Exit Through The (NPR) Gift Shop: Dominique Bonnessi

The summer 2015 intern class’s #1 fangirl reveals exactly how excited she was to meet NPR royalty this summer.

Dominique Bonessi

Internship position: Generation Listen

Hometown: Milford, CT

Best way to spend an evening in DC: Best way to spend a summer evening in DC is taking a salsa class up in Adams Morgan.

Favorite NPR show, blog or podcast: My favorite show at NPR is probably Morning Edition. My favorite blog is Goat and Soda. My favorite podcast is definitely TED Radio Hour. 

Favorite song right now: Favorite song right now is Coming Home by Leon Bridges, and I got a selfie with him the other day.

Favorite #NPRLife moments:
1. My favorite #NPRLife moment was probably taking pictures of Nina Totenberg while she was in the studio. I was so nervous, I asked, “Do you prefer Nina or Mrs. Totenberg?”
2. Another great #NPRlife moment was when I got to meet Cokie Roberts and Susan Stamberg at the PMDMC conference.
3. Finally my second day at work Guy Raz came into the kitchen on the 5th floor I told him I was going to be his student in the fall semester and he said he was a tough grader. So my quick response was ‘Bring it!’

Pieces I’ve worked on:
#WhyListen Wednesday Video Campaign
#WhyListen Wednesday Video Campaign #2
Taking over the Generation Listen Tumblr Blog Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday posts

Advice for future interns: Don’t be scared to leave your desk and venture off to other floors and meet other people and ask them what they are doing. Don’t wait for someone to ask you if you want to learn how to do something, just start training on your own or find a mentor that will train you.

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