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Stop being lame and calling Michonne, Micandrea. I don’t care that Michonne on screen appears to be getting bits of comic-Andrea’s storyline. There’s a bunch of other stuff that makes Michonne’s on screen journey her own. 

There’s also the other super suspect, super racist aspect that I don’t see any of these same people calling Carol, Carchonne. Because if we gonna keep it real and go down this ridiculous path of trying to compare comic characters to their on-screen counterparts then Carol on screen has been getting bits of comic-Michonne’s journey. 

Also, Carol totes dies in the comics, like back at the prison. So let’s be real and not racist about this. That the show and the comic are totally separate entities and that ultimately the GN is just source material but the show totally stands on its own. 

Rick also still has his hand, which is awesome btw.


This has been stuck in my head for awhile now and I needed something to do while my brain is in off mode

I didn’t even bother socializing with people on Hood but he had a helluva lot of ppl in love with him so I kinda just like the idea he just kinda got around


I can choose to reject him, right? Even if he helped us, I can’t… I’m sorry, I just can’t accept this guy into my team after what he did to me. To Kevin. I can never forget. Don’t think my brain’ll ever let me forget. I wish things were different, but he did what he did, and he helped screw up my family. 

And I feel like it’ll always be an incomplete cycle of regret now.

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Cole has zero chill omigoddddd!!! I'd be so embarrassed if I were Camila. She was literally just proven BY HER OWN CO STAR to be stupid and lack knowledge ABOUT A SHOW SHES BEING PAID FOR. We definitely cannot trust anything she says about the show. Her entire brand is fan service

Yep….BTW, here’s the link to the reddit

Love how all the redditors literally failed to largely get his message and then that seekrit Barfie shipper paired turned THAT thread into how they “can’t wait for Bughead to break up and make their way back to each other/yeah, Barfie will totes happen because……comics….” Which, actually, if that’s their argument, then nooooo…….