch goals, two of which have been already reached!!

Upcoming stretchgoals are:

25K€: Every backer buying the printed book will receive a beautiful black tote bag, with the campaigns design on it, so you can carry your loot in style :).

28K€: RADIANCE will be a HARDCOVER and garnished with a lavish ribbon bookmark!

33K€: RADIANCE will now include all the stories and art of the extended PDF version in the print version as well, making it a 400 page book.

44K€: RADIANCE will feature red edge coloring!

60K€: Every backer buying the printed book will receive an exclusive lanyard with miniature prints of the artwork from the book on it!

80K€: And last but definitely not least: Every backer buying the printed book will receive an exclusive poster created by TINDU „My heart on a platter“

Hannibal offers his heart to Will and Will… is aware. The gaze is knowing, accepting. It is a post fall murder husbands scene, fraught with meaning and history

The list is (all the way down) on the Kickstarter page as well…. unfortunately, it’s one long page and they are ‘way down there’.

We very much hope you like them, AND we would love to see them realized! If the last one isn’t reached, Tindu’s wonderful poster will be available for selection with the other posters after campaign run!